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Feeling a vast pressure pressing down on him, Xie Kang knew that Chen Xiang had taken action. This was the first time he had fought against a person who had used a Heaven Earth Killing Method, and he was already somewhat regretful.

Because the feeling Chen Xiang gave people right now was as if he was a terrifying being formed from all the killing intent between heaven and earth.

Chen Xiang used the power of the spatial laws to move, and like a ghost, he moved through space in the blink of an eye, arriving behind Xie Kang. Xie Kang's perception was extremely sharp, and after detecting it, he immediately turned around.

"Boom." The Godly Hammer that Chen Xiang held in his hands smashed down quickly and ruthlessly. In that instant, it made people feel as if the sky was pressing down, the momentum was terrifying.

The Divine Hammer did not land on Xie Kang's body, but it released an extremely strong vibrating power, causing the entire Divine Sword Palace to shake as well.

"Again!" Chen Xiang smashed his hammer down again. Xie Kang, whose blood was already roiling, had not even had the time to adjust the roiling blood in his body. He was hit right on the head by the godly hammer again, and a large portion of the power that could shatter the earth was gathered on his body.

Even though he had a powerful protective divine armor, it was very difficult for him to withstand such a powerful shockwave.

"You wanted to see the Heaven Earth Killing Method." Chen Xiang now did the same as if he was forging, smashing down with each hammer.

Everyone watched dumbfoundedly. Standing outside the Sword Discourse Arena, they could feel as if their hearts were being struck, let alone that Xie Kang.

The killing intent on Chen Xiang's body did not decrease as the Killing heart danced faster and faster. Every jump, it would cause a wave of killing intent to surge out from Chen Xiang's body, causing the entire venue to be covered in this killing intent that could cover the sky.

"This level of killing intent is definitely not something he has accumulated through killing. Just what is going on here?" Flower Emperor frowned as he thought.

What was strong was not only Chen Xiang's Heaven Earth Killing Method, but also that divine hammer. That divine hammer was extremely heavy, and even if Chen Xiang continuously smashed on it, he could feel that his arm was a little numb.

"The Stellar Splitting Tremor. Time to end it." An illusory image of a raging sea suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang. That kind of natural aura accompanied by the murderous aura from Chen Xiang's body made people feel fear.

With the disappearance of the sea, the killing intent around Chen Xiang grew even stronger.

"Wait …" "Hold on..." Xie Kang had already deeply experienced the terror of Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"Too late." When Chen Xiang's hammer smashed down, the image of a vast ocean of stars suddenly appeared above him. The divine hammer landed on Xie Kang's body and the power smashed onto Xie Kang's body.

With an explosive boom, dust billowed and pieces of rubble flew out. The entire venue shook crazily as cracks appeared on the ground.

"This bastard." Dai Yongcheng cursed in his heart, and immediately sent a sound transmission to the surrounding elders to stabilize the area. He did not expect that the power of Chen Xiang's hammer, when gathered together, was so terrifying, it could penetrate the barrier and enter deep into the ground.

Several deep cracks appeared on the stage, and it was the same for the venue. Everyone lowered their heads to look at the crack that was more than a foot wide, and couldn't help but feel chills down their spine, because it was pitch black below them. They couldn't even see the bottom, showing just how deep Chen Xiang's hammer had penetrated.

Xie Kang did not die.

After everyone calmed down, they looked towards the Sword Discourse Arena. They thought that Xie Kang had become a pair of minced meat, but he was still lying there unharmed, but his expression was ugly, with blood at the corner of his mouth. His clothes were tattered, and his neat long hair was a mess.

Xie Kang's hands were still holding onto the two holy swords, but they were trembling non-stop, the cloth on his arms had already been torn apart while he was blocking, and at the moment, his arms were covered with shocking cracks, on the cracked arms, flesh and bones could be seen.

However, everyone was still impressed by him, because he did not die.

Chen Xiang picked up his two swords and said: "This belongs to me."

Xie Kang did not speak, he slightly nodded his head, he no longer had the power to continue fighting.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly and let out a sigh. Then, he walked down the stage, came next to Mu Qianxiang and handed the devil slayer holy sword over to him. "Take this well, don't lose it."

Chen Xiang had only decided to give it to Mu Qianxiang after some deep thought. This was because this sword had been in the Xie Clan's hands for a long time, and had not been taken back yet. It could be seen that Devil-killing Summit did not plan to take this sword anymore.

"Thank you, brother." Mu Qianxiang took it and said happily.

Mu Qianxiang was Chen Xiang's recognized sister, so it was natural for him to give Chen Xiang a Holy Sword. However, it made many people's eyes hot on her.

Of course, everyone knew that Mu Qianxiang was not an ordinary person. Otherwise, the Sword Divine Palace would not have gone all out just for her.

What they did not know was that Mu Qianxiang had helped Chen Xiang a lot, and Chen Xiang felt that giving her the Holy Sword could only barely repay her.

Xie Kang was carried away, he was not here alone.

The Sword Discourse Arena had already been destroyed, and Chen Xiang's goal of coming here had already been achieved. He secretly bid his farewells to Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian, and then bid his farewells to Wang Weiquan.

"You just left." Dai Yongcheng felt that it was not worth it, his entire venue had been destroyed, and Chen Xiang had even earned two Holy Swords.

"Could it be that there is a rule that states that I am not allowed to leave?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Alright, but you have to be careful, that Heavenly evil sword is something from the Evil Emperor, and there are a lot of powers watching over it from above." Dai Yongcheng kindly warned.

Chen Xiang walked out of the Divine Sword Palace quickly and turned into a cloud of smoke at the corner of the corner, floating away with the wind. At that time, he saw a lot of people rushing over, all of them were from the big powers.

He did not immediately leave the Divine Sword Immortal Palace, but chose to stroll around to see if anyone had left a secret mark on him.

Chen Xiang squatted under the high wall beside the Immortal Palace's gate. Normally, the place would have left his secret mark, so he told Long Xueyi to check on it since he had already revealed himself, so if his friends wanted to contact him, they would definitely rush over.

A middle aged man wearing a bamboo hat walked over. Seeing the beard on his chin, Chen Xiang immediately knew that it was Duan Ming.

"Now that you have obtained a divine sword, don't you want to invite me to eat and drink?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Your harvest was not bad, and I even helped you a bit. I think we should forget about it." Duan Ming smiled and sat beside Chen Xiang, leaning on the high wall that surrounded the immortal palace, and asked: "What are you doing here, waiting for someone?"

"No, it's just a habit. I want to see if some of my old friends will leave a secret note for me to look for them." Chen Xiang said.

"Don't you feel like holding that Heavenly evil sword with your hands?" Duan Ming asked.

"I feel like I'm going to kill the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, let alone this one." Chen Xiang saw Duan Ming asking that, and said: "If you want, exchange it with the divine sword."
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