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Chen Xiang had already seen the seven-colored ball of light. It was as tall as a huge mountain and extremely huge, from afar, it looked as if it was formed, and released waves after waves of bright, seven-colored light. The waves of the terrifying Robbery power made it hard for people to breathe.

When Chen Xiang saw this seven-colored ball of light, he couldn't help but think of retreating. He felt that if this seven-colored ball of light just one hit him, it would be able to blast him into pieces.

"What's with the Scattered Immortal Calamity?" Chen Xiang braced himself, endured the intense feeling of fear, and continued to rush towards the rainbow ball of light.

"This thing is not some calamity fiend, it's a bunch of calamity clouds, mainly aimed at people like the Scattered Immortal." Long Xueyi said, "Scattered Immortal formed a heaven pellet at the same time as failing the ninth Nirvana tribulation. His soul and strength were all inside the heaven pellet, and then he used the heaven pellet to absorb the spirit energy of the heaven and earth to rebuild his body."

"Isn't Yan Zilan the same as well?" Chen Xiang thought about the elegant and noble Zilan Immortal Fairy.

However, her soul is very special, she can gather energy, she can use her soul to cultivate for ten thousand years, then reconstruct her body, cultivate the Heavenly Pill once more, and then mysteriously become an Immortal. Therefore, she cannot be considered a Scattered Immortal, and situations like that rarely occur to her.

"The situation in Scattered Immortal is also very rare, but it is much more than the situation with Yan Zilan." Long Xueyi said, "After the Nine Nirvana Tribulations fail, the Heaven Pellet condensed at the same time meant that he did not die. As long as he succeeded in reconstructing his body, he would become a Scattered Immortal."

"Scattered Immortal is very scary, especially the tribulations that they encounter every so often. It is said that there are a total of forty-nine of these tribulations, and every time they cross this tribulation, they would gain a lot of strength. If they fail, they would die, and the Robbery power would increase again and again."

"However, this fellow seems to be experiencing at least thirty tribulations. He hid here to cultivate, causing the nine clans to suffer."

After Chen Xiang digested all of these things, he said in shock: "Then how strong is this guy?"

"He's very, very strong. The Bai Shan YUE probably isn't his match, the three tribulations of the Scattered Immortal is equivalent to the Late period of human immortal, the six tribulations are equivalent to the late stage of the Immortal Monarch and the nine tribulations are equivalent to the late stage of the Immortal King … Think about it yourself. " Long Xueyi said: "No wonder every time he appears, he would cause a large group of people to die. This guy is truly guilty."

Chen Xiang was extremely surprised. The Nine Tribulations of the Scattered Immortal was equivalent to a late stage Immortal King, and these thirty tribulations had already far surpassed the level of a late stage Immortal King.

"What if the Scattered Immortal is able to overcome the seventy-nine tribulations?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Then I can directly become a saint. Very powerful." Long Xueyi said.

Previously, Chen Xiang had heard from the White Tiger that there was some Holy Demon Beast, who was a powerful existence which far surpassed the Immortal King. What realm after the Immortal King was, even the Immortal Kings did not know, only knowing that the Immortal King still had a long way to go before they could enter the Holy Palace.

"So this guy is a human?" Chen Xiang slowly approached the rainbow colored tribulation cloud. He wanted to go in and take the Robbery power Holy Core inside away.

"Of course it's a human. The demons in the Scattered Immortal form are even fewer than humans, and it's not a seven-colored tribulation." Long Xueyi sighed somewhat sorrowfully, "In the future, I will also face this kind of annoying tribulation."

"You too." Chen Xiang had thought that the Imperial Dragon Clan's Emperor Dragon would be able to grow to its peak without any calamity.

"Of course, when our Imperial Dragon Clan grows up to a certain stage, he will face the heavenly dragon tribulation, and only after crossing it will he become a heavenly dragon. For example, the current Imperial Dragon Clan has never crossed the heavenly dragon tribulation, otherwise he would be even more powerful." Long Xueyi disdainfully said: "Seeing that guy's cowardly look, he does not have the guts to try. He planned to boil a Sky Dragon, in any case, he is considered relatively strong in the Heaven Realm."

"Don't look at how easy it was in front of me, I'll have to work hard at the later stages, especially when I'm transforming into a Heavenly Dragon. It's as hard as becoming a Scattered Immortal Tribulation, there are many times a Heavenly Dragon Tribulation." Long Xueyi muttered. From the looks of it, she hated the Sky Dragon Tribulation.

Chen Xiang released his profoundwu diamond armour and entered the rainbow colored tribulation cloud. On normal days, it would look like a ball, but when he got closer, he realized that it was indeed just clouds and mist.

"What's the use of the Robbery power Holy Core?" Using a spatial travel, Chen Xiang arrived at the center of the space. He had already seen a fist-sized, rainbow-coloured bead.

The Rainbow Saint Force is inside. Although it's only a little bit, it's enough to increase your strength by a lot, and it's also enough to give you a good foundation for entering the Saint realm in the future. Furthermore, this piece is so big, it should have been condensed with immortal energy for a long time. Long Xueyi said: "Back then, some Ancestral Dragons often did this as well, and often followed a few Scattered Immortal s. When they encountered the tribulation in the Scattered Immortal, they would steal their Colorful sacred core and give it to a few small dragons to use.

"Of course, this is very dangerous, your luck is good, many of the Colorful sacred core that went to Scattered Immortal were fighting for it, fighting to the death, and during the battle, all of them died, so the one that does not get affected will be the, which is better than Nirvana Doom." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang grabbed onto the Colorful sacred core, only feeling that it was a little warm. After he picked it up, he immediately placed it inside his Youyao ring. "Xue Yi, how about I give it to you?"

"It's not much use to me, you keep it." Long Xueyi was secretly moved. Even the Ancestral Dragon from back then thought of this as a treasure, but Chen Xiang wanted to give it to her for her to use.

"Hurry, let's go find that wild girl. I've already used my divine soul to follow her. The tribulation cloud that has its Colorful sacred core harvested will still need some time to condense." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang quickly distanced himself from the seven-colored tribulation cloud, and at the same time, heaved a sigh of relief. Following Long Xueyi's guidance, he went to find the place where he had hidden Mu Qianxiang.

"Now that the Colorful sacred core has been taken away, even if it has been newly condensed, it would still be very small, probably the size of a grain of rice. As a result, the Robbery power is very weak. Long Xueyi said.

"How about I go back and squat on the side? Maybe if he fails, I can go pick up something." Chen Xiang said.

"Don't go, he can survive until around thirty cycles, his strength is extremely terrifying, and the second time Colorful sacred core's Robbery power is very easy for him." Long Xueyi said: "Right now, I do not know if that guy is good stuff, but from the looks of it, he is hiding here to harm people, he is probably not a good person."

Chen Xiang felt that this place was becoming more and more unfathomable. To think that there would actually be such a powerful fellow hiding in this place, he had ran for more than six hours and finally arrived at the bottom of a huge mountain. There was a stone door in this place, and Mu Qianxiang and a few Mu Clan geniuses were hiding inside.
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