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World Defying Dan God Chapter 1320

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When he was in the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, the Immortal Monarch that Chen Xiang fought against were not very good. But this He Feng was different, he was at the peak of the late stage of the Immortal Monarch, and could be considered as half a Immortal King. Unless he used a large number of Magical corruption gas s, together with a high level God-eclipse powder, it would be very difficult to shake his defense.


Chen Xiang released a thread of the Rainbow Sky Fire onto the arrow head. This kind of flame could not guarantee that it would completely destroy He Feng's defense, but it could cause cracks to appear on the protective shield. When the time came, the exploding Black blood magic sunflower poison gas would seep in through the cracks and into He Feng's body.

He Feng and He Tang were battling fiercely, the two of them had both used very strong power, their defense was also extremely terrifying. If they did not have the same strength as, even if they tried to sneak attack him, it would be difficult to win, and they might even be killed.

"Just a bit of the Rainbow Heaven Flame had consumed twenty percent of my Innate Qi. I hope it will have some effect." Chen Xiang popped his head out from a crack in the ground. He Feng and He Tang were far away and Chen Xiang could already shoot an arrow but he had to wait for a good opportunity.

"They are all moving at high speeds. We have to get closer." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang still could not go near, otherwise, he would be easily discovered. Furthermore, with the large commotion in front of him, he could release a very strong wave of air at any time.

"Seems like I can only use this opportunity and travel through space to shoot another arrow." Chen Xiang used Heaven Tour and looked down from the sky.

After a while, when He Feng was thrusting his sword, he was suddenly blocked by He Tang's blade. He Tang's palm struck his own blade, releasing a very strong force and sent He Feng flying.

"Here's your chance, He Feng, f * * k you." Chen Xiang immediately teleported to the back of He Feng who was flying backwards and shot an arrow at him.

He Feng immediately felt a weak vibration behind him, he twisted his body, wanting to avoid the unknown attack, but Chen Xiang's arrow still accurately shot towards him.

"Who are you?"

He Feng bellowed, the arrow did not cause him any harm, because the protective Qi barrier on his body was extremely strong, and although Chen Xiang's crossbow arrow was extremely powerful, its power was very weak, and the Qi barrier that struck his body exploded.

He Tang had also seen that this was a good thing. He had already seen Chen Xiang as an ally.

Just as He Feng was about to swing his sword at Chen Xiang, his expression suddenly changed: "Black blood magic sunflower."

"You guessed right." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly, he immediately teleported in front of He Feng and slashed across his neck with the Devil emporer dagger, leaving behind a ray of demonic red light.

He actually wanted to kill He Feng, but this He Feng was too powerful, he managed to dodge it in an instant, and even planned to kill Chen Xiang with a slash, but Chen Xiang's speed was faster than he imagined. While cutting the sword,'s Devil emporer dagger just happened to cut off his wrist.

When He Feng unleashed his cut off arm, black blood spurted out violently. It seemed like the poison had already spread within his body.

"Bastard, I will tear you into eight pieces." He Feng roared sinisterly, then took out a snow white pill and swallowed it.

"That's the Dew Snow Lotus Pellet. It can cure the Black blood magic sunflower's poison and heal injuries … "Quick, run." Su Meiyao shouted.

Chen Xiang had already seen that He Feng's recently severed hand was growing back out, and his complexion had also quickly recovered. He could clearly feel how strong He Feng's protective shield was.

"Come here." Chen Xiang waved his hand, using his divine power, he grabbed the immortal sword and kept it into the ring.

"Go to hell." He Feng was enraged, he had already recovered from the attack and his fists shot out like lightning.

Chen Xiang slipped and used the Shrinking step, and instantly dashed several dozen steps away. As for He Tang, he had already attacked with his black blade, it carried several streaks of lightning as it hacked towards He Feng.

"I'll leave it to you, Eldest Young Master." Chen Xiang shouted, and then disappeared.

He Feng trembled with He Tang again. He was currently extremely furious, he had almost died just now, he had lost a high grade immortal sword and a precious Snow Gauze Lotus Pellet, but he was still unable to kill the person who poisoned him.

He Tang never thought that person would be so powerful. With just that bit of strength, he dared to sneak attack He Tang, broke his opponent's palm, took away his Immortal Sword, and even gave He Feng a Rainy Snow Lotus Pellet.

Chen Xiang had already left the battlefield far away, and when he thought back to it now, he felt a lingering fear.

"That guy really does have some ability. He didn't die even like this, and he's still able to turn the tide." Chen Xiang hid in a deep ravine as he looked at He Feng's high grade Immortal Sword.

"What kind of immortal pill is that Rain Dew Snow Lotus Pill? It's so powerful; it can cure poisons and even give birth to a palm." Chen Xiang asked after he wiped the consciousness in the Immortal Sword.

"A Tier 5 immortal pill, it's not strange that he has such a pill. It's best if you don't touch these princes and grandsons of Myriad Dan Immortal Country, they have a lot of high grade immortal pills." Su Meiyao said.

Long Xueyi observed the battlefield and helped Chen Xiang find a better target, but she quickly discovered that something was wrong, "Many people from the Sixth Prince know about the appearance of the Black blood magic sunflower poison, and so does the Eldest Prince. They all know that you are not on their side."

"Although the Black blood magic sunflower poison is not banned, if you use it at this time, it will definitely attract anger." Bai Youyou said: "Back then when my sister participated in the great war, it was also because she used poison that many of the great powers came into contact with her."

Chen Xiang said disdainfully: "This group of fellows, if they had a strong poison, they would definitely use it even more ruthlessly than me. They are just jealous of me, because they don't have a strong poison."

He was carefully hiding in the battlefield. After half a day, he shook his head and sighed: "If I had the power of the Immortal Monarch, I might have already killed quite a few of them. Master would definitely reap a bountiful harvest, when we talk about this matter in the future, he would definitely look down on me.

"Up ahead." Long Xueyi shouted.

When Chen Xiang saw a person falling from the sky, he immediately used his Earth Vine to trap the Immortal Sword with the person and dragged it to the ground to get to the person's side. He was currently hiding in the deep ravine and no one had noticed him.

"Low-grade Immortal Sword? You actually dare to fight with such a thing? No wonder you were killed." Chen Xiang was a little dissatisfied and kept the Immortal Sword, then took out the person's Heaven Pellet.

Many Immortals had died, but most of them had been broken into pieces. It was rare to find a complete corpse like this, and he even had a complete sword in his hand.

"Someone from the Imperial Avian Race is coming. It seems like he is here to look for the corpse." Long Xueyi's voice was a little agitated: "You have to get rid of it, it's best if it's complete. Don't use poison, otherwise you won't be able to eat bird meat."
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