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Chen Xiang did not dare make any big movements, the two guards in the warehouse were both strong, if he were to alarm the two of them, it might cause many stronger people to come over.

So he had to be very careful, which made it even more difficult.

"Looks like we can only kill them. If they die, even if the people outside discover it immediately, they would need some time to rush over. You can take advantage of this time to take the profoundbing away." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang did not agree with his thought: "No, what if those people come really quickly? I think I can use the Drunk god powder, they were just poisoned, and with their strength, they wouldn't be killed instantly by the poison. When they expel the poison, it would be me doing the deed."

"This will expose the Drunk god magical poison, but they don't know your true identity, so it shouldn't be a big problem. You just need to hide your identity, and don't let them see through you." Long Xueyi said: "You have to be careful, they will notify others to come over, for example, they will use Communication jade Symbol paper s."

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then said: "That's easy, keep an eye on them. If they want to use it, just destroy their jade talismans, you should be able to do it right?"

"That's not a problem. I'll help you keep an eye on the outside, so you can act faster later."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi discussed for a while, but only this way was feasible.

"In another month, that whatever profoundbing will start, and at that time, we will definitely have the most profoundbing in the Fire Divine Palace. It's the strangest, and perhaps we can even sell it for a good price." The two men began to chat again.

"I heard that there are many famous forces that were not invited to the profoundbing Society."

It is said that at that time, we will also establish a profound Ice City, and this city will specialize in selling profoundbing. This way, it will be easier for us to find the profoundbing's people to find a good place to look for our teammates, and at that time, we can all … "Heh heh."

Chen Xiang already knew that this group of people from the Fire Divine Palace were not good people, he never thought that they would actually plot against him. If he didn't get rid of this place by itself, then in the future, those who would enter the profound Cold Ancient Realm to search for profoundbing, would mostly fall into the hands of the Fire Divine Palace.

Right now, Chen Xiang was sure that the reason the Fire Divine Palace gathered the profoundbing was to provide that kind of special Icy cold power, so that a guy named "Ice Emperor" could revive.

Since these profoundbing are here, then Ice Emperor must be here as well. Chen Xiang really wanted to destroy this place, but this underground palace was extremely sturdy, and would not be easy to destroy. Furthermore, there should be other rankers protecting this place.

"If only Bai Xing was here, I could have let her use that secret method and summon some meteorites." Chen Xiang turned into a hunchbacked old man, took out his Death-haunting arrow and hid all of his presence to the extreme. Then, he quietly condensed his Qi arrow and mixed the Drunk god powder into it at the same time.

Even if the two arrows could not pierce into the two people's bodies, the Drunk god powder s that burst out would be able to quickly enter their bodies, instantly paralyzing them and preventing them from moving or even talking, making them look like drunkards.

When they went to look for the Chaotic Mountain in the future, the Super Yuan Sect Leader would know that it was the Drunk god scent, and he would be the fastest one to run. This showed how terrifying the Drunk god magical poison was, Chen Xiang suspected that the Three horns Dragon King was affected by this, and thus was killed by the Super Yuan Sect Leader.

Just as the two of them were getting more and more excited, a 'swoosh' sound was heard, and two dark arrows flew out.

To be suddenly attacked in a place like this was very hard to imagine. It was because in their eyes, no one could come to this place without making a sound.

Even if they did not expect that someone was here, the reaction of the two elderly men caused Chen Xiang to be shocked. In that moment, they sensed that someone was ambushing them and immediately released a strong shield of Qi, blocking the two hidden arrows that Chen Xiang had shot out with his Death-haunting arrow.

Compared to the two elders, Chen Xiang was still far behind in terms of strength, so he was easily able to block the Qi arrow that he had condensed. Fortunately, he had already considered such a situation, so after being blocked by the Qi arrow, it still exploded.

"Who is it?" The old man let out a roar and quickly looked around, but he did not see anyone around.

At that moment, the other old man's face fell. He quickly sat down cross-legged and circulated the power within his body to resist the strange energy that had suddenly appeared on his body. The power actually went as far as to numb his body.

The old man who shouted also found out, his face ashen, because he recognized what the thing that paralyzed his strength was, it was one of the Super Old poison, the Drunk god magical poison s.

The Drunk god powder s all entered the two old men's bodies. They would not be able to die nor move for a while, so they could only sit there and use all their strength to expel the poison.

What Chen Xiang wanted was this kind of effect. If these two people died, once their life origin orbs ruptured, it would be discovered by outsiders and Chen Xiang wouldn't have the time to remove those profoundbing.

Although those two old men had ugly expressions on their faces, although they were unable to move, they opened their eyes. They wanted to see exactly who it was that had actually managed to use this sort of strange poison to ambush them.

Very quickly, they saw a hunchbacked old man skillfully taking away the pieces of beautiful profoundbing. In the blink of an eye, he had lost four or five of them, and it was by choosing the best one to take away as well.

However, they could only bleed in their hearts. The profoundbing here had taken them many years, and they had spent a lot of manpower and resources to collect it, but now it had been taken away by a hunchbacked old man.

"Quickly, it seems like someone noticed." Long Xueyi urged because she already heard some noise coming from outside.

Chen Xiang had already taken away more than two thousand pieces, and there was still more than half of them here. If he wanted to take away these profoundbing and touch them with his hands, he had already used his maximum speed.

In the blink of an eye, there were more than a thousand less profoundbing left. The two old men sat in the middle and watched as the profoundbing s around them disappeared one by one, and they felt blood welling up in their hearts, but they could do nothing. They could only watch as the man brought the profoundbing away.

had also felt that it was enough and rushed to the back of the two old men, releasing all the fire Innate Qi from his body, and poured it into the bodies of the two old men.

The two old men were just like ordinary people after being struck by the Drunk god magical poison. Even though their bodies were strong, they would still become like tofu after being struck by the poison.

Chen Xiang waved his sleeves, collecting all the ashes, then turned into a mosquito and flew towards the direction of the big door. In the next moment, dozens of Immortal Grade Rankers also rushed in, because the number of profoundbing here suddenly decreased, and they did not have much Icy cold power, so they could immediately feel that there was a problem here. Adding the fact that they were not able to contact the two elders with their jade talismans,

After the group of people entered, they saw that there were so few profoundbing here. All of them were extremely shocked and quickly searched, yet they could not find anything.

Chen Xiang was already familiar with the road, and quickly left the underground palace. After reaching the deep pit above, the people outside were also blocked by a group of experts, but Chen Xiang easily passed through them.

He could not destroy this place now, but he would definitely remember this matter. In the future, he would come again, and he also had to figure out who exactly this Ice Emperor was, to actually be able to put in effort to set up this underground palace. He also searched everywhere for profoundbing s in order to revive him.

In short, in Chen Xiang's opinion, the Ice Emperor was not a good person because he was mixed in with the Fire Divine Palace.

In order to make things smooth, Chen Xiang did not stop at all and continued to fly for several days and nights, leaving that underground palace behind without any restraint. This trip also allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the hidden strength in the Fire Divine Palace, and he needed to quickly inform Lv Qinlian of this so that he would have an eye for the Fire Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang kept having the feeling that there might be Immortal King level experts in the Fire Divine Palace.
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