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This lotus shaped profoundbing was not small, it was like a bathtub, when people first saw this profoundbing, they all thought that there was a treasure inside, no wonder the Purple Moon Imperial Land took it out to auction!

When the middle-aged man saw everyone's surprised gaze, he immediately said: "We don't know if this profoundbing was formed naturally, but in short, it was dug out by our people deep within the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and it was like that back then!"

"Everyone knows that profoundbing are very sturdy, but they aren't unbreakable. As long as the profoundbing is stimulated strongly, it will shatter and turn into tiny ice crystals. Many people should have seen it in the Golden Yang Building back then. Therefore, there was no suspicion of forgery! We don't know if there are any treasures inside, but we felt that there might be some inside the profoundbing, so we sold this opportunity to get lucky, the higher the price, the better it would be! "

"30 billion Spar!" Someone had already begun calling out prices.

"50 billion!"

"70 billion!"


Right now, only the people sitting in the hall were bidding so intensely. It could be seen that there were many rich people gathered in Heaven Thunder City.

Chen Xiang had already secretly opened his Chaos Divine Eye, and the power of his divine eye was in his eyes as he carefully looked at the Lotus profoundbing. When he first saw the profoundbing, he thought it was very likely that there were treasures inside, because this profoundbing was truly too strange and mystical.

"39 billion!"

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang had already observed that the price had already soared to this high point, and the people in the private rooms hadn't even started to bid yet.

"Leader, should we bid?" Li Baojun also believed that the possibility of the profoundbing possessing such a treasure was extremely high.

Chen Xiang did not answer because he was not completely sure. He carefully observed the profoundbing over and over again, and after a while, he confirmed that there was nothing inside the profoundbing.

"800 billion!" The people in the room finally called out a price.

"830 billion!" This was actually a woman's voice, but many people knew the voice of the Demon Empress.

Lv Qinlian's real body was like a lotus flower. If she took action, everyone would suspect that she had sensed something, which caused the bidding to become even more crazy, especially the big shots in the private rooms. At this time, the people in the main hall were no longer able to intervene, because the bidding quickly passed a trillion! Furthermore, the main competitor was the Little Demon Empress, Lv Qinlian.

"Big Sis Lu, if you trust me, then don't continue. There's nothing in this thing!" Chen Xiang whispered to Lv Qinlian.

"You're actually here?" As expected, Lv Qinlian did not increase the price. She knew that Chen Xiang could use the Chaos Divine Eye to see if there was anything inside, and she did not plan to increase the price among the other profoundbing.

"If I don't have enough Spar s, lend me some!" Chen Xiang replied with a smile.

This was a Ranker who came down from the Heaven Realm. There were no Spar on the Heaven Realm, but after he took charge of the Flying Immortal School, all of the Spar in the Flying Immortal School were under his control.

Han Kang came to the auction platform. After handing over the Spar, he let an old man from Purple Moon Imperial Land break it.

The elder gathered all of the flames on his finger and made one of his fingers turn purple. The flame was burning purple and dancing in the air. It looked very hot. It was just that he was covered in sweat and was not as relaxed as Li Baojun.

"It's about to begin!" This made Han Kang so excited that his face turned red. He felt that even if it wasn't the Philosophic stone, it should be something similar to it, and he opened his eyes wide and stared at the White Lotus profoundbing that was slowly shattering.

Very quickly, the beautiful white lotus profoundbing turned into a pile of tiny ice crystals on top of the table. Han Kang waved his sleeve, and all of those crystals floated into the air.

Han Kang, who was initially excited, now looked as if he had eaten a fly as his expression became extremely unsightly. He had given one hundred and thirty billion Spar to the Purple Moon Imperial Land for nothing.

The crowd burst into an uproar as they secretly laughed in their hearts.

"Thank you, good brother!" Lv Qinlian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang and giggled.

"You're welcome."

That made many people vigilant. The people from the Purple Moon Imperial Land knew that the next bidding war would not be this high, so no one wanted to compete like Han Kang.

"Unfortunately, Leader Han, please do your best." The middle-aged man smiled apologetically as he consoled her.

"Hmph, what a cheat!" Han Kang's face turned green, did she still want him to come again?

The auctioneer coughed dryly and continued: "Next, bring the profoundbing up."

The second piece of profoundbing was much worse than the beautiful White Lotus profoundbing from before. This made everyone curse the shamelessness of the Purple Moon Imperial Land and they placed the best part in front to scam others.

Although this piece of profoundbing was not as big as the previous one, it was still very strange. It was a half man tall gourd, and the purple and golden clouds were changing back and forth. The only bad thing was that the surface of the gourd was bumpy, and it did not look pretty at all.

"This is the second profoundbing. It was found in a large crevice deep in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and is even harder to obtain than the previous White Lotus profoundbing. Furthermore, there are two colors that change between each other, so it's very possible that a treasure will appear!" The middle-aged man talked about the origins of the profoundbing.

"Keep talking!"

"The idiot will believe it again!"

"It's exactly the Spar that was wasted to come in. I'm so disappointed."

"Not bad, to be able to see someone cheated for over a trillion inkstones, our luck is very good."

Because he was unable to see the inside of the profoundbing, and did not know how to see if there was anything inside, the most basic basis of determining the profoundbing was its appearance. Otherwise, that beautiful white lotus profoundbing would not have been snatched away by so many people.

The appearance of such a rough profoundbing had attracted a lot of criticism. With a single glance, one could tell that it was not easy to sell.

After the auctioneer boasted for a while, he said with a smile: "The starting bid is 100 billion Spar s, each bid increase must be no less than 100 million. Everyone, please bid!"

Seeing everyone's attitude, they had no choice but to set the starting price. Otherwise, they would lose their lives. With that experience, many people became obedient.

"10.1 billion!" Chen Xiang shouted.

Hearing Chen Xiang call out a price, both the White Tiger and Li Baojun were startled. They never thought that this unremarkable profoundbing gourd would actually have something inside.

Lv Qinlian also wanted to see what was inside the bottle gourd profoundbing.

After Chen Xiang called out the bid, it was quiet. Although someone wanted to try their luck, with the scene of Han Kang suffering, coupled with the 100 billion Spar, many people gave up on the idea. Even if they tried their luck, they would at least need to find a decent profoundbing.

The host gently sighed, and shouted: "Deal, please allow this friend here to deliver the Spar, then we will break the profoundbing on the spot!"
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