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Imperial God Emperor 1010 - The door of the Immortal Palace opens

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Chapter 1010, The door of the Immortal Palace opens

The stone spear pierced through the air.

The trajectory was clearly visible.

In the distance, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit, who had just gotten up, spat out a mouthful of blood, cried out in fear and retreated wildly.

He was incomparably shocked to find that the terrifying force that burst out from the spear far exceeded what he had imagined.

It was no longer ordinary power, but the true use of the law.

Although the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit did not face that attack head-on, and was only glancing at the stone spear from afar, he still felt as though he was being torn by an invisible killing intent. The stone spear contained a strange distortive power that could even twist and send his eyes into disorder. There was a very bizarre feeling. In the face of this stone spear, even a Great Saint who had understood the mystery of the power of law would feel like a prey facing a hunter, unable to avoid and would only die.

The expression on Quasi-emperor Mushan's face also began to grow serious.

Standing where he was, he suddenly stood up straight, eyes flashing, lifted his finger and pointed to the distance.

This finger, as though it contained the power of thousands of kilograms, was extremely slow. Even given the cultivation base of Quasi-emperor Mushan, his movements still seemed clumsy and slow, and as though he had to use all the strength in his body to just barely raise this finger.


A resounding sound was so loud that it resembled a giant bell.

It was unknown where the noise came from.

Quasi-emperor Mushan’s finger slowly moved across the air and in the moment that he was almost pierced, the tip of his index finger pointed to the tip of the stone spear.

The stone spear, which contained the power of destruction, froze all of a sudden.

Then, silently, it transformed into stone fragments and powder, scattering in the water.

Subsequently shattering to pieces was also the ancient ancestor who hurled out the stone spear.

The stone spear ancestor had died.

His attack did not succeed.

“It surprises me that you have such a treasure in your hands.” Quasi-emperor Mushan's eyes lit up, twinkling brightly like stars.

It was a normal reaction of excitement from the memories of the thrill of battle.

Now that his cultivation base had reached such a level, it was as if he had experienced hundreds of lives of tribulation. Therefore, his spirit and mind must have completely integrated, and he had returned to his true self, able to express happiness and anger at will. His mind was as pure as that of a newborn baby, unable to be affected by evil.

Gazing at the [Cloud Top Cauldron], he exclaimed, “Wonderful, since you have such a treasure in your hand then I can allow you to make another move, what else do you have? Bring it all out.”

“Your highness, please do not hesitate to correct me.”

Ye Qingyu's face was devoid of expression as he prepared his second move.

“Then, ancestors please descend again.”

Following his bellow, there was another sound that resembled an ancient bell being struck.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] was rotating constantly, but the speed was increasingly slower, as though under great pressure, and then a number of clangs sounded.

With each clang of the bell, there was a mysterious message flowing in Ye Qingyu's mind.

One second felt as long as tens of thousands of years.

Ye Qingyu had entered into a kind of strange divine state, seemingly to have forgotten everything.

His physical body, which had cultivated to a peak state, had reacted with a response before his mind. With a roar, his body bulged, like the ancient ancestors. He raised his hands, pressing his fair jade-like palms onto the edge of the cauldron. Then all of a sudden, his muscles bulged, like lofty mountains, and his arms like two channels of qi were endlessly pouring yuan qi into the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

The mysterious aura grew more intense.

The misty Immortal aura emitting from the cauldron, which resembled the mysterious yellow chaotic fog, shrouded Ye Qingyu. The outline of the first mural became more and more clear and a burst of ancient primitive shouting and killing voices could be heard.

Two ancient ancestor hunters had come out.

The two ancient ancestors, like the previous stone spear ancestors, were naked, strong and dark like iron, barefooted, and had hair covering their body all over. There was only a straw skirt that covered their private parts. They were both at least ten metres tall, like little giants. The cries they made were intelligible but it was as though they were chasing down a prey that had fallen into encirclement.

A strange aura was flowing out from the two ancestors, which faintly was enough to counter the imposing manner of Quasi-emperor Mushan.

One of the two hunter ancestors held up a sharp rock with angular edges over his head, and the other had a wooden torch in his hand, from which scarlet red flames were leaping about, and seemed to be commanding something...

“Huh? One became two, it's just an increase in quantity?” Quasi-emperor Mushan shook his head, “What a disappointment.”

He made a move again.

As before, the index finger slowly pointed out.

The two great hunter ancestors clearly felt the coming danger, and let out deafening roars.

The first ancestor launched the sharp rock out of his hands, which crackled in the Void, and shattered the wall barrier of the Void, leaving pitch-black Void cracks in the waters. The Void fragments spiraled, merging with the rock, and like a black dragon had been submerged in Void fragments, sped towards Quasi-emperor Mushan.

The other ancestor blew at the wooden torch in his hand.


The weak flame leapt up, instantly turning into a white-beaked, one-legged, indigo, white-spotted bird. With its appearance, the water within hundreds of meters suddenly evaporated, forming a vacuum zone and moved towards Quasi-emperor Mushan with engulfing force.

“Bi Fang? Interesting.”

Quasi-emperor Mushan recognized that the giant flame bird was the legendary mythological animal of flames, Bi Fang.

As the legendary flame ancestor, Bi Fang had always been a mythological creature of fire attribute martial artists. In the present Vast Thousand Domains, there was a number of branches of Demon Races said to have the blood of Bi Fang, possessed deep mastery of fire techniques, but still could not reach the fierce and frightening power of Bi Fang, which was said to be able to incinerate all lands. But with just a blow at the torch, the Bi Fang that transformed out was the real soul of Bi Fang, and that flame was enough to incinerate even a Great Saint.

Unfortunately, the opponent was a Quasi-emperor.

Quasi-emperor Mushan flicked his index finger, breaking the angular sharp rock, and the remaining energy subdued the fragment-formed black dragon. Then, with a blow, even the incomparably fierce soul of Bi Fang had vanished like an extinguished candle.

Everything in the Immortal Palace had returned to normal.

Hiding thousands of meters away, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit still had not calmed down.

He looked at Ye Qingyu, looked at the cauldron, and could already feel a storm had been set off in his heart.

No matter how powerful Quasi-emperor Mushan was, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit would not be in the slightest bit surprised. After all, he was a Quasi-emperor. In the countless years that martial arts Emperor had not emerged, Quasi-emperors were existences that had stood at the pinnacle of the martial world, almost enforcing justice on behalf of heaven. But Ye Qingyu was only a Great Saint who had recently emerged and had only been in the world for around twenty years of time, yet he was able to exchange blows with a Quasi-emperor. This could only be described with the word ‘miracle’ and in defiance of the natural order.

It was at this moment that he understood how terrifying Ye Qingyu was.

It turned out that in the previous fight, Ye Qingyu had not truly displayed his hidden cards, but instead used him and the other people as a grindstone to polish himself. If Ye Qingyu had directly summoned out the cauldron and the ancient ancestors then the six Great Saints most likely would have died on the spot.

Thinking of this, the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit felt a cold feeling in his heart.

But at this moment Ye Qingyu simply did not notice him at all.

His three consecutive attacks that were enough to instantly kill top Great Saint experts were all effortlessly countered by Quasi-emperor Mushan. It as the first time that Ye Qingyu had felt so vividly the terrifying power of a Quasi-emperor. The crisis and shadow of death had unprecedentedly shrouded the heart of Ye Qingyu.

“It won't work, even if you summon the nineteen ancient ancestors on the murals, you still cannot threaten me.” Quasi-emperor Mushan seemed to have lost the interest he had previously. Shaking his head he continued, “The power of an ancient Emperor weapon is beyond your imagination, unfortunately with your current strength it is difficult for you to completely activate it. You have not even displayed a tenth of its true power.”

Ye Qingyu didn't speak.

Because he knew that Quasi-emperor Mushan was right.

But even so, he didn't want to admit defeat.

The Great Saint yuan qi in his body rumbled, frantically injecting into the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. At this moment, Ye Qingyu was going to go all out.

Quasi-emperor Mushan strode forward, sighing, “I know, I know you’re not satisfied, but this is your fate, even if I give you a period of time to allow you to understand the profound meaning in this cauldron, you still cannot hurt me, let alone beat me. Without it, the difference in strength between you and I is too big. You have to understand that an Emperor weapon can only display its real power in the hands of an Emperor. You are a Heaven's prideling of your generation, but will soon be covered in dust. Only in my hands would the cauldron be able to show its real power. This is your fate.”

“I... never believed in fate,” Ye Qingyu roared. “My fate is decided by me.”

Holding up the [Cloud Top Cauldron] with both hands, he frantically activated his consciousness power and instantly summoned out the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill].


The [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] transformed into a giant sword of hundreds of meters and made a slash in the air.

The Void of the world was split into two under the sword.

It was unknown how much blood and essence of Saint experts that Ye Qingyu had painstakingly accumulated in the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill]. The power contained was complex, but could be said to be earth shattering. All this power was poured out with the slash of this sword, like a disastrous flood of a river. The entire [Dragon Palace] was filled with earth-shaking sword qi, blood light shot into the sky and nothing could obstruct this sword.

“En? Good, you indeed still have a hidden card!”

Quasi-emperor Mushan smiled.

“Sunset mountain... violet!”

His eyes transformed into yin and yang, which were born from chaos. There seemed to be a starry river flowing in his eyes, from which countless large stars were generated and annihilated. The most magnificent power of the universe seemed to be hidden in his eyes, which eventually turned into a wisp of purple brilliance, bursting forth from his eyes.

This was clearly an extremely astonishing eye technique.


Like the tinkle of two needles striking.

The purple brilliance collided with the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill].

Time and space, at this moment, seemed to have gone still.

It was as though time had frozen when the two forces collided.

In the distance.

“Ah, no... this power... how could it be... run... run, run, run!”

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit screamed out in horror upon seeing this scene.

He had already retreated far away, but at this moment still felt the annihilating power of the impact. He dared not to even think about what would happen if a trace of such power touched him. Transforming into a stream of light right away, he did not even cast a glance behind him.

The next moment——


An earth-shaking hurricane-like force turned into layer upon layer of invisible halos of light, frantically spreading in all directions.

Where it passed, the crystals, golden palace halls, crystal statues, fountains, and walls, including the terrifying formations they contained, like ashes in the wind, scattered at a speed visible to the naked eye. Everything was reduced to the most fine powder particles, dissipated, annihilated, and eventually turned into nothingness.

Quasi-emperor Mushan's body swayed, taking a step back.

But it was just one step.

He retracted the light in his eyes, and any other force that invaded within ten meters of his body had vanished right away.

“That's...” Ye Qingyu's pupil constricted, “The Quasi-emperor domain?”

Within ten meters of Quasi-emperor Mushan, there seemed to be an annihilative energy field that instantly destroyed any external forces. Even the power of the laws seemed not to be able to cause it the slightest of harm.

Quasi-emoeror Mushan’s domain was the same as his sword domain.

Ye Qingyu present's sword domain was still only in its rudimentary form, not even one tenth of its true power. But once perfected, it was also a domain force field, just like the remarkable ability that Quasi-emperor Mushan had shown.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu's eyes widened, instinctively capturing the profound secret of the domain.

Unfortunately, the next moment, the impact of the collision, like an ocean storm, had drowned him completely.

As though it had sense danger, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] automatically rotated rapidly and produced resounding rumbling noises. Vast Immortal aura in the shape of a giant bell shrouded Ye Qingyu in it.

I can't retreat!

This thought emerged in Ye Qingyu's mind.

If he retreated then perhaps there was a glimmer of hope of surviving, but he had promised the million-year-old soul to guard the Immortal Palace for a day of time, to act as his protection, to assist him in thoroughly refining the Immortal body and to regain his body. For the million-year-old soul, this was an important stage to his rebirth. Watching the statues in the crystal palace in the distance shattering into ashes under the aftermath, Ye Qingyu knew that if he withdrew then, even if the Immortal Palace was not crushed and affected by the impact, the million-year-old soul’s efforts would be wasted.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu, without any thought, his body made a response obeying the will of his heart.

He clenched his teeth, activated the [Cloud Top Cauldron] with all his strength to shield the Immortal Palace.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

Endless waves of the aftermath struck, endless sounds of explosions could be heard.

Only three or four seconds had passed, but the giant bell formed from bright yellow Immortal qi was already destroyed, terrifying struck the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and with every impact, Ye Qingyu’s arms shook violently. In the blink of an eye, he was struck thousands of times. His arm was lacerated, and flesh and blood were directly crushed into minced flesh, exposing his gold-like bones and joints, where blood-coloured formations were flashing. Then, cracks began to spread across his bones, like porcelain about to break...

It was evident what terrifying force he was suffering at this moment.

It was only just ten seconds of time but for Ye Qingyu it felt like ten centuries.


Amid the rumble, his golden bones and joints in the end were unable to bear the terrifying impact, cracked and shattered into powder.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] erupted in a blaze of golden light.


Ye Qingyu wildly spurted out blood.

His flesh had been torn open, as though burned by flames, exposing the bones beneath.

In a blink of an eye, he had turned into a badly mangled humanoid skeleton.

I'm going to die?

Ye Qingyu roared in his heart.

The power of a Quasi-emperor was like the punishment of the heavens, and not what the power of a Great Saint and an ancient emperor weapon could withstand.

I'm not retreating, I will never retreat.

What I have promised Elder... I must... do it.

Even if I die... even death, can’t bring me to my knees.

My martial arts is in this battle.

I will not retreat, and I will also not die!

Ah ah ah... as long as I persist, I'll be able to...

Ah ah, anyway, I won't retreat!”

Won't retreat!


As though his consciousness had been inhibited, he could not feel the pain of his body long ago, only tremendous pressure crushing down endlessly like waves. He was like a boat going against the current, like the journey against life, like tracing back time, and like space-time flowing backwards. In any case, all his essence, qi and spirit, all his will and strength, and all his everything had been turned into an action, a word——


Going against the force.

He must not retreat.

This was increasingly clear in the world of Ye Qingyu’s consciousness.

His bloodied and badly mangled skeleton, like a pillar in a turbulent stream, was rooted to the spot, letting any oncoming pressure lash him to pieces, destroy his flesh and blood, and crush his bones...

Life and death was only in a flash.


A blood light shot back and was nailed to the exposed chest bone of Ye Qingyu.

It was the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] that had already lost its brilliance.

The tremendous power allowed the badly mangled Ye Qingyu to take another step back.

At this moment, his backbone was almost affixed to the door of the Immortal Palace.

But it was also at this time that the terrifying aftermath finally faded.

It was like the tide receding.


The [Cloud Top Cauldron] that had lost its spiritual nature and luster, like an object without an owner, fell next to Ye Qingyu.

The skeleton-like Ye Qingyu was still standing in the same place.

The [Dragon Palace] had turned into ruins.

Only the Immortal Palace behind Ye Qingyu was still standing tall and intact.


An incomparable silence.


It was the sound of blood and flesh falling on the crystal steps.

What remained of Ye Qingyu were only a damaged heart and bones tainted with blood and flesh.

But he had blocked it.

An incredibly strong willpower that could not be described with words had allowed Ye Qingyu to withstand with a miraculous force. Even if he might have been turned to ashes in the last moment, he had finally completed the impossible task, did not allow the aftermath force to strike the Immortal Palace.

Quasi-emperor Mushan finally revealed a look of shock.

“So you are guarding this palace hall?”

Understanding dawned on his face.

There was an expression of shock, slight anger, and somewhat admiration.

In front of him, all the Human Race junior thought of was to guard the Immortal Palace, rather than to escape, to survive.

What kind of martial arts heart was this?

What kind of promise was this?

There was such a person in this world?

And what was in the Immortal Palace that would unexpectedly make a prodigy of the Human Race guard it even at the expense of his life?

Waves of turmoil were lifted up in the heart of the Quasi-emperor.

“To survive this blow, you are indeed worthy of respect. Usually, I will certainly let you live, but...” Quasi-emperor Mushan could not help sighing. Unfortunately, he had made a vow to avenge his brother, in order to sever off the last worldly worry and allow him to completely fuse the Quasi-emperor’s mind and heart. Only then would he stabilize the imperial throne in the future. This was a serious matter, and even if he admired Ye Qingyu, he still would not spare him his life.

“Young man, I will send you on the road with the [Finger of Annihilation].”

Quasi-emperor Mushan very quickly swept away the negative emotions in his heart, stretching out the index finger.

A mighty force was about to engulf Ye Qingyu.

Even Ye Qingyu at his peak state could not withstand against this finger.

Not to mention that Ye Qingyu was already at the point of death and did not have the slightest energy to fight back.

In a moment, Ye Qingyu’s body and bones were about to turn to ashes and drift away...

It was at this time that an unexpected change happened.

The closed door of the Immortal Palace was suddenly flung open.

A slender and tall figure slowly came out of the door.

The figure was naked all over, and his skin was like jade and not like that of a human. There was not a strand of hair all over his body, and his skin was as smooth as jade. It was extremely bizarre. It was as if he was an incarnation of a rock spirit.

He walked very slowly.

But the next moment, the hairless figure, like an illusion, appeared in front of Ye Qingyu. His tall and burly figure blocking everything for Ye Qingyu. Then slowly like before he lifted his hand. The power of the [Finger of Annihilation] was held by such a slow and leisurely stance, gently pinched, and turned the attack into nothingness.

The corners of his mouth were slightly curved upwards.

The figure smiled, “Is it fun to bully a junior? Now, I will take everything for him.”——
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