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Chapter 1008 Emperor descends

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit and the only remaining Great Saint expert had escaped from the [Dragon Palace] with ashen faces.

The two were completely aghast.

But they had to leave.

Thinking about the bizarre scene in the Immortal Palace, where Ye Qingyu, under the protection of the [Red Lotus Hellfire], operated qi to heal his injuries and entered into a state that his entire body was transparent like jade, whether it was the Young Lord or the Great Saint, felt a feeling of extreme uneasiness. Anybody could tell that Ye Qingyu had made a huge harvest after the battle, a breakthrough, and that his strength would most likely soar to the Great Saint realm.

In the Saint realm, Ye Qingyu was already able to kill three Great Saint experts, then how terrifying would he be once he stepped into the Great Saint realm?

The two felt a chill running down their spine at the thought of this.

The reason that they followed Ye Qingyu this time was not as the Young Lord had said, but that they were indeed instructed to take action, because the [Camp] wanted to deal with Ye Qingyu. The three dark Great Saint experts who had died in the hands of Ye Qingyu as well as the other men who had died under the various formations of the [Dragon Palace] were all in fact forces of the [Camp].

But the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was not against such an order.

What he had said to Ye Qingyu before were not all lies. He indeed did admire Ye Qingyu's luck very much, especially since the trip to the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, where the one who benefited the greatest was not him, nor the Saintess of Jade Pearl, but Ye Qingyu, a nobody. Adding to this, Ye Qingyu’s name had shook the Road of Chaos, allowing him to be promoted to the Third Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, an incredibly high position. All this indicated that Ye Qingyu's luck was in defiance of the natural order. During the exploration of a place like the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, luck was sometimes more important than strength. Thus he took advantage of the situation for his benefit and accepted the order to come follow Ye Qingyu, and was always ready to jump out and pick the peaches when Ye Qingyu had a heaven-defying encounter.

Who would have thought that, not only was he not able to pick any peach, but would instead hit the iron plate.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit had originally felt that, the joint forces of the dozens of top Saint experts as well as his seven Great Saint experts were difficult to win against even for a Quasi-emperor. Moreover they were situated in a secret place, where it should have been incredibly easy to deal with Ye Qingyu. Who would have thought that Ye Qingyu was able to kill four Great Saint experts.

While Ye Qingyu was healing under the protection of the [Red Lotus Hellfire], the two Great Saint experts had attempted to take advantage of the time to get rid of Ye Qingyu through various means. But in the end, they were always blocked by the [Red Lotus Hellfire] and could not get close to Ye Qingyu

Most importantly, they saw that, after operating qi for an hour, Ye Qingyu had completely removed the dark poison in his body and had entered into a strange divine state. His wounds had completely recovered, his muscles were translucent-looking, and his bones resembled gold. It looked as though his muscles were made of ice and bones of gold. His entire body was exuding Immortal aura. It was evident that he was constantly breaking through the boundary.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was both furious and anxious upon seeing this. Fortunately he was a Heaven's prideling, able to take something up and put it down with equal ease. The moment the situation did not look too good for him he immediately fled.

He was going to flee.

Since he could not kill Ye Qingyu at his weakest moment and could not stop him from healing and ascending, then he could only run.

Otherwise, when Ye Qingyu had fully recovered and his strength had soared, the situation would be completely different. Even if he were to join hands with the other Great Saint he still would not be able to do anything to Ye Qingyu, and instead may bring disaster to himself.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit understood this quite well.

Therefore since they were fleeing, then they should run a little faster.

After getting out of the [Dragon Palace], avoiding the surrounding various hidden ancient formations, his speed, almost like lightning, flashed toward the depths of the lake.

“If this time, I don’t make any harvest in the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor then, when I see that Ye Qingyu again, I will have no choice but to retreat...” The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit couldn’t help holding a grudge. Ever since he had come into the Vast Thousand Domains, besides the last encounter with that woman, had he ever suffered such a big defeat?

All of a sudden there was a strange obstructing force ahead.


The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was taken aback for a moment, then all his hair stood on its end, as a dangerous feeling enveloped his body.

When he looked up, a figure in a golden robe was slowly coming towards him. In the water, where the dark waves were like huge dark stars, the person was extremely small, but for some reason, when he appeared in his field of vision it felt as though an immemorial star had completely blocked their way. No matter from which direction, even if they had tried to move around, they still couldn’t move away from the figure.

The road was blocked.

“Who are you? How dare you block the path, you want to die, get out of the way!”

The Great Saint on the other side, who already had a bellyful of repressed grievances, couldn't hold back his fury. His eyes flashed, sending out a palm strike of destructive mighty force. Like a vicious dragon soaring into the air, a palm force of hundreds of meters long smashed the Void, aiming toward the golden-robed figure.

How terrifying was the full strength attack of an infuriated Great Saint?

In a split second the entire dark lake seemed to have been destroyed.

But the golden-robed figure opposite still had his hands clasped behind his back, coming over slowly and simply cast a glance over them.

All of a sudden, the power of the Great Saint expert went still, the terrifying palm force vanished like snow melting under the scorching sun.

The broken Void also healed like time had been reversed.

And the Great Saint screamed out in an incomparable shocked voice, like he had encountered the most terrifying thing in the world. His figure quivered, and was instantly erased from the world like a person in a painting.


The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was pale with fright.

The dark power of law that was surging silently in the Void was not something that someone like him could measure, but even if he had only sensed the slightest trace it was enough to make him understand that the golden-robed figure in front was a supreme Quasi-emperor.



The fire was blazing.

Ye Qingyu was sat cross-legged on the steps of the Immortal Palace, shrouded in Immortal aura. He had entered into a strange state, muscles becoming transparent like flawless jade, and the blood vessels and bones were clearly visible. The flame red blood vessels were producing loud roaring sounds like a raging river, the golden bones were flashing a dazzling brilliance, and there were numerous incomparably mysterious small formation markings flowing around. It was only the dantian position that was in a state of nothingness, like a blank canvas.

And with the passage of time, the empty dantian region was gradually changing.

A little faintly visible figure, as though it was being sketched out slowly with a paintbrush, appeared in the nothingness.

The outline of the little person was identical to Ye Qingyu.

It was the [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger].

Ye Qingyu was now experiencing the most important pass to ascend to the Great Saint realm from the Saint realm.

The [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] was perfect and flawless. The ascension of heaven is known as the Heaven Ascension stage, setting foot on the Immortal steps is known as the Immortal Step realm, and once one knocked on the Immortal gate one can enter the Saint realm. The [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] had stepped across the Immortal gate, reached the pinnacle of cultivation that the human body can achieve, and the mortal body will transform into the Saint body. This side was the Inner Saint realm.

The Saint realm was in fact, the Inner Saint.

There was an ancient saying: inner Saint, outer emperor.

Inner Saints can be called Emperor, but to move further forward, the change was not only the inner Saint. One needs to come out, break the shackles of the human body, and connect with the mighty force of heaven and earth. It is only when one uses the mysteriousness of the tide of heaven and earth that one can reach the ultimate peak that an Inner Saint cannot achieve, command the power of heaven and earth, and would be close to invincible. One’s power is ultimately limited, and although the inner yuan of a Saint is deep and unfathomable it will be eventually consumed. In a fierce battle which had been ongoing for a long while, one’s inner yuan, essence and blood will eventually be used up. However, in the Great Saint realm, the ability to communicate with the power of heaven and earth, allows one to grow continually. The most powerful living creature, as long as it had not transcended worldliness, would be as small and insignificant as an ant in front of heaven and earth.

The reason that a Great Saint can kill Saints was because of this.

Saints could only understand the world and take advantage of the readily available laws of heaven and earth. This usage is based on their degree of understanding of the law, but they cannot reverse the law, and even more cannot command and utilize it. It was the use of borrowing and invocation that creates a huge difference. This was the huge gap between ordinary Saints and Great Saints.

This use of the power of heaven and earth, from a professional point, was the power of law.

At this moment, the [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] that drew out from Ye Qingyu’s empty dantian position was making the crucial step of walking out of Inner Saint.

Once he stepped out was when he really enters the Great Saint realm.

To advance from the ordinary Saint realm to the Great Saint realm, one needs to go through the stages of half-step Saint, little Saints, middle stages, great accomplishment, and the pinnacle. For around ninety percent of Saints in the world, they would need to spend their entire lives in these stages, and even thousands of years, and may not necessarily fully achieved these stages. Many talented geniuses had not been able to reach the Great Saint realm, and nobody had ever crossed all these stages in one step.

But Ye Qingyu's experience was really extraordinary.

When he was in this boundary, he was already able to defeat Great Saints. His physical strength had reached an earthshaking point. Moreover, his martial arts cultivation technique, coupled with the nameless breathing technique, which specializes in nothingness, had stored all the various methods and techniques in the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] into a furnace. Adding to this, he had the [Cloud Top Cauldron], a suspected emperor weapon, which had strengthened his luck and power. Today he had killed four Great Saint experts, thereby finally triggering a fundamental change.

With the wave-like roaring of the blood that was unceasingly surging, the imposing manner of Ye Qingyu was constantly increasing, increasing, and increasing...

He had broken though the little Saint stage, the middle stage, and the great accomplishment stage in just less than two hours of time, and had reached the pinnacle state.

The little figure in the dantian area was increasingly clear and detailed, the face was evident and was more three-dimensional than before.

It was as though a little Ye Qingyu was about to come out of the dantian area.

Immortal aura was curling up and Ye Qingyu's whole body was increasingly transparent. Not only were his skin jade and bones gold, there was a mysterious aura flowing out from his body, gradually filling the air. With the [Red Lotus Hellfire] in the background, at this moment each strand of hair seemed to be blazing with a divine light, and seemed as if a strand of hair could crush an immemorial mountain.

And with this aura constantly flowing around, Ye Qingyu felt a carefree and relaxed feeling, like he was riding the wind.

It was as though he was not a person of this world anymore.

Ye Qingyu's aura continued to ascend.

Evidently his ascension had not ended.

His brows were slightly knitted, eyes closed, and the expression on his face was sometimes clear, sometimes confused, sometimes ecstatic, and sometimes mournful. It was as though he was experiencing the cycle of nine tribulations and seven lives. There were myriad changes in an instant and eventually gradually grew stable, as he was about to enter the Great Saint realm in one breath.

And that was when, figures appeared in the distance of the [Dragon Palace].

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit who fled in a panic had unexpectedly returned.

It was just that he was not here alone.

He was following behind by a tall, slender and magnificent figure in a golden robe.

“Your highness, it’s here, the person you are looking for is ahead.” The haughty and unruly Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was as obedient as a lamb. There was not the slightest arrogance on his face, and was replaced by deference and respect, as well as deep awe and fear. Even when speaking his voice was shaking.

The golden-robed figure came over slowly and stopped at a hundred meters away from the Immortal Palace.

His eyes rested on the huge [Immortal] word on the Immortal Palace plaque, gazing at it for a long while.

Then, he saw Ye Qingyu who was surrounded by [Red Lotus Hellfire].

“He really is a talent of his generation, the dragon of people. It is understandable that my brother died in the hands of this person.” The figure in a golden robe sighed, eyes filled with appreciation and admiration as he looked at Ye Qingyu. “In this age, such a person had emerged in the Human Race, could it be that the heavens want the Human Race to rise? Unfortunately, in front of me, even the will of the heavens is going to change. By killing this person I can sever the last strand of worldly worry and pursue the great Dao.”

He mumbled to himself, but wore a calm look on his face and did not take action right away.

“Elder, this Ye Qingyu's luck is in defiance of the natural order. He was able to kill Great Saints. Before he makes a breakthrough it’s best to kill him and eliminate the trouble...” The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit couldn’t help urging when he heard this.

The golden-robed figure cast a glance behind him.

The Young Lord felt an extremely painful feeling in his back, like an invisible giant hand had clutched his neck, as if that gaze had instantly seen through all his thoughts. He did not dare to move an inch, say a word or even breathe loudly, and only kept his head low. There was sweat all over his body, and he did not even dare to emit a loud breath!

“The Sinful Pit had been handed down for one hundred and eight thousand years. The ancestor of the Sinful Pit had great ambitions to hide the filth of the world, hold the darkness throughout the ages, and bear all of the sins of the reincarnation of hundreds of lives. He was a genius of his generation, unfortunately that year he...” The golden-robed figure smiled, “Who would have thought that the descendants of Sinful Pit would be worse than the previous. For example you, you’re considered a successor to the Sinful Pit but are inferior to a Heaven’s prideling expert of a lower domain. What a disgrace, let’s see how long the Sinful Pit would last.”

The Young Lord buried his head even lower when he heard this.

He frantically discarded all the malice and dissatisfaction in his heart, for fear of them being felt by the golden-robed figure.

“In the end he is a Heaven’s prideling of the Human Race, even if I want to kill him, I have to wait till he is finished. How could Quasi-emperor Mushan attack a junior from behind?”

When the figure in a golden robe finished speaking, his eyes again fell back on the [Immortal] word on the Immortal Palace plaque. He was incredibly patient, not at all anxious, calmly waiting for Ye Qingyu to finish his breakthrough, instead it was as though he was guarding for Ye Qingyu, preventing any interference.

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit stood quietly on one side and dared not say a word.

It was unknown how long had passed.

Ye Qingyu suddenly opened his mouth, drawing Immortal aura into his mouth like a whale sucking water.

The [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] in his dantian was opening its mouth at the same time, inhaling lightly, like the first breath of a newborn baby.

He opened his eyes.

His eyes pierced the Void like lightning——
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