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Chapter 1004, Protection

As Ye Qingyu came to one of the crystal stone pillars, slowly pressing his palm closer to the surface of the pillar, there was immediately a faint coolness penetrating into his palm. But it did not feel cold at all, instead it was more like the spring breeze blowing past his heart and spleen, giving a relaxed and comfortable feeling as well as elevating the spirit.

“A miracle...”

He marveled again.

The energy in the crystal pillars was ancient and pure, able to remove impurities from the body, and its benefits even surpass the effects of medicines and elixirs.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t take it away.

Besides astonishment, Ye Qingyu was also a little disappointed.

Previously, the million-year-old soul had reminded him that he must not recklessly touch any objects; otherwise he could trigger the many secret formations. Moreover, if he were to encounter a formation of life and death, he most likely would not escape unscathed even with his present cultivation level.

But soon Ye Qingyu couldn’t help chuckling out loud.

Why was his greedy thought so similar to that of the silly dog?

One really takes the behavior of one's company.

Ye Qingyu shook his head, and then inevitably let out a sigh. He couldn't help thinking about Little Nine and Old Hu Bugui. Have they safely left the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor?

The most important thing now was to find the Immortal body and opportunity as soon as possible and then leave this place to meet up with them.

He cleared his mind and continued on ahead.

Approximately after the time to have a cup of tea, Ye Qingyu came to another palace hall after twisting and turning through several passages.

“The previous palace is made of crystal, and this one from gold... it's just not too extravagant...”

Standing in the dazzling gold brilliance, Ye Qingyu's vision almost went blurry.

The outline of the golden palace was similar to the previous crystal palace, although there wasn't any huge energy-containing pillars like before, there were all kinds of gold and silver treasures stacked everywhere, as well as pure gold carved statues of mythological beasts, and exquisite and beautiful gold and silver weapons and ornaments. From afar, the pile of gold weapons almost looked like a little mountain.

Any one of the mountains of gold could most likely purchase a little domain.

Although for martial artists with profound cultivation base, money was only mere worldly possessions, Ye Qingyu still couldn’t help swallowing saliva.

Next, following the guidance of the million-year-old soul, he again went through several long passageways.

Without triggering any of the formations, he came to a red coral palace building.

The outline of the palace was similar to the previous two, but whether it was the walls or domed roof, they were all made of blood-coloured corals. The number of corals was too many that it was impossible to be counted.

But what shocked Ye Qingyu was not the corals on the walls of the palace, but that, within a hundred meter radius of the palace, there were all sorts of corals and pearls.

The smallest of the iridescent and lustrous white pearls was at least the size of a fist, while the biggest one needed several people to fully surround it. In addition, there were countless varieties of corals and an array of colours, including red, blue, yellow and green.

“How is this a [Dragon Palace]… it's a treasure palace!”

Ye Qingyu marveled once again and overturned the name [Dragon Palace].

Any one of the objects here was a priceless rare treasure. It should be said that not only divine plants and spirit elixirs could assist martial arts cultivation, these corals and pearls also had the same effect. Moreover, these materials would be needed in the refinement of divine weapons.

If it had not been for the reminder from the million-year-old soul that was still lingering in his ear, Ye Qingyu wouldn’t have been able to control himself and would have directly taken out the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to store away all the treasures of the palaces.

Ye Qingyu continued to follow the guidance of the million-year-old soul. They again passed through several luxurious and gorgeous palaces, but did not stop for too long and left directly.

About half an hour later.

“Here we are,” the million-year-old soul finally spoke.

Ye Qingyu's heart trembled when he heard this.

Before him was the entrance of a main palace hall.

But, compared to the magnificent and luxurious palace halls before, the palace hall in front of him was much simpler.

Ye Qingyu surveyed the palace in front of him, and couldn't help feeling puzzled.

The whole palace hall, which was square-shaped, was built from some kind of white crystal. The craftsmanship was simple, and there wasn't any plaque, statues, engraving, or formations. Although said to be a palace, it was more like a large stone house, except that above the entrance there was an engraved character in the writing of the God and Demon Age——


This was the main palace hall where the Immortal body is hidden?

The so-called Land of Hidden Immortals referred to this palace hall?

Ye Qingyu did not advance any further.

“Finally arrived!” The million-year-old soul spoke all of a sudden, overjoyed, “Everything comes to him who waits, I have finally found the Immortal body, haha, it’s in there!”

Without waiting for Ye Qingyu's reply, the million-year-old soul spoke again, “We must not let our efforts go to waste. Little leaf, next I will need to enter the Immortal palace and need around a day to refine the Immortal body. During this period, please can you stay outside the palace and act as my protection. No matter what or who it is do not allow them into the Immortal Palace.”

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu’s expression immediately grew solemn. “Yes, elder please don't worry.”

He knew that the most critical moment had come.

For this existence the next day was an extremely important moment. Whether or not he could reconstruct the body and then stand in the world again, whether or not he would succeed or fail was dependent on this moment.

“Haha, I'll go now.”

With a hearty laugh, a small ball of black mist slowly floated up from behind Ye Qingyu, carrying the little black stone that contained the million-year-old soul, which was the [heart] refined from the Storm Platform.


The dense black mist instantly transformed into a stream of light, shooting through the large door of the Immortal Palace.

The door seemed like a water screen, letting the black stone penetrate through.

The million-year-old soul had entered the Immortal Palace.

Then, everything returned to normal.

Ye Qingyu stood at the entrance of the Immortal Palace.

The space became extremely still and quiet, even the sound of breathing and swallowing saliva were hushed.

He stood outside the closed palace door and waited a few more moments. It was only when he had confirmed that there was no movement in the palace that he lowered into a crossed legged sitting position and began to operate the nameless breathing technique, concentrating his mind and calming his emotions. His eyes were slightly closed, looking solemn and peaceful, like an old monk settling into a meditative state. He was shrouded in dense mist that began to glow brighter and brighter, like countless stars had turned into thousands of fragments, floating around.

One day of time was neither long nor short. He naturally did not intend to sit there and wait.

After the forty battles on the Life and Death Platforms, as well as at the battle against the Greater One Spiritual Master on the mountain of bones, there were many places that Ye Qingyu needed to sum up the success and failure.

Moreover, the bottom of this Sun and Moon Lake, where the spiritual veins gathered, was the integration of heaven and earth, and everywhere there were pure spiritual aura and primitive law atmosphere. Especially the [Dragon Palace]. The crystals were all derived from the God and Demon Age, which had absorbed and accumulated millions of years of the most primitive and pure aura of the heaven and earth. It could be said to be the essence of all places. As far as for the cultivation of martial arts, it was simply the best place of an upper domain.

Therefore, he planned to take advantage of the favourable location of the [Dragon Palace] to practice.

Time passed by.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes suddenly shot open.

As though forcibly blocked by some sort of power, everything came to an abrupt stop. Only the light left in his eyes was flashing silver, before it faded away.

At that moment, there was a sudden change in the distant place in the [Dragon Palace]. There was a burst of terrifying tyrannical power, like surging waves, spreading toward all directions.

There seemed to be an invisible danger that was approaching his direction.

“Someone broke into the [Dragon Palace] and triggered the formations.” Ye Qingyu immediately made a judgment and stood up where he was, looking very vigilant.

He had come all the way here, and thus was naturally very clear of the dangers and terrifying formations in the [Dragon Palace]. If the million-year-old soul had not guided him along the way he most likely would not have safely passed through. Therefore, he did not know whether the people who triggered the formations could make it to the Immortal Palace. If they really were strong enough to break through the formation then that also meant their strength must not be underestimated.

Time passed by.

Another hour passed.

The fluctuations of power in the distance were becoming clearer and stronger.

And from the remaining aura, he could feel that there seemed to be several experts of different cultivation levels, all moving in the direction of the Immortal Palace.

Although formations were triggered everywhere, it seemed that, in the end it did not really stop these experts from advancing.

All of a sudden, Ye Qingyu erupted with piercing cold aura.

“Here we are!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several beams of light flashed.

At the end of the last passageway to the Immortal Palace, several figures were darting over with incredible speed.

“It's him?”

Ye Qingyu's eyes flashed as he immediately recognized one of the figures.

The expert that headed the group was thin and extremely young, about twenty years old. He was clad in a large black robe, his red and yellow hair casually draped over his back, and was surging with fighting intent all over. It was the young lord of the Sinful Pit.

And behind him were two Great Saint experts enveloped in scarlet red flames, around fifty or sixty years old, with golden hair and beard, and were similarly tall and thin.

They were the guardian Saint experts of the Sinful Pit.

In addition, Ye Qingyu also found that behind the few Sinful Pit experts, also stood a few black-robed experts shrouded in black mist, emitting a very bizarre aura and looking extremely mysterious. But they were also terrifying martial arts experts.

These figures were incredibly fast, and instantly came to the Immortal Palace——
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