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Chapter 1002, Land of hidden Immortals

Almost in a flash, the seemingly incomparably heavy door swung open, and the world behind the door, like a slowly unfolded picture, was completely and clearly displayed in front of the hundreds of experts.

It was a vast and boundless primitive world of mountains and rivers.

Opposite the door of the demon domain, the mountains and rivers were tremendous and magnificent.

The towering and majestic mountains stretched to the end of the sky, like divine soldiers and generals of this primitive heaven and earth. The sky resembled silk fabric, untainted by a speck of dust, and was a beautiful azure blue colour. The forests were beautiful and secluded, and there were range upon range of mountains. There were trees reaching to the clouds everywhere, providing independent shade, and waterfall hanging from the sky, like an army of thousands of men and horses was descending. Everywhere was the most primitive natural charm, and the rich spiritual qi gathered on this side of the world hit everybody in the face.

The scene in front was like an illusion.

It was like they had crossed the torrent of time and the boundaries of space, leading to the other side of the world.

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

In a flash, there were sounds of figures moving rapidly through the air.

The several Great Saint experts in the sky had reacted right away, entering the door of the demon domain with incredibly speed, that the others experts present could not even capture the slightest movement or shadow.

“Haha, the time has come.”

“The opportunity is in there.”

“The true primitive world of Gods and Demons, this is the land of the Dao.”

“Go, don't let anyone else get there first.”

After a number of loud exclamations, figures flashed like lightning to the tremendous world behind the door of the demon domain.

The hundreds of experts at the peak of the bone mountain sprang up, rushing to the front.

Ye Qingyu and Li Shengyan exchanged a glance, eyes faintly flashing a hint of excitement and encouragement, and then also, without the slightest hesitation, both transformed into a stream of light and sped over like lightning, entering into tide of hundreds of people.

Beyond the door of the demon domain, there was an incomparably fresh and clean air hitting them in the face, and the spiritual qi was as abundant as in a fairyland.

“It’s similar to the scenery of the small world in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss.”

Ye Qingyu had this feeling as he stepped through the door of the demon domain.

The scenery of this world was the primitive world of the God and Demon Age. Thus the entire space contained surging yuan qi and laws of the heaven and earth of the God and Demon Age.

“Very strong spiritual aura!”

“It's too real, it's a primitive space...the primitive space of the God and Demon Age!”

“The power of the Chaos Demon Emperor is indeed remarkable.”

The several Human Race experts who had come in with Ye Qingyu and the others, including the Patriarch of the Pill Dao Sect, Situ Kongming, the Master of the Forever Song Palace, Qin Yanzi, and the elder of the High Cliff Sect, Huang Ye, as well as other experts were all stirred up, crying out in surprise one after another. They had not been to the small world of the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, thus had not seen this sort of primitive world before. To obtain an area of the heaven and earth and to preserve it to this extent was indeed the doing of a martial arts Emperor. How could they not be excited?

Especially for the Great Saints of martial arts, this sort of primitive world environment, which was now impossible to find in the Vast Thousand Domains, was the optimum place for reaching illumination. And if there were enough time, they would have the opportunity to ascend to the Quasi-emperor throne in such an environment.

Brilliance flashed.

The streams of light dissipated into the different directions of the primitive world.

Ye Qingyu and the others, after flying hundreds of kilometers, landed on the summit of a mountain, surveying the views from above and sincerely observing and feeling the rich and pure power of the laws of this world as well as the spiritual charm.

The pure and powerful spiritual qi of the heavens and earth had almost condensed into a solid substance in the Void. Breathing in and out, one could instantly feel the rich and magnificent spiritual qi gushing into the limbs and bones, instantly enriching the meridians and blood vessels like great waves. The mind’s of everyone felt unprecedentedly comfortable and joyful.

The expression on the faces of the crowd was one of irrepressible shock and surprise.

On the other side, Ye Qingyu and fatty Li Shengyan shared a smile.

They had personally experienced a similar primitive land in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss before. If they did not guess wrong, then this small world was most likely also a sacred yuan space that the Chaos Demon Emperor took from the God and Demon Age.

“Everybody, I will leave first, I came for one thing and cannot walk with you this time, very sorry.” Tan Yanzi gave a cupped fist salute and left.

“Hahaha, right, everyone has a goal, then we will part here.”



The several of the most powerful Human Race Great Saint experts evidently all had their own goals and would not walk with others.

This was also to be expected. Those who were able to come here were all extremely confident supreme martial arts existences. Since they had entered through the door of the demon domain, they naturally would not walk with others. Firstly, they did not want others to share their luck and secondly, they did not want to give their opponents a chance to secretly attack them from behind if they were to encounter the opportunity. After all, in the face of the opportunity, even the most humble nobleman may become a despicable villain. Sometimes even husband and wife or father and son could not fully trust each other.

After informing each other, everybody impatiently turned into a stream of light and left.

Watching the several seniors leave, fatty Li Shengyan looked at Ye Qingyu with a smile. “Brother Ye Qingyu, I will also leave.”

Since Li Shengyan had come here it was clear that he also had an opportunity that he wanted to find.

Ye Qingyu nodded, gave a faint smile and instructed him to be careful of everything.

“Right, this is for you.” Fatty Shengyan suddenly remembered something, fumbled out a palm-sized broken turtle shell from his blue-green pocket, and said in a secretive voice, “Old ancestor said to give this to you, it can protect you.” The old ancestor that he mentioned was of course [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

As he was speaking, he handed the turtle shell to Ye Qingyu.

How did [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] know that I was going to get here and meet this fatty?

Ye Qingyu was puzzled.

But on second thought, the remarkable ability of a Quasi-emperor was unfathomable. He must have predicted something to give it to fatty in advance.

But upon a closer look at the purple-brown turtle shell, the scales were mottled and indistinct, as though it had been grinded by some hard object. The edges were jagged, and there were several nail-sized cracks. It looked old and damaged, and he could not sense the slightest divine power from it. If it were others that gave him this turtle shell, then he would have thought it was a joke; however, this was a gift from a Quasi-emperor, thus it must be viewed in a different light and cannot be judged by its appearance.

Since the Quasi-emperor had said that this broken turtle shell could protect him, then it would certainly display some divine force at the critical moment.

“Since it can protect oneself, then you should keep it.” Ye Qingyu declined on second thought.

It was not that he did not believe in the defensive power of the turtle shell, but Ye Qingyu knew that he had many hidden cards, and if there was real danger he could easily defend or escape. Thus it was better to leave it for fatty to protect himself.

“Don't waste time, quickly take it, I still have a lot of treasures on me. Even if there were another ten sacred yuan spaces I can also break through them.” Fatty Li Shengyan patted his pocket with confidence and placed the turtle shell into Ye Qingyu's hands.

“Then thank you, you must be careful.” Ye Qingyu carefully put away the turtle shell.

Fatty nodded with a smile and did not say anything more, transformed into a stream of blue-green light and left.

“Let's go, too, just now I've sensed the exact location of the Immortal body,” the voice of the million-year-old soul sounded.

Ye Qingyu lit up with joy and said impatiently, “Great, elder, let's quickly get there.”

Then, there was a silvery glow in the Void, and a stream of light sped toward the depths of the mountains in the southeast direction like a bolt of lightning.


A moment later.

It was a snowy expanse.

It was the sky of an icy primitive forest of tens of thousands of towering trees.

The snow-capped peaks looked like layers of clouds, boundless, and forming into one with the sky. Between the mountains, there were towering ancient trees that seemed to have been growing since the start of the God and Demon Age, which was marked by its tens of thousands of growth rings.

“Elder, we have traveled nearly thousands of miles, can I ask how far away are we from the Immortal body?” As Ye Qingyu walked through the snowy forest, he only felt that the beautiful sceneries of the primitive land was extremely pure, like it was painted with a divine brush, making him feel intoxicated even without drinking.

“Hahaha, it's not so easy to reach there. The size of this primitive world is unexpected, haha, however, I have deduced that the Immortal body that I am looking for is in the Land of Hidden Immortals of this world.” The voice of the million-year-old soul sounded joyful and carefree as though he had been affected by the primitive aura of this world.

“The Land of Hidden Immortals?” Ye Qingyu couldn't help but get curious.

It was the first time that he had heard the name of such a place. But as soon as he heard it, it felt very extraordinary.

The martial arts matters of this world, whether it was people or things, once it involved the word ‘Immortal’ it will sound incredibly mysterious.

This Land of Hidden Immortals must be the secret place used to store the treasures of the Immortals.

“The so-called Land of Hidden Immortals requires one to past the Temple of Heaven, travel through the underground door, go across the hidden mountain plains, and over the heaven and earth.” The million-year-old soul did not seem to be in a hurry to explain, instead he was keeping Ye Qingyu in suspense.

Ye Qingyu, after listening to the mystery of a mystery, felt his mind was in great confusion. He shook his head, no longer thinking about it, and instead directly followed the guidance of the elder and continued ahead.

Following along the mountain path, through the vast snowy forest, he came to a river that was endlessly surging onward.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.

Only the echoes of the waves could be heard, as though it was the roar of the river.

The unceasing torrents seemed as though it was poured down from the clouds above, rolling westward and surging up violently, like a dragon lifting its head up and roaring to the mountains.

Ye Qingyu came to a stop here, feeling the majestic momentum of the gushing river that was like an army of thousands of men and horses, and couldn’t help feeling a magnificent and heroic emotion rippling through his body.

Along the way, he had seen many natural features and landscapes that were very different from those of the Vast Thousand Domains today. All of which were the most primitive and pure, and even a green leaf or a mountain flower had its pure and spiritual charm.

After entering the depths and hinterland of the primitive forest, he saw many rare spiritual herbs and medicinal plants, all of which only existed in the God and Demon Age, and some of which, Ye Qingyu could barely identify their names and medicinal properties according to the records in ancient books. But the majority he had never seen before and the ancient books also did not seem to have a record of them.
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