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Imperial God Emperor 1000 - Not only kill

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Chapter 1000, Not only kill

No one had thought that the situation would be reversed in a flash.


As Ye Qingyu punched out and drew back, the tremendous body of the lizard monster, which the Greater One Spiritual Master had transformed into, also collapsed.

The tremendous body slammed into the bone platform, causing it to tremble several times, like a heavy mountain had landed on the ground. It was obvious that the body of the black monster was incredibly heavy and the black lizard beast that the Greater One Spiritual Master had transformed into was very powerful. Each bit of muscle, flesh, drop of blood, and even scale, was as heavy as a mountain.

“Hey... you... how could...” The Greater One Spiritual Master still had not snapped out of the shock of defeat.

He after all had reached the Great Saint realm and had absorbed too much essence and blood of experts on the Life and Death Platforms. Even if he was severely wounded he was still alive.

It was just that there were constantly wisps of black mist leaking out of his body, and the tremendous body that he had obtained after the demonic transformation began to shrink little by little. The black scales on his skin gradually faded with the black mist, resuming human skin appearance, but were dried and shriveled, like dried up orange peel.

In a blink of an eye, the Greater One Spiritual Master had resumed his appearance in the past.

But had aged a lot than he used to be.

“Your strength is acquired through devouring and absorbing the power of others, it is not from your hard work and cultivation. Even if you were to obtain more, it is still difficult for it to fully integrate with your own essence, qi and spirit.” Ye Qingyu looked him with an icy cold expression. “Not to mention that I can even defeat a Great Saint. You can only blame yourself for being too weak and showing up in front of me.”

Countless eyes fell on Ye Qingyu with incomparable shock.

The battle just now, from the beginning to the end, had only taken less than half an incense stick of time, but it was really beyond the expectations of all experts. The black-robed Taoist seemed peerless and to have comprehended the yin and yang chaos Emperor technique, but still suffered a defeat in the end. All experts were surprised by the turn of events, and when they looked at Ye Qingyu again, there were more shock and fear in their eyes.

During this period of time, Ye Qingyu’s name did spread across the Road of Chaos, but many of the real top experts only raised their brows in astonishment and did not really take the new appointee of the Human Race seriously. After all, he was only from a new domain, with no great inheritance or background. Adding to this, in the several great battles that Ye Qingyu had become famous for, he was seemingly powerful and remarkable, but in the end he resorted to trickery to win. Moreover, in the great wide world, there had been several geniuses like him before, who surprised everybody for a period of time but were only short lived, and disappeared in a flash. In the long river of history it was not surprising to see a few small waves once in a while.

But what nobody expected was that the fame was indeed well deserved, and Ye Qingyu was not a small wave.

For a moment, everybody were casting sidelong glances of astonishment.

All experts trembled inwardly with fear, their evaluation of the third deputy envoy of the Human Race was suddenly raised countless levels.

On the other side, Li Shengyan, Tan Yanzi and other people finally heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this, especially Tan Yanzi and other Human Race elder experts. Their eyes were lit up with joy and astonishment. After so many years, there was finally a peerless young genius of the Human Race. From Ye Qingyu’s body, they saw the shadow and bearing of the former sages of the Human Race.

“Right and wrong, success and failure are all gone in a flash! I have lost, you can kill me.” The Greater One Spiritual Master had lost all the blood and essence that he had devoured from others. His face was shrivelled up, and he was only left with the Immortal Step realm cultivation base he had before. “But on the road to the underworld, I will not feel lonely. Haha, you also will not live for long. Haha, I will wait for you!”

“You want the man behind you to avenge you?” Ye Qingyu looked at the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] in his hand, and again thought of his old friend. With a look of grief and hatred, he sneered, “You are just a dog. But do you think I would let you die so easily? You killed my good friend, I'm going to make you feel utter misery, you could neither live nor die.”

Before his voice faded away, the snowflakes in the Void instantly fell on the body of the Greater One Spiritual Master, like fragments of iron being pulled by a magnet. At the same time, the ground that was covered in ice, all of a sudden, like silver snakes spitting out venom, quaked violently and the ice fragments pierced into the body of the Greater One Spiritual Master like swords.

“Ah...” The Greater One Spiritual Master let out a tragic scream.

Ye Qingyu was going to use the true intent of the ice swords to torture the Greater One Spiritual Master.

The Greater One Spiritual Master only felt that there were countless silver needles in his body pricking him like thorns. The sharp pain was incomparable. Even if he had ascended to the Saint realm before, unexpectedly also found it unbearably painful, shrieking and struggling tragically like a pig being slaughtered. His eyes were wide with fear, but upon a closer look, deep in his eyes there was not only fear, but also a faint expression of joy. With the help of the struggling state, he lowered his head to conceal his expression.

The experts around them were a bit surprise to see that Ye Qingyu would use such means to torture the Greater One Spiritual Master.

Once stepped into the Saint realm, no matter what blood feud there was it could be ended with death. Killing someone can only award you with a useless dead head. Ye Qingyu had already won and the opponent had no strength to fight back, was there a need to torture the Greater One Spiritual Master like that? There was no real spirit and manner of a martial arts Saint expert.

Even Tan Yanzi and the others slightly frowned.

Although the way that Ye Qingyu handled the matter was from sentiment and reason, he had still fallen to a lower level.

His action was inferior, which meant that his mental state was inadequate.

Those with inadequate mental states would not last long on the road of martial arts.

As a result, the experts’ evaluation of Ye Qingyu was lowered again.

But Ye Qingyu simply paid no attention to what the other people were thinking about him. Under his control, the icy cold qi of the Divine Emperor Sword Will was frantically swimming through the meridians of the Greater One Spiritual Master, as if to completely break him into pieces little by little. His eyes were as cold as Xuan ice, simply did not care about the anguished wailing of the Greater One Spiritual Master.

“It's time.”

Just when everyone thought that the Greater One Spiritual Master would be tortured to death, Ye Qingyu suddenly had a change of expression, stretched out a finger, tapping on the forehead of the Greater One Spiritual Master at lightning speed.

“You...” The screeching of the Greater One Spiritual Master stopped and turned to shock.

Ye Qingyu simply ignored him, a strong power followed along his finger and like a river bursting its banks flooded into the mind of the Greater One Spiritual Master. It directly broke into the sea of knowledge of the Greater One Spiritual Master, forcibly taking his memory.

“No!” The Greater One Spiritual Master roared.

Having one’s memory being forcibly taken and the sea of knowledge being broken through were not something that even a Great Saint expert could bear. The result of the search of memories was not tragic death, but becoming a muddle-headed idiot. He was the Patriarch of a sect, how can he endure such an insult? The faint look of joy hidden in the depths of his eyes vanished like smoke, as he laughed with a face of despair, as though he had made some sort of decision, “Ye Qingyu, so ruthless, you want to take my memory, haha, you’re too naive, I will not let you even if I die...”

But his words came to an abrupt halt, as his face was twisted with extreme shock like he had seen an evil spirit.

He had decided to kill himself, self-destruct his sea of knowledge, and sever Ye Qingyu’s plan, but was shocked to find that it was impossible for him to do so. It should be said that if a martial arts expert wanted to self-destruct their sea of knowledge, even an opponent of several boundaries higher would not be able to stop them, unless it was a Quasi-emperor. However Ye Qingyu was able to. Could it be that he was a Quasi-emperor?

The Greater One Spiritual Master looked like he had seen a ghost, also did not pretend to be in pain anymore.

“Do you think I was really trying to torture you? You can only blame yourself for wanting to survive. When I said I was going to torture you, you were extremely happy inside. As long as you can stall for time, you thought you would have the opportunity to live because soon there will be reinforcements here, right? Haha, so you were howling in pain, but was in fact secretly happy and did not even try to resist.” Ye Qingyu looked at him mockingly, “Do you think my sword intent can only kill?”

“You... you...” The Greater One Spiritual Master finally understood. He was tricked by Ye Qingyu.

The reason he was unable to self-destruct his sea of knowledge lies in the fact that the sword intent had already invaded his body.

He could only lament that he was not only no match for him in strength but also lost to him in shrewdness.

With this, the Greater One Spiritual Master really felt that all hope had turned to dust.

He knew that it was impossible for him to defeat the young man.

In the world, there was nothing more terrifying than this sort of despair.

It would be better to be tortured to death.

But soon, the Greater One Spiritual Master had lost consciousness. His head violently trembled, and then his eyes went white, and was completely without resistance.

In Ye Qingyu's sea of knowledge there were images flashing one after another, like the shadow and light.

These images were the memory of the Greater One Spiritual Master. But at the beginning of a lot of images were not related to what that Ye Qingyu wanted to know, which made Ye Qingyu a little disappointed.

The Immortal God Emperor Sect was wiped out, and Liu Shaji was killed. Ye Qingyu of course will not only stop after killing the Greater One Spiritual Master.

The real murderer was the dark force that supported the Greater One Sect behind the scenes.

When Ye Qingyu saw the [White Lotus Immortal Sword], he had already vowed that, even if he were three feet deep, he would still find the real culprit.

This was why he did everything to take the memory of the Greater One Spiritual Master.

Soon, however, Ye Qingyu’s expression grew serious, because the scenes that flashed next were related to what happened after the Greater One Sect left Clear River Domain. Each and every one of the blurred images was gradually connected. Although the search of memory was not a complete retelling of the past, but by linking these fragments of images, there was still a lot of information, and many things that Ye Qingyu wanted to know.

“What force is this, so mysterious, with these memory images alone, there isn’t much clues...”

Ye Qingyu carefully examined the scenes but was still somewhat puzzled.

Just then, all of a sudden, an image appeared. It was the Greater One Spiritual Master kneeling and kowtowing to an extremely mysterious black figure.

“It’s him.” Ye Qingyu almost screamed out loud. He immediately knew that the black figure was definitely the person he was looking for.

But it was also at this time that the man in black in the memory seemed to have been sensed something, suddenly looked up. His gaze like a solid substance shot out from the memory of the Greater One Spiritual Master, piercing straight into Ye Qingyu’s divine sense like divine light. The gaze contained a terrifying power that seemed like it could see through all things between the heaven and earth.

“Not good”

Ye Qingyu shouted, immediately retracting the finger on the forehead of the Greater One Spiritual Master. He withdrew his divine sense and severed off the connection.


At the same moment, the Greater One Spiritual Master's head burst like a watermelon, turning into a pool of red and white liquid——
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