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Imperial God Emperor 999 - This, is real power

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Chapter 999, This, is real power

“Haha, if it were in the past, then I would be afraid of you, but now... I'm not the same Feng Wuhen I used to be!”

Facing Ye Qingyu's storm-like attack, the Greater One Spiritual Master burst into loud laughter, with a face full of confidence.

He lifted both his hands, drawing a downward arc with the left, and an upward arc with the right, forming a black and white yin and yang pattern. A layer of black and white chaos light barrier enveloped him, full of indescribable mysteriousness as though he had achieved the Dao, fluttering like a celestial being.

“This man is on the verge of entering the Dao. He is looking into the mandate of Heaven?”

A Great Saint exclaimed.

The other experts also had a change of expression.

The Greater One Spiritual Master, who was overflowing with yin and yang energy, had already surpassed the boundary of an ordinary Great Saint. He seemed to have peeked into the true intent of Heaven and earth, and there was vaguely Emperor qi emitting from him. It really was astonishing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The yin and yang chaos shield was rippling under the attack of the Divine Emperor Sword Will.

“Haha, the interlocking of light and darkness is what the laws of the world evolved from. I have only succeeded in this remarkable skill today, but it is still impossible for you to break it.” The Greater One Spiritual Master was overflowing with Immortal qi, standing as motionless as a mountain, a calm expression on his face, and his tone of voice full of confidence.

Ye Qingyu was not startled in the slightest.

“[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]... strike!”

Walking along the ice sword domain, he casually held one of the tens of thousands of Divine Emperor ice swords in the Void, and with a backhand slash, launched out the killing move of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General]. A tremendous physical strength erupted. The Divine Emperor ice sword struck the [Shield of Yin and Yang Chaos Fish], unleashing a brilliance of divine intent. Unexpectedly it began to break apart inch by inch.

The [Shield of Yin and Yang Chaos Fish] rippled and flashed rapidly, but still did not break.

“Haha, still haven't given up yet?” The Greater One Spiritual Master gave a faint smile. “No matter how many times you try...”

Before his voice faded.

Ye Qingyu's figure flashed, turning into two figures.

The two figures were identical, the expression was the same, and were stretching out their hands in the sword domain at the same time, grasping two ice swords among the tens of thousands of Divine Emperor ice swords. As before it was the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike], striking the [Shield of Yin and Yang Chaos Fish] almost at the same time. But at the same moment, the divine brilliance was shattered, collapsing once again.

The Greater One Spiritual Master smiled derisively.

But before he could speak, he saw another two figures of Ye Qingyu emerging again, which then turned into four, eight, sixteen, and then thirty-two... In the blink of an eyes, like clones, there were more than hundreds and thousands of Ye Qingyu across the whole Divine Emperor ice sword domain. Each one was lifelike, repeating the previous action, reaching out into the Void to grab an ice sword, and then administered the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike].

Hundreds and thousands of swords were launched at the [Shield of Yin and Yang Chaos Fish]h at the same time.


Like the sound of broken glass.

While the Greater One Spiritual Master was staring in disbelief like he had eaten a dead mouse, the [Shield of Yin and Yang Chaos Fish] that was claimed to be unbreakable was shattered into fragments, like crushed ice.

“[Storm of Swords]!”

The thousands of figures of Ye Qingyu, like baby swallows returning to a nest at the same time, fused back into one again. With a low roar, he made a move again. Countless rays of Divine Emperor ice sword light were flowing in the sky like silver snakes, before piercing the air like bolts of lightning. The blinding divine light flashed, submerging the Greater One Spiritual Master like a net of slashing swords.

“Ahh...” The Greater One Spiritual Master roared in rage and was about to retaliate.

The chance had already been lost.


The clatter of metal sounded sharply, countless sparks shooting out of the sword domain, like steel wire being pulled apart.

It sounded as if a silver bottle had burst, splashing water everywhere, and armored riders were clanking their swords and spears in a battle!

In that split second, it was unknown how many swords had clashed, nor how much force had collided. It was simply not what the naked eye could capture.

Then the figures moved past one another.

All of a sudden.

There were flowers of blood sprinkling across the sky.

The black hair that fluttered in the wind was stained with blood.

The Greater One Spiritual Master's black robe was covered with holes, like he had been shot by thousands of arrows. Under the black robe he was similarly riddled with sword marks, faint black blood was seeping out of the sword marks, but were instantly frozen by the icy-cold power of the residual sword intent. He looked extremely miserable, as if he was suffering the death of a thousand cuts.

“This... impossible, the true intent of my yin and yang chaos fish, how would it be broken by you, you...”

The Greater One Spiritual Master no longer had the confident look across his face. His voice was strange, and he was intently staring at Ye Qingyu, unable to understand what had just happened. The true intent of the yin and yang chaos fish was the result of his past two days of inadvertent enlightenment, or rather the product of the fusing of his past hundreds of years of cultivation of the Greater One Sect techniques and the dark force in his body. It should be said that the Greater One Spiritual Master was indeed a martial arts genius. The fusing of the power of light and darkness could be said to be unparalleled, and he had already mastered the path of integration. Moreover, he had been refining his new skill along the way from killing powerful enemies. This technique could be called an Emperor Dao technique, unfortunately it was incomplete and was not truly unbreakable.

His right hand was broken at the elbow.

The broken hand was still gripping onto the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] that was inserted into the bone platform hundreds of meters away.

The silver sword was shaking incessantly.

“Because you’re too weak, you may have the true intent, unfortunately in your hands it is just like a child holding a dagger, how can you unleash its true power? It could easily be broken through with absolute strength. What is there for you to be proud of? Is this your hidden card? You're so ignorant that it's pitiful and ridiculous.”

Ye Qingyu was standing right in front of the sword.

The so-called transforming into thousands was seemingly an astonishing remarkable ability, but in fact was just an illusion created with ultimate speed. It was not a real divine technique. In that split second, there were tens of thousands of movements and thousands of swords that it was impossible to keep up with the speed of Ye Qingyu. It was as though he was reborn. But in terms of time, the thousands of swords were brought down at the [Shield of Yin and Yang Chaos Fish] almost at the same time. As Ye Qingyu had said, he did not break the true intent with true intent, rather he broke the true intent with absolute strength, directly destroying the embryonic Emperor technique that the Greater One Spiritual Master had created, as well as the martial arts momentum, imposing manner and confidence that the Greater One Spiritual Master had build up from the thousands of battles.

As for the following confrontation, it was only right that the Greater One Spiritual Master would be completely suppressed. After all, Ye Qingyu's strongest martial arts lay in swordsmanship and close combat. His physical body was known to be invincible, and his reaction and swordsmanship could be said to be god-like. How could the Greater One Spiritual Master compete against Ye Qingyu?

The Greater One Spiritual Master immediately understood when Ye Qingyu said this.

But he did not want to admit it. “No, the yin and yang chaos contains light and darkness, and is an Emperor technique, it should not be broken, I don't accept it...”

Ye Qingyu simply ignored him.

He stretched one finger out, crushing the broken hand which gripped around the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] handle into powder. He held the familiar sword, pulling it out slowly.

“Emperor technique? You've just peeked into a little superficial knowledge. You’re still a hundred thousand kilometers away from real Emperor technique.”

Ye Qingyu's eyes were fixed on the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] in his hand.

Looking at the sword felt as though he was seeing an old friend.

The images of the past all reappeared in his mind.

Unfortunately, the old friend had flown away on the back of a yellow crane, leaving thousands of white clouds drifting in the sky.

Ye Qingyu knew that he would never again see the handsome and graceful Liu Shaji, who had killed three headmasters on the Storm Platform by himself. He knew he would never hear the White Lotus sword song that resounded across Clear River Domain again. For a moment, he couldn't help the sadness from welling up in his throat.

“Hmph, this little bit of superficial knowledge will sooner or later be evolved into real Emperor technique... Ye Qingyu, you forced me, I’ll let you know what my real strength is.”

The Greater One Spiritual Master seemed to have made some kind of decision, triggered a mysterious prohibition in his body, a painful look coming over his face. Following a loud roar, the dark force in his body began to surge wildly. His whole body suddenly grew a layer of black, bizarre scales, while the characteristics of a human were rapidly fading as those of a beast began to emerge. Within moments, he had completely transformed into a three- or four-meter-tall black lizard demon monster.

Black scales were all over his body.

The sword marks on the surface had disappeared in an instant.

“Haha, I originally didn’t want to use this secret technique... haha, in that case, I'll let you die under real power.”

Before his voice faded.

The lizard monster that the Greater One Spiritual Master had transformed into moved with incredible speed, directly pulling out a black illusory thread in the Void, and aimed his claw at the head of Ye Qingyu.

Exceptionally fast!

All of the experts trembled inwardly at the sight...

The speed... was comparable to a top Great Saint expert.

The monster was surging with violent killing intent, as if he had really become an ancient dark beast. His power had multiplied and the speed was comparable to divine light.

Ye Qingyu still wore an indifferent look on his face.

He was still looking down at the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] in his hand. His left hand was slightly clenched, his arms slightly raised, bent at the waist, and then, he thrust his arm forward.


The resounding cry of a dragon shook the heavens and earth.

This punch was seemingly slow, but had actually happened instantaneously.

From the palm up to his arm, Ye Qingyu was similarly covered in beautiful silver crystal-like scales, glittering with a silver white sheen and radiating a sacred and pure aura. The clenched fist had turned into a dragon fist.


There was the sound of a clay statue being broken.

Just as the black monster, which contained tens of millions of pounds of vicious current, was about to insert its claw into Ye Qingyu’s forehead, it had frozen stiff.

“Ao ao ao ao…”

Like the friction noises of two rocks in a ditch, a strange and difficult to understand voice sounded from his throat.

He bowed his head painfully, looking at the fist, which was covered with the silver scales of the Sky Dragon, crushing his heart, with a look of shocked disbelief and despair.

“This is real power?”

Ye Qingyu slowly withdrew his fist from the body of the black monster.

“This, is real power.” Blowing away the black blood that had contaminated the Dragon's fist, he uttered each word loud and clear.

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