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Chapter 998, Enemies meet (2)

The Greater One Spiritual Master came stepping on the bones.

On the pale white steps, his Taoist robe was fluttering, clothes billowing, black hair dancing wildly, exuding the demeanour of a transcendent being.

Before this, the Greater One Sect had only established a reputation in the Clear River Domain, and was not known in the Vast Thousand Domains. Thus, the Greater One Spiritual Master was not really considered as a top expert. Although he had turned the Clear River Domain upside down, in the entire great wide world he was just a nobody. There were not many people that knew about him, and the many experts who were present today also had never seen him before.

“Huh? Another expert of the Human Race?” Saintess Tan Yanzi was a little surprised.

She didn't expect that there were still Human Race experts strong enough to come all the way here.

The Human Race had performed very powerfully at the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. The number of people who were able to reach the demon gate was greatly beyond expectations. Could this indicate the rise of the Human Race? But in any case, it was still a good sign.

“Huh, it's a Human Race Saint expert, but... his aura is a little strange.” Zhang Wudao frowned slightly.

For a moment he was delighted to see that another Human Race Saint expert had come this far, but the next moment he sensed that something was wrong, because the black-robed man was emitting an extremely bizarre aura all over, which was different from the martial arts of the Human Race, instead makes one feel uncomfortable....

Ye Qingyu didn't speak.

His eyes were fixed on the Greater One Spiritual Master, killing intent surging in his heart.

He didn't expect the Patriarch of the Greater One Sect could come all the way here. From his appearance, he seemed to be traveling alone and had passed through the maze, passageways, underworld sky river and the Life and Death Platform by himself. It looked as though his strength had greatly increased, though was not improved through diligent study. At this moment, there was the aura of the Great Saint realm circulating around him. Could it be that the Greater One Spiritual Master had already become a Great Saint realm expert?

This speed of ascension was a bit shocking.

But he came just at the right time.

Although Nan Tieyi was not present, as his brother, Ye Qingyu absolutely could take his place.

The revenge of the destruction of the Immortal God Emperor Sect and the disappearance of the two hundred children of Heaven Wasteland Domain and Bai Yuanxing all fell on the Greater One Spiritual Master.

Thinking of this, Ye Qingyu's eyes grew sharp.

Very quickly, the Greater One Spiritual Master had already reached the bone platform.

The present him, whose strength had soared, was full of will and spirit as he swept his eyes around. His gaze was full of disdain, and his expression was extremely calm with a hint of arrogance. He had finally achieved what he had been thinking all these years, able to stand alongside the top martial arts experts of the Vast Thousand Domains. This was the Greater One Spiritual Master's goal, and now he had achieved it completely.

On the bone platform, all eyes fell on black-robed Taoist.

The Greater One Spiritual Master smiled, releasing the power of the Great Saint realm, making all experts have a change of countenance.

Nobody expected there to be another Great Saint of the Human Race. Adding to this he was an unknown Great Saint expert. Could the potential of the Human Race be this strong? They usually did not show their talents, but at such a critical moment, there were constantly so many Saint experts appearing. This was not a good sign. Even though the average strength of the Human Race was low, but if there were too many top forces, it would be enough to change the fate of the race.

The Greater One Spiritual Master clearly felt the fear of the experts.

He could no longer suppress the excitement in his heart, bursting into loud laughter.

His sword-like eyes eventually fell on Ye Qingyu, walking over slowly, he smiled, “One can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet by a lucky chance one may find the lost thing without even looking. Hahahaha, you didn’t die on the road, good, very good. This shows that your strength didn’t let me down. To tell you the truth, I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Wudao, Tan Yanzi and the others all thought the magnificent black-robed Taoist was Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu’s friend.

“How should I address this Taoist friend?” Zhang Wudao greeted him with a smile.

The Greater One Spiritual Master curved his lips when he heard this, but did not respond, still staring at Ye Qingyu.

He now possessed the cultivation base of the Great Saint realm, his strength had greatly enhanced and he had the support of a mysterious person. Thus he was arrogant and could see nothing worthwhile around him. He no longer needed to show forbearance. The present Greater One Spiritual Master did not need to give face to anyone. The Human Race Saint expert called Zhang Wudao, although possessed unfathomable strength, but since he was not a Quasi-emperor, the Greater One Spiritual Master did not attach importance to him or anyone else.

Not to mention that Zhang Wudao was standing together with Ye Qingyu and seemed to have a close relationship with him. The moment that the Greater One Spiritual Master saw him, he had already classified him as Ye Qingyu's friend and his enemy.

“I wonder where this friend is from? It is indeed a blessing that there is another such powerful person in the Human Race.” Tan Yanzi smiled and greeted the Greater One Spiritual Master.

Although her intuition had already told her that the atmosphere was a bit strange, she simply thought that there was a little conflict between this person and Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu, so she tried to defuse the conflict. After all, the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor had great significance to all races. At such a time, little personal conflicts could be put aside. For people of their status and power, there was nothing that can't be let go completely. The survival of their own race was the most important thing.

“Haha, Ye Qingyu, I didn't think you would have a day like this.” The Greater One Spiritual Master smiled, eyes still fixed on Ye Qingyu, as he said in a mocking tone, “Does the great third deputy envoy of the Human Race hide behind others and don’t dare to come out? Oh, I forgot, hiding behind a woman is what Ye Qingyu does best. Back then you hid behind the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race, hid behind the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, and now you are hiding behind the woman with the surname Tan. It is the same, haha!”

From start to finish, the Greater One Spiritual Master didn't look at anyone else.

He simply paid no attention to Zhang Wudao and Tan Yanzi.

“Hey? Where did this black onion come out from, how could you talk to my brother like that, you...” Fatty Li Shengyan was not someone to be taken lightly. With one glance he knew that the Taoist was not catching up with a friend but here to seek revenge, and immediately erupted with anger.

Ever since [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had come out of the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, the Li family had risen again, and there were not many people that dared to be disrespectful to him.

How could he take this insult?

He had always regarded Ye Qingyu as a brother of him.

But just then, Ye Qingyu patted the fatty on the shoulder, motioning him not to say anything else.

Slowly taking a few steps forward, he gave a cupped fist salute to Zhang Wudao and Tan Yanzi, and said in an apologetic tone, “Seniors, this Taoist and I have a grudge, and enmity with my friend, I will settle this on my own...”

As he was speaking, he turned around, looking at the Greater One Spiritual Master, “One can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet by a lucky chance one may find the lost thing without even looking, this sentence is what I want to give to you. You have come at the right time, the destruction of the Immortal God Emperor Sect is the doing of your Greater One Sect?”

“Yes, and so what?” The Greater One Spiritual Master stood with hands clasped behind his back as he sneered, “Those who go against my Greater One Sect will not end well. Haha, they boast that they are Immortal, but it’s just self-deception. They were all turned to ashes under the fire of the Greater One Sect. I heard that the remaining member of the Immortal God Emperor Sect Nan Tieyi is with you, why do I not see him? Has he died at the barrier of the Reincarnation Hall? Haha what an unlucky person, he should have died long ago.”

Ye Qingyu knew that he was deliberately angering him, nodded and asked, “The Greater One Sect is also just a stray dog and had collapsed long ago. You know very well where you got your strength. Speak, what force has been secretly supporting you?”

The Greater One Spiritual Master sneered coldly, “You are destined to be a dead man, why are you asking so much? Oh, I forgot to tell you, your other close friend Liu Shaji, I have already sent him on his way. Haha, and the little mice you sent to Clear River Domain have also been killed, chopped into minced flesh. Hahahaha, take a look at what this is!”

As he was speaking, he made a grabbing motion in the Void.

There was a flash of silver light.

The [White Lotus Immortal Sword] appeared in his hands.

Ye Qingyu trembled when he heard this, and then when he saw the silver sword in the hands of the Greater One Spiritual Master he felt everything darkened in front of him.

He was incredibly familiar with the [White Lotus Immortal Sword], the sword that Liu Shaji always carried with him everywhere, also the most valuable treasure of the White Lotus Sword Sect. But now it was in the hands of the Greater One Spiritual Master. Everything pointed to disaster for Liu Shaji. Previously, he still had a hint of hope when he couldn’t find Liu Shaji’s corpse in the ruins of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, but now it seems... Ye Qingyu's heart went ice-cold.

That gentle and cultivated man, really was... killed?

The voice, face and smile of his old friend was faintly still in front of him.

Ye Qingyu had firmly believed that Liu Shaji would not die young, and would certainly avert the disaster, but who knew that fate was so cruel.

Brother Liu Shaji!

And Yuanxing, Ling'er, Li Ying and Li Qi ...and the two hundred gifted youngsters of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Take care.

Then I will send your enemy on the road to apologize to you in the yellow springs.

“Oh, angry? Furious? Do you feel how I felt back then on the Storm Platform?” The Greater One Spiritual Master laughed cruelly.

He was waiting for this scene, waiting to see Ye Qingyu in pain and suffering, and die at his feet.


Ye Qingyu snapped, transforming into a stream of flowing light.

Killing intent overflowed the sky.

Suddenly across the entire bone platform there was a chill in the air.

Some experts only felt that their weapons were buzzing and vibrating, seemingly going out of control.

In the sky, there were thousands of sparkling snowflakes appearing out of thin air, whirling about, like snow-white spirits leaping in the sky.

On the bone platform, there were white ice patterns spreading frantically, like vines, like strands of silk, like ice snakes.

In a flash, as the shadow of Ye Qingyu drew nearer to the Greater One Spiritual Master, another change happened. The swirling snowflakes, like ice snakes, suddenly turned into ice swords. The tip of the sword resembled lightning and the force like the shattering of the galaxy, triggering the wrath of the mountains and rivers, setting flames to the sky, and sending the world quaking. Endless violent thunderstorms pelted the Greater One Spiritual Master.

Divine Emperor Sword Will!

Sword domain!

Ye Qingyu acted in fury, using his strongest move.

His eyes were icy cold, the ice sword was chilling, and the murderous force could destroy the heavens and earth.
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