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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 98 One Must Pay for a Murder with Their Life

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Chapter 98 – One Must Pay for a Murder with Their Life

Sun Yufu shot a warning glare at Ye Qingyu and Tang San. With a gaze filled with provocation, he evaluated both of them up and down. Waving his hands. “Eh, there’s really two people here that wants to learn from you guys? There is still people coming to study from such a ragged dojo? Are you two idiots? Quickly scram, if I see you coming here again then I’ll break your legs apart.”

Ye Qingyu did not speak.

He expressionlessly went towards the young injured man that everyone was supporting.

“Sigh, not listening to my advice. It seems that this little thing did not place any importance on my words. Hey, Lu Qiang, go and persuade this little brat who has no eyes…” Seeing that Ye Qingyu completely ignored him, Sun Yufu became angry and gave a sign to the burly man wearing red armour next to him. He placed heavy emphasis on the words ‘persuade’.

Lu Qiang quickly understood his meaning.

The stout man cracked his fingers, his armour clanking and squeaking. With a sinister smile, he walked towards Ye Qingyu, glaring at him with warning from high above. Coldly smiling, “Little kid, you refuse a toast but are forced to drink in the end*, you…”

Ye Qingyu’s hand slapped out.


Accompanied by the crisp and clear slapping sound, the muscular man around one meter and ninety centimeters tall could not even react. He suffered the full force of the strike, half his face swollen up like a pig’s head. Like a kite whose string had been cut, he rotated in midair, landing on the other side of the earthen wall.

There were cold gasps of shock.

The contempt and uncaring expression gradually faded from Sun Yuhu’s face.

“You… who are you?”

He stealthily took a step backwards, retreating until he was amongst his crowd of guards.

Ye Qingyu did not reply to his words but walked in front of the person that was injured. He placed his palm on the young man’s chest, sensing, then his face darkened. The injury he had sustained was extremely malicious. It seemed as if it was only a palm strike on the surface, but in reality a hidden force had been emitted that destroyed the inner organs of this young man. Even if there was Spirit medicine or the like, this young man’s injuries could not be healed. The dead could not be brought back to life.

“Is he a student of [Taoxuan Pavilion]?”

Ye Qingyu stood up, looking at another youth with coarse clothing.

This young man hesitated for a bit.

“This is our young master, he’s not an outsider. Lin Tian, if your young master asks, then just answer.” Tang San quickly introduced Ye Qingyu’s identity. He could faintly feel that Ye Qingyu’s mood was not particularly well. He feared that this [Taoxuan Pavilion] student would incite Ye Qingyu’s anger.

The young person called Lin Tian was slightly taken aback.

He had long heard of the fact that the [Taoxuan Pavilion] had returned to the Ye family. But this new young master was extremely mysterious and had never appeared before them in these past days. The students with the dojo had no idea what the young master looked like with absolutely no impression of him. But for many students, the changes occurring within the dojo could be counted as a fortunate occurrence so they had positive feelings towards this new master.

Seeing him today, who would have guessed that the young master would be a teenager that was fresh and inexperienced.

“So it was the young master.” Lin Tian clasped his hands in greeting, then said, “We are the students of [Taoxuan Pavilion], this is junior brother Wang Ying.” He pointed at the young man who had already been placed onto a stretcher by the other people.

“Haha, I wondered who it was that was so impressive. So it’s the new master of this dojo.” After hearing these words, Sun Yuhu seemed to have thought of something, his expression becoming much more free and relaxed. “Interesting. But do you know, the person you have slapped is a person from the [Capture Barracks] of the north. Haha, you are going to be trouble…”

The colour of everyone’s face changed.

Ye Qingyu did not turn his head to look at Sun Yuhu. Asking Lin Tian again, “Who injured brother Wang Ying?”

Lin Tian hesitated for a moment, then pointed at another scarlet-red-armoured man next to Sun Yuhu.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. “I know. Quickly go find a doctor, and use the best medicine… Don’t be afraid to spend money. Every expense will be paid by me.”

Lin Tian instantly became overjoyed. “Thank you, young maser.”

The students of the [Taoxuan Pavilion] were not really formal disciples. Only when they were free would they come to the dojo to train their bodies and practice martial arts, learning some techniques to defend against thieves and other small problems. The aim of their study was only to not be bullied by others, so strictly speaking, they were not the true students of [Taoxuan Pavilion]. According to the rules of the big dojos of the Northern district, these so called students had to pay for nearly every expense. Even if they were injured in a spar, they had to pay for the injuries themselves.

For a young man that originated from the poor, if he was injured in a spar and wanted to recover, the expenditure was absolutely shocking. Good medicine for treating injuries was expensive. It was enough to plunge his entire family in a dire situation.

Who would have thought the new master would be so generous?

Originally, Lin Tian and tens of other part-time students had already devised a plan to raise money for Wang Ying’s injuries. They did not think that the new master would appear and promise to bear the expenses of the injuries. It seemed like the character of this new master was not too bad.

Ye Qingyu gradually turned around, his gaze regarding Sun Yuhu and the others.

He beckoned at the scarlet-red-armoured muscular man Lin Tian had just pointed out.

The burly man laughed slightly, then walked step by step towards him. He stood in front of Ye Qingyu, blowing a breath of hot air right into Ye Qingyu’s face and then spat a goblet of saliva next to Ye Qingyu’s leg. Contemptuously, he coldly said, “What is it? Little brat, you want to take revenge for the poor little ants? Haha, you really don’t know how high the heavens is or how deep the earth goes. I am of the [Capture Barracks], if you dare to even harm me in the slightest, you…”

Before he had finished.

Ye Qingyu struck out again.

In the time of a spark, he unsheathed the sword that the burly man wore at his waist. A cold light flickered. Before the others could even react, the sword flickered with a swish in Ye Qingyu’s hand, as if it had come alive. In a split second, it revolved around the head of the muscular man, then once again returned to Ye Qingyu’s hand.

“A good sword!”

Ye Qingyu flicked the body of the blade, and the hum of the sword resounded throughout.

The cutting edge of the blade trembled.

At first, everyone was confused. They could only see Ye Qingyu once again placing back the sword into the muscular man’s waist.


A streak of blood red spurted out from the neck of the burly man.

This jet of blood instantly made the hearts of many people sink down to the valley floor.

The muscular man fearfully touched his neck, sensing the icy hand of the Death God that was choking his neck. Drop by drop, it was rending his life force away from him. His identity as a soldier of the [Capture Barracks] made him proud and was the reason for his arrogance. But even this could not cause life to return to his body.

Fear and regret completely overwhelmed him like the tide rushing in.

He looked towards the silhouette of the calm and collected youth, his vision gradually blurring.

“One must pay for murder with their own life. A debt that they owe, they must pay back. No matter what the time or era, these two phrases will forever be the theme of this world,” Ye Qingyu stood calmly within the courtyard, enunciating each word clearly. “It was originally a spar, to be stopped at first touch. But you chose to kill someone because you feel you are the stronger person. You chose to act without thinking of the consequences. But you forget, according to your logic, that people who are stronger than you, can also kill you…”

Silence fell around the ground.

The body of the burly man fell.

He had destroyed the meridians of Wang Ying. Under Ye Qingyu’s observation, he knew that Wang Ying could not live for much longer. He must pay the price for his murder with his own life.

“Crazy, you’ve gone crazy, you’ve absolutely gone crazy…” After being dumbfounded for a period of time, Sun Yuhu, like an alarmed chicken, began sharply screeching.

“Criminal. Everyone rush together, kill him.”

“Trash, to dare kill someone of the [Capture Barracks], you’re looking to die!”

The leftover soldiers wearing the scarlet red armour of the [Capture Barracks] acted. After a slight hesitation, their first reaction was not fear but rage that rushed into their temples. They took out the swords at their waist and surrounded Ye Qingyu. The cold light of the swords glimmered, like the floating snow in the sky. A chilling atmosphere prevailing throughout, they attacked.

“Although you did not kill anyone yet, but you have assisted him in his oppression.”

Ye Qingyu did not move from where he stood. He extended two fingers, inner yuan activating, clamping onto the incoming sword blade. Activating his inner yuan, the skin between the soldier’s thumb and finger ripped apart. Screaming for Ye Qingyu to let go, the soldier was sent flying backwards.

Holding this sword in his hand, Ye Qingyu aimlessly swiped it about.

Without any technique or method.

The shadows of the sword were disordered.

But it was extremely fast.


The surrounding soldiers of the [Capture Barracks] could only feel an impact on the chest. Then, their mouth opened and jets of blood flew out. The impact sent them flying backwards, falling to the floor. They struggled to get up, but their body was completely powerless. They could not even crawl back up to a standing position.

Sun Yuhu’s face tragically changed. Not even emitting a single sound, he turned and ran towards the exit.

Ye Qingyu only gave him a glance, but did not stop him.

Tang San wanted to say something. His lips parted, but he ultimately did not say anything.

“Open the doors wide. I’ll wait here and see just what kind of reinforcement that effeminate man can find.” Ye Qingyu sat with his feet wide apart, on the steps of the practice stage of the [Taoxuan Pavilion]. He said to Tang San, “I suddenly want to drink some alcohol, go send someone to buy some.”

Tang San hurriedly directed someone to purchase alcohol.

“Where are the teachers of the dojo?”

“The original teachers were Nie Yan’s people. When Nie Yan left, he brought these people away with him.” Tang San came over, “There is only Master Zhou who stayed, and it was him who taught these students in these past days. I’ve already asked Lin Tian. Master Zhou brought Little Grass to purchase training equipment and he still hasn’t returned.”

As he said these, there were several part-time students that came stumbling over with pale faces. They stuttered, saying that they had some matters in their families that they needed to be taken care of and that they needed to return.

“You… are you guys afraid?” Lin Tian said, his face red. He pointed his finger at them in blame.

Ye Qingyu waved his hand. “Those who wants to go can go. This will prevent the matters of today affecting you. I can understand the thinking of everyone. I won’t blame you.”

“Young master, we are not afraid to die. Our life is cheap and is not worth much. But the way Sun Yufu does things is poisonous and malicious, we really are afraid that he’ll drag our family into this. My child has just reached one full month, and my mother is lying sick in her bed, I…” a young man spoke with an ashamed appearance.

Everyone lowered their heads.

Ye Qingyu smiled, his attitude extremely amiable. “I really don’t blame anyone. From today onwards, if [Taoxuan Pavilion] does not fall, then we welcome everyone to come back… just go.”

Tens of so called students left, the majority having departed.

Finally, there were only Lin Tian and two other youths around the ages of eighteen or nineteen. Evidently they were nervous, conflict in their eyes, but ultimately they forced themselves to stand behind Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu still did not say anything.

A short time later, alcohol had arrived.

The snowflakes drifting from the sky had become greater and greater, more and more concentrated. Cold glimmers completely covered the sky, like the drifting petals from a thousand trees.

The sound of footsteps came.

A white-haired old man and a little girl. They came in from the entrance.

The old man had silver hair, but a rosy light in his cheeks, evidently still possessing superb vitality. He was gasping for breath, holding onto his walking stick and white mist came from his silver white head. Evidently, he had run too fast, causing him to overheat. The little girl was as if she was carved from jade, like a fairy on the snowy ground. Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead, and she carried a medicine box around the same size as her. She was also breathing roughly.

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