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Chapter 988 – Why Is This So

Remaining silent, Ye Qingyu paid no attention to the Thousand Illusion Elder.

“Dammit, a dog acting all haughty just because he has a powerful backer… Son of a bitch.” Instead, it was Hu Bugui who could not help cursing in disdain.

The next moment, he was bitten on his heels b the silly dog Little Nine.

“I’ve put up with you long enough,” Little Nine uttered a low growl. It had been abused by Hu Bugui to the point that it could not talk back when it mistakenly ate the Deathlike Pill, and now finally found an opportunity to get even. “Explain to me, what’s wrong with dogs and bitches?”

The latter screamed in agony at once.

The people who witnessed this were rendered speechless.

In a twinkling, six people including Orchid Saintess had boarded the Netherworld Ferry.

“Four Stars holy girl, you’re too much.” A foreign race expert could not help speaking up. “It’s your own fault that you came late, and while it may be acceptable if you had taken just a spot for yourself, you instead had to help this useless bunch to get onboard as well. Is it because you have no regard for other races?”

“That’s right, it’s a bit too much.”

“We came first and have been waiting for two hours already. Don’t overdo things, Four Stars holy girl.”

“Why not we have a fight to the death, I’m not afraid.”

“Everyone, get onboard and let our swords do the talking.”

As they saw the number of seats on the Netherworld Ferryboat decreasing, the experts of various races who had been bitterly waiting on the black beach became desperate and riled. A small number of figures among the crowd moreso fanned the flames and worked up the crowd’s anger. Many figures swiftly drew near to the Netherworld Ferryboat and unsheathed their weapons, with their yuan qi surging and their demonic qi agitated. It appeared that a fierce battle was set to break out.

On the boat.

The Thousand Illusion Elder and the others trembled in fear.

If a fight really transpired, they would definitely be the first bunch of cannon fodder.

However, the Four Stars holy girl remained perfectly calm.

Her white robes were most striking against the black boat and black river, bringing to mind a lotus among a corrupted world. She seemed to be undisturbed by the scorching atmosphere as she gently combed her hair with her fingers before turning her back toward the crowd, paying absolutely no regard to the various races on shore. Her eyes indifferently gazed toward the distance of the Heavenly River, completely ignoring what was behind her, as if she wanted nothing but to take a good look at the scenery.

Instead, the Third Prince of the Mizar Race, who had been standing beside her like a shadow all this time, took a step forward.

He casually flicked his hand.


An invisible burst of qi flashed in the Void and swiftly drew a finger-wide mark on the black beach.

“Anyone who crosses this line shall die.”

A frosty and indifferent voice was clearly uttered from Yin Kaishan’s mouth.

Smacking of a war god who had descended from the sun to this world and resembling an insurmountable golden mountain, this golden-armored and golden-halberd-bearing burly man stood on the Netherworld Ferryboat with his messy hair fluttering. The fine line he had casually drawn on the beach beneath the ferry was akin to a line of divine punishment, obstructing all of the foreign race experts. Like a bonfire which had been doused by a pail of icy water, the originally-riled scene became quiet and cold.

The Third Prince of the Mizar Race’s War God title had awed the Vast Thousand Domains.

He was the biggest martial maniac among the younger generation of Heaven’s pridelings and was born to become a war general, possessing not only extraordinary strength but also the purest ancient bloodline of the Mizar Race. He was said to be a descendant of the Sun God, and had used his golden halberd to kill a half step Great Saint just three months ago. After hearing the tough words of such a character and reflecting that they themselves had not attained Great Saint realm cultivation, the experts hurriedly retreated.

Among the Vast Thousand Domains, almost everyone knew that while Yin Kaishan was a man of few words, every word of his carried huge weight, and he always walked the talk. Everyone also knew that he was madly infatuated with the Four Stars holy girl and would not hesitate at all to slay deities and demons as long as it was for her sake.

In short, this burly man was a martial maniac and someone who would give everything for the woman of his heart.

Even a Great Saint would probably frown at the prospect of fighting against such a maniac.

The experts who had been enraged like never before began to calm down and hurriedly retreated.

After all, the Netherworld Ferry would not be gone forever and would eventually return, and so it was just a matter of being delayed by some time. Besides, crossing the river a little later did not necessarily mean that they would therefore miss out on an extraordinary opportunity. Hence, there was no need to provoke this martial maniac over this matter, not to mention that the Mizar Race was a large race among contemporary times, which meant that provoking him would be even more costly.

The crowd thus stepped back.

Only one person walked forth.

It was the mysterious person, in a black cloak and hood, who had been hiding among the crowd all this time.

Step after step, he walked out of the crowd and toward the fine line on the black beach.

For a moment, countless pairs of eyes fell upon him.

Is he not afraid of death?

Many experts were surprised.

However, just as everyone was looking attentively at him, he raised his legs and stepped across the fine line before his figure flashed and reappeared on the Netherworld Ferryboat. Although this process was not the fastest, Yin Kaishan did not take any action to obstruct him or say a single word, and instead simply stood where he was and offered no response up until the mysterious person had boarded the ferry.

What’s going on?

Several experts were bewildered.

“Didn’t he say that anyone who crosses the line will die?”

“How did he get across?”

“Is… this a joke?”

Many experts could not help questioning loudly.

The Third Prince of the Mizar Race said plainly, “He’s a human, and, on top of that, is qualified enough in terms of strength to board the ferry.”

Many experts on the black beach were dumbfounded.

It was at this time that they suddenly remembered what the Four Stars holy girl said when she first boarded the ferry – that she had taken up this ferry trip on behalf of the Human Race. Therefore, when the Third Prince of the Mizar Race said that “anyone who crosses this line shall die”, he was referring to non-human transgressors. Conversely, human Saint experts who were strong enough were allowed to cross the line and board the ferry.


A few foreign race experts suddenly became a little envious of the Human Race.

Not too long ago, the Human Race had been at an absolute disadvantage on this beach and was getting squeezed and bullied, such that even the human Saint experts dared not speak up despite their anger. Unexpectedly, the winds had changed in a twinkling, and the Human Race had gained the advantage by this time. Instead, it was those who had looked down on the Human Race who now lowered their heads and were afraid to say a word.

On the boat, the Thousand Illusion Elder and the other three human martial experts felt excited and grateful at once.

“We’ve long heard about Your Highness’ kind heart. Your steadfast protection of the Human Race is truly and timelessly glorious.” The Thousand Illusion Elder cupped his hands and saluted toward the Four Stars holy girl’s back. “Your Highness’ kindness is many times greater than that of those opportunistic bastards who have taken up deputy positions yet only know how to flaunt their prestige and status. This is how a true human Heaven’s prideling should behave.”

“Spot on.”

“I wonder if certain people would feel ashamed.”

Two of the other human Saint experts chimed in.

The “certain people” they spoke of was naturally referring to Ye Qingyu, the third deputy of the Human Race.

Everyone knew about the matter which took place on Taowu Mountain Ridge in the Black Demon Abyss a while back, in which the Four Stars holy girl framed Ye Qingyu while he angrily branded her a rat which had deceived the world to gain fame. Since then, there had been a grudge, which could possibly even be described as an enmity, between these two young human Heaven’s pridelings. Hence, having taken up the protection offered by the Four Stars holy girl, the Thousand Illusion Elder and the others were absolutely not afraid of offending Ye Qingyu, and they thus spoke loud enough for everyone nearby to hear them, albeit not to the extent of shouting.

It was clear that they were deliberately trying to sully Ye Qingyu's name.

A disgust involuntarily arose in Orchid Saintess’ heart as she watched this going on. She used to believe that the Thousand Illusion Elder had a decent character and disposition, yet he had unexpectedly become so low-minded on this day. Being a dignified Saint expert and an elderly senior, it did not seem quite like him to say these kinds of things on such an occasion in order to curry favor with the Four Star holy girl. Although Ye Qingyu had slighted the party a while ago, they had brought it upon themselves after all.

However, because of her dependence on them, she could not say much and moreso could not afford to offend the Four Stars holy girl by retorting the Thousand Illusion Elder and the others All she could do was to keep a straight face as she stood by the side while inwardly resolving to make a clean break with the Thousand Illusion Elder and the others if she successfully got out alive from this expedition.

For a time, many pairs of eyes fell upon Ye Qingyu.

The foreign race experts were certainly happy to watch a drama play out among the Human Race.

They had long heard rumors about the discord between these two human Heaven’s pridelings, and now that they had personally seen that this was indeed a thing, they were hoping that the two would fight.

On the black beach.

Hu Bugui’s countenance changed then and there.

He was about to say something...

However, Ye Qingyu waved his hands gently and laughed before saying composedly, “What a bunch of clowns and evil spirits that ain’t worth mentioning… Big brother Hu Bugui, let’s get on the boat.” With that, he walked toward to the Netherworld Ferryboat, intent on boarding it.

This caused everyone’s heart to flutter.

The foreign race experts within a hundred meters hurriedly backed off as fast as they could.

They were afraid that, by being too near, they would be harmed should the two maniacs that were Ye Qingyu and Yin Kaishan come to blows.

Meanwhile, Hu Bugui summoned the emperor qi tile while allowing the silly dog to bite onto his right heel like a koala bear following closely behind him. At this time, he absolutely could not afford to hinder the momentum of Ye Qingyu no matter what. Having been in life-and-death situations before, a fight was no big deal to him.

However, what surprised everyone was that the battle which they had thought was inevitable did not break out.

Ye Qingyu gently stepped across the fine line which Yin Kaishan had drawn and swiftly boarded the ferry, while behind him, Hu Bugui soon did the same. Throughout this process, the Third Prince of the Mizar Race offered no form of obstruction and response, allowing the duo to easily get onboard.


What’s going on?

Without mentioning the bewilderment of the experts from various large races, even the Thousand Illusion Elder and the others on the Netherworld Ferryboat were stunned.

This isn’t right. How is it possible that the Four Stars holy girl would tolerate her enemy, Ye Qingyu, boarding the ferry? And why is Yin Kaishan not angry at the man who had once insulted the girl he’s crazy over, unlike what the rumors say? Could it be that those rumors are false and there’s actually no feud between these two Heaven’s pridelings? Or is it that the holy girl has no choice but to submit to Ye Qingyu now that he’s the third deputy of the Human Race?

The Thousand Illusion Elder, who had been feeling triumphant just a moment ago, instantly became disturbed and fearful.

He realized that he might have made a huge mistake.
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