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Chapter t

Over the past half a year and more, the name Ye Qingyu had gained immense prestige and resounded throughout the Road of Chaos.

As the political and economic center of the Vast Thousand Domains, the Chaotic Ruins Domain was naturally the focus of various large domains’ attention. Any matter, big or small, which occurred along the Road of Chaos would spread to every domain at the fastest speed possible. Hence, for a period of time, the name Ye Qingyu had also spread frantically throughout the domains of all sizes among the Vast Thousand Domains. No matter whether the powers-that-be in each domain were astonished, disdainful, unconvinced, or otherwise, it could not be denied that the name [Ice Sword Killing God] had become significantly well-known. This was why it was inevitable that a few fast-thinking experts among those on the black beach would figure out Ye Qingyu's true identity.

As whispered discussions took place among the crowd, some of those who still did not recognize him, including a few old creatures who had not had any news sources for a long time, began to understand the origin of this young human.

For a time, there was awe in many of the eyes looking at Ye Qingyu.

If, before seeing the [Ice Sword Killing God] in person, many experts were unconvinced by his impressive battle achievements and privately believed it all to be groundless tales because a tiny and newborn domain could not have produced such an amazing talent, then all these suspicions disappeared in a flash at this time.

To instantly kill a pinnacle Saint and still have energy to spare – what could such a cultivation be if not gifted?

The three incredible and soul-capturing sword strokes from earlier had proven everything.

Deep in regret, the expression on the Thousand Illusion Elder’s face changed continually. Had he known about this person’s origin, he would have stepped forward without hesitation. At least, by posturing, he could have established friendly terms with this Human Race upstart. Given the manifold dangers lurking in the Reincarnation Hall, he could probably have obtained protection from this person, but now… His heart was a mix of regret, embarrassment, and anger.

“Hmph, I’d thought that the third deputy of the Human Race would be someone incredible. To think that he would instead be so small-minded, intolerant, ruthless, and combative. This is truly disappointing,” he said in resentment.

“That’s right. We aren’t even relying on him and were merely greeting him to show our friendliness toward our own race. To think that he would pull a long face instead.”

“As they say, it’s hard for a youth to not feel big-headed when he has achieved some success.”

“Judging from his behavior, he must be the kind that offends people frequently. He probably won’t live too long.”

Several other Human Race experts were also regretful and angry.

They were outraged by Ye Qingyu's apathy and disdain toward them.

As she observed the reactions of these people, the sharp-minded Orchid Saintess could not help sighing inwardly.

By this time, she was somewhat regretful of teaming up with these people whose behaviors had been deplorable. At the beginning, they were not interested in saving a fellow human from a predicament and had no feelings for their own kind. And now, they instead cottoned up to him after seeing how powerful he was, yet started to vilify him using poisonous words after they were rejected. This sort of moral quality was simply too terrible.

However, when she remembered the dangers in the Reincarnation Hall and the consequences if she was unable to obtain that thing, she decided to speak no more and stick with this bunch of human experts. After all, as fellow humans, they were a little more trustworthy than foreign race experts.

She could not help feeling somewhat envious as she looked at the white-robed youth by the riverside.

Ye Qingyu finally understood why so many experts were standing by the Heavenly River instead of flying across it.

This was because the water of the Heavenly River could drown even a Great Saint.

Although the mirror-like surface looked calm, there were dark currents surging beneath and a strange power of laws pervading the air above, thereby rendering flight unviable. Before Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui had arrived here, it was said that several hundred martial experts, including four Great Saints, had fallen into the black water of the Heavenly River while attempting to cross it via flight, instantly turning into white bones and sinking to the bottom of the river.

When Ye Qingyu tossed a top-grade spiritual equipment made of divine material into the river shoal, it turned into a puff of green smoke and disappeared as soon as it was submerged by the water.

“The water of the Heavenly River is said to be taken from the River of Hell by the Chaos Demon Emperor. It’s difficult for deities and demons alike to cross it, for the only way is to take the Netherworld Ferryboat, which is precisely what these people standing by the shore are waiting for. Little Ye Qingyu, be patient and observe quietly for a while.” The million-year-old soul transmitted.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

The shore by the Heavenly River fell into silence once more.

Half an hour passed in a twinkling.

More experts from various races successively arrived from the exits of the several hundred stone-walled tunnels, which together resembled a honeycomb on the stone walls, in the distance. This triggered a small stir as cases of robbery occurred once more, resulting in deaths and injuries.

The expressions of the experts on the black beach suddenly became animated.

Drifting wobblingly, a small boat was arriving from the far end of the Heavenly River. It was dark-red in color and seemed to be made from ten-thousand-year-old rotten wood, such was how terribly mottled it was. It looked like an old fishing boat which had been in operation for fifty to sixty years and would sink as soon as it was assailed by the slightest of storms. An emaciated figure was standing at the back of the boat, with both hands holding on to a black bamboo pole which he continually swept below the water surface to row the boat forward at an extremely slow speed.

The Netherworld Ferryboat.

It had finally arrived.

“It’s our, [Haze Valley’s], turn to cross the river. We’ve been waiting for more than eight hours.” A group of strange-looking experts, who each had four ears and one eye, began to clamor. They were indeed the group who arrived at the riverside the earliest.

However, this proposal was not accepted by many other groups of experts.

“Heh heh, what a joke. Who cares about who came first at this time? Whoever's fist is bigger gets to go on the boat, while the weak shall move aside.”

“Zeze, the Netherworld Ferryboat can only accommodate ten at a time. I’m taking one spot for sure.”

“We, [Void Mountain], will be taking three spots.”

As the Netherworld Ferryboat gradually drew near, the situation and atmosphere by the riverside intensified, with swords and halberds being unsheathed and crossbows being drawn.

Ye Qingyu remained unmoved.

His eyes remained fixed upon the gradually-nearing Netherworld Ferryboat.

“Huh? That boatman seems a bit weird.” Hu Bugui could not help voicing out.

“It’s a headless scarecrow.” Ye Qingyu had long discerned.

The boatman standing on the Netherworld Ferryboat was not a living person but a simply-made scarecrow. It was draped in a straw rain cape and was covered by a bamboo hat atop its headless body, resembling an evil spirit. Its actions were even slower and more sluggish than those of the lowest-grade puppet. It hence paddled the boat at an extremely slow rate, and that was why the boat was moving so slowly.

“A scarecrow? Why, really? Is it a living or a dead thing?” As the boat continually drew near, Hu Bugui was soon able to see it clearly and became astounded.

The silly dog rolled its eyes wildly. “Hmm, it doesn’t look tasty… I have completely no appetite now.”

Ye Qingyu instructed without saying anything else, “Prepare to get on the boat.”

This was indeed not the time for good manners and being particular about first come, first served. Strength would do the talking, and whoever's fist was bigger would get to go on the boat.

Just then, a commotion was heard from the back, followed by low cries from among the crowd.

Ye Qingyu subconsciously turned his head back to look.

Two figures, one male and one female, walked out from a tunnel exit. Both of them were extremely young and elegant, with the male possessing a dignified bearing and immense qi, while the female was as pure as snow and as otherworldly as a fairy. They attracted the gazes of countless people as soon as they appeared, both emitting a powerful aura which could not be any more compelling.

“It’s the Four Stars holy girl and the Third Prince of the Mizar Race.”

Ye Qingyu felt a jolt in his heart.

He had never imagined that this duo would arrive even later than himself.

He figured that they had probably been held up for some time in the labyrinth, and had most likely obtained considerable gains along the way.

“My pleasure to meet you, Your Highnesses.”

The Thousand Illusion Elder promptly went forth and saluted.

The duo were long-renowned young Heaven’s pridelings whose backgrounds were extensive and deep. Hence, there were even more people who recognized this duo than those who recognized Ye Qingyu, while the Thousand Illusion Elder’s party behaved a lot warmer than when they greeted Ye Qingyu, to the extent that they were nearly grovelling as they greeted.

“Hello, Thousand Illusion Elder and seniors.” The Four Stars holy girl greeted back laughingly.

Yin Kaishan, the third prince, also nodded faintly.

Orchid Saintess also went up to greet them.

“We meet again, Elder Sister Orchid.” The Four Stars holy girl greeted in a more intimate tone than before, revealing that she was acquainted with Orchid Saintess.

“Your Highness, your usual elegance is so enviable.” The latter remarked with a smile.

“Since we’re all from the Human Race, we may as well travel together. This way, we can protect each other.” The holy girl suggested.

The Thousand Illusion Elder and the others were overjoyed.

“That’s more than we can wish for. Your Highness’ kindness is admirable. By comparison, those who’ve gained undeserved reputation yet behave arrogantly and viciously have little persuasive power despite become deputies,” the Thousand Illusion Elder mocked indirectly.

Although Orchid Saintess knew who he was referring to, this was not the time for rebuttal.

The Four Stars holy girl smiled faintly and did not say anything further.

Under her and the Third Prince of the Mizar Race’s lead, the Thousand Illusion Elder’s party soon arrived by the riverside. The experts of other races, who also recognized the duo and knew that they were no kind beings, dared not provoke them and hurriedly moved aside to prevent themselves from getting into a conflict with these two young Heaven’s pridelings. As the Four Stars holy girl was a Human Race Heaven’s prideling and the Mizar Race was closely similar to and on friendly terms with the Human Race, this joint force could therefore be considered a human camp.

Soon, the Netherworld Ferryboat came alongside.

“Attention everyone, the ferry this time shall be taken by the Four Stars Sect on behalf of the Human Race. Please wait for the next ferry in order to avoid unpleasantness.” The Four Stars holy girl spoke up as she turned toward the crowd on the shore and cupped her hands gently. Although she looked polite, her tone was chilly and her words contained an unmistakable will.

With that, she vanished effortlessly and reappeared on the Netherworld Ferryboat the next moment.

Also onboard was the Third Prince of the Mizar Race.

He was like the holy girl’s shadow in the way he followed her so closely.

“Sister Orchid and Thousand Illusion Elder, please.” Smiling faintly, the holy girl stood on the boat and made an inviting gesture.

“This...” So excited that his body trembled all over, the Thousand Illusion Elder expressed his thanks profusely. “Thank you so much, Your Highness.”

With that, he hurriedly boarded the ferry.

When passing by Ye Qingyu, he even smiled deliberately and looked the latter in the eye provocatively.

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