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Imperial God Emperor 977 - Tusita Palace

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Time flew by.

As news spread, countless people swarmed to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

However, as the Reincarnation Hall descended, the chaotic and demonic aura for tens of thousands of kilometers around the Divine Emperor Peak became very thick. At this time in particular, it was so thick that it seemed to have turned solid. Ordinary experts could absolutely not withstand such a demonic cruel qi. If they tried to draw near to the Divine Emperor Peak, they would lose their minds and become massacrous monsters, eventually dying from exhaustion. Only those who were at least Saints could withstand the effects of this demonic cruel qi and arrive in front of Divine Emperor Peak.

At this time, although the scene was not as crazy as it initially was, streaks of flowing light continued to cut across the heavens, and thus arrived an endless stream of Saint realm experts from various large domains to scramble for opportunities.

Like a gigantic magnet, the Reincarnation Hall continually attracted martial experts from all over the Vast Thousand Domains to enter it.

About an hour later.

A tiny ball of light appeared before the main gate of the Reincarnation Hall.

A white-robed figure walked out from the light. His eyes were wrapped in bright red cloth and his body had several scars from which fresh blood oozed and dyed his robes red. It was clear that his injuries were not insignificant. With every step leaving a blood-red footprint, he gradually walked up to the main gate.

It was none other than Bai Yuanxing.

“Soldiers from the Greater One Sect are everywhere and have foiled my attempts to escape. These scumbags will kill anyone moving toward the outer periphery, regardless of race. What should I do?” He frowned tightly as he looked at the black gravel pavement and black city walls ahead, thinking to himself, “Is entering the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor really the only way to escape?”

He was caught in a tough dilemma.

The fate of more than two hundred children rested on his shoulders.

He had tried several times but was unfortunately unable to get out of the encirclement of the Greater One Sect. He could tell that this was not because they knew about his identity but because any being which attempted to move away from the Reincarnation Hall would be pursued and killed.

The actions of the Greater One Sect were apparently very odd.

“Forget it, there’s no other choice. The only route of survival lies in the Reincarnation Hall.”

He slowly made up his mind.

This was because he had strangely discovered that this black palace complex was inconspicuously emitting an extreme intimate aura, as if something from within was calling for him. Moreover, there was something which he was terribly puzzled by – that being why the demonic cruel qi of this world seemed to have no effect on him and did not affect his mind.

He had personally seen a half Saint realm expert die from going berserk.

His own strength was way inferior to that of a half Saint, yet he was not affected.

“Everything shall be up to fate.”

Eventually, he quickened his footsteps and entered the Reincarnation Hall.



After walking for half an hour along a dark tunnel and passing by several forks along the way, another large and magnificent palace appeared in front of Ye Qingyu and the others.


With a hint of curiosity flashing across his eyes, Ye Qingyu was first to walk up to it.

The palace was approximately a hundred meters tall and took up several hundred square kilometers of land. Although it was also composed of black rock walls around the doorframe and its lines were primitive and coarse, yin-yang bagua relief sculptures were carved on its left and right sides. For the bagua on the left, the yin extremity was above the yang extremity, while the bagua on the right was the opposite, as if the two baguas were counterposing each other. These baguas were not only carved very meticulously and exquisitely, but also contained a Great Dao aura which was the first of its kind and was extremely mysterious and ancient.

The palace door, which was nearly a hundred meters tall, was made using a dark gray material that was similar to lapis. A faint black mist circulated and surged within like a living thing.

“This palace is kinda strange… it’s shaped like a bagua, contains Great Dao, and is much more powerful-looking than the [Seven Elements Relief Palace] of earlier.”

Ye Qingyu seemed in deep thought.

The million-year-old soul had provided the directions along the way, as though it specially wanted to come here.

To one side, Hu Bugui remained highly remorseful and out of sorts. He raised his head to look at the palace door and shook his head, hoping to drive away the negative thoughts in his mind. He then said while scratching his head, “Brother, what’s this palace called? Do you recognize the characters on the plaque?”

A plaque was hung above the palace door.

Three fiendgod characters which were primitive and bold, as if they had been chiseled using divine swords and giant hammers, were carved on it.

“[Tusita Palace].”

Ye Qingyu read out the characters after carefully identifying them.

Slightly stunned with astonishment and hesitation, Hu Bugui remarked, “What? Tu… sita Palace? This name… is a little familiar.”

A beam of lightning flashed across Ye Qingyu’s mind. Hu Bugui’s remark had caused him to also feel that the name was familiar.

“I’ve seen it in an ancient book that recorded strange things about the fiendgods. According to hearsay, during the Fiendgod Age, there was a Celestial Race sect master whose accomplishments in refining pills were near-divine. He’s called the [Highest Emperor] and is considered the number one pill master of all time. It is said that his pill-refining palace is called [Tusita Palace].” Ye Qingyu carefully recounted all of the records that flashed in his mind.

Hu Bugui suddenly nodded his head with utmost excitement. “That’s right, it’s that Pill Dao number one god. I’ve also seen his name in an ancient tomb… It’s said that his strength did not attain the Quasi-emperor realm, but by using pills he refined himself, he was able to exert battle strength comparable to that of a Martial Emperor. He refined countless types of pills during his lifetime, and his pill refining technique was near-divine. Among the myriad domains, there were a few sects which obtained a word from his pill refining technique thanks to an opportunity, and, just by using pills they refined based on that single word, they rapidly rose up and became dominant among the myriad domains.”

This chief bandit was probably too well-informed of hearsay for his own good.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

In an ancient tomb again… this chief bandit must’ve spent all his days digging up graves.

But on second thought, he figured that what Hu Bugui said was true.

In that case, this [Highest Emperor] was frightening indeed. Just a single word of his could help a force to rise up – this level of accomplishment was truly heaven-defying.

“However, according to the records of the ancient books, the Celestial Race was wiped out because of an issue several million years ago. This sect master disappeared and was rumored to have died fighting… while his [Tusita Palace] also vanished among the Vast Thousand Domains. Could the palace we’re looking at be his ruins?” Ye Qingyu could not help having some inner suspicions.

Brimming with excitement, Hu Bugui had already shaken off the negative emotions of before. He pointed at the palace door and said, “Go go go, let’s hurry in and take a look. There might indeed be treasures belonging to that Celestial Race master! We would’ve hit the jackpot if there’re one or two divine pills in there. Ahahaha!”

“Treasures? What treasures, where?!” Little Nine, who had been lying on Ye Qingyu’s shoulders and pretending to have dozed off, immediately raised its ears upon hearing the word “treasure”, while its black briquette-like eyes gave off a gleaming radiance.

When Hu Bugui gave a gentle push on the unlocked door, a gap opened.

Like the palaces that came before, [Tusita Palace] was also completely dim and profound.

It could not be any quieter.

“Wow, so many ovens!” The silly dog exclaimed as soon as it entered the palace.


Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui were momentarily taken aback, but soon, they were completely dumbstruck.

These are clearly pill furnaces and not ovens.

In front of them were hundreds of stone-made pill furnaces of different models and sizes!

They were all made using a kind of black stone which was similar to but not jade, sparkling and glossy like no other. At one glance, it could be seen that hundreds of them were densely arranged throughout the entire palace.

The biggest one among them was more than thirty meters tall and required twenty to thirty people joining hands to encircle, while the smallest one was half a meter tall in a slender gourd shape and required only one human arm to wrap around. The model of each furnace was also different from one another, with some round and capped, some squarish, others hexagonal with a dome top, and many more. Their handles were also unalike, with some hook-shaped, some crescent-shaped, some like floating clouds, and some like palms. There were even more varieties of the divine beast sculptures on the four sides of each furnace chamber. Apart from dragon patterns and phoenix faces, there were also head sculptures of all kinds of divine beasts, including the taotie and the pixiu.

“Could... could there really be divine pills in these furnaces?” He gulped down mouthfuls of saliva.

Ye Qingyu was also shocked.

The two of them walked over and examined carefully.

They discovered that there was something below every pill furnace. Some were the ashes left behind after the combustion of a divine material, appearing as if they had been still for a long time, while some looked like they had only been burned recently and retained a little warmth. There were also furnaces below whose strange flames flickered, burned, and jittered slightly, with no indication of how long they had been burning for.

“There are way too many furnaces here... This... I guess there might be more models of pill furnaces here than everywhere else under the sun.”

Ye Qingyu could not help sighing inwardly.

“Brother, look at the ground, quick!” Having discovered several strange things, Hu Bugui suddenly pointed at the black rock tiles in the distance.

Ye Qingyu looked toward the direction Hu Bugui was pointing in.

It was a yin-yang bagua pattern which was incomparably large and practically covered the interior surface of the entire palace. The yin-yang fish pair each occupied one side, giving off a strange and ancient aura. On close comparison, one would discover that the hundreds of furnaces were arranged according to the yin-yang bagua pattern. At the eight outermost positions of qian, kun, zhen, xun, kan, li, gen, and dui were placed eight giant furnaces, while at each of the sixty-four central positions were placed ten mid-sized furnaces. Additionally, there were hundreds of furnaces of various models and sizes distributed over the yin-yang fish pair.

The more Ye Qingyu observed, the greater the astonishment felt in his heart.

It was highly apparent that the furnaces were not casually placed and were instead strictly arranged according to the order of the yin-yang, five elements, and bagua.

Every pill furnace interacted with, complemented and juxtaposed with one another, such that shifting the position of any one furnace would probably engender a few changes. A relatively light effect was that the pill furnace would lose its spirituality and the pills within it would self-destruct. Certainly, however, the pills refined in such an array were very likely to be of the absolute highest grade in this universe.
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