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Imperial God Emperor 967 - Huge trouble 2

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Chapter 967,

Upon hearing this, Ye Qingyu soared into the sky with Nan Tieyi, looking down at the ground from afar.

With one glance, he already jumped back in shock.

The abyss below was surging with a terrifying aura, and looking down from a height, the shape became incredibly clear.

“It's a... palm print!”

The shape of the abyss was an astonishing palm print.

This scene, it seemed that a giant’s hand had slammed down from the sky, directly shattering the ground. It had created an abyss in the shape of a palm across hundreds of kilometers of the ground.

And the terrifying power that Ye Qingyu had detected before was just the residual power left behind after the palm had struck through the ground.

Looking at the huge palm print of hundreds of kilometers wide, Ye Qingyu felt a chill running down his spine.

This was simply the doing of a god. According to what Hu Bugui had said, the area that the palm print covered was clearly the core area of the former Immortal God Emperor Sect. It was close to the God Emperor Peak and the area with the strongest defense. It was the core of where all the top protection formations of the Immortal God Emperor Sect were. Ye Qingyu now began to understand why the mountain gate of Immortal God Emperor Sect would be broken through——That was because the most central formations and the protective power of the sect had already been shattered by an earth-shaking palm strike at the beginning of the battle. It was unknown how many experts this earth-shaking palm had wiped out.

“Damn it...” Hu Bugui's countenance abruptly changed. “This attack... it wouldn't be made by a martial arts Emperor, right?”

Ye Qingyu shook his head, an incredibly solemn look across his face. “Not a martial arts Emperor, but almost.”

“Quasi-emperor?” Hu Bugui exclaimed.

Ye Qingyu nodded, “At least it is impossible for a Great Saint to achieve this. There hasn't been any martial arts Emperor on this world for a long time, which is why the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor appeared. The Emperor opportunity had return to the world... So, it can only be a Quasi-emperor.” Ye Qingyu remembered what the million-year-old soul said to him before. It seemed that there really wasn't just one Quasi-emperor on this world. At least this earth-shattering palm was not left by [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] would never help a sect like the Greater One Sect.

It was another Quasi-emperor.

It turned out that the reason that the Greater One Sect had returned to Clear River Domain, dominated the domain, was because they had the support of a terrifying force that was at least a Quasi-emperor existence.

The situation was a bit tricky.

As they were speaking, there was some movement in the distance.

In the depths of the sky there were three figures gradually appearing above the mountain gate of the Immortal God Emperor Sect.

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu spun around.

But the figures were not people of the Greater One Sect, instead they seemed to be experts of other domains that had come because of the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

These figures were all standing in mid air, staring at the ruins of the Immortal God Emperor Sect with a bewildered face. They also could tell that the sect below was extremely strong. Whether it was the location of the mountain gate or the scale of the ruins, it seemed to be a sect that must not be underestimated. Unfortunately it had all been destroyed. Adding to this, it looked like the attack had just happened these few days. Following all this, the experts noticed the terrifying palm print of hundreds of kilometers wide and were all shaken to the core.

Those who could come to this area were all powerful experts. In one glance they could roughly guess what sort of existence could break the ground and leave such a tremendous palm print.

They were even more shocked and puzzled.

“Is it a Quasi-emperor?”

“In the absence of a martial arts Emperor, a Quasi-emperor is invincible. What kind of sect would provoke a Quasi-emperor?”

“Heavens, even a Quasi-emperor is here.”

“I don't think it’s necessarily a Quasi-emperor. It is rumoured that a Quasi-emperor can destroy a domain. If it were a Quasi-emperor then Clear River Domain would have been wiped out and should not have only left this small palm print.”

The experts of all sides kept a good distance, and dared not to come closer in case that something will happen again. Any situation that involved a Quasi-emperor was a matter where life and death could be a decided in a moment.

At the same time, they were also sizing up Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui with a strange gaze.

Ye Qingyu drew back his gaze and ignored the people.

He and Hu Bugui avoided the suspected Quasi-emperor palm print area, searched the ruins of the entire Immortal God Emperor Sect, trying to find some clues. However in addition to the corpses of the experts of the Immortal God Emperor Sect and the Greater One Sect, they could only see crumbled palaces, statues and various buildings, as well as the remains of the Greater One Sect battleships. What kept a glimmer of hope was that, he did not find Bai Yuanxing and the others children of Heaven Wasteland Domain among the corpses.

“Hopefully they've left early and escaped the disaster.”

Ye Qingyu could only think like that.

Now he couldn’t split up to search further for clues.

At this moment, there were increasingly more figures appearing in the sky.

All were experts of the great forces and races that had come upon receiving the news.

“Strange, why are the people of the Greater One Sect not here? Could they just be after the treasures in the arsenal and went to all the efforts to destroy the Immortal God Emperor Sect just for revenge? Have they left already?” Ye Qingyu still found that the atmosphere was a little strange, as if there was something that wasn't quite right.

Logically speaking, since the Greater One Sect had the support of a suspected Quasi-emperor, then they must have known about the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor. That mysterious Quasi-emperor absolutely would not give up the Emperor opportunity. Therefore, even if the army of the Greater One Sect had retreated, there should at least be the top masters of the Greater One Sect around. However, along the way he had not encountered any of the black-armoured soldiers of the Greater One Sect. They would not be hiding in the dark, right?

While in deep thoughts, the voice of the million-year-old soul was ringing in Ye Qingyu’s ear again.

“Be careful, there are people in the dark watching you.”

Ye Qingyu immediately sensed something when he heard this. He activated his yuan qi to its peak, while secretly passing a message to Hu Bugui.

Hu Bugui responded, “I will take care of Little Nan Tieyi, I'll leave the rest to brother Ye Qingyu. If it's the Greater One Spiritual Master then be sure to kill him to avenge the Immortal God Emperor Sect.”

The bandit leader's eyes were also blazing with rage.

Without the slightest hesitation, he directly took out a mysterious Emperor qi tile, letting it suspend above his head. This tile was rough and without any pattern, just like a broken brick tile, but the strange rays of light it was emitting completely shrouded Nan Tieyi and him. The wisps of Emperor qi scattered, mysterious and unfathomable, concealing the two. It was as though they were ascending to the heavens. It easily isolated the demonic qi between Heaven and earth and all the aura of chaos.

All of experts in the Void were aghast at the sight.

“That's... an Emperor weapon?”

“He holds an Emperor weapon? Who is that? Is it a descendant of a martial arts Emperor?”

“No, it's just the fragment of an Emperor weapon, it's incomplete.”

“From the clothes, they seem to be natives of Clear River Domain... I didn’t expect there to be such a treasure in the hands of a half-Saint expert, hehe...”

There was murmur of discussion in the Void.

When the many people looked at Hu Bugui again there was undisguised greed and jealousy.

It should be said that, in the tens of thousands of years of absence of a martial arts Emperor, even a fragment of an Emperor weapon was a treasure. In their eyes it was simply a waste for it to fall in the hands of a semi-Saint, not to mention that the arrival of the Reincarnation Hall this time was an Emperor opportunity. If there was a piece of Emperor weapon in their hands, then perhaps there would be some kind of wonderful reaction. After all, it was the fruit of the martial arts Emperor realm. What if the Emperor qi on this fragment of Emperor weapon led to the Emperor opportunity?

The next moment, everyone began to act.

A little brass pagoda emerged in the Void, the old formation markings and brilliance flashing like tadpoles, as it directly pressed down above the top of Hu Bugui's head.

“Haha, scraps of Emperor qi? Not bad luck, it’s mine.”

Domineering voices resounded.



“Accept defeat and hand over the little bastards, and I'll end you painlessly!”

The Greater One Spiritual Master spoke.


Liu Shaji, who had lost one arm, sneered his contempt.

He held the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] in his left hand, slowly wiping the tip of the sword across his chest, and erased the black bloodstains on the sword. Stepping on the severed head of the headmaster of the Bright Moon Peak, he sneered, “You were stray dogs but dare to come back to bark in Clear River Domain. It turns out you have betrayed your sect and Master. Haha, can you even be considered a human? There is black blood flowing in your body, you have mastered a demonic technique, what is the difference between you and a puppet? I am the successor of the White Lotus Sword Sect, I have nothing to fear on earth, how would I put down the sword of my sect in from of you lackeys?”

In the previous battle, Liu Shaji had killed three headmasters of the Greater One Sect.

But he also had paid a huge price. He had suffered multiple sword wounds, riddled with scars, but the most severe injury was that his right arm was broken and there was a strange black energy flowing around the wound. It was incredibly problematic. Not only could Liu Shaji not form a new arm from his flesh and blood, the power was crazily corroding his body like maggot. Liu Shaji knew very clearly that if this continued he absolutely couldn’t withstand for too long.


The only female headmaster of the Eight peaks, He Huimin, launched a killing move, chaotic sword light from all directions aimed at Liu Shaji.

The pure and shy girl who blushed because of a word Ye Qingyu said when she welcomed Yu Xioaxing to the Clear Lotus Peak had become a grim Asura. Her strength was several times higher than before, but her nature had also completely changed. Shrouded in a strange black aura, she resembled a demon from the dark realm. There was no longer the slightest shyness or kindness.

Liu Shaji let out an inward sigh.

He knew that he could not escape.

Although he had killed three headmasters, the remaining Greater One Spiritual Master and He Huiming were the most powerful of the five, also the most terrifying.

Just as Liu Shaji was ready to fight to death and was about to send away the [Sky Deceiving Jade Box], there was an unbelievable reversal.

The sword light that He Huimin originally aimed at Liu Shaji took an abrupt turn, soared with murderous spirit, enveloping the Greater One Spiritual Master.

A major disaster was occurring right in front of him——

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