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Imperial God Emperor 961 - Heaven’s pride experts appear one after another

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Chapter 961, Heaven’s pride experts appear one after another

Under great fear, the bandit leader began to tremble. He instinctively tried to escape, but from his chest there were similarly pure white flowery flames blooming out.

“Ah...” The bandit leader let out a desperate scream, before his whole body erupted into a flawless white brilliance, gradually dissipated and vanished.

In the distance.

The pure and beautiful figure was already gone.

The villagers were all frozen.

It was unknown how long had past before the group of shocked refugees gradually began to react.

“Bodhisattva, it was Bodhisattva who saved us...” An old granny repeatedly kowtowed in the direction of where the white figure had disappeared, face bathed in tears.

The crowd of refugees lowered to a crawling position, kowtowed and exclaimed loudly to the void, “Thank you, Bodhisattva!”


It was the southwest direction again.

An ancient cave in the depths of the mountains.

Pale blue glittering formation markings were flowing around the entrance of the cave, releasing an ancient and majestic aura. This was a desolated deep mountain, occupied by evil beasts. The entrance to the cave was concealed and old, and seemed to be a mysterious historical remains that had existed for thousands of years.

In the cave.

A skinny man was sitting cross-legged.

He was dressed in a simple and unadorned black robe, back straight as a javelin, face concealed by a black mask. His eyes were slightly closed, looking calm and indifferent. The yuan qi and aura he exuded at this moment was incredibly mysterious and bizarre. There was brilliance bursting forth like the waves of the vast ocean, tumbling endlessly, and did not seem to belong to this world.

This person was the successor of the Heaven devastator sect that the Greater One Sect had been searching for.

Beneath the mask, his eyes slowly opened, flashing an exceptionally bright blue glow.

“I can finally come out.” The successor of the Heaven devastator sect muttered to himself, voice sonorous like the clang of metal and filled with confidence and heroic spirit. “I have reached Master's standard... Haha, with my present strength, I am invincible across Heaven Wasteland Domain, and can also compete against geniuses of the outside world... There is one person that I am very much looking forward to meeting again. I hope you don't disappoint, hehe.”


The Southwest territory of Clear River Domain.

It was still the southwest.

Here it was about 30,000 kilometers from the Wei River Mountain Range, and was once an area concentrated with prestigious Human Race sects. However it had become deserted ever since Greater One Sect had dominated Clear River Domain.

At this time a group of young experts dressed in different uniforms, seemingly with extraordinary status, were gathered in a valley, which appeared to be a little secluded trading place.

Suddenly, a pleasant melodious sound, like the wind rustling bamboo leaves, water streaming across the mountain, could be heard.

“Huh? What's going on? Who's making such loud noise? How can there be such loud noise in the Dark City of Black water? Shut up...” Someone complained.

“What a tune it is. It's so beautiful...” An expert in a long water blue robe was taken back for a moment, then gradually sank into entrancement.

Everybody in the Dark city of black water were startled.

“The voice seems to be coming from the heavens.” Someone exclaimed.

Countless eyes followed the direction of where the sound came from.

A strange magnificent scene appeared on the wave-like clouds in the sky.

Sixteen snow-white celestial horses were galloping across the sky.

Celestial horses were an extremely rare species of mythological animal that was rarely seen in Clear River Domain. Even large sects did not have such foundation. But all of a sudden there were several of them and all were controlled by someone. In addition to its ability to fly, celestial horse possessed tyrannical fighting strength that is comparable to top Immortal step experts. It was a priceless mythological beast.

Dozens of celestial horses tread across the void, pulling a huge mountain-like chariot with a 12 ridged golden roof and jade beads as curtains. It was incomparable gorgeous, and between each railing and bead curtain there was an ancient and mysterious aura slowly being released. As a result, where the chariot passed by, terrifying power surged like the ocean waves and the magnificent pressure seemed to be crushing the sky.

“Heaven, is a deity descending onto the world?”

The figures in the valley were all trembling in fear.

They saw that around the chariot there were 12 youngsters each holding a musical instrument, playing heavenly music. The lingering sound echoed across the heaven and earth, as if to wash all the dirt and dust. And behind the chariot were followed by hundreds of experts of both the Human Race and foreign races. Their aura were all incredibly powerful, with the lowest being at the peak of the Immortal step boundary, and without exception were all men. Any one of the figures could instant sweep away all people in the Dark City of Black water.

“Such a gorgeous chariot, and its pulled by sixteen celestial horse. It's simply too extravagant...”

“Look, it's a woman sitting in the chariot, so beautiful...”

“Heavens, did I just see a fairy?”

“She... must a deity descending onto our world.”

The young experts on the ground incessantly marvelled aloud, and then began to become entranced and lifeless, as if their spirits were drifting away in the direction of the carriage.

The bead curtain of the chariot swayed, revealing the outline of a beautiful and elegant woman sitting inside. The gorgeous silhouette of the woman was faintly discernible. She was casually leaning back, her flaming-red silk dress swaying with the wind, presenting her perfectly curvaceous body. The women's eyes were flowing with emotions, extremely beautiful and alluring.

“Gorgeous chariot, celestial horses, a charming woman, and so many followers, could it be....” An expert in a python scaled armour exclaimed. “She is the [Alluring fairy] who is well known across the great thousands of domain!”

The legend of the Alluring fairy had shook the great thousands of domain during this period of time, and people of Clear River Domain had also hard of it before.

“It was rumoured that she has stirred the vast world, and experts of great forces were infatuated to the point of crazily chasing after her. After meeting her today, she really deserves that name.”

“So it's her... I am so lucky to see her true face in this life, I can die without regret now...”


Clear River Domain.

Over a vast primitive jungle.

There was a golden light as bright as day and a icy light resembling the brilliance of the moon.

In the midst of the two beams of light, the two figures appeared without any signs.

“Brother Yin, the news of the reappearance of the Reincarnation Hall had been let out by someone. Now everyone knows. We have to change our previous plan. This time there will certainly be many experts there to fight for the rare treasures and take the Emperor opportunity. But this time I have you accompanying me, I believe we can definitely get something.”

The one talking was a woman in a white long dress, hair flowing like waterfalls, and face covered with a faint layer of white gauze, but her delicate and unmatched beautiful face was still faintly discernible. She looked mysterious and aloof from the world, like a noble and icy-cold fairy from the Ice Moon Palace.

It was the Saintess of Jade pearl.

Next to her was a man shrouded in gold mist. His face was bronze, eyes clear and bright, brows thick and long, and was incomparably handsome. Clad in a glowing golden armour and wielding two double-pointed dragon spears, he was enveloped in a layer of surging sun flames, as bright as the scorching sun.

It was the Third Prince of the Kaiyang clan, Yin Kaishan.

“Xiao Yu, no matter what there is in the Reincarnation hall of the Chaos demon Emperor, I will certainly help you get it.” Yin Kaishan's eyes were gentle and did not hide his feelings in the slightest.

A light smile curved the lips of the Saintes of Jade pearl when she heard this, like the glow of the moon that made even the heaven and earth looked discoloured.


In the sky.

A skinny youngster in a large black robe with red and yellow hair casually and loosely draped over his shoulders was standing on a summit looking into the distance of the southwest direction.

And behind him there were two clouds of red flame-like mist, energy surging frantically. It was obviously the yuan qi of a Great Saint expert. The skinny youngster had two Great Saints level expert as his bodyguards. He certainly had a powerful background.

“Young Lord, according to the news, the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor will appear soon. At that time there will no doubt be martial artists of larges forces as well as young talents there.” The voice of a Great Saint expert, like an immemorial copper bell, contained mighty force, making all things in heaven and earth could not help but tremble in awe.

“Hmm, the more people the better, kill them all. Haha, who would my Sinful Pit be afraid of?” The youngster’s eyes flashed a hint of arrogance.

Another place.

There was the same thing.

A crack suddenly spread across the sky.

Several figures appeared.

The unique aura of the Black Demon Race had descended.

There were two figures, one of who was an elder of the Black Demon Race.

He was protecting a young man about more than 20 years old as they headed in the southwest direction of Clear River Domain.

The young expert had a fair and clear complexion, dark ink-like pupils, sword-like brows, and was tall and burly. He looked high and mighty like an Emperor, surging with an incomparably powerful yuan qi that even completely surpassed that of the Saint realm elder next to him.

“Has the exact location been found?” There was indisputable majesty in the tone of the young expert.

“Reporting to Crown Prince, according to the news and calculation sent by the Black Demon Temple, the time and specific location of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is becoming increasingly clear. I believe that in a few days’ time we will surely be able to find it.” One of the elders skimmed through the flashing messages on the black demon token.

“Crown Prince, there is also another message. According to the news from Clear River Domain, the third deputy envoy of the Human Race Ye Qingyu has also come to Clear River Domain,. He is a friend of Her Highness...” Another Saint realm elder spoke.

“Oh? He's here, too? Hehe, the little girl has been very fond of this boy. Great, I would like to see what kind of person he is. He dares to think of touching the Little Princess of my Black Demon Race, hehe.” The Crown Prince of the Black Demon Race smiled, eyes flashing——

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