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Chapter 959, Let him come to die

On both sides of him, there were the other seven headmasters of the seven main peaks.

Among them, there were four headmasters clad in a black robe, with a solemn look on their face. They were each wielding a horsetail whisk that was fluttering in the breeze, their black robe rattling in the wind. They were the senior and junior brothers of Feng Wuhen who were seriously wounded in the battle on the Storm Platform back then and in the end used the mountain gate secret method to escape.

And the headmasters of the Great Hua Peak, He Guye, and the Snow Lotus Peak, Liu Xuezong, who were both killed on the Storm Platform by Liu Shaji, were now succeeded by a new generation of disciples. Although the two new headmasters seemed to be only forty or fifty years old, they possessed terrifyingly strong yuan qi and their strength had obviously reached the Saint realm. However, what was bizarre was that they were all enveloped in faint black qi, which seemed to be living, slowly overflowing from their limbs and organs, and again penetrated into their body.

As for the Clear Lotus Peak, which had only recruited female disciples, their headmaster was killed back then when the Demon Spider Race invaded. The position of headmaster was succeeded by the sixth generation disciple He Huimin.

Three or four years had past, and the beautiful and elegant female disciple was already steady and calm. She was dressed in a dark purple pattern dress that swayed with the wind, and a black jade flower hairpin diagonally inserted in her hair that was bunched up in a bun. Her eyes were as deep as an ancient well, without the slightest ripple or trace of light, and on her forehead there was a very strange black mark, emitting biting cold fiendish qi, which wrapped around her.

From the surging yuan qi and aura that they all exuded, it appeared that the Greater One Spiritual Master Feng Wuhen and the headmasters of the other seven main peaks had been aided by external forces over the past few years, and their strength had clearly soared to a whole new level.

Moreover, it was very different from the celestial aura that the people of the previous Greater One Sect radiated. At this moment the aura of the headmasters were mixed with an extremely bizarre dark force. Although they had the outer appearance of a human, from their aura and qi they did not seem like pure human beings.

The giant ship traveled silently.

It was a powerful fleet that could destroy any forces in Clear River Domain.

It was a group of people who could destroy any force in Clear River Domain.

The speed at which the battleship advanced was incredibly fast.

It sped across hundreds of kilometers in the blink of the eye.

Without anybody outside noticing.

Suddenly, a strange bugle rang on the battleship.

It was an alert.

Then a chief of staff came out of the commander cabin at the rear with a strange and shocked expression on his face, trotting across the deck, hesitated for a moment, and finally went over to whisper something in the ear of Greater One Spiritual Master Feng Wuhen.

Feng Wuhen trembled all over upon hearing this.

It was obvious that the message he received was a huge shock to him.

After a little ponder, Greater One spiritual master quickly flashed a fierce colour in his eyes, and then walked over to the young man shrouded in black dense fog. He slightly leaned over, and extremely respectfully reported, “Reporting to Special Envoy, I just received the message from the north, we have lost Flowing Light City and Miao Wuhen has died.”

“Oh.” The young expert made a slight response, and didn't say anything else.

The tone of the voice was flat, there was no anger, no sorrow, and it could even be said that there was no emotion mixed with it. It was very easy to tell exactly what kind of reaction he had at the moment.

But the other headmasters were extremely surprised when they heard the news.

“How is that possible?! After the transformation, Miao Wuhen’s strength is comparable to a Saint expert. Moreover, there was a team of heavenly black armour to assist him as well as the [Great Array of Heavenly Punishment], which could kill Saint realm experts. With that sort of strength he should be invincible in Clear River Domain. What force could kill him in such a short period of time and besieged the city?” The new headmaster of the Greater Hua Peak, Huo Yunsheng, looked puzzled. In the end couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

His long silver hair was mixed with flaming red strands, and a fire glass hairpin was fixed on the top of the head. He was dressed in a black robe with fire clouds curling around him, and there were wisps of evil dark qi affixed to his robe, making him appear like a demon.

“Could it be the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect?” The Patriarch of the Bright Moon Peak, Xue Linghai, couldn't help speculating.

His pupils were similarly like ebony, and wisps of black qi were constantly coiling between his arms and feet like thousands tentacles, making his movements look very unnatural and more like that of a puppet.

This speculation also attracted the agreement of several other headmasters.

Ever since the master and disciple of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect fought against the Demon Spider Race at the battle of the Storm Platform, they had disappeared without a trace. In these three years, nobody in the entire Clear River Domain could grasp the whereabouts of the master and disciple. As a result of the speculations among the major sects and forces, rumours began to spread. Some said that the Demon Spider Race had captured them, some said that they took the opportunity to flee to the outer world, and others said they had returned to the real core mountain gate of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect.

But even the Greater One Sect, which now controlled the entire Clear River Domain, also did not have much accurate information regarding their whereabouts.

But, according to the information that they knew, the only person in the entire Clear River Domain who could have the strength to win against Miao Wuhen there was only the Master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect, Baili Chengfeng.

But Greater One spiritual master was standing there shaking his head.

“It is not the Lord of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect.” The Greater One spiritual master wore a grave expression, and in his tone of voice there was an undisguised hatred, “The one who captured the Flowing Light City and killed Miao Wuhen is someone you all know. It is the enemy of the Greater One Sect——Ye Qingyu!”


Ye Qingyu?

How could it be him?!

The several other headmasters looked aghast.

One of the major reasons for the defeat of Greater One Sect in the Storm Sword Duel Meeting, as well as attracted the attack of the Black Demon Race, and resulted in the destruction of the Mountain Gate, was Ye Qingyu. The little bastard, who they regarded as a citizen of a lowly domain, had at the most critical moment destroyed their plans, destroyed the formation of the Greater One Sect, which led to the Greater One Sect’s crushing defeat.

So over the past few years, at every mention of this person, the higher-ups of the Greater One Sect hated the fact that they were unable to peel his skin and crush his bones alive, to vent their anger.

Now, hearing the name of the mad demon from the mouth of Greater One Spiritual Master again, although hatred was soaring in their heart, on the surface they only maintained a complex look and did not say a word.

Because everything had changed.

The present Ye Qingyu was no longer like before.

[Ice Sword Killing God]!

Demon King Ye.

Recently... they had received the news that he was the third deputy envoy of the Human Race.

All these titles of him shook the Road of Chaos. The youngster who they hunted like a dog back then had now grown up to be a giant that they must look up to. Given Ye Qingyu's present strength, it was most likely that, even if they combined all their strength, they would be no match for him.

Even though the Greater One Sect had received support from the [Camp], their overall strength had grown dramatically, and was invincible throughout the entire Clear River Domain, they knew that now was not an appropriate time to provoke that new appointee of the Human Race.

“Huh? You just said it was... Ye Qingyu?”

The young expert who was enveloped in dense black fog suddenly spoke.

His voice was a little bizarre, like the sounds of friction from the constant rubbing of sharp stones, and there was a hint of inexplicable chill in his tone, as he asked, “Why did he suddenly come to Clear River Domain? And captured Flowing Light City? Why would Miao Wuhen provoke this madman?”

As this sentence came out, the flagship was as quiet as a cicada in winter.

It was evident that the Special Envoy was not concerned about Miao Wuhen's death or the fate of Flowing Light City. He was more concerned about the implications and why Miao Wuhen would all of a sudden provoke the madman known as Ye Qingyu, bringing them some unnecessary variables.

Greater One Spiritual Master felt a chill down his spine when he heard this.

The entire Greater One Sect could be said to be extremely afraid of the young special envoy.

He bowed respectfully right away and explained, “Reporting Special Envoy, previously this Madman Ye had made some friends in Clear River Domain. The reason he killed Miao Wuhen is most likely because of the death of the City Lord of Flowing Light City, Chen Zhengliang, and the disciple of the Immoral God Emperor Sect, Leng Xiaoran.”

“Oh.” The young expert nodded slowly.

Greater One Spiritual Master took a glimpse at the Special Envoy but could not tell what he was thinking. He hesitated for a moment and had to continue, “Can I ask Special Envoy Yang what our next arrangement would be? Should we send forces to Flowing Light City...”

“Send forces? No need...” The young expert broke out in strange laughter. His voice was hollow and hoarse, as though it came from an endless black hole, and from his tone there seemed to be a hint of hatred, “Miao Wuhen's life is not important, if he died then so be it. There is also not much value in Flowing Light City. The most important thing now is to complete Master's plan. The army will proceed to Wei River Mountain Range, and then launch an attack. We will first extinguish the Immortal God Emperor Sect, then take down the Wei River mountains, and then do the things we need to do... As for that Ye Qingyu, hehe, I have a good understanding of that madman. He cherishes friendships extremely, and since he is friends with the Immortal God Emperor Sect, then he will certainly rush to the rescue. Calculating the time, the effectiveness of the Quasi-emperor protection on Ye Qingyu’s body should have passed. He is no longer sheltered by the heavens and earth. If he really comes then let him be buried in the Wei River Mountain Range! These days, he has been jumping about joyfully. He really thinks no one can do anything to him. Hehe, he is nothing but a jumping clown. I was only hesitant because of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], but now, the situation has changed, even [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] cannot save him, hehe...”

In the last burst of evil laughter, that resentment seemed to have turned into a very terrifying aura, condensed into black misty fiendish qi, like a black scaly snake spitting out venom, coiling around the young expert.

The several headmasters on the deck all bowed their heads respectfully when they saw the sight, a look of indescribable fear twisting their face behind the sleeve of their robe. In particular, Greater One Sect’s Feng Wuheng, who bore the brunt of the evil and demonic qi. There was a bone-chilling pain all over his body like he had dropped into an icehouse, but he could only bury his head in his hands and endure.

But he now seemed to have a hint of understanding. It appeared that Special Envoy Yang had some sort of deep grudge against that boy Ye Qingyu.

If that were the case then it would be great. With Special Envoy Yang personally taking action, Ye Qingyu would undoubtedly die, which would be getting rid of a large enemy for the Greater One Sect, but also remove a large problem of their dominance of Clear River Domain——
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