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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 94 The Four Moves of the Unmatched General

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Chapter 94 – The [Four Moves of the Unmatched General]

The contents that would be unlocked within the bronze book, just what section would it be?

Ye Qingyu eagerly flicked through the pages.

The [Fiendgod Titled Chart] could be divided into three sections: [Titled Fiendgods], [Titled Divine Weapons] and [Titled Strange Objects]. According to Ye Qignyu’s previous experience, the only section that would display yuan qi battle techniques was the [Titled Fiendgods] part. Therefore, in his very first moment of opening the book, he immediately went to the [Titled Fiendgods] section in search for it.

The next instant, Ye Qingyu became excited.

The second row in the [Titled Fiendgods] index was no longer pale and dim. It was flickering with a faint glow, emitting an extremely disturbing dream-like colour and luster.

The section that was unlocked really was the [Titled Fiendgods].

What Ye Qingyu obtained the first time that this section was unsealed was the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King].

This time, just what sort of battle technique would it bring Ye Qingyu?

Ye Qingyu’s heart palpitated furiously. According to the unsealed index, he directly flipped to this page.

Sure enough as Ye Qingyu was expecting, on the page of the Bronze book there was a meticulous portrait of a figure depicted within. But this person was different from the awe inspiring presence of the golden armoured King. The portrait of this character was tall and sturdy, maroon short hair, with a determined and solemn expression. He was wearing a sky blue armour that could not be said to be grand. A broad double edged sword was stabbed into the ground, towering majestically. He was like a person charging and breaking through enemy lines, an unrivalled and unique fierce general.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze in the first instance landed on the broad double edged sword!


It really was a sword!

The weapon of this [Titled Fiendgod] was a sword, then did this represent that the battle technique he could obtain this time was likely to be a sword manual?

In an expectant mood, Ye Qingyu inserted yuan qi following the pattern within the page of the Bronze book.

A sky blue brilliant radiance instantly shimmered from the page.

The person on the page abruptly began moving.

“Follow my lead and charge forward!”

Indistinctly, a resolute and imposing shout sounded from next to Ye Qingyu’s ear

It was the same as the first time when the illusion of the golden armoured King had rushed out from the page. This Unmatched General plucked out the broad sword stabbed into the ground and held it with both hands, leaning the sword against the left of his chest. He took a step out, instantly charging out of the page and appearing in front of Ye Qingyu, then halting abruptly. Around his entire figure were flickers of green light. A strange green pattern moved and fluctuated according to these bizarre lights.

An extremely strong life force surged around the projection of this person.

Ye Qingyu opened his eyes wide to carefully observe.

He knew, that this Unmatched General was about to demonstrate his sword techniques.

As expected, after a short pause, both eyes of this General suddenly opened, radiance glimmering from within. He was about to make his move.

“[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]!”

The light in the exceptional general’s eyes exploded and overflowed.

He shouted loudly, still holding his sword with both hands, his body not moving yet. But very quickly, something abnormal began to happen. The sword was raised high up and between the sword handle and the hands, there was an explosive golden radiance. As if some strange technique was being activated, this golden light pierced from his eyes, and with the sword raised high up, he charged forward.

Ye Qingyu felt his vision blurring.

He suddenly saw the originally still and calm figure of the General springing into motion. From still to striking out, he did so at such a quick speed that it was unbelievable. His entire person was like a streak of light, unfathomably stepping over a distance of space, the gale from the sword strike chopping down.

A fantastic sword will exploded, dispersing throughout.

This sword strike on the surface seemed ordinary and mediocre, but within this simple strike, there were some hard to understand meanings within that Ye Qingyu could not comprehend at this time. He could vaguely feel that this sword strike was not as simple as it first seemed.

“[Brave the Whole World]!”

The Unmatched General loudly shouted again, the second technique being shown.

This time his body did not move.

A golden sword qi emitted from his body. Sword qi after sword qi were like golden snakes dancing and moving according to the formation pattern. In the time of a spark, there were three golden shields fluctuating and moving around his body. As if they were divine shields, they protected him within.

“This technique, the sword qi has transformed into a golden shield… this really is a rare change from normal!”

Ye Qingyu somewhat comprehended this.

The Unmatched General shouted yet again.

He held the broad sword and struck sideways horizontally. At the same time, his body began rotating violently, becoming a revolving whirlwind in an instant. The sword began whistling like a strong wind, his entire person becoming a [Storm of Swords]. Densely packed sword shadows struck out in all directions, endlessly, the naked sword flickering.

And at the last moment, there were only the swords in the air. One could no longer see the figure of the body.

“An extremely strong crowd fighting technique.”

Ye Qingyu could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

The third technique was evidently a move for fighting against a number of people.

This type of attack did not distinguish between the enemies. One man and one sword, transformed into an unblockable sword tornado. Everywhere it passed, everything was mercilessly sliced apart. One could imagine, if it was utilized in a true battlefield, such a technique was absolutely the nightmare of the opposing army.

Such a technique, even if used in single battle, possessed a destructive power.

“[Judgement of the Sword]!”

After the general finished exhibiting the third move, he instantly demonstrated the fourth.

Both hands holding the sword, he abruptly stilled. In his eyes, there was a divine resplendent light. Gripping the sword hilt, he suddenly stabbed half the sword in to the ground, blossoming with a golden dazzling light.

Everything suddenly stopped.

There was a strange silence.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Or as if an omen that the most frightening thing was about to occur.

When Ye Qingyu was feeling slightly confused, in an instant, within the air, the sword screamed. The next instant, one was able to see that thousands upon tens of thousands of sword light was gathering, transforming into an incomparably large divine golden sword. It descended from midair, exploding with a thud into the endless earth. In a moments time, the Earth broke apart, the golden light of the sword covering the sky and hiding the earth. Everything within a thousand meters was annihilated by this suddenly descending Divine weapon.

It was as if a sword God had given his judgement from the heavens. For mortals it would not be possible for them to evade or block.

Ye Qingyu was completely dazed.

“[Judgement of the Sword]? This technique is really the ultimate judgement from the sword path!”

Ye Qingyu was unable to contain his joy after seeing this.

And at this time, the peerless general retrieved the sword stabbed in the ground. Both hands holding on to the sword handle, he gradually returned to his original stance.

The wind rustled his short maroon hair. His entire person radiated with an incomparable solemnness and bravery. His tall and sturdy figure was stable like a boulder. A man and his sword alone was superior to a magnificent army with thousands of horses and soldiers. As if he was a returning general that always won, he stared far off into the distance. There was an indescribable feeling of justice and courage emitting from him. It could not help but make people admire him.

Blue and gold light rays circulated.

The projection of the Unmatched General gradually faded, turning into radiance and returning back into the Bronze book.

The sword techniques had been fully demonstrated.

It was the same as the golden armoured King, there were still only four moves.

Ye Qingyu was intoxicated.

The killing sword techniques of this Unmatched General only had four moves that seemed simple. But every move contained profound essences and power, every move was as if it was the combination of the essences of countless sword techniques. As the saying goes, ‘the heavy sword has no sharp edges, but was still skillfully made’. The four techniques did not seem exquisite at all, but was extremely practical.

Although Ye Qingyu had not trained in it yet, but only through seeing it once, he sensed that the four techniques of this Unmatched General were different methods leading to the same result. Similar to the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King]— if the four moves were ingeniously combined together, the power of it together would far exceed that of the solo techniques.

Such a destructive sword technique really made Ye Qingyu too satisfied.

Ye Qingyu could not wait to enter with his consciousness into this page of the Bronze book. He gradually entered the state of blankness and forgetting himself. Doing his utmost, he began comprehending the secrets behind the four techniques of the Unmatched General.

The same as last time, just as his consciousness entered into the Bronze book, there was inexplicably information regarding these sword techniques that sprung into his mind. The tips and secrets behind these second set of four techniques, everything regarding it appeared within Ye Qingyu’s thoughts, as if he had seen them tens of thousands of times before.

“The four techniques of the Unmatched General needs a method for the inner yuan to activate for it to work….”

“So before the Unmatched General performs these four moves there will be green lights around his body following a strange pattern. This is not disordered and without mess, it was a close and intimate method for training in the way of the sword. Not only can it be used to activate these four techniques, but it can also allow the wounds of the person training in this to recover faster. Once the battle is finished, under such a method, the recovery rate of the person who trained in this technique will definitely be faster than his opponent many times over!”

“Really, the four sword techniques are not as simple as it first seems. Especially the first move, [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike], if it manages to hit the opponent it can temporarily freeze the inner yuan of the opponent. This will cause them to be unable to use their own yuan qi battle techniques… The temporary freezing of their yuan qi, in a match between experts, can decide the victor and loser in an instant!”

Vast training information and the power of the battle techniques appeared in Ye Qingyu’s mind

He pondered over them in detail.

Time, in Ye Qingyu’s cultivation state where he forgot himself, flowed past quickly.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.



Ye Qingyu opened the door of his courtyard, walking out.

He had isolated himself in training for four days already with great results. Now, he had finally ended this period of solitary training and left the confines of his room. Breathing in deep breaths of icy but fresh air, it made him instantly feel reinvigorated.

“Eh? It’s going to snow?”

Gloomy clouds still covered the sky with the sun unable to be seen.

Ye Qingyu could feel a coldness at the back of his hand. When he closely examined, he discovered that it was a snowflake falling down.

Was this the first snow of the winter season?

Ye Qingyu let out a long sigh.

His mood suddenly became the same as the clouds in the sky, gloomy.

The winter season of the Deer Mountain Range was both cold and long. Every year, the winter season was the most difficult season for the poor commoners. A snow would continue on for at least tens of days, the cold and hunger taking away the life of countless people. After entering the winter period, the security and stability of Deer City would become much worse and chaotic. Everywhere, there would be fighting and killing occurring. Many people pushed to the edges by the cold and, under the threat of their death, became crazy and mad. In such a time, even if there was a stale bun, it could incite a fight at any time that would reap away the lives of over tens of people. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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