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Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that this voice sounded familiar and quickly realized who the owner of this voice was.

“Senior?” He was elated. “It’s you?”

“Ha ya ha, I thought you were one of those sneaky scoundrels and almost ate you as my nourishment,” that voice laughed loudly and heartily. As it spoke, it retracted its countless tentacles that were like veins and shrank back to the middle of the Storm Platform. “Young punk, why have you come?”

“Greetings, Senior. I’m Ye Qingyu,” he said very respectfully as he bowed. “I’ve come here to check up on some things but I didn’t think I’d run into you here...”

Frankly, he was a little excited since this voice belonged to the million-year-old martyr spirit who taught him the [True Will of the Sky Dragon].

Ye Qingyu had the utmost respect for this mysterious spirit, whether it had been at the Snow Dragon Den or at the Formation Emperor Luoso’s Palace, those two encounters with this spirit had been of a great help to him. He was extremely grateful and thought it was a pity that this million-year-old spirit was so elusive that he hadn’t seen it again.

He would have never imagined meeting this spirit again in this place.

He was overjoyed.

“Not bad, you’ve become much stronger than you were before. It’s only been a few years and you’re already a Saint but with a combat strength that is comparable to a Great Saint. I wasn’t wrong about you after all. Ha ha, a man with no fate has been a rare sight since the ancient times. Ha ha, this is great,” the million-year-old spirit had obviously discerned Ye Qingyu’s strength after exchanging blows with him earlier and told him as much.

“This is all thanks to Senior’s help on two occasions. In particular the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. It is extremely profound and magical,” Ye Qingyu was extremely respectful in front of this being because he was a Human Race senior worthy of respect. Their two encounters were both very short but it left a deep impression on him, even deeper than his interactions with [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

“Yes, I might have taught you the technique but the cultivation is up to the individual. You have achieved this much mainly due to your hard work,” the million-year-old spirit said with a smile. “I heard of your achievements when I came to Clear River Domain four years ago. You’ve done well and have not brought disgrace upon this amazing technique of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. Let me guess, you’re here today because something major has happened at Clear River Domain?”

“Senior, you flatter me. I’ve only done what I was supposed to do,” he said humbly, then roughly briefed the spirit on the current situation at Clear River Domain. He didn’t hold anything back from him.

“The fact that the Greater One Sect has managed to stage a comeback is just a small matter,” there was a trace of confusion in the million-year-old spirit’s voice. Then he continued as though he was speaking to himself, “Looking at the time, it’s about time the ancient legacies of the Vast Thousand Domains make their appearance so why is the Greater One Sect the only one causing such a stir here? Could the rest be in hiding? How odd.”

Ye Qingyu immediately caught the point.

If this spirit said that the Greater One Sect dominating Clear River Domain was only a small issue, then what would be considered a big issue? Since this spirit spoke so solemnly, it was as though something explosive that would shake the entire Vast Thousand Domains would appear at Clear River Domain... what could it be then?

His curiosity was piqued.

“You mean...?” He proved further.

The voice hesitated for a beat before continuing, “Since it is you, I’ll speak truthfully. Something big is about to happen in the Clear River Domain. The Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is about to descend upon this domain. Then, this would attract countless of peerless experts as they fight for the chance to become an emperor. If you still have any close friends in Clear River Domain, you should urge them to leave as soon as possible before it is too late. I’m afraid that this would attract even Quasi-emperors and the chaos and killing they would create might potentially destroy Clear River Domain. I’m sure this will plunge the entire domain into suffering then.”


He was extremely stunned.

Chaos Demon Emperor?

Chance to become an Emperor?

Does such a thing exist?

“Senior...uh, who is the Chaos Demon Emperor?” Ye Qingyu asked with a wry laugh.

He had never heard of such a thing but he immediately trusted the million-year-old martyred spirit’s words because he believed that this person had once truly existed and second, through this piece of shocking information, he finally understood why the force behind the Greater One Sect would go all out to support the Greater One Sect’s domination of the entire Clear River Domain. They should be expecting a sizeable return for their investment so if this was because of the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor, it would make perfect sense.

The problem was that Ye Qingyu had never heard of the Chaos Demon Emperor before this.

He seemed to be an emperor of the martial world from the ancient times but his name was not amongst the names of the martial emperors that Ye Qingyu was aware of. Could he be a person that existed before the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors?

“The Chaos Demon Emperor was a Demon Race martial emperor who lived during the end of the Fiendgod Age. Legend has it that he grasped the secret to reincarnation and managed to defy the laws of heaven with his normal demon body to finally become a martial emperor after ninety-nine reincarnations. He had once dominated an entire age and he was extremely outstanding, even crushing the gods at his feet,” the million-year-old spirit was very frank with Ye Qingyu and he spoke of this Chaos Demon Emperor with admiration. It was clear that he thought very highly of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

A martial emperor who had once dominated an entire age?

If that emperor lived in the late Fiendgod Age, it was indeed extremely long ago.

It made sense that he wasn’t aware of this martial emperor’s existence.

If this martial emperor lived in the late Fiendgod Age, that would be the period before the Three Sovereign and Five Emperors. The historical records of the Vast Thousand Domains that existed today had countless blanks when it came to the Fiendgod Age and the records of many of those once outstanding characters who had dominated that age were missing and not known to the later generations, as though it had been wiped by a mysterious force. Thus, it made sense that no one had heard of the Chaos Demon Emperor now.

“Does that mean that the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor is a remnant legacy of this Demon Race emperor?”

“That’s right,” the million-year-old spirit replied. “The Chaos Demon Emperor stunned an entire age and was once known to be matchless throughout the world. However, he disappeared one day after attempting his one hundredth reincarnation. Some said that he failed and the universe killed him because the secret technique was too heaven-defying, while others claimed that he had succeeded, transcended beyond the universe and was no longer of this world. All traces of him and his teachings also mysteriously disappeared from this world. Thereafter, a few relics related to him would appear from time to time throughout history, especially his reincarnation hall. Legend has it that it was formed from refining the demon fetus and demon body he had shed during his ninety-nineth reincarnation and contained the secret to his reincarnation. Very few from the later generations have seen this Reincarnation Hall but those people then went on to achieve greatness. There were rumors that the Lightning Emperor Qin Ming from the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors had once accidentally entered the Reincarnation Hall and managed to obtain a shred of that chance, which was how he ended up becoming the first martial emperor of the Human Race in history.

Was this really true?

The more he listened, the more stunned and astonished he became.

The Lightning Emperor Qin Ming was indeed the first martial emperor of the Human Race who comprehended and wielded the laws of lightning in the universe. There had been no Human Race martial emperor before him, so this sparked many rumors amongst the later generation that swirled around how he managed to achieve this feat. The Human Race preferred to believe that this was due to his unparalleled talent and matchless heroic aura but from what this million-year-old martyr spirit was saying, it seemed to be related to the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor.

If this was true, then this Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor would be the best opportunity in this universe.

Throughout the Vast Thousand Domains right now, there were only Quasi-emperors but there were no martial emperors.

There must have been countless people who longed to be a martial emperor more than anything else.

If the Reincarnation Hall of the Chaos Demon Emperor was truly about to descend on Clear River Domain, once news about the chance to become emperor contained within the hall got out, this would probably drive the entire Vast Thousand Domains crazy. Those old freaks who kept themselves hidden, those Quasi-emperors who would hardly make an appearance, including [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] who dominated the world, and the masters of the various large forces would definitely gather in this domain.

“Did you appear here because you already knew of this and were lying in wait?” Ye Qingyu asked as he calmed down.

“I had found out about this by chance too. After we parted at the Luoso Palace the previous time, I made my way across the various large domains in search of techniques and materials to reconstruct my body. I finally found some clues at a lost demonic relic and obtained news about the Chaos Demon Emperor and how some of his remains after he reincarnated still existed in Clear River Domain. This was why I came here four years ago. I didn’t manage to find the remains of the Chaos Demon Emperor but I found this treasure. Ha ha., this is just the thing to help me reconstruct my body,” the million-year-old spirit was visibly excited.

The fact that this treasure made someone of his stature and age so visibly excited showed that he was sincerely pleased.

“Treasure? You mean... the Storm Platform?” Ye Qingyu asked.

“Yes, that is exactly it. You know it was the Storm Platform but it is actually named ‘Chaos Demon Heart’. This was a chaos heart formed during the ninety-nineth reincarnation of the Chaos Demon Emperor and was made from his outer and inner beings. Unfortunately, it has lost the demon properties it once had but this is still an ultimate treasure to me and would be perfect for the reconstruction of my new body,” the million-year-old spirit said. “I’ve refined it for four years and I’m now on the verge of succeeding... I’ve used my secret techniques to obtain some information from this heart!”
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