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Chapter 951 – Divine Sword of the South (1)

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” The storyteller sighed and slowly sat down. “Sir, please leave if you don’t have anything to do here. I don’t know who you are, yet you’re disturbing my business. You’ve already scared off the guests who were listening to my stories.”

He could not help laughing bitterly as he spoke before he poured a cup of tea for himself.

However, unlike everyone else in the inn, the storyteller was the only person who did not panic upon seeing Ye Qingyu kill several dozen Greater One Sect disciples. In fact, judging from his calm pouring and drinking of tea, he was apparently indifferent toward and unafraid of Ye Qingyu.

“Hoho, to think that such a well-known person as the [Gambling Demon], who’s number 14th on the Alliance’s wanted list and had traversed the Road of Chaos for many years, would be hiding in a small inn in the Clear River Domain after leaving the Black Demon Abyss,” Ye Qingyu looked at him and said. “However, you shouldn’t be alone. Where’s Shui Xiu?”

An invisible force field pervaded Ye Qingyu’s surroundings while he was saying these words, and thus the other people around were unable to hear what he was saying.

The storyteller could not help laughing bitterly upon hearing this.

“You’re certainly worthy of being the third deputy of the Human Race. I’d never expected that the disguise technique innate to my race would be seen through by your sharp eyes.” Laughing, he had no choice but to confess. “Of course Shui Xiu wouldn’t be here. She hasn’t fully comprehended the secret techniques of my race and thus would be noticed if out in public… Deputy, surely a busy person like you didn’t come to tiny little Flowing Light City just to arrest an exiled vagrant like me, right?”

This storyteller was none other than Ge Ming, the descendant of the Seven Fingers Race.

Nicknamed the [Gambling Demon], he had a brief history with Ye Qingyu. At that time, he and the Seven Fingers Race little girl called Shui Xiu would probably have been killed had Ye Qingyu not intervened. As such, knowing that Ye Qingyu was different from other people, he did not panic despite being identified.

Moreover, the fact that he knew of Ye Qingyu’s status as the third deputy of the Human Race revealed that he had excellent sources of information and was not really living in seclusion and ignorance of the outside world. After all, even Miao Wuhen still did not know of Ye Qingyu’s promotion, which probably meant that the former, together with the Greater One Spiritual Master and others, had left the Road of Chaos before Ye Qingyu was appointed by the Alliance of Domains.

“I had something else to do here, and only ran into you coincidentally,” Ye Qingyu said. “Seems like you’re doing pretty well. At least, you aren’t being hunted by anyone, and unexpectedly, the renowned [Gambling Demon] isn’t hiding in a gambling den somewhere and is instead serving as a storyteller in this tiny inn. When I came to Flowing Light City the first time and saw you, I’d felt that you were rather familiar but couldn’t recall who you might be. It’s only this time that I suddenly realized. Hoho, perhaps this is divine will to save me from searching the world over for you… I happen to have something for you.”

As soon as he spoke, a strange force arose beside him.

Everyone who had not left the main hall was instantly sent flying, albeit without suffering any injury as a result. The silver mist then instantly inundated the main hall.

The people outside could no longer see nor hear what was going on inside.

After doing all this, Ye Qingyu opened his palm to reveal a three-foot longsword which gave off a pale blue glow and handed it to Ge Ming.

The latter was stunned.

“Is this… Divine… Sword of the South?”

The [Gambling Demon], who had kept his composure all this time, suddenly began to quiver in voice.

Not even in his dreams did he believe that he would ever again see the [Divine Sword of the South], which was the most precious treasure of the Seven Fingers Race.

The Seven Fingers Race used to be a fairly prominent race among the Vast Thousand Domains, and had produced martial emperors who were awed far and wide. Unfortunately, for some reason back then, the patriarch brought this most precious treasure and hurriedly proceeded to the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, from where he would never return. This divine sword, which contained the biggest secret of the Seven Fingers Race, was thereby lost, resulting in a severe weakening of the race, which was never able to recover since then. Subsequently, a few things happened which ultimately led to the race getting massacred and becoming near-extinct. However, Ge Ming knew that the [Divine Sword of the South] was definitely dropped in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss.

Hence, for a long time, he laid low in the Black Demon Abyss, waiting for an opportunity. Given his strength, he could not force his way into the 18the district. Later on, when the Door of Darkness opened, he was unfortunately exposed and was thus forced to leave the Black Demon Abyss in order to protect Shui Xiu, the final descendant of the Seven Fingers Race, thereby losing this final opportunity.

There would not be a subsequent opportunity.
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