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Imperial God Emperor 950 Are You the Ice Sword Killing God?

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Chapter 950 – Are You the Ice Sword Killing God?

Realizing this, Miao Wuhen became even more frightened.

He could not be any clearer of his situation within the Clear River Domain. Aside from a small number of people from the Greater One Sect, there was close to nobody in the domain who was his match. In particular, after following the Greater One Spiritual Master to that place this time and gaining a fortuitous encounter, his self-confidence swelled so much that he even began to look down on the master of the Sky Splitting Demon Sect, who was the top expert of the Clear River Domain.

However, he was not so confident against a foreign domain expert.

This was because he had traveled to foreign domains and met some all-domineering, supreme experts, especially on the Road of Chaos. As such, he had acquired an instinctive awe for foreign domain experts.

Hence, he immediately began to shudder when he realized that the person in front of him was not from the Clear River Domain.

“You… respectable one, who are you? Why do you want to associate with those crooks from the Immortal God Emperor Sect? There may be a misunderstanding somewhere...” He changed tack, having lost the courage to battle on. “You, respectable one, are certainly not from the Clear River Domain. I’ve followed my sect master to the Chaotic Ruins Domain and the Road of Chaos before, and have only seen people like you in the nineteen cities of chaos. I believe that there may be some misunderstanding between us.”

“Oh? You’ve been to the Road of Chaos?” Ye Qingyu’s heart jolted.

The sudden rise of the Greater One Sect was a mystery which Miao Wuhen, as a senior disciple of the Greater One Spiritual Master, surely understood. His divulgence that he had followed the Greater One Spiritual Master to the Road of Chaos and the nineteen cities of chaos likely meant that the mysterious power supporting the Greater One Sect was one of the nineteen cities of chaos, or so Ye Qingyu wondered.

“Yes yes yes, since you come from the Road of Chaos, there shouldn’t be any enmity between us, we...” Miao Wuhen hurriedly explained while composedly taking steps back.

“Have you spoken enough?” Ye Qingyu looked at him with an apathetic expression. “If you have, then get ready to defend yourself.”

“Why… go so far? Who exactly are you?” Miao Wuhen was furtively building up his power as he tried to use words to stall for time while slowly retreating.

However, Ye Qingyu saw through this and was in control of the situation, “Since you’ve been to the Road of Chaos and witnessed the events there, you would probably have heard my name. If you can’t tell who I am, it only means that your level is too low.”

“You...” Feeling blatantly belittled, Miao Wuhen exploded in rage. Just as he was about to say something, he abruptly realized something while gazing at those snow-white clothes. In no time, the anger in his tone vanished, and he thus stuttered with a face filled with terror and astoundment. “You.. you are… are Ye Qingyu, the [Ice Sword Killing God]?”

“Since you know who I am, are you still not willing to accept death?” Ye Qingyu unhurriedly walked down from the gilded chariot.

Ice veins which resembled silver snakes formed wherever he passed. Within an instant, everything behind him became completely frozen by silver ice that appeared out of thin air, as if the Winter God had suddenly descended to take control of the whole world. In front of him, the trembling Black Armor Warriors stepped back frantically as though seeing a ghost.

“I… I...” Miao Wuhen was deeply terrified.

He had already lost all senses by now.

Ye Qingyu the [Ice Sword Killing God].

For a past period of time, this was a name which resounded on the Road of Chaos so much that calluses nearly formed in his ears from hearing it over and over again. It was precisely because he had been to the Road of Chaos that he knew better than those who had only heard a couple of rumors in the Clear River Domain what this name entailed. In particular, there was only one word which could describe what this name meant to the forces of the Clear River Domain - unmatchable.

As much as the Greater One Sect had received tremendous support in that place, it was nevertheless not strong enough to compete against such a person. Had he known that the mysterious ace who slayed the Heaven Desire Demon Sect master was none other than Ye Qingyu the [Ice Sword Killing God], Miao Wuhen would definitely have run away as quickly as he could instead of self-assuredly setting up a trap.

Sword will was generated as Ye Qingyu shook his head and formed a thought.


A beam of sword light cut across the Void and locked on to Miao Wuhen.

“I’ll fight...” A scared-shitless Miao Wuhen shouted as the strange evil mist which lingered around his body began to gather on his arms. A large blood-spitting mouth suddenly formed on his right palm and devoured toward the sword light, “It’s either you or me… [Devouring Darkness], devour him now.”

This mouth was full of sharp white teeth which resembled daggers. Miao Wuhen’s entire being instantly seemed to transform into a non-human monster which unleashed a devouring power that could not be any stranger. Appearing capable of devouring the universe, it started to absorb all of the universal spiritual qi around.

“Huh? This power… seems familiar.”

Ye Qingyu’s heart jolted.

However, his Divine Emperor sword will did not slow down for even a moment, sending a dazzling streak of sword arc slicing across the Void.

The dark-blood python and the blood-spitting mouth each split into two and, amid a shrilling long roar, turned into a trail of black smoke before dissipating. Behind them, Miao Wuhen was also sundered into two, with his physical body and soul becoming annihilated by the Divine Emperor sword will.

“I… will get people to kill you… kill you, don’t… you rejoice too soon.” Miao Wuhen gnashed his teeth. His face, divided by a faint silver-colored cleave, looked savage like no other. Before he could finish his sentence, his body completely split apart and collapsed in two separate pieces.

Ye Qingyu did not say a word.

His body pulled apart into a series of afterimages which swept across the wind and snow and vanished.

The next moment, he appeared below the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

“My child...” Brimming with tears, Heng Yuge took Little Leng Yuxi from Ye Qingyu’s arms and hugged the baby as if hugging the entire world. Her hanging heart finally returned to its usual place as she profusely said, “Brother Ye Qingyu, thank you, thank you...”

She was so touched that her speech became a little incoherent.

Meanwhile, something strange took place far away.

The site of the Black Armor Warrior array at the city gate had completely turned into a snow land, with everything, including the opened gilded chariot, the black iron stake, and thousands of Black Armor Warriors, all turned into ice sculptures. As a gust of wind blew by, all of the ice chips drifted into the air like weightless catkins before melting into the Void and blending into the environment of the domain.

If it was not for the deep sword mark which stretched a kilometer long across the ground, nobody would believe that a battle had taken place here, and that one of the Greater One Sect’s elite divisions had been completely annihilated in an instant here.

“Let’s go to the city to find the remains of brother Leng Xiaoran and the descendants of brother Cheng Zhengliang. I wonder if they’re still there.” Ye Qingyu brought Heng Yuge and her child to Flowing Light City.

By this time, having witnessed the entire battle process below and seen Miao Wuhen’s demise, the armored warriors of the Greater One Sect who were stationed on top of the city wall had been scared stiff, such that they fell apart and lost all courage to battle on. In less than thirty minutes, more than half of them had already fled in panic.

Seeing the usually-overweening armored warriors fleeing as if doomsday had arrived, the pedlars, passers-by, and refugees in the city were baffled and also began to feel somewhat fearful, with some of them believing that bandits were attacking the city. A few warriors who were late to receive news of Miao Wuhen’s death did not have time to flee when they eventually realized what was happening. They even wanted to impede and strike back at Ye Qingyu, but were swiftly decimated. A few fanatical aces who tried to charge at Ye Qingyu from oblique directions were turned into ice chips by the visible sword will that appeared in the Void before melting and disappearing.

Ye Qingyu found the corpses of Leng Xiaoran, Chen Zhengliang, and others on the punishment square in front of the city lord’s mansion.

Each of these people was a warrior of accomplished cultivation, and as such their bodies did not rot post-death. These bodies had thus been displayed in iron cages on both sides of the punishment square as a signal of strength. Ye Qingyu provided a proper burial for them together with the corpses of aces from many other sects. Heng Yuge, meanwhile, preserved her husband’s body in preparation for finding a peaceful place to bury him in the future.

There was a mild commotion in the city.

Ye Qingyu arrived below the South Facing Inn.

“It’s you? You...” The waiter who had served Ye Qingyu previously was taken aback when he saw the reappearance of the latter. Pleasantly surprised to an extreme, he turned his head and shouted into the shop, “Master Song, that fellow has come again. He won’t get away this time. I clearly saw that it was him ordering Nan Ge tea…”

Immediately, a squad of armored warriors from the Greater One Sect, plated in red armor, charged out from the inn and directly toward Ye Qingyu. They had evidently spent the morning drinking in the inn and thus had absolutely no idea what had gone on in the city.

As if not seeing them, Ye Qingyu slowly walked toward the inn.

Streaks of sword will flickered in the Void.

Upon taking no more than a few steps forth, all of the red-armored warriors were struck by these streaks of sword will and turned into ice before splitting into two halves. As Ye Qingyu walked through their midst, they shattered and melted into the air at a visible speed, leaving no trace of ever appearing before.

The waiter was stunned.

Cold sweat trickled down his forehead while he was too afraid to even move his eyeballs. Upon witnessing the lightning-fast massacre of those lofty, deity-like red-armored warriors, he immediately became aware that this white-clothed young man was as terrifying as a demon lord. Even though the latter had no intention of killing him, he felt the hair all over his body shoot up and remained paralyzed with fear on the spot when the latter walked past him.

When Ye Qingyu entered the main hall of the inn, the diners retreated tremblingly as though they had seen a demon king.

Paying them no regard, Ye Qingyu made his way to the middle section of the main hall and stopped in front of the storyteller.

“After our meeting in the Black Demon Abyss, I’d never thought I would see you again here.” He had felt this storyteller to be rather familiar the first time he came here but was unable to recognize who this person was at that time. Later on, while at the Hundred Spirits Sect, he abruptly recalled who this person was.

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