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Chapter 949 – Just Two Beams of Sword Light

Seeing Ye Qingyu’s actions, Miao Wuhen cracked a silent smile as he sat motionlessly on the gilded chariot, as calm as a cat toying with a rat.

Given no signal by their chief commander, the army of Black Armor Warriors beside him, too, remain motionless, resembling black iron sculptures and showing why they were truly a frightening steel legion.

Ye Qingyu promptly arrived in front of the iron cage above the stake at the next moment.

A beam of sword light burst out from his palm and sliced toward the cage.

Nothing’s more urgent than the rescue.

Just then, however, Miao Wuhen laughed savagely as if seeing a prey fall into his trap. As his palm shimmered, he seemed to activate some kind of formation which immediately caused an immense bloodsucking power to flicker on the barbs within the baby Leng Yuxi’s body, seeming on the verge of blowing the baby asunder.

Subsequently, Miao Wuhen would just have to wait for the moment when Ye Qingyu became enraged and lost his senses.

He had calculated all of this beforehand.

Ever since he saw Heng Yuge and this young man appearing together, he knew that his trap had been planned correctly. That the duo would come alone to perform this rescue proved that the baby was very important to this young man. And certainly, the first reaction of anyone who saw their rescue target dying within their reach was that of disbelief if not anger.

This would then lead to a loss of attention.

And as long as Ye Qingyu lost his attention, Miao Wuhen would be able to find an opportunity.

A fine crack rapidly appeared on the latter’s palm at this moment and turned into a sharp mouth which was densely packed with fangs, preparing to soar into the sky where it would begin devouring.

However, something which Miao Wuhen did not expect happened at this instant.

Ye Qingyu suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a drop of fresh blood which, upon landing on the baby Leng Yuxi, turned into veins that wrapped the latter up and gave off a heart-palpitating aura.

It was an ancient formation print technique, containing immense power, which Miao Wuhen had never seen before. Within an instant, it incinerated the barbs in the baby’s body while also freezing the power of annihilation which had just been manifested by the formation chains within these barbs.

The earlier streak of sword light cut open not only the iron cage but also the formation chains.

Ye Qingyu reached his hands forward and brought the baby into his arms before injecting a stream of yuan qi into the little one’s body. Under the effect of the surging life aura, the latter’s wounds disappeared completely in an instant. The torn hand and foot tendons were repaired, while the bloody perforations at the shoulders also disappeared completely.

The baby, which had still been crying in terror, no longer felt any pain and was shrouded in unprecedented comfort. Its tears immediately turned into a smile as it instinctively reached out its chubby, tiny hands with the intention of touching Ye Qingyu’s face.

“What a cute child.” Ye Qingyu lowered his head and looked into those crystal-clear eyes. A warm feeling was roused in his heart as he inwardly vowed to protect the life of this young girl, for she was the daughter and final descendant of the heroine Leng Xiaoran.


“How is this possible?”

Shocked, Miao Wuhen straightened his body and stood up.

It should be known that the formation chains which he had fastened on to the baby were created using a secret technique not from the Clear River Domain. With just a single thought, he could activate them to cause widespread destruction. No outsider knew about the secret behind them, while even a formation master would have absolutely no way of sealing this formation chain technique within a short amount of time.

“Who are you?” He was no longer as calm as before.


Ye Qingyu did not reply.

He carefully took a white robe out from his storage ring and used it to wrap the little one up. Smiling, he held her in his arms with just his left hand. When he then lowered his head to look at Miao Wuhen, the chill in his eyes seemed sufficient to freeze the entire world.


Without answering the latter’s question, he swooped downward like a giant eagle.

“You are too… presumptuous.” Miao Wuhen raged. “Do you really think I can’t kill you?”

He pressed his palms in the Void lightly, causing a dense pack of green formations to emerge and form a giant round plate in front of himself. Like a yin-yang chaotic divine plate, it generated layers upon layers of mysteries and spun according to his thoughts. Streaks of green-lit murderous spirit violently shot out from it and toward the downward-swooping Ye Qingyu.

“Death Essence… of Heavenly Destruction!”

Roaring monstrously, Miao Wuhen exerted a heaven-defying killing move.

In a flash, the dense streaks of green-lit murderous spirit tore through the Void and inundated Ye Qingyu, as if it would pulverize him into green smoke at the very next instant.

There was an indifference in Ye Qingyu’s eyes, as if he had seen nothing.

A wind swept his black hair up.

The baby in his arms let out a cheerful laughter.

“[Divine Emperor Sword Mantra]… Strike!”

He casually drew a line in the Void.

The Divine Emperor sword will shot forth.

The spattering silver glow of the visible sword will formed a dazzling trail in the Void. Devoid of formations and vigor, it was like a bright airstream with an indescribable aesthetic appeal. It brought to mind the eye beams of an all-domineering divine emperor lowering his head to look down on all creation from above the clouds.

This was the first time Ye Qingyu had displayed the Divine Emperor sword will while fighting against an enemy.

The universe was torn into two with a slice of the sword light.

Including the oncoming green-lit murderous spirit which surged tempestuously.

And the gilded chariot below.

And the white-bone divine throne.

And also… one of Miao Wuhen’s arms.

Had he not shifted slightly at the very last critical moment and made some reactions, it would have been his entire body which was sliced into two.

“How can you be… this strong?”

He was terribly astonished.

The arm was cut off completely, leaving a mirror-like splendor on the stump. Miao Wuhen shockingly realized that, despite his cultivation, he was unable to regenerate his flesh at this moment, as if a mysterious power had sealed the stump up.

If it was my body which was sliced by that beam of sword light just now, would I already be dead by now?

What sorcery of a sword technique is this?

How can it be this frightening?

Did he really so easily sunder the [Death Essence of Heavenly Destruction]?

Is he a Great Saint realm expert?

Miao Wuhen retreated wildly.

“Activate, [Great Array of Heavenly Punishment], and grind him to death!”

Sensing that things were no good, he hurriedly ordered.


Thousands of angry roars sounded at the same time.

Upon receiving an order from their chief commander, the Black Armor Warriors finally responded. Amid the angry roars, every one of them frantically worked up the yuan qi in their body and displayed some kind of secret technique. For an instant, evil qi seemed to become energized and began to twist in midair. Green streaks of a strange radiance crept across the ground beneath the warriors and formed a chessboard-like pattern, harnessing the power stored within the depths of the land, with every intersection point of the green radiance being a spot where a Black Armor Warrior was standing.

A huge array of annihilation emerged across the land, resembling a dense chessboard-like arrangement of formations, each of which contained a destructive killing intent.

The so-called [Great Array of Heavenly Punishment] effectively harnessed the land’s power and gathered the warriors into an arrangement.

In reality, it had been fully set up beneath the ground surface earlier on.

Thousands of armored warriors, roused by blood and driven by force, became united in thought as they worked up this terrifying array.

A frightening power of annihilation surged among the universe.

Twisting like the eye of a storm, it entrapped Ye Qingyu at its centermost.

“Haha, grind him to death for me.” With his remaining hand pressing against the stump of the broken arm, Miao Wuhen swiftly blended into the arrangement of thousands of Black Armor Warriors and disappeared in a flash. However, his angry bawls continued to resound throughout the universe. “Little rascal, you’ll die for sure under the [Great Array of Heavenly Punishment] no matter who you are, and I shall then devour your flesh. No one person can resist the power of the land and a thousand men. You’ll be ground down bit by bit, even if it takes a while.”

There was nothing he wanted more than to mince Ye Qingyu into paste.

To him, it was simply unforgivable for the latter to have chopped off his arm during a momentary lapse of attention.

However, his angry roars became surprised cries at the next instant.

This was because, in the face of the world-destroying array, the white-robed man who was standing on the broken gilded chariot with the baby in his arms continued to use his fingers as a sword which he swung casually.

Another dazzling beam of sword will surged forth and sundered the world.

Even if there was greater power, more armored warriors, a more terrifying array, a more advantageous situation, or… all advantages and stratagems imaginable, nothing seemed adequate in front of this sword will splendor. Without making a sound, the second move of the Divine Emperor sword will swiftly sliced everything into two, as if it was tearing paintings, chopping water, and shattering dreams.

With a strike, it broke the array!

More than half of the thousands of Black Armor Warriors died to this single strike.

The land in front of the city gate was sliced apart by this one strike, creating a kilometer-long sword mark which gave the impression that the land had fissured. The array which was engraved underground was also totally destroyed and could no longer be activated.

As Miao Wuhen stood within the broken formation of heavenly punishment, he was surrounded by wailing and struggling Black Armor Warriors.

Completely dazed, his body shuddered as he stared fixedly at Ye Qingyu, who was standing on the broken gilded chariot.

He could not believe that two beams of sword radiance was all it took for his opponent to dismantle the trap he had racked his brain to set up. Seeing that the latter was standing quietly with the calmness of a banished Immortal, especially in those indifferent and piercing eyes, he had a false sense that the latter was the true hunter since the beginning, while he himself was no more than a self-important prey.

It turns out that I was wrong from the very start.

He ain’t pretty strong.

Instead, he’s very strong… too strong!

In front of such absolute strength, all my schemes are like paper theories, so pitiful, absurd, and lamentable.

He abruptly realized that a person like this was definitely not from the Clear River Domain.
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