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Chapter 948 – The Person Who Will Kill You

Ye Qingyu was a Saint, so he was familiar with the laws of the universe. Although he could not fully exert the power of laws, he would be able to draw on the qualities of the laws within a limited area. For example, he was able to shrink a road to the length of an inch and this allowed him to cover a distance of a hundred kilometers with every step he took while he was in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. Now that he had a better comprehension of the powers of a Saint, he was able to cover almost a thousand kilometers with every step.

The Hundred Spirits Sect was approximately one hundred thousand kilometers from Flowing Light City. He could easily cover this distance in the time it took to take a few hundred steps.

Heng Yuge's yuan qi had been destroyed and she had been blinded so she was not aware of any change in scenery. As she stood beside Ye Qingyu, she had no awareness of the changes in her surroundings and still assumed that they were in the wooden hut at the Hundred Spirits Sect.

Moments later—

Flowing Light City was just ahead of them.

"We're here," Ye Qingyu said softly.

Heng Yuge was stunned, "What? We're already… So quickly… Are… we really there?"

"Yes, we've arrived." Ye Qingyu thought for a moment and said, "If we force our way inside, we might be alerting the enemy of our arrival. This will not bode well for Leng Yuxi, so we'll sneak into the city first. And after we find and rescue Leng Yuxi, I'll make sure to kill all the rebels from the Greater One Sect to avenge the deaths of Brother Leng Xiaoran and the others. However, before we do that, I'll restore your vision first. Mistress Heng Yuge, please relax and focus on guiding your yuan qi…"

Ye Qingyu spoke as he placed one hand on her shoulder.

"I'm grateful for your kindness but my yuan qi has already been destroyed. The Hundred Spirits Sect is known for their medical and pill-refinery skills but they were still unable to restore my vision. Please don't waste your yuan qi, I'm…" Heng Yuge instinctively wanted to say something else, but she felt a strange warm current flowing into her body from Ye Qingyu's palm. It instantly spread out to her limbs and bones.

Then, a miracle happened.

To her astonishment, she discovered that there were many sore spots and internal injuries that suddenly healed as though a flood had cleansed her body of all impurities. The dark mysterious force that had plagued her for a long time was instantly burnt to nothingness by this warm current. She sensed that the broken and blocked yuan qi channels within her body could now flow freely. Her dantian world, which had been completely destroyed, had come back to life as this warm current revitalized her dantian world. It grew as quickly as wild grass did after a storm. She could even faintly hear the sound of her yuan qi roaring within her body. This was a familiar sensation to her because she had been an expert of the martial way, but she had not felt this sensation over these past few months.

Was her strength about to be restored?

She did not dare to hope.

At the same time, she suddenly saw a faint light in front of her.

Heng Yuge instinctively blinked her eyes and that light gradually grew clearer. Things that were blurry gradually grew sharper until she realized to her astonishment that she could see again. Her world had been shrouded in darkness but her vision was slowly being restored.

"This..." Heng Yuge found it completely unbelievable.

Was it that simple?

This was the moment when she finally understood the rumors that surrounded Ye Qingyu on the Road of Chaos. She finally comprehended the weight behind his words when he had promised that he would be able to kill those below the Great Saint realm and could even stand a fighting chance against Great Saint experts.

When her vision was restored, Heng Yuge could finally see Ye Qingyu clearly again after four years.

She saw that he was still as handsome as he had been four years ago, but upon a closer look, she could see that there was an added layer of authoritative aura to his handsome features that had not been there before. He looked dependable and trustworthy. This miraculous man was truly peerless and outstanding and Heng Yuge suddenly felt more hopeful that they could pull this rescue mission off.

She fervently hoped that her daughter was still alive and had not been killed by Miao Wuhen and his evil underlings.

"Many thanks," Heng Yuge said.

She had already recovered half of her cultivation and the scar on her face had also faded.

"You're welcome. Please continue to recover your inner yuan and rest, then we'll enter the city," Ye Qingyu said with a smile. He wanted to first observe the situation in Flowing Light City. At the same time, two light-purple flames appeared in his eyes as he used the [Eyes of the Void] to see through all deceptive illusions. He wanted to see how many Greater One Sect experts were standing guard in Flowing Light City at the moment.

Then, Heng Yuge's face suddenly changed and she clutched at her chest as though she sensed something. "I… I don't feel so good… I think I heard Leng Yuxi struggling. She's still alive, she's definitely still alive. But she's in extreme pain. We have to enter the city now… Brother Ye Qingyu, can we?"

Ye Qingyu then retracted his consciousness power. He had sensed something.

"Sure, let's go."

There was a flash of splendor by means of his mental command and both of them disappeared on the spot.

In the next instant, they both appeared at the foot of Flowing Light City's city gates.

Ye Qingyu did not enter the city because the great army of the Greater One Sect stood in front of Flowing Light City on the opposite end.

Thousands of heavily armed guards stood like a black counter-current in front of the gates of Flowing Light City. Every one of them was a peak Heaven Ascension realm expert and they stood like terrifying killing machines surrounded by dark-red evil qi that was so strong it practically seemed solid. Thousands of people stood together in a formation meant to kill, and evil qi gathered like destructive blood clouds that exuded a terrifying aura.

A nine-meter-tall, black metal stake stood high in the middle of this formation and an iron cage hung from the stake. There seemed to be someone within the black cage. To his surprise, Ye Qingyu found that his vision was obstructed by that blood cloud evil qi and he could not see anything at that moment.

Twenty Iron Mountain large beasts native to the Clear River Domain were under the thick metal stake. These beasts could carry huge burdens and each beast was at least three meters tall. It was said that these beasts had a force of five thousand kilograms. They were clad in black, iron cast-armor and breathed roughly through their noses. They stood sternly where they were and they carried a gilded golden carriage that was roughly a hundred square meters on their backs. There was a flag erected on top of the carriage that fluttered in the wind with a large "Miao" symbol on the flag. A sinister, middle-aged man with a hooked nose sat boldly on a seat made of bone under the flag.

Ye Qingyu and Heng Yuge stopped when they were fifty meters away from the army.

They looked up.

"That man… it's him, Miao Wuhen." Heng Yuge's gaze immediately fell on that middle-aged man with the hooked nose. She looked as though she was on fire. Her gaze was like sharp swords that pierced through that man—she was completely overcome with rage.

Ye Qingyu glanced at that man and nodded, "Got it, I'll kill him for you."

Then, he raised his hand and readied to attack.

At that moment, Miao Wuhen cackled sinisterly from his gilded chariot that faced them.

He stared at Ye Qingyu and nodded proudly, "Haha, this is great. This is just brilliant. You've arrived even before I released the news. You're the person who murdered the master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, right? You even brought that traitorous chief, Heng Yuge, along with you? From the looks of her, I can tell that you've already healed her. I'm amazed by your skills… You must be very powerful. I'm very pleased with you. Haha, do you see the steel stake behind me?"

Miao Wuhen rose to his feet and a faint beam of energy shot from his hand.


There was a soft sound.

That faint palm energy shook the steel stake with a booming noise.

The iron cage suspended from the steel stake rattled loudly from the impact.

Then, the sound of an infant crying could be heard from the iron cage. The infant had already been crying and her voice was slightly hoarse.

The person trapped inside the cage was an infant.

The moment Heng Yuge heard the infant's cries, the pain in her heart intensified. She paused for a second, then immediately realized something and yelled angrily, "No… it is Leng Yuxi. It is Leng Yuxi inside the cage… You vile creature, what have you done to my daughter? I'm going to kill you…"

This amazing woman, who had always remained calm and rational, was almost driven to the point of insanity at that moment.

This was the love of a mother.

This was a bond shared by a mother and her child. Even though she could not see the features of the infant due to the evil blood qi, she could clearly sense that the infant trapped inside the cage was her child. The faint crying sounds through the wind tore at her heart. All her worry and longing for her child over the past couple of months welled to the surface as though a dam had broken, causing her to throw all caution to the wind.

"Don't be rash." Ye Qingyu immediately stopped her.

"Leng Yuxi, she's on top…" Heng Yuge was on the verge of collapsing.

Ye Qingyu clapped a hand on her shoulder and said slowly with an emphasis on each word, "Don't worry. Leave everything to me."

Then, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] appeared with one thought from him and slowly turned as he stood suspended in midair. Wisps of bright-yellow silk ribbons fell from it that protected Heng Yuge within. Thereafter, he slowly walked toward the black-armored army.

On the opposite end—

"Who are you?"

Miao Wuhen asked as he stared at Ye Qingyu from the gilded chariot.

At that moment, he could not connect this young man in white to any expert from the Clear River Domain. He also found that his [Eyes of the Void] was unable to discern this young man's strength. This piqued his curiosity even more.

"I'm the person who will kill you." A purple light slowly formed in Ye Qingyu's eyes.

He wanted to check if there were any formations or traps within that steel stake and iron cage before he decided on his next move. If the infant within the cage was truly Leng Yuxi, he could not exert too much strength because she was just a defenseless infant. Furthermore, she was Leng Xiaoran's last descendant, so if anything happened to her, all their previous efforts would have been in vain.

The [Eyes of the Void] could see past all deceptive traps.

The moment he looked, he was suddenly overcome with an anger that burned brightly in his heart.

He clearly saw that the tiny infant, who was as cute and shiny as a jade carving, had her hand and foot tendons cut by a sharp knife. The person who performed the act was highly-skilled and cruel, causing fresh blood to flow from her tiny hands and feet one drop at a time. She would not die due to loss of blood for the time being but she would be in extreme pain. Furthermore, sharp and thin spiky barbs pierced through her shoulders, tying her tightly to this iron cage. And these barbs were connected to thick chains that were full of hidden formation shadows. It was obvious that there was a formation within that would be activated to blow the baby to bits if anyone tried to rescue the child.

This was such a cruel method of torture.

These people were rotten to the core.

That baby was suffering intensely but she could not faint. She frantically cried as she struggled but the more she struggled, the more intense the pain became. Her voice was already hoarse from crying and it was a horrific sight to behold.

A strong killing intent spread from his body like a hurricane.

"All of you must die."

He transformed into a bolt of lightning that instantly charged toward the iron cage.
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