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Chapter 947 – Ye Qingyu's Promise

When Ye Qingyu left Clear River Domain back then, Leng Xiaoran and Heng Yuge were still a newly married couple and they didn't have any children. Thereafter, they would occasionally exchange letters but there was no mention of a child, so he wasn't aware that his old friends had welcomed the arrival of a child.

It seemed like Hu Bugui wasn't aware of this either.

"The child is only six months old and just before the birth of our child, Clear River Domain suddenly descended into chaos. Although we were delighted with the birth of our child, we didn't throw a huge celebration and only invited Brother Cheng Zhengliang, Brother Daoba, and the others to drink at South Facing Inn. We didn't manage to contact Young Master Nan Tieyi and Brother Hu Bugui at that time since you were both busy and thus you weren't informed. Thereafter, Flowing Light City fell into the enemy's hands and I initially planned on fighting to the death with Brother Leng Xiaoran, but I could only bear with the torture and survive for the sake of my child. The person who rules over Flowing Light City is the personal disciple of the Greater One Immortal, Miao Wuhen. He is extremely cruel, scheming and vicious. After he took my child hostage and destroyed my yuan qi cultivation, he sent me to the execution ground, hoping to lure the disciples of Immortal God Emperor Sect out, but Brother Hu Bugui rushed over in time and rescued me…" Heng Yuge said after Ye Qingyu helped her out and briefed him on the situation.

Ye Qingyu started to make sense of the situation.

Hu Bugui was able to escape anytime since he had that emperor qi tile so Miao Wuhen's plan had failed. If it had been anyone else staging the rescue operation, they wouldn't have been able to escape since Heng Yuge was now a burden after losing her cultivation.

"Sister, why didn't you let me know earlier? If I had known, I would have done everything I could to rescue Brother Leng Xiaoran's child even if I had to risk my life for it," Hu Bugui said as he was overcome with guilt.

A mournful smile spread across her face as she replied, "Back then, you were already completely surrounded by his men. I knew how despicable Miao Wuhen could be and knew that he still had many tricks up his sleeve. Furthermore, the Greater One Immortal had stationed countless Saint-level experts within the city so even though I longed to rescue my child, I couldn't put you in danger because of it. If I did that and my husband came to know of my actions in the underworld, he would never forgive me for this…"

Both Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui heaved long sighs and couldn't say anything in response.

Both men were full of admiration for this amazing woman whose fate had been so tragic. She had constantly put the safety of others before herself. Leng Xiaoran and Heng Yuge were both willing to fight to the death in order to save people back when Flowing Light City had fallen into the hands of the Demon Spider Race and now that their only descendant was in the hands of the enemy, anyone else would've been consumed by hatred and would've done everything to kill their enemy. However, even though Heng Yuge longed for her child, she was afraid of putting Hu Bugui in danger and thus made no mention of it. After she arrived at Hundred Spirits Sect, she continued to bear this burden and the pain all by herself. She probably had a hard time sleeping and was constantly missing her child but she still did not mention it since she knew that once she mentioned it, Hu Bugui, Nan Tieyi, and the others would definitely risk everything to save her child. She could not afford to send them into danger.

This was the mark of a true heroine and a true warrior.

When Ye Qingyu looked at Heng Yuge, he was inexplicably reminded of his own parents.

Back then, when the demonic beast had attacked the city, his parents had also resolutely joined the battle in order to save their fellow humans in Deer City.

"Mistress Heng Yuge, rest assured, I will definitely bring back your child within a day even if I have to bathe the entire city in blood," Ye Qingyu promised her solemnly. Then he asked, "Could you let me know the gender of this child? Does your child have any defining features?"

Heng Yuge grew emotional and said, "She's a girl. My husband named her Leng Yuxi… Brother Ye Qingyu , could… could I come along?"

"Of course you may," Ye Qingyu nodded. With his current cultivation, he was confident that he would still be able to dominate the entire Flowing Light City even if he brought Heng Yuge along. Furthermore, it would be better if Heng Yuge tagged along to prevent him from rescuing the wrong baby when he got there. He had never seen this child so he would feel more reassured if she came along.

"I'll go with you," Hu Bugui jumped in. "I might as well take this chance to kill that Miao Wuhen to avenge the brothers who have died in battle.

Ye Qingyu thought for a moment, then said, "Brother Hu Bugui, I think it'd be better if you remain at Hundred Flowers Valley for the time being since they have suffered devastating losses after the battle and are currently very weak. There's no way they could withstand another battle so the consequences would be disastrous if the enemy attacks again. You stay here with Brother Nan Tieyi and I'll be gone with Mistress Heng Yuge for a day at most. We'll definitely be back."

Hu Bugui was still a little worried and said, "Then you should take my precious treasure, just in case..."

Ye QIngyu laughed heartily and said, "Don't worry, I've got my own treasures too... Tell that silly dog to behave better at Hundred Flowers Valley and not run around so much. We'll be back very soon."

As soon as he spoke—

There was a silver flash of light.

Ye Qingyu and Heng Yuge both disappeared on the spot.

"Eh? So fast?" Hu Bugui said resentfully, "How do you expect me to be able to control that silly dog? He's practically the devil incarnate..."



"What? The entire army was wiped out? What happened?"

In a brightly lit main hall, a tall middle-aged man with a hooked nose looked slightly surprised. His eyes narrowed strangely like two balls of orange flames and a mysterious mist swirled around his body, making it seem like his figure was distorted by the light. He looked frightful, just like a demonic king with the ability to control the hearts of men.

If Heng Yuge was present, she would have definitely recognized that frightening middle-aged man with a hooked nose as the personal disciple of the Greater One Immortal - Miao Wuhen.

Miao Wuhen looked at the few trembling men who knelt on the ground and a cold expression appeared on his face. The temperature of the great hall instantly dropped.

He slowly sat down and paused slightly. Then, his fingers that were like metal tapped out a strange rhythm on the armrest of his seat. The low and gentle taps sounded like a raging tempest. After some time, he asked, "The Hundred Spirits Sect is just a small sect that only has a few thousand people. Its most powerful expert is only at the Fifth Step Immortal Step realm. Even if they have some resources, how could they possibly wipe out your entire army, including your sect master? What exactly happened?"

He spoke calmly but no one in the hall dared to even exhale.

"My…my lord, everything went smoothly at first and we were about to take down the Hundred Flowers Valley but at the last moment, there was a sudden change. An invincible expert came to their rescue and he killed three of our elders with three punches, then killed our sect master with the fourth and fifth punch. He even had a battle pet that was a white mythical beast. It transformed into a gluttonous evil creature that could eat the universe. That expert was just too powerful, there was no way we could fight against someone like that…" The person kneeling on the floor trembled in fear as he explained the situation.

He was one of the few survivors who managed to flee to Flowing Light City.

A sudden appearance of an invincible expert?

A white mythical beast as a battle pet?

There was a strange look on everyone's faces.

When has Clear River Domain produced such an expert?

It sounded a little unbelievable. Many people knew how powerful Heaven Desire Demon Sect's master was and they also knew that he had a mysterious blood jade that was destructively evil. Even if he wasn't considered as one of the top five experts in Clear River Domain, he would definitely make the top ten. How was it possible that he was killed in two punches? Could this disciple of Heaven Desire Demon Sect be deliberately exaggerating facts in an attempt to minimize his failings?

Miao Wuhen sat high above on the seat of the city lord.

He suddenly raised his hand and the mysterious flowing light mist swirling around him turned into a giant serpent that flung that disciple across the sky toward him. He placed one hand on that disciple's head and exerted a secret technique to peer into that disciple's memories.

"Ah ah, my lord, please spare my life… no…" That disciple struggled frantically as he begged for his life but to no avail. White foam slowly spilled from his mouth and his limbs slackened as he fainted dead away.


Miao Wuhen threw that disciple down at his feet.

His expression turned grave.

This highly-skilled expert truly existed?

He had seen the final moments of the battle at Hundred Flowers Valley through that disciple's memory.

The expert was indeed terrifying but since he chose to stand against the Greater One Sect, he would be courting death. The Greater One Sect was no longer the Greater One Sect it used to be. This expert might have been able to crush the entire Clear River Domain single-handedly in the past but now, ha ha…

An excited smile spread across Miao Wuhen's face.

"The daughter of that chief traitor Heng Yuge of the Immortal God Emperor Sect is still in our hands, right?" he said and looked at his underlings who stood in two rows beneath him.

"She's still with us. We have employed a wet nurse to look after her just as you have instructed us. In another month, she will be weaned and sent to the Greater One Mountain for training. This child has a good build and would definitely become our greatest weapon in the future."

"Ha ha, there's no need to send her to the Greater One Mountain now. Bring her out and break the tendons in her hands and feet. Let her slowly bleed out and hang her on the stake, then make sure news of this gets out…" Miao Wuhen's face was as frightening as a demon ghost and the cruel smile on his face was enough to make one breathless.

"Uh…yes, I'll see to it immediately," his underling quickly replied and didn't dare to question his decision.

Miao Wuhen dismissed his men with a slight wave of his hand, "Alright, off you all go to make the preparations. Assemble the [Great Array of Heavenly Punishment]. I'll personally wait for this person at the city gates."

"As you wish."

Everyone left the hall.

"He he, so this chief bandit Hu Bugui has been hiding at Hundred Spirits Sect. This means that that bitch, Heng Yuge would definitely be there as well. If I'm not wrong, that mysterious expert is probably acquainted with Hu Bugui. He he, I'll wait and see if you'd stage a rescue operation once news gets out. He he, this is very interesting. If I could kill such a powerful expert and swallow him, my strength would definitely skyrocket. Ha ha ha, this is indeed a pleasant surprise."

Miao Wuhen's deep evil cackles echoed throughout the quiet great hall.

He raised his hand and a large, gaping mouth suddenly appeared in the middle of his palm and immediately swallowed the Heaven Desire Demon Sect disciple on the ground. Then, Miao Wuhen licked his lips contentedly as though he had feasted on a delicious meal and his hand reverted back to its human form.

"His strength was far too weak and can't even be counted as an appetizer. Ha ha, I'm really looking forward to it. This mysterious expert, I hope you'll come soon, I can't wait any longer. I'm sure you'll be very, very delicious ha ha ha…"

The fire in his eyes danced merrily.

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