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Chapter 942 – He Is Ye Qingyu

"Woof. Little worms, come quietly into my stomach."

That huge beast's voice sounded a little risqué and suggestive. It opened its huge mouth to reveal its sharp fangs, which were like white and tall bone columns. It simply sucked in a breath of air and an unbelievably terrifying suction power welled up, causing visible air currents to swirl like whirlpools in the Void, and each whirlpool was like a mini black pool. Dozens of Heaven Desire Demon Sect disciples were caught in these air currents as they tried their best to flee, then they were swept into its stomach against their will, finally disappearing without a trace…

"Woof… this taste… isn't that great."

The white mythical beast smacked its lips, then continued sprinting in the Void as it swallowed the fleeing disciples of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect.

In a few moments, thousands of fleeing experts on the outer fringes of the Hundred Flowers Valley had been eaten by this huge beast.

On the ground—

"Hmm? I think I know what's going on now… Hey, don't you think that this huge beast looks a lot like… a dog?" Hu Bugui said as he looked at that huge white beast, his eyes gleaming brightly.

"How could it be? A dog? Hmm… it does indeed sound like one, but…" Nan Tieyi had yet to make the connection.

"I have a feeling… that this voice sounds vaguely familiar and its appearance… I feel like I've seen it somewhere before. Don't you feel the same way?" Hu Bugui carefully observed the huge beast running around in the Void and felt as though an image was floating to the surface of his mind.

"I've never seen it before…" Nan Tieyi continued to shake his head, but inexplicably, a hint of hesitation appeared in his eyes.

"No… Why don't you think again, think carefully… Hahaha. A dog, it is a dog!" Hu Bugui's eyes lit up and he laughed heartily.

"I don't know any… dog…" Nan Tieyi froze as he made the sudden connection between this violent, domineering dog and the irreverent Little Nine.

That gluttonous behavior, its white fur, and wagging tail seemed very similar to the silly dog in his memory… Could it be…

Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin were confused when they caught the change in both men's expressions but did not probe any further.

At the same time, in the Void—

That mysterious silhouette gradually started to solidify.

The mysterious expert's features were now discernible.

He was a young man with brows that were as sharp as swords and eyes that shone as brightly as stars. His features were masculine and handsome and he stood tall and upright in the Void with his hair flowing freely in the wind. A divine splendor swirled around his strands of hair and his white robes fluttered loudly in the breeze. He exuded a faint yellow Immortal qi and his aura was extremely sharp, as though he was a divine dragon from the Ninth Heavens standing tall.

On the ground, Hu Bugui, Nan Tieyi, and Shen Menghua exclaimed happily in unison.

"I can't believe it's you!"

"Little Ye Qingyu!"

"Master Ye Qingyu!"

Those three people were extremely astonished as recognition dawned.

It was Ye Qingyu, who had rushed over at the first instance from Flowing Light City.

In fact, there was also someone else present who recognized him, and that was junior sister Liu Ruxin. However, these three people were the most astonished. Never in their wildest dreams did they even think that this person could be Ye Qingyu. Even when Hu Bugui had an inkling that this white mythical beast could be the silly dog Little Nine, he had not expected that this invincible expert who fought like a god could be Ye Qingyu.

They all knew that Ye Qingyu was powerful, but no one expected him to be this powerful.

Everyone was overjoyed.

Ye Qingyu's gaze swept across the crowd in the Void and saw that, despite the numerous injuries that these people had sustained, he was relieved when he realized none of them had injured their foundations.

He smiled faintly, then appeared on the ground in the next instant with a flash of silver.

Hu Bugui retracted the defensive shield and took back his tile. Then, together with Nan Tieyi, they led the rest of the group to greet Ye Qingyu.

"We're grateful for your assistance today. Thanks to you, the Hundred Spirits Sect has been saved from destruction. Please accept our bow as a gesture of our gratitude to our benefactor." An expression of joy spread across the master of the Hundred Spirits Sect's fatigued features and she led the rest of the disciples to kneel and bow at his feet.

Master Cheng looked like she was about forty or fifty years of age and her almond-shaped eyes were clear and bright. Her shiny and voluminous hair was accessorized by a white jade hairpin, and two tendrils of her hair had escaped their confines, floating gracefully in the wind. Her hair was disheveled but she did not look like a mess at all. Her sapphire-blue brocade imperial robes were embroidered with silver peony patterns. It made her look elegant and dignified and further enhanced the slender curves of her body. It was as though time had not eroded her beautiful looks but instead made her even more becoming.

Legend has it that when she was younger, she was considered the most beautiful woman amongst the disciples in the Hundred Spirits Sect. Many heroes and outstanding talents fell in love with her and so many people tried to win her hand in marriage that they almost flattened the main gate of the sect. However, she solely focused all her efforts on her sect's affairs and did not care for the emotional attachments between a man and a woman. She had been the master of the Hundred Spirits Sect for more than a hundred years and she was known for being aloof and upright, which made her well-respected within the Clear River Domain.

She did not know who Ye Qingyu was, but despite his youthful looks, she knew that there were many senior experts who were a few thousand years old but still maintained their youthful looks. So she did not dare to be rude and immediately gave him a greeting befitting of someone who was her senior.

"Master, there is no need for such an elaborate greeting since I'm merely a young-generation martial artist of the Human Race. I was acquainted with the Hundred Spirits Sect during the Greater One's Sect Storm Sword Gathering. I happened to be in Flowing Light City today and immediately rushed here when I heard the news that the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had brought a large number of troops to attack the Hundred Spirits Sect. Unfortunately, I was still too late to prevent the loss of your disciples and the destruction of your main gate. I'm sorry for your losses." Ye Qingyu spoke with a guilt-ridden expression. Then, he lifted his phantom hand and an invisible force moved like a gentle breeze to help everyone to their feet.

"Uh…" Master Cheng sensed something and her eyes suddenly brightened.

The disciples who stood behind her all looked amazed.

In that instant, they realized that this force that moved like a gentle breeze had gently and gradually entered their limbs and bones. As this faint warm sensation spread across their bodies, their internal injuries healed and they no longer felt any pain or discomfort. They had returned to their earlier agile and graceful selves.

Master Cheng immediately understood that this young expert had been the one who had healed their injuries, but since he did not boast publicly about his actions, she simply nodded at him gratefully.

She was both surprised and pleased to hear that this young man had a previous affinity with the Hundred Spirits Sect.

"Master, this young master was our benefactor at the Greater One Mountains previously—Ye Qingyu." Liu Ruxin walked over and whispered into her master's ear. For some reason, a faint blush stained her cheeks as she spoke.

After two or three years, Liu Ruxin, who had been a beautiful girl back then, had now transformed into a gorgeous and charming woman. Every smile, glance, and gesture from her was exceedingly charming. Her eyes shone brightly like the morning sun and her light-purple imperial robes were cinched at the waist, enhancing her slender figure and perfect proportions. The white skin that peeked out from her was smoother and fairer than suet-white jade. Her black hair fell like a waterfall down her back and was accessorized with several pink jade cherry blossoms that sparkled. Furthermore, her innate Green Jade Constitution meant that the aura she exuded was exceptionally fresh and pure.


So this was their benefactor.

Master Cheng was slightly shocked.

Naturally, she had heard of Ye Qingyu.

He had created a stir along the entire Road of Chaos and had gained considerable fame.

What he managed to accomplish as a representative of a small domain was the stuff of legends. He had taken on the entire Black Moon Immortal Palace single-handedly and managed to survive against all odds. When it looked as though he would definitely die, he then single-handedly killed countless experts from the Black Moon Immortal Palace and also countless nefarious characters, which was a miraculous feat. Then, he led the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission to overcome their difficulties and ultimately pass their domain grading. He was considered an outstanding talent amongst the younger generation of experts and he managed to win the support and admiration of many domains and large forces. His achievements had spread far and wide and over at the Clear River Domain. She had also come to hear of his various feats.

Frankly speaking, she had been extremely envious of the Heaven Wasteland Domain when she heard the news.

If only such a formidable hero could appear in the Clear River Domain, then they would not find themselves in such a chaotic situation right now. Everyone knew that the reason why the Heaven Wasteland Domain was so unified and peaceful was that Ye Qingyu had powerfully quashed all opposition. He held the fort internally within the Heaven Wasteland Domain and single-handedly bore the brunt of the pressure from the foreign domains. He was just one man with a sword, but he had the ability to suppress all unrest.

She did not expect for Ye Qingyu, who she had admired and whose name created such a stir along the Road of Chaos, to be the exact same person who had rescued the disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect on many occasions during the Storm Sword Meeting. Once again, he had appeared at the critical moment when their sect had been on the brink of collapse to turn the situation around…

The master of the Hundred Spirits Sect felt even more grateful toward Ye Qingyu.

Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin both stepped forward in unison and bowed gracefully. "Master Ye Qingyu, it's been a while. We'd like to express our gratitude for your timely rescue today."

Shen Menghua was still a little pale but this did not affect her gorgeous appearance. She was clad in light-green silk robes today, which enhanced her beautiful and graceful figure. Her skirts gently fluttered as a cool and gentle breeze blew that added a layer of elegance to her appearance.

To the rest of the disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect, Ye Qingyu was a legendary figure who had once rescued their fellow sisters, but to Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin, the significance was entirely different. This was the second time he had come to their rescue, which meant that he had given them a second chance to live. This meant that their lives no longer belonged to themselves and they were willing to lay down their lives for Ye Qingyu anytime he needed their help.

These were their unspoken thoughts.

Ye Qingyu was naturally unaware of what they were thinking.

He nodded and said with a smile, "Miss Shen Menghua, Miss Liu Ruxin, it indeed has been a while."

"Hahaha, alright. All of you have spoken to him for far too long, it should be my turn now!" Hu Bugui interrupted them brashly and immediately walked over to punch Ye Qingyu in a friendly manner. He said loudly, "It has been four years, Little Ye Qingyu. We finally meet again! Hahaha, we've heard much of your miraculous feats along the Road of Chaos. Young punk, your achievements have really got me salivating in envy. Quick, fill me in on what has happened over the past few years. Did you come across an unparalleled opportunity that suddenly made you so terrifyingly powerful?"
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