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Chapter 939 – What Kind of Power Was This?

As soon as he spoke, he rose to his feet and turned into a stream of flowing light that charged toward the group of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect disciples.


There was a loud booming sound.

A dazzling golden glow lit up the sky.

The ground trembled and the mountains collapsed.

Jue Chen's figure immediately exploded and the force of his self-destruction was as destructive as heavenly thunder. The explosion radiated wildly outward and ripped through the surrounding areas, causing the clouds to roll and surge within a hundred-kilometer radius. Those experts of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect who were caught unawares were instantly killed by the blast and their bones sailed through the sky like rain.




A series of wails and cries could be heard from the apocalyptic light mass.

Several experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect who had not managed to escape in time were caught in the blast of Jue Chen's residual yuan qi, which destroyed both their bodies and spirits.

The bloody mist fell like rain and mingled with the golden light mist. It sparkled and glittered, then slowly fell to the ground.

Everyone in Hundred Flowers Valley was stunned by the strange scene of the demonic and Buddhist lights mingling together.

Jue Chen had self-destructed…

Nan Tieyi reacted in the first instant and, in a departure from his usually calm demeanor, he let out a howl of rage.

Jue Chen was born with a strong Buddhist foundation and had been enlightened for a hundred years. He was highly revered and respected within the Clear River Domain, but no one had heard from him in the past two or three years, as though he had disappeared without a trace. Many people assumed that he was above the matters of the world and would not interfere with worldly affairs after Lin Yueping's death. But to their surprise, he showed up at the Hundred Spirits Sect to aid them in their battle against the Heaven Desire Demon Sect. Although he was injured by the sneak attack earlier, Jue Chen was definitely strong enough to escape with his life. No one had expected him to launch a final attack in the form of his own self-destruction. Furthermore, he had looked so calm and gentle just moments before he had self-destructed.

Was he trapped by love?

Or did he yearn for it?

Nan Tieyi suddenly grew emotional.

He did not have time to think too deeply on this matter because two sets of screams rang out from the northern corner of the Void once more.

"Ah… Ah…"

The concentration of the remaining two elders from the Hundred Spirits Sect had lapsed momentarily because of Jue Chen's death, and the new batch of attacking experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect seized this chance to close in. Then, they were enveloped in quick succession by the never-ending black mist that came at them like hundreds and thousands of tentacles. Neither of them was willing to be captured and tortured by the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, so they both followed Jue Chen's example and chose to self-destruct. As the force from the blasts radiated everywhere, their yuan qi dissipated and their bodies exploded to turn into bloody rain and white mist.

"Junior Sister Xu! Junior Sister Xie!"

The master of the Hundred Spirits Sect yelled out sorrowfully from the Void.

All three elders of the Hundred Spirits Sect who died in this battle had been good friends of hers. They were inducted into the Hundred Spirits Sect at the same time and all of them were extremely close. Their friendship had lasted for centuries, so when she witnessed these three elders tragically dying before her eyes, the master of the Hundred Spirits Sect was extremely heartbroken. Her face was deathly pale, her hair was disheveled, and her entire body was stained with blood. Her aura was already thrown into disorder while her yuan qi waves had been extremely weak for some time, and the long sword in her hand let out mournful hisses.

"Hehehe, I shall let you live until you witness for yourself how we treat ourselves to the bitches who you brought up!"

A peculiar voice that dripped with taunting mockery rang out.

This voice belonged to the Heaven Desire Demon Sect expert who had been battling Jue Chen earlier.

His clothes were stained with big, bright patches of red and some of his wounds were so deep that his bones could be seen. It was clear from his serious injuries that he had barely managed to escape from the blast created by Jue Chen's self-destruction but had then been injured by the aftershocks.


Another black-red colored blood light brimming with a frightening demon and evil qi came charging at the master of the Hundred Spirits Sect.

"Oh no!"

Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui cried out anxiously and tried to rush over to her rescue but they were unable to break free from the continued attacks from the master and elders of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect


The master of the Hundred Spirits Sect hastily parried the blow with her long sword but the power of the evil blood light was far too powerful. Her long sword instantly shattered to become powder, and she was thrown back from the force of the blow. She was seriously injured and a large mouthful of blood spurted out from her mouth.

Without the support of her yuan qi, she plummeted helplessly to the ground like a broken kite.

"Master!" Shen Menghua cried out from within the defensive shield.

The other disciples could not help themselves and ran in the direction where she had fallen, but they could not leave the defensive formation nor could they reach out to help their injured master.

At the same time, Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui were both injured because of their momentary lapses in concentration. After they killed a few more experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, their yuan qi was severely depleted and it started to wane. They gradually found it harder to block the onslaught of attacks. Soon afterward, their bodies were covered in open wounds, where blood flowed freely out of.

On the ground—

The master of the Hundred Spirits Sect used her broken sword to support herself as she struggled to sit up.

Blood flowed from her nose and mouth and she trembled slightly, a sign that her energy was almost completely exhausted.

She looked up at Na Tieyi and Hu Bugui in the sky and saw that they were still fighting on to the best of their abilities in spite of the wounds that covered their bodies. Due to the rate they were battling, she knew it meant that both of them had already exhausted all the strength in their bodies and were now relying on their foundations to continue the fight. They were almost at the end of their ropes.

Despair and sorrow filled her eyes and she let out a soft sigh. She summoned up all her energy to shout, "Young Master Nan Tieyi, Master Hu Bugui, please leave… The fate of the Hundred Spirits Sect has been sealed and there is no need to continue fighting for us. You must survive for the sake of the bigger picture."

"Given the perilous situation the Hundred Spirits Sect is in, how could we abandon you at a time like this?" Nan Tieyi said firmly, his gaze resolute. He did not retreat but his sword light moved like lightning and gathered toward the master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect.

"Haha, he's right. I've had a great time fighting today and I will not leave until my dying breath!" Hu Bugui said as he continued to punch out fiercely.

"Hehe, do you really think you will still be able to escape? No one from Hundred Flowers Valley will be able to leave today!" The master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect's eyes gleamed bloodthirsty manner and he smiled menacingly as he glanced at the female disciples within the defensive formation. "Disciples of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, listen to my command. The time has come for us to attack. Send out our troops of thousands and attack in large numbers and all these girls with the exception of that bitch with that green jade constitution shall be yours!"

"Hahaha. Our master is finally done playing. It's now time for us to display our true prowess!"

"There are so many 'vessels' for us to play with, it'll be enough to last us two whole weeks!"

"Little Hundred Spirits, we're coming!"

Tens of thousands of experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect immediately launched their attack from within the inky, black light mass.

The wisps of black mist grew denser and gathered toward that giant black skull and that black skull smashed viciously against the remaining ten layers of the defensive formation with a strength that was at least a hundred times more powerful than before.


The resulting crash was ear-deafening and the mountains within a thousand-kilometer radius were all smashed to pieces.

A five-colored formation light flickered from the final layer of the defensive mountain formation before it broke apart and turned into green smoke, disappearing into the Void.

"Hahaha… All you bitches should graciously accept your fate!"

The disciples of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect quickly took their places and activated a formation to seal all escape routes. Both men and women pounced toward the female disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect with lust and desire clear in their eyes.

The disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect looked as though they would be ruined by these evil monsters at any moment.

The sect was on the verge of collapsing.

A cruel, tragic, and miserable atmosphere hung in the air.

The master of the Hundred Spirits Sect, who was completely soaked in blood and whose breath was already very weak, closed her eyes in despair.

After all the effort they had put in over the past hundred years, their sect was still about to be annihilated. Her heart was filled with resentment. Why are these evil jackals and scum of the earth able to rule over this world? Why do good people always end up dying such tragic deaths? The Hundred Spirits Sect is made up of a group of women who tend to the garden and only want to quietly make their living in this world, but why do they face so many trials and tribulations and why can't the heavens protect them?

I refuse to be resigned to this cruel and heartless world!

The master of the Hundred Spirits Sect was spitting with rage.

The endless demon qi was about to swallow the entire Hundred Flowers Valley and bring darkness upon this place.

Suddenly, things changed.

Thunder suddenly rumbled across the sky so strongly that it seemed as though heaven and earth would split apart. It was so loud that it could be heard throughout a radius of hundreds of kilometers, and it even affected the waves of evil black mist. A mysterious force suddenly appeared, causing both heaven and earth to tremble wildly.

A voice rang out from the heavens.

"The heavens will not stand for evil monsters… [Divine Emperor Sword], kill!"

The voice echoed everywhere and it even overpowered the rumble of thunder from before. It carried a formidable authority and a strong killing intent. It rang out loudly, as clear as a bell, and astonished everyone at the scene.

Before he finished speaking—

A ray of divine radiance whistled through the air.

A faint, dazzling, silver divine radiance flew through the air like a comet. It was powerful and terrifying, like a fiery sword that could cut ice. Instantly, it tore the heavens apart and split the vast sky in two, as though it had the power to split this entire world open. It was absolutely unstoppable and moved with a force that seemed otherworldly. As it streaked through the sky, the Void was torn to shreds everywhere it passed. It moved at the speed of light and even the experts present were unable to lock in on its exact location.

"That is…"

"What was that?"

At that moment, everyone froze in astonishment.


There was a soft sound and the divine radiance hit its target. Thousands of Heaven Desire Demon Sect disciples who were caught unawares were instantly turned into ashes and dust at the slightest brush of this divine radiance, then they disappeared into the Void. This included many experts who were at the advanced Immortal Step realm, who still died in the exact same manner as the other average disciples. They could not even manage to utter a scream before they died.

My god?

What kind of power was that?

Who could that be?

Everyone in Hundred Flowers Valley was completely shocked.

The master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect was even more dumbfounded.

"Who are you? How dare you kill the disciples of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect?" he yelled, and a sense of uneasiness crept up on him. He frantically exerted his demonic skills and his aura immediately skyrocketed. Killing intent welled up like violent waves and the incredibly dense black mist all around him in the Void transformed into the shape of a person. Then, this person-shaped mist stood quietly in the Void exuding a mysterious and strong killing intent.

Meanwhile, at the Hundred Spirits Sect—

"What's going on?"

"Such power… doesn't seem human. Who could it be?"

"Could it be the relief troops? But that seems unlikely…"
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