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Chapter 937 - The Evil That Befell the Hundred Spirits Sect

The storyteller returned to join the conversation and walked along the corridor at the back hall toward the guests who were engaged in a lively discussion. These people greeted him with a smile when they saw him, as though they were on familiar terms with one another. He sat down at the table and poured himself a cup of tea, then said slowly and mysteriously, "The Hundred Spirits Sect is also in extreme danger. Based on my reliable source, the Heaven Desire Demon Sect's army has passed by Flowing Light City an hour ago and is headed toward the Hundred Spirits Sect."

"The Heaven Desire Demon Sect?"

"Wasn't this notorious sect destroyed by the Immortal God Emperor Sect a year ago? How could they make a re-appearance? Have they come back from the dead?"

"Ah, I see…" someone exclaimed as realization dawned. "No wonder the Hundred Spirits Sect was the only sect that hadn't been attacked by the Greater One Sect—they must have reached an agreement with the Heaven Desire Demon Sect and left them to deal with the Hundred Spirits Sect. I remember back then, the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had once submitted to the Greater One Sect and they have been eyeing the Hundred Spirits Sect for some time. The female martial artists from the Hundred Spirits Sect would make the perfect vessels for those in the Heaven Desire Demon Sect to cultivate their demonic arts on."

Immediately, some people in the group understood the implications of his statement.

Soon afterward, everyone let out a sigh.

"If those female disciples from the Hundred Spirits Sect are captured, they will probably be tortured to death…"

"I remember when the Heaven Desire Demon Sect attacked the Buddhist sect, the Well-Awakened Sect, back in those days. They were extremely violent and the corpses of more than a hundred nuns piled up like a mountain. Their bodies were stripped naked and they were covered in bruises and injuries. They all died extremely tragically…"

"Any woman who is unfortunate enough to be captured by the Heaven Desire Demon Sect would suffer a fate worse than death. The Hundred Spirits Sect is really in a perilous situation this time."

"That might not necessarily be true. They might still have a fighting chance. I heard that the young master of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, Nan Tieyi, is currently at the Hundred Spirits Sect, so they might send their disciples to extend aid. They are allies after all."

Ye Qingyu left immediately when he heard that.

He disappeared into the Void with a flash, as though he had melted into it, so no one noticed his disappearance.

Dozens of breaths later, the urgent footsteps of heavily armored soldiers could be heard.

The waiter led dozens of Greater One Sect's experts clad in their red armor into the great hall. They stormed in aggressively, catching those who were chattering inside by surprise. These people immediately shut their mouths and looked downward, afraid that they would be accused of causing trouble. The leader of the soldiers exuded an incredibly strong aura. His gaze swept the entire hall before he stared at the waiter and asked, "Where is he?"

The waiter was surprised and pointed to where Ye Qingyu had been seated, then exclaimed in surprise, "That man was seated over there and asked for Nan Ge tea the moment he arrived. He even mentioned the traitorous couple from the Immortal God Emperor Sect… Strange, how did he suddenly go missing? I didn't see him leave at all… How odd!"

Hundred Flowers Valley, where the Hundred Spirits Sect was located—

This picturesque and beautiful place with a natural charm was now in danger.

Black inky clouds rolled over the dark sky as though a hurricane was sweeping past. The sky was eerily dark, without a trace of light. This was accompanied by wailing sounds that sounded like vengeful souls.

A dense evil aura permeated the heavens and earth.

In only a few hours, the devastating battle had turned the area within a thousand kilometers radius into utter shambles. The flora and fauna were burnt to a crisp, the mountains had collapsed, the sky had shattered, and the rivers had dried up. Countless spiritual flora and fauna were smashed into powder and countless mythical creatures were turned into mottled flesh and blood.

The picturesque scenery of Hundred Flowers Valley, where hundreds of flowers had once bloomed so beautifully that it resembled a fairyland, was now completely destroyed.

The faint floral fragrance that had wafted through the air was now replaced by the pungent and nauseating scent of blood.

This scene looked like a scene from hell or the end of days.

The Heaven Desire Demon Sect's sudden arrival had plunged the Hundred Spirits Sect into a hopeless situation.

They had been prepared for this attack, but the Heaven Desire Demon Sect's terrifying power was beyond the limits of what the Hundred Spirits Sect could handle. It had only been a few hours, but now, twelve layers of the defensive mountain formation that the Hundred Spirits Sect operated for thousands of years had been destroyed.

Since the sect was founded thousands of years ago, the Hundred Spirits Sect's defensive mountain formation was reinforced and enhanced throughout the generations. It was made up of thirty layers and these layers were shaped like giant petals that wrapped themselves in layers facing inward. It drew on the spiritual pulse of the earth to activate the power of the world within the surrounding hundreds of kilometers, and it contained an ancient and mysterious power that protected the entire Hundred Flowers Valley within it. This formation had withstood the test of multiple battles and helped the Hundred Spirits Sect to overcome various crises.

However, the twelve outer protective layers of this formation had been completely destroyed by the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, and the remaining eighteen formations trembled feebly like a torn cloth fluttering in the wind, forming layers of irregular and invisible ripples as it put up a final desperate struggle.

Across the entire area, experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect appeared one after another.

These black figures exuded demon qi and appeared from the Void like a multitude of ants coming out of the woodwork, releasing a boundless black evil mist that had an evil corrosive ability as though it had the power to swallow the world. Rays of mighty brutal qi tunneled madly through the air and brought with them a nefarious qi that swept through the surroundings. It seemed like these qis would not stop moving until the formations were completely destroyed.

On the ground—

Large numbers of corpses lay in a huge pool of blood, the vast majority of which were female disciples dressed in the robes of the Hundred Spirits Sect.

Their tattered robes were drenched in bright-red blood. These were young girls who were in the prime of their lives and who were at their most beautiful. It was a pity that their deaths were so tragic. Their bare skin was as beautiful as white jade but their skin had lost its healthy luster. Instead, their skin was covered by injuries so deep that their bones were visible and their flesh and skin were all strangely shriveled.

These fresh flowers had all withered and died here.

There were more than ten female corpses near the twentieth layer of the formation. These women looked older and their yuan qi was comparatively stronger, which meant that they were probably the elite core of the Hundred Spirits Sect. However, these corpses were now icy cold and their bodies were badly mutilated with their innards and intestines spilling out of their bodies, as though they had been violently ripped out of their bodies then abandoned on the ground. It was an extremely gruesome sight to behold.

In the sky—

Countless experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect gathered around the defensive formation and were frantically releasing corrosive demon qi that swallowed and grated against the last of the defensive formation.

Hundreds of figures could be seen standing within an inky black ball of light. These people looked to be about in their twenties or thirties. The men were tall and burly with imposing auras, while the women were as beautiful as flowers, smiled sweetly, and were clad in soft silk.

They were the upper echelon and the core figures of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect.

They whispered and shared jokes amongst themselves, as though they were tourists who were passing by this piece of hell. They acted like the horrific scenes of this place had nothing to do with them.

However, upon taking a closer look, it was clear that they were each controlling wisps of black mist, and this mist seemed to be made up of a multitude of vengeful souls. This mist was full of violent and murderous intent; it was both eerie and mysterious.

In the air, the evil demon qi howled madly and then it transformed into something else. The countless rays of black vengeful-soul mist let out piercing howls and wails, then swiftly gathered toward a specific direction to transform into a gigantic black skull. This skull plummeted down from the sky and smashed hard against the remaining ten layers of the defensive mountain formation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of the collision echoed for thousands of kilometers, as though a heavenly thunder had rolled across the sky, and tremors shook the entire Hundred Flowers Valley.

The dazzling splendor from the remaining layers of the defensive formation became dimmer and weaker, as though they were as fragile and thin as glass. The mysterious ghostly mist and cruel qi violently continued to erode the formation, and this formation looked as though it would shatter into countless shards at any moment. It was clearly on the verge of collapsing.

Then, the master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect made an appearance.

He was an extremely beautiful man.

He looked like a banished immortal and he exuded an ethereal vibe. At first glance, he could be mistaken for an Immortal. He stood with his hands behind his back and a Blood Lotus Jade hung from his forehead. His eyes slanted upward and they were filled with confidence and contempt. There was a column of light that was dozens of meters tall and it was also as black as ink. It gave off an air of extreme violence, evil, and madness that entirely shattered his Immortal image.

There were six people from the Human Race nearby and their auras surged as they exchanged blows with the experts of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect.

These seven people played a huge part in resisting the Heaven Desire Demon Sect's attack.

Otherwise, the Hundred Spirits Sect's defensive mountain formation would have already been completely eroded by the evil demon qi released by those experts.

Despite the combined strength of those seven people, they were still unable to truly turn the tide. They were completely overpowered and surrounded by the enemy and seemed like a small boat fighting against a storm, about to be swallowed up by the huge waves at any moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

They battled on fiercely and intensely, constantly killing countless experts from the Heaven Desire Demon Sect. These dead disciples turned into a bloody mist that fell from the sky, but they would be replaced by an even greater number of experts. There was just too many of them.

"Cackle, cackle, cackle… Do you really believe that you could be their saviors? You guys are merely rotten shrimps to us. You have clearly bitten off more than you can chew." The master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect laughed heartily as he looked disdainfully at the seven of them. His face was filled with unbridled arrogance and two rays of blood-colored splendor shot out from his eyes. He waved his long and slender fingers, which moved as fluidly as the ripples on a river.


Suddenly, as his fingers moved, a piercing wail burst forth from the inky black light column behind him.

Rays of black piercing mist and fog surged like raging demons as though they carried the intense pain, despair, rage, curses, and hatred of countless living beings before they died. They were violent and savage and would cause chills to run down everyone's spine. They tunneled through the Void like a tornado and instantly shot toward the figure opposite him.

"Humph, you effeminate fool, stop spouting nonsense. Long before you even had teeth, I was already making waves all over the Clear River Domain! Why don't you take a good look at how many evil deeds you have committed? Do you really think that no one would dare to stand up against you? Since you have the good fortune of meeting me today, this will be the day you die!" A burly man bellowed angrily and punched out, smashing the dozens of Heaven Desire Demon Sect disciples in front of him into smithereens.

This was the chief bandit of the Clear River Domain, Hu Bugui.
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