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Chapter 923, He came

With a backhand throw, [Matchless Blade] was thrust into the city wall.

The battle blade that symbolized the glory of Matchless Blade City over the endless years had snapped into two at the hilt, inserted into the city gate, like it was casted by the laws of Heaven and earth. The people of Matchless Blade City had attempted many times, but no one could pull it back out.

While the foreign martial artist called Wen Fusheng was sat cross-legged at the city gate of Matchless Blade City, he was oppressing the entire city with his imposing manner.

There were countless martial arts experts who stood up for Qin Zhishui by trying to pull out the blade, but all unfortunately failed. There were even people who challenged Wen Fusheng out of indignation but that ended in countless deaths and casualties.

The martial artist from a foreign domain was powerful, fierce, and ruthless. Till now, it was no longer clear how many Heaven Wasteland Domain experts he had severely injured and killed.

“The martial arts of Heaven Wasteland Domain are just so-so.”

Wen Fusheng was like a reborn fiendgod, long hair fluttering in the breeze, terrifying all living beings of the Matchless Blade City to the point that they were almost unable to breathe.

Matchless Blade City and many martial arts experts were gathered here. They had the intention to kill the evil but were powerless in reversing the desperate situation. They could only gaze at the arrogant figure in the sky with an incredibly sad and indignant expression.

“Where are the experts of my Heaven Wasteland Domain?”

“Who could win against him?”

“Could it be that the standard of martial arts in Heaven Wasteland Domain has fall behind so much?”

“I heard that Wen Fusheng is just a nobody in a foreign domain, yet he is invincible in Heaven Wasteland Domain. It really is hateful.”

“If this continues, the spirit of the martial artists of Heaven Wasteland Domain would be completely destroyed.”

“Why hasn't Palace Lord Ye Qingyu done anything yet? Three years ago, this person suppressed the heavens and was invincible in Heaven Wasteland Domain. Adding to this he is a good friend of Qin Zhishui. Logically speaking, he should be here already. Besides the Lord of the Light Palace, I don’t think anybody can win against him in the entire domain.”

“I heard that Palace Lord Ye Qingyu has gone to a foreign domain, and has not returned yet.”

“Even if he came, he also may be no match for Wen Fusheng. In these three years, the Heaven Wasteland Domain has been connected to foreign domains, and the tide of strength has been rising constantly since, and the law is constantly being repaired. The martial artists in the domain continue to make breakthrough, and the overall strength has skyrocketed. Now there are a large number of masters. Ye Qingyu may no longer be able to suppress everybody, and may not necessarily win against Wen Fusheng.”

Everybody was discussing spiritedly.

Time went by.

More and more experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain had come to Matchless Blade City.

Over the past few years, Matchless Blade City had become the core city of the martial arts world, in the same way that Snow capital is to the Heaven Wasteland Empire. Being suppressed by Wen Fusheng, a foreign domain expert, was really a huge insult, and thus countless hot-blooded martial artists had come to challenge Wen Fusheng. Unfortunately all ended up in defeat...

“Hahaha, the martial arts of Heaven Wasteland Domain is a joke... you are nothing but a bunch of chickens, how can you call yourself martial artists?”

In one move, Wen Fusheng had destroyed the dantian of a challenger, and completely crippled the expert of the Dragon Tiger Sect. He humiliatingly held up the master of the Dragon Tiger Sect with one hand, like he was carrying a little chick, and condescendingly looked down at the countless angry and helpless Heaven Wasteland experts below, as he burst into an arrogant laughter.

After laughing, he dropped the expert of the Dragon Tiger Sect who had lost the strength to struggle, then continued to sit cross legged in midair, like a fiendgod.

The people of Matchless Blade City sped over to catch the expert of the Dragon Tiger Sect, angry and shocked, but there was nothing they could do.

“A bunch of rubbish, wasting my time... There is only half a day until the deadline of ten days. If you want to challenge me, then first pull out that broken knife...” Wen Fusheng shot a beam of terrifying demonic light out of his eyes, looking down in a fierce and ruthless imposing manner. “If nobody could pull out that broken blade before the sun sets today, kekeke... then after sunset, I will flatten Matchless Blade City residence, destroying the so-called core of martial arts of Heaven Wasteland Domain in the process. Hahaha.”

His laughter reverberated through the city like a demonic voice.

Time flashed by.

The sun slowly set behind the west mountain.

The spirit and confidence of the experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain seemed to be sinking slowly with the sun.

In the end, the red sun was soon about to sink into the earth, leaving only a semi circle barely peeking through the peaks of west mountain.

“It's so disappointing.”

Wen Fusheng shook his head and sighed.

“The martial artists of Heaven Wasteland Domain is a joke... You all are just a bunch of sick men.”

He rose slowly in the sky, monstrous flames overflowed from his location, and was about to attack.

Wen Fusheng could not believe that Mad Demon Ye Qingyu still had not showed up at this time.

Just then, there was a commotion at the city walls in the distance.

Then he heard someone shouting loudly, “Someone's going to pull the blade...”

Everybody's heart jerked when they heard the shouting, but also did not dare to hold too much hope, because the blade that Wen Fusheng had inserted into the city wall was strengthened with a total of ten invisible prohibition seals, all extremely terrifying and contained the power of the laws. At most the experts had only managed to break through four or five prohibition seals, before they could not go any further, or even get close to the broken blade.

“Maybe someone couldn’t stand this and wanted to give it a try even if it leads to sinking the boat.”

Many martial artists of Heaven Wasteland Domain were pessimistic in their thinking.

The people who gathered here were all famous masters yet no one had succeeded.

But then soon a voice sounded again.

“Haha, passed through, the first prohibition... the second... the third... so fast... it seems like... there is hope.”

“It's already the fifth prohibition... too fast, who is this person?”

“The eighth...” someone yelled out, informing the others of the news loudly.

Upon hearing this voice, the originally pessimistic martial artists all began to have hope again.

“What's going on?”

“Who is it?”

“Eight prohibitions have been passed through already... is there hope?”

“Go and have a look.”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Figures, one after another, flashed towards the city gate.

City gate.

A young man in white was standing in the sunset, silhouetted against the sun, body bathed in the red golden light, as if he was flashing a dazzling divine light. At this moment, he was already standing before the broken blade, looking down at the broken blade, at the blood-red silk wrapped around the hilt. Seemingly thinking about something, he did not pull the knife right away, instead paused for a moment.

“What happened?”

“So fast?”

“You came too slowly, this man is very strong. He easily broke through the ten prohibitions... very calmly too.”

“Who is this man?”

Many Heaven Wasteland Domain experts had already crowded around the city gate, standing directly in the Void and discussing spiritedly.


Above Matchless Blade City.

Wen Fusheng also had a change of expression.

“Finally came an interesting one...” He licked his lips, his expression bloodthirsty and his eyes narrowed.


Matchless Blade City residence.

Qin Zhishui was still unconscious.

At the battle that day, he had lost to Wen Fusheng at the tenth move. The [Matchless Blade] was destroyed as a result, and Qin Zhishui was seriously injured, and had been unconscious since. Many divine doctors had come to examine him, even the Medical God Ouyang Buping of the Heaven Wasteland Empire had come to see him, but unfortunately he could not be treated. The biggest problem was that there was a devastating force embedded in Qin Zhishui's dantian, constantly destroying his body. The speed of his recovery was far from the rate of deterioration of his body.

At this moment Qin Zhishui was almost at the edge of death, his consciousness almost completely blurred.

A beautiful young woman was standing at the bedside weeping. She was Qin Zhishui's wife Huang Shi, who wedded with Qin Zhishui last year, and three months ago was found to be pregnant with their first child. It should have been a joyous time, but who would have known that there would be this unforeseen event. Before the child was born, something like this had happened. Huang Shi's heart was almost shattered.

In addition, the elders of Matchless Blade City were also standing anxiously next to the bed.

These days, each of them had in turn injected yuan qi into Qin Zhishui's body, which was the reason that he could hang on until now. However, it seems that even this method was useless now.

Watching Qin Zhishui arriving at death's door, and it becoming increasingly dangerous in Matchless Blade City as sunset approached, the masters of Matchless Blade City were incredibly anxious and distressed.

That was when——

Buzz buzz buzz!

There was a strange vibration.

Everybody was startled.

They found that the broken blade on the blade holder in the room was trembling for some reason.

That day when the [Matchless Blade] was destroyed, Qin Zhishui also only took back the head of the broken blade.

The [Matchless Blade] was a symbol of the glory of their Matchless Blade City. It was a humiliation that their blade had broken. The broken blade head was placed back onto the blade holder, and worshipped, unfortunately the spirit of the blade had already died and the formation markings were destroyed. Besides the fact that it was a little sharper than the ordinary weapon, the head of the blade no longer had any power.

But now, the broken blade was all of a sudden shaking.

It looked like it was alive.

What was going on?

Everyone in the room looked at each other in astonishment.

Just then, Qin Zhishui, who was lying on the bed unconscious, suddenly shot open his eyes and sprang up.

“He came!”

The man, who had been unconscious for several days, seemed to have recovered completely, opened his mouth, lurched out of bed, and impatiently headed outside.

“Husband, you're awake...” Huang Shi exclaimed, rushed over to support Qin Zhishui.

Everyone else were overjoyed.

But Qin Zhishui seemed to have not awakened fully. He repeated that sentence, spurted out a jet of black blood, and fell unconscious again.

The scene fell into chaos.


A sound pierced the air.

The blade had suddenly broken free, transformed into a stream of light, burst out, and disappeared from the room——

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