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Imperial God Emperor 916 - One’s fate is hard to grasp

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Chapter 916, One’s fate is hard to grasp

The next moment, Gao Han had returned.

Behind him was a team of around thirty Light soldiers, all clad in silver armour, escorting more than ten people to the seats outside the banquet. Being surrounded by the armoured Light soldiers, the prisoner-like people were staring at the important figures at the banquet with a terrified look.

The more than ten figures looked incredibly miserable.

Among them, there was a youngster who looked around twenty years old, with fair skin, especially his face, which was a sickly white. With one glance, it was obvious that he was the son of a wealthy family. He was uncontrollably shaking with fear and panic, and the seven or eight people behind him seemed to be bodyguards, but their yuan qi had been sealed, and were similarly shivering all over.

Some people at the banquet recognized that the wealthy Gonzi was young master Hong Ruoqing of the famous Hong Yuan Chamber of Commerce. These days, Hong Ruoqing had alarmed the higher-ups of the empire, and the reason for it was because he had colluded with young master Fu Yan of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce. What they had done in the Snow capital including kidnapping women and abusing them to death had stirred up great indignation. The imperial court and the ordinary people were all talking about how to deal with this matter.

And Hong Ruoqing's eight bodyguards were martial arts experts known as the [Eight Tigers], who the Hong Yuan Chamber of Commerce had hired with a huge amount of money. It was said that the kidnapping of women was what Hong Ruoqing had ordered the [Eight Tigers] to do in order to please the Chamber of Commerce of a upper domain.

Today the people who were qualified to attend the Fire Grove banquet were not only well-informed, but also intelligent. The moment they saw that Hong Ruoqing and his minions were brought out, they immediately realized that the ‘good show’ that Palace Lord Ye Qingyu was referring to must be related to the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce. Otherwise, the Hong Yuan Chamber of Commerce and Hong Ruoqing did not have the qualification to ‘act’.

“I Pay... pay... pay my respects to Palace Lord Ye Qingyu! I Pay my respects to all Lords.” Hong Ruoqing knelt down, shivering.

At the beginning, as he and the [Eight Tigers] were directly brought out from the Hong residence by the Light soldiers, he was constantly swearing and questioning the Light soldiers on which government office of the empire were they from, making a fuss over who he was, and that he would definitely retaliate. But then, as he passed through the imperial army camp and finally came to the legendary Light City, he came to realize that it didn't feel right. Looking at the banquet, where the core major figures of the empire were unexpectedly present, as well as the First Princess, who was rarely see, the arrogant young master was scared out of his wits, instinctively kneeling down in response.

Ye Qingyu didn't even glance at him.

“I have just come back from Heaven Connect City, and have already heard many things. Thus, today, I have invited everybody here to set a plan for what Heaven Wasteland Domain needs to do next.” Ye Qingyu stood up, sweeping his eyes over the officials of the Empire, and said frankly, “The Domain Gate has opened and the foreign forces are pouring in. You are the outstanding talents of the empire, but what we are facing is a complex situation that had never happened before for thousands of years. The Vast Thousand Domains is vast, but it is the first time they are slowly shown to the people of Heaven Wasteland Domain. Presumably all of you have learned the outside world from various aspects. Even I have to admit that, for a long period of time, Heaven Wasteland Domain has been behind closed-doors and disregarded the outside world. Compared to the top civilizations of the great wide world, Heaven Wasteland Domain is at least thousands of years behind. Now everyone’s understanding had been subverted. Under the impact, it is easy to undervalue oneself, especially on how to face the chambers of commerce of the foreign domains, and cooperate and deal with the large and small forces. It is easy to be overly cautious, waver, and be uncertain. Of course, the reason for this is also the fear of bringing unnecessary trouble for the empire... However, I hope that all of you will remember this, one must first conduct oneself with dignity for outsiders to take you seriously.”

Everyone trembled when they heard this.

They had understood the meaning of Ye Qingyu right away.

In particular, the last sentence was the real so-called plan.

“Hong Yuan Chamber of Commerce has obtained a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to to cooperate with the empire. But not only were they not loyal and dedicated themselves to the service of the empire, but they even betrayed the empire, only to obtain the favour of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce. Trash like Hong Ruoqing, who has no title and not the slightest meritorious achievement, dared to ignore the imperial laws, kidnap women and abuse them to death...” Ye Qingyu's eyes finally landed on the shivering young master of the Hong Yuan Chamber of Commerce, like he was as worthless as muckworm. “It seems that in less two or three years, some people would forget the imperial iron laws. If I kill him today, would there be any objection?”

“I've been wanting to kill that little monster long ago.”

“Punish him according to the law.”

“Palace Lord Ye Qingyu is right, it is difficult to calm the indignation of the people without killing Hong Ruoqing.”

People immediately responded with a vehement reaction.

Ye Qingyu smiled and did not speak.

He got up and walked slowly past the banquet tables, came to in front of Hong Ruoqing, looked down, and asked, “What else do you have to say?”

At this time, Hong Ruoqing had understood what was going to happen today.

He was indeed terrified, and avoided looking face to face with Ye Qingyu by lowering his head. His eyes flashed a ray of light, teeth tightly clenched, and finally summoned the courage to say out loud, “Palace Lord please understand... I, I, I... Palace Lord, I was threatened to do so, that Fu Yan forced me to do so...”

“Oh, you mean kidnapping women and insulting and abusing them to death, and then throwing their bodies on the street, it was that Fu Yan who forced you to do it?”

“Exactly.” Hong Ruoqing knew that there was no use in apologizing at this point. “I had no other choice, I am guilty, but I do not deserve to die. If Palace Lord Ye Qingyu wants to avenge the women, please kill Fu Yan, the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce is culpable. If Lord wants to kill us to calm the anger of the people, then I don’t agree, what Lord is doing is no different from deceitful hypocrites.”

Before his voice faded away.

“Nonsense!” Lin Zheng slammed the table and snapped, “You cunning traitor, do you know that Fu Yan is already dead...”

Ye Qingyu waved his hand, interrupting Lin Zheng.

“You are a little clever to dare to use words to persuade me. If this thought was used in the right path, then this would not have happened today.” Ye Qingyu smiled. “You put all the blame onto Fu Yan, because you’re certain that I cannot do anything about the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, but in fact, you are just a spectator in today's play...”

As he was speaking, Wang Lijin, commander of the Light camp, trotted over and whispered a few words in Ye Qingyu’s ear.

Ye Qingyu nodded, “The main character has finally arrived, please come in.”

The people at the banquet were all very curious who the main character that Palace Lord Ye Qingyu spoke of could be.

While Lin Zheng and the others, who already knew that Fu Yan had been killed by Ye Qingyu, immediately realized that the people of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce had finally arrived. Li Wanhai had vowed to take revenge, but he was already ready so soon? Looking at the calm expression on Ye Qingyu’s face, Lin Zheng was similarly very curious what his hidden trump card was.

As expected, a moment later.

The figure of Li Wanhai, the chief supervisor of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, had appeared outside the Fire Grove.

Behind a murderous-looking Li Wanhai were dozens of martial arts experts, all radiating an imposing and terrifying manner, especially a white-bearded old man, who was clothed in a coarse cloth robe and supported by a black walking stick. Although there was not the slightest imposing manner coming from him, his aura was not in the slightest ordinary. It was obvious that he was a top martial arts expert.

“Huh? That old man... is terrifying...” the incredibly powerful First Princess Yu Junqing and top expert Hu Yu exclaimed at the same time.

These two people had special status in the empire, and did not participate in the government affairs, but had high prestige, and were not in the slightest inferior to Right Minister Lin Zheng. The two were sitting on the platform watching quietly, but as their eyes fell on the old man there was a light flashing in their eyes.

In addition, some people also saw that behind Li Wanhai and the others there were two middle-aged people, who were not members of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce. One of whom seemed to have some power and influence, dressed extraordinarily, and under his chin were three strands of long pale-red hair. One glance and it was obvious that he was a shrewd and intelligent person. He was the president of the Hong Yuan Chamber of Commerce, Hong Ruoqing's father.

“Are you Ye Qingyu? Do you know what you have done?” Li Wanhai strode into the Fire Grove, fixed Ye Qingyu with a piercing stare, and said with a menacing sneer. “Arrogant fool, the entire Heaven Wasteland Empire has to pay for your foolish madness, even if you get on your knees today and beg, you still cannot escape death.”



The sky was high, the clouds were pale.

An incomparably gorgeous and unparalleled medium-sized airship was shuttling between the blue sky and white clouds of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

“Ahead is the Heaven Wasteland Empire Snow capital, right?” At the bow of the airship was a middle-aged man, sitting on a scarlet red fire chair, overlooking the mountains and rivers. “This new domain really has infinite potential, I smell the atmosphere of the primitive heaven and earth. Haha, the sky is big, the land is wide, and rich in resources, it is a surprise. This territory area could be ranked in the top ten of the Vast Thousand Domains. What is even more remarkable is that the domain has a long history. In another hundreds of years, this domain will become the best domain in the world.”

The middle-aged man was clearly not from Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Hundreds of meters behind him, on the deck, a huge sail unfolded, and at the top of the sail was a long line of banners rattling in the wind, and on which there were four magnificent words in flames.

Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce

This was the main ship of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce.

And the middle-aged man was the current president of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, Fu Tianao.

This was Fu Tianao's first day of secretly patrolling Heaven Wasteland Domain.

He had secretly come to visit to see how much potential Heaven Wasteland Domain had and if it was worth investing in. At this time, the news that Ye Qingyu had become a Deputy Envoy had not yet reached Heaven Wasteland Domain. Fu Tianao had a very simple plan in mind. He had heard that Ye Qingyu had returned to Heaven Wasteland Domain, so after his secret visit he had personally brought a huge gift to pay a visit to the new appointee, and try to make friends with him, to strive for greater benefits for the Sky Suppressing Chamber of commerce.

“Sigh, the fate of man is really too difficult to grasp. That Ye Qingyu is just a lowly domain citizen but had unexpectedly reached the sky in one step, rapidly soared, and is now the [Ice Sword Killing God]. Even I, the President of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, also have to bow down to him.”

Fu Tianao sighed——

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