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Imperial God Emperor 898 - Return to Heaven Connect City

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All sorts of rumors swirled everywhere and gained momentum, as though pandemonium was about to break out throughout the Road of Chaos.

As the barometer of the Vast Thousand Domains, any major incident occurring in the nineteen cities along the Road of Chaos, or any incident that major forces in the major cities took note of, would also be the incident that the entire Vast Thousand Domains would be interested in for a long period of time. Furthermore, even without those forces with ulterior motives spreading this news, the death of a Quasi-emperor was enough to shake the entire Vast Thousand Domains. Since this news was preceded by the fact that he had been killed by a younger-generation martial artist from a lower domain, this would only intensify the shock value of the news.

Moreover, this younger-generation martial artist who had allegedly assassinated the half-step to a Quasi-emperor had already caused such a stir on the Road of Chaos before.

Thus, this news had spread like wildfire in less than half a day.

The [Ice Sword Killing God], Ye Qingyu, who had barely managed to fall off the list of hot topics, was once again pushed to the forefront of the storm to become the person that everyone was talking about.

Every living creature, regardless of race, was all excitedly talking about Ye Qingyu. They spoke of how he had assassinated the retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race, marveled at his incredible feats at the battle of Falcon City, as well as his heaven-defying performance during the series of battles during the grading process of the Heaven Wasteland Domain—they even spoke of his battles and rise to fame in the Heaven Wasteland Domain. After the Heaven Wasteland Domain passed the grading process, many major tradesmen and financial groups set up branches within the Heaven Wasteland Domain, and the door to the domain was slowly being opened. More information flowed out from the Heaven Wasteland Domain—in particular, news about Ye Qingyu's various miraculous feats—and he was no longer an unfamiliar and unknown character to the public.

The latest news and rumors about Ye Qingyu increased in number and spread further and faster, which left everyone stunned and astonished.

Ye Qingyu became the most spoken name by all races and creatures along the entire Road of Chaos during this period.

Ye Qingyu had also heard the many rumors and facts about himself. This information varied from real to fake, and there was even irrelevant information, which left him feeling dumbfounded.

He passed by many major cities along the Road of Chaos on his journey and heard the endless stream of unfounded rumors and gossip.

The speed at which these rumors traveled as well as the malicious gossip that completely deviated from the truth reinforced his suspicion that this was definitely an orchestrated move by a force. After he left the Black Demon Abyss, this force had secretly fanned the flames and aggravated the situation. He had been expecting this but when he witnessed how quickly this "camp" acted, he could not hold back his shock.

Time flew by.

Soon after, it was already nightfall.

Half a day had gone by since he fled from the Black Demon Abyss.

He traveled at his maximum speed to arrive in Heaven Connect City.

The gossip that swirled around him intensified, and the public opinion was gradually swinging against him. This was an outcome that he had been concerned about—several ancient and rather famous forces and sects started to openly condemn his actions and called for him to be brought to justice. They had even jointly released a statement urging the Congress of the Alliance of Domains to severely punish him as a warning to others.

"Someone as evil as him should be killed!"

"Peace has reigned over the Road of Chaos for so many years. But since the arrival of this vile creature, this place has been turned upside-down and he has caused so much bloodshed... He cannot be forgiven."

"It was a crime for him to covet an ancestral weapon of the Dragon Human Race in the first place. This [Ice Sword Killing Demon] didn't only not repent for his actions, he went from bad to worse. The poor elderly retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race tried to give this murderous demon a chance but his good faith was not reciprocated; instead, he was assassinated. How abominable!"

"He must definitely be killed. The Alliance of Domains must issue an order for his arrest."

"Why do they need to issue an order for his arrest? Humph, anyone should have the right to kill such a vile creature!"

"No wonder someone mentioned in the past that the Heaven Wasteland Domain was a vile and evil domain. If such a vile demon who kills indiscriminately hails from that place, I guess the rest of the domain is no better..."

These rumors were not important but what was crucial lay in the fact that once the rumors intensified to a certain stage, the outcome would be decided by these rumors.

Ye Qingyu was well aware of that fact and obviously, the so-called "camp" was even more aware of that; this was why they had put in so much effort to use all sorts of means to spread these rumors. This was the outcome they were aiming for.

Fortunately, there was no lack of intelligent people who possessed the ability to think independently in this world.

Many experts and forces maintained their silence and continued to keep track of the situation. In particular, many major old forces had their own information and intelligence sources and they looked under the surface to see the truth behind all the public sentiment and swirling rumors. Most importantly, although Ye Qingyu seemed to have already been crucified by the public and was considered a lowlife detested by everyone, not one of the forces that supported him had yet to release a statement. Their influence could not be ignored.

Another extremely important fact that no one could also forget was that a Human Quasi-emperor supported Ye Qingyu.

His body also contained [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] decree.

This was the most frightening part.

No one dared to challenge the Quasi-emperor's will, especially someone like [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], who had once dominated an entire generation. He had also managed to subdue the entire Vast Thousand Domains after staging a strong comeback. If such a person remained steadfast in his support for Ye Qingyu, then no matter how enraged the Dragon Human Race was, they would have to rein in their rage and resentment.

The crux of the matter was that these forces were very doubtful that Ye Qingyu had the ability to assassinate the retired emperor. The leaders of these forces, who knew the prowess of the retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race, knew for a fact that this old Dragon Human was extremely terrifying and that he definitely had not weakened with age to fall from a half-step Quasi-emperor to the Great Saint realm, as the unfounded rumors had suggested.

Regardless of the situation, the role of secret forces aggravating the flames that caused these treacherous currents to swept through the entire Road of Chaos and even the Vast Thousand Domains could not be ignored.

Ye Qingyu, who was closely watched by countless people and who was the heart of this storm, remained extremely calm throughout. He heard about the rumors and read the papers and notices condemning him, but laughed them off with a smile.

Several people even discovered that he was in Heaven Connect City, and as countless people watched, he openly returned to the representative station of the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Thus, news of his return spread everywhere.

Ye Qingyu had appeared.

Did he truly dare to make an appearance?!

Many people thought that he had to be a lunatic. Despite the public condemnation and denunciation, this young Human Race martial artist dared to appear so publicly... What could he be thinking? Who exactly is supporting him?

All of Heaven Connect City burst into an uproar.

Countless living creatures rushed toward the Heaven Wasteland representative station in disbelief, wanting to see how Ye Qingyu looked right now.

In the Heaven Wasteland representative station—

Ye Qingyu sat with Great Dragon Turtle Demon and several core members of the representative station in the main hall on the first floor as they laughed and chatted in good spirits.

When they had first heard the rumors, Great Dragon Turtle Demon and the others were extremely alarmed because it was a major issue. If this was not handled well, the representative station, and even the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain, could potentially face destruction. However, everyone had complete faith in Ye Qingyu and although they made preparations for the worst, none of them blamed him at all.

Great Dragon Turtle Demon was naturally elated when Ye Qingyu returned.

When they saw that he was unharmed and noticed his relaxed attitude, their worries and suspicions were alleviated.

When Ye Qingyu summoned everyone at the representative station to announce that he had not committed such an act, everyone believed his words without a second thought.

Ye Qingyu had deliberately arranged for them to be seen talking on the first floor and in the main hall that faced the main gate. He wanted the crowd to be able to see him from the main gate and he was not going to act like he was frightened and terrified, but rather, he wanted to present an easygoing and relaxed Ye Qingyu to the crowd.

Regardless of what would happen next, Ye Qingyu had to first make sure that he did not seem like he was guilty at all.

His attitude would be useful for his comeback in the future.

At the same time, he wanted to soothe the worries of everyone in the Heaven Wasteland Domain and its representative station.

He was well aware that in situations like this, he would first need to remain calm. If those in the Heaven Wasteland Domain panicked, those malicious characters would definitely make use of their alarm to cause trouble, or even create turmoil within the peaceful Heaven Wasteland Domain empire.

Thirty minutes later—

Just as he expected, a crowd quickly gathered outside the Heaven Wasteland Domain's representative station.

"I can't believe Ye Qingyu has the guts to appear so openly in Heaven Connect City..."

"Hehe... He clearly has a reason to be so gutsy. The Congress of the Alliance of Domains has not sent anyone to come after him. We can't be sure what the final outcome of this incident will be."

"It is odd that there has been no action from both the Congress of the Alliance of Domains, as well as the Dragon Human Race. Are they really not going to pursue this matter of the assassination of the retired emperor?"

"I doubt that's so. But I heard that there has been some unrest within the Dragon Human Race recently..."

Everyone chattered excitedly, unable to figure out why Ye Qingyu could still remain so calm and unaffected in such a situation. A seed of doubt was planted in their minds.

This was what Ye Qingyu had been counting on.

Another two hours later—

After Ye Qingyu left the Heaven Wasteland Building, he headed to the congress divine temple of the Alliance of Domains and requested to see Ren Puyang, the spokesperson of the Human Race.

Ye Qingyu had received orders from Ren Puyang to settle the matter of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, so he did not need to wait in the side palace hall like the others but could be brought by the portal guards into the main hall.


At Ren Puyang's meeting hall—

"Lord Ren Puyang, I have already settled the matter of internal unrest within the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. This is the jade slip that contains a detailed report of the matter for your review please," Ye Qingyu said respectfully and then handed the jade slip that he had prepared beforehand.
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