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Before these five Saints had finished laughing, their laughter turned into exclamations of surprise and screams of pain in the next moment.

"What is… Ah!"

There was a loud scream and that Saint's blood splattered across the sky as a figure shot out from the dust and darkness. Half his body was missing as though it had been torn apart by a tremendous force and the body slammed against a mountain in the distance, smashing this mountain that was thousands of meters tall into smithereens upon impact. Rocks flew everywhere.

Everyone was completely stunned.

Before they could react, there was another angry bellow and an explosive sound rang out. This sound was so ear-deafening that it was like the rage of thunder and lightning. Then, another body flew out from the dust.

Blood and bones flew everywhere.

This body belonged to one of the five Saints. However, the lower half of his body was completely destroyed and he was just a mangled and grisly mess of blood. He flew out horizontally for thousands of meters and his blood spilled everywhere.

Everyone immediately realized that things had taken a turn for the worse.

Just then—


"What's happening?"

Two more angry yells rang out and there were unmistakable traces of alarm in their voices.

Then, a series of explosions rang out and terrifying soundwaves boomed across the surrounding area. It was as though an invisible hurricane had swept past and pulled up all the trees and flowers by their roots. For some reason, the dust within the circle where the fight was taking place grew thicker and the ground shook beneath their feet. The explosive sounds grew more frequent and there were many collisions in an instant, but through the thick dust cloud, they could make out the splatter of blood and countless weapons being broken and sent flying. It looked like a battle amongst ghostly spirits and the atmosphere was extremely frightening.

Nonetheless, these terrifying sounds of battle lasted for less than three breaths.

It ended abruptly, even before the others could even react.

The frightening explosive sounds ceased instantly as well.

The sudden silence caused everyone to tense up.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Another two figures were sent flying from the dust cloud. One of the bodies had a hole right through his chest and landed limply on the ground. It was obvious that he was on the verge of death. As for the other body, his head had been blown off and his body was basically in pieces!

"That was Elder Zheng and Sky Demon!" Someone exclaimed loudly as though he had seen a ghost.

Then, a figure slowly emerged from the dust cloud. He stood tall and strong, his topless chest revealing his well-defined muscles that were as sharp as knives and axes but glowed like white jade, pure and crystalline. In his grip was a figure that writhed wildly. It was a giant Hell Wolf. Its body was like black metal, and every strand of fur on its body resembled black steel needles. Its tail shook madly and broke the barrier walls of the Void but it was still unable to free itself from that man's grip.

That man was obviously Ye Qingyu.

The strange dust cloud immediately disappeared, and to everyone's surprise, Ye Qingyu was completely unharmed. He turned his wrist slightly and with a loud crack, that black Hell Wolf's neck was broken. An icy, silver sword qi immediately entered its body and it was frozen stiff.


Ye Qingyu threw this black Hell Wolf aside, then slowly stretched. A mysterious rumble of thunder, which sounded like the cry of a dragon or the roar of a tiger, rang out from his body. He looked extremely frightening, like a demonic beast that walked out from the prehistoric times.

"This... this... this..." That malicious Dragon Human Race elder looked like he had seen a ghost and his feet were rooted to the spot. His teeth rattled loudly and he felt a hair-raising chill shoot from his spine all the way up to his head, as though it was about to blow his brains out.

Dead silence fell upon the area and the rest of them were unable to return to their senses because they were too shocked by what they had just seen.

The Hell Wolf, which had been crushed as easily as a chick, was actually a Saint realm Demonic Race expert. Its tail could shatter the Void but it was unable to break free from Ye Qingyu's grip. The remaining four Saints were not new Saints who had just attained Saint realm but were battle-hardened Saints who had a wealth of experience in battle and were immensely talented. However, in a span of ten breaths, two were dead and three were seriously injured, unable to fight again…

All of the five Saints were injured or dead in an instant.

What was that level of combat strength?

Was it at the Great Saint realm?

How can this be? If the [Ice Sword Killing God] had been this powerful, he wouldn't have been in such a bad state during the battles of Falcon City and Chaotic Windstorms. If not for the Quasi-Emperor's Decree that protected him at the very last instant, he might have already died… Back then, Ye Qingyu clearly did not have such powerful combat strength. He was not even as powerful as a Saint back then. What about now? Is he at the Great Saint realm?

No one would find it believable even if word got out.

If someone mentioned this fact, the entire martial world would think that person was a lunatic.

However, this was the truth as they had witnessed it.

He had managed to maim or kill five Saints with a wealth of combat experience in the span of a few breaths and left two of them dead and three injured. The combat strength that he displayed could only be displayed by a Great Saint. Furthermore, everyone had clearly witnessed the attacks of the five Saints landing squarely on Ye Qingyu's back. Other than the fact that his shirt was torn, he was completely unharmed…

This was simply too astonishing.

Ye Qingyu did not give these people any chance to react. He spread his five fingers open and suddenly grabbed at the Void. His fingertips released a windstorm that swept through the Void, and those five windstorms were as strong as ropes that could trap Immortals. They swept up the malicious and greedy Dragon Human Race elder as well as the three Dragon Human Race experts that were with him.

"Nooo…" the malicious Dragon Human Race elder bellowed madly in despair.

He could be considered a half-step Saint and he was rather powerful, but he was rendered completely helpless when Ye Qingyu snatched him up. He was like a newly born chick in Ye Qingyu's palm.

"You're scheming, calculative, and full of malicious intent. You old dog, you are full of evil plots and schemes. I spared your life before at the Green Xuan Hall, so how dare you try to frame me… You deserve death."

The killing intent raged as wildly as flames in Ye Qingyu's eyes.

He had already declared this elder's death sentence with his words. As he exerted some strength in his palm with a bang, this malicious and greedy elder of the Dragon Human Race transformed into a bloody mist despite his wails for mercy. There was nothing left of him.

At the same time—

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The remaining few Dragon Human Race experts all exploded in the same manner as their elder. In an instant, Ye Qingyu killed them all on the spot with his mighty strength.

At long last, those who remained finally reacted.


Someone shouted slowly and a blue flying saber moved as fast as lightning to slash down toward Ye Qingyu's forehead.

Ye Qingyu scoffed softly. He then raised his hand to grab that blue flying saber with his bare hands and the saber broke into blue powder with a loud crack.

"Pfft… You… are a monster!" A mouthful of blood sprayed from that expert's mouth. That blue flying saber was his life weapon and it was at the Saint level, which meant that it was extremely hardy. Yet, Ye Qingyu had managed to break it with this bare hands. This was just too unbelievable. That expert was seriously injured when struck with the rebound force.

"[Walking on the Void]." Once again, Ye Qingyu used the divine technique from the [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. There was a flash of silver splendor as he instantly appeared in front of that expert and sent a punch toward him.


Bloody mist burst forth.

That expert's body was smashed to pieces and his head was sent sailing through the air.

Astonishment was written all over his face. He had used all sorts of defensive techniques and brought out his Saint-level defensive weapon in a hurry, which should have been enough to stop the attacks of ten Saints at his own level if they had joined forces against him. He thought that he was impregnable, but this was still not enough to protect his physical body. He could only watch as Ye Qingyu's punch broke through all his defenses and smashed him to pieces…

How could such a powerful punch and palm exist in the world?

Ye Qingyu broke a Saint-level weapon with his bare hands.

What kind of heaven-defying physical skill was that?

This punch had instantly destroyed that expert's will of the martial way.

That experienced Saint realm expert's will of the martial way collapsed at that instant.

He had sustained serious injuries after his body was smashed but he was not dead. His blood and flesh instantly gathered together to form a new body but he did not have the courage to attack again. He turned in a ray of flowing light and fled down the mountain…

Ye Qingyu wanted to follow him but a mighty force suddenly descended onto his head.

"Thief, how dare you continue to be so arrogant? Die!"

A familiar voice rang out.

This voice was extremely evil and sinister.

A mysterious Black Moon aura spread out across the Void above him, and densely packed black martial formations spread everywhere to form a black full moon with a thirty-three-meter radius. It looked mysterious as though it was dyed with the blood of fiendgods, and the laws of the Great Saint turned to lock in on Ye Qingyu's figure. That [Black Demonic Blood Moon] charged toward Ye Qingyu at a speed that seemed slow, but in reality, it was moving extremely quickly.

The force of this attack was many times more terrifying than the attacks from the experienced Saint experts earlier.

"Haha, I was wondering who could this be. Zhong Yuan, you've been defeated by me before. You managed to flee with your life the previous time at Falcon City but you have refused to learn from your mistakes, old dog. How dare you try to plot to frame me? I guess just as a dog can't stop itself from eating shit, you can't change your bad habits." Ye Qingyu laughed loudly.

He could tell from the voice and from the martial aura of this attack that the person who had launched a surprise attack on him was none other than the Great Saint of the Black Moon Immortal Palace—Zhong Yuan.

Ye Qingyu did not dare to underestimate his opponent now that he was facing a Great Saint.

His body shook and a physical force that was comparable to a Great Saint burst forth. It shattered the power from the law of the Great Saint and he escaped the attacking range of the [Black Demonic Blood Moon].

"I can't afford a prolonged battle. This old dog, Zhong Yuan, is an experienced Great Saint after all. I'll be in trouble if he has weapons at the Great Saint level. If one or two more Great Saints appear to support him, it'll be hard for me to get out today. I might have the Quasi-Emperor's decree with me, which prevents me from dying, but if I am trapped or captured by my opponent, then I will be at a disadvantage. The Heaven Wasteland Domain will be in trouble if I'm forced to bear the blame for assassinating the retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race."

The moment he escaped the [Black Demonic Blood Moon], Ye Qingyu had formulated a plan.

This was not the time to engage in a fierce battle.

In any case, he had already captured the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race and he also had the corpse of the retired emperor. He could make use of the evidence to stage a comeback in the future.
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