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Chapter 894 - How Could This Happen (1)

As one of the divine techniques of the bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart], the [Eyes of the Void] could not only be used to kill enemies, but it also had the ability to see through disguises. With his current cultivation and strength, one look from him and Chaos could grow secretly while Yin and Yang could be differentiated. The black-hooded cloaked figure facing him did not have a chance to hide at all. Ye Qingyu's lightning eye beam completely unveiled that man's true features.

"Well, if it isn't the homeless stray." Ye Qingyu retracted his eye beam and said coldly, "Supervisor Huang Tayun, I have searched high and low for you, only to find you when I least expected to."

Opposite him—

The black-hooded cloaked figure revealed his face.

He was one of the previous supervisors of the residence of Sunrise City’s City Lord, and he was also the one that had given the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps a hard time at the Wall of Storm during the grading process. This man was Huang Tayun.

Ye Qingyu had been secretly searching for this man and was surprised to see that Huang Tayun had joined forces with the Dragon Human Race.

"No wonder the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race intercepted me so quickly. I did not deliberately hide my tracks when I returned from the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain this time, but that didn't mean that it would be easy for the Dragon Humans to track me down. It makes sense now since I'm sure you would have a few men here after being in the residence of the City Lord for such a long time. If the previous supervisor of Sunrise City's City Lord joined forces with them and your men saw me visiting Lord Shangguan Wu, then you would have received news of that…" Ye Qingyu had found the answer to his final question.

After news of Huang Tayun's deeds at Sunrise City got out, he could no longer stay within the city. He pretended to flee and became a homeless stray. Naturally, he would not have dared to return. Thereafter, he joined forces with the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race for some reason. Huang Tayun must have played a major role in providing the Third Princess and her accomplices with such accurate updates on Ye Qingyu's movements.

Ye Qingyu had long wanted to kill this chief culprit but he had not managed to track him down yet. He had not expected to see him again under such circumstances.

Opposite him—

Huang Tayun lifted his tattered hood to reveal the evil and menacing gaze in his eyes. His face was savage as he bit out, "Ye Qingyu, we are sworn enemies after you killed my nephew, and I have been unable to sleep easy since then. Today shall be the day you die. I will make sure you suffer until you are begging for death. Hahaha!"

Ye Qingyu scoffed and chose to remain silent.

However, the disdain and killing intent in his eyes spoke louder than words.

One of the five people with the powerful auras finally spoke up.

"Alright. We are not here to waste time arguing so why are we spending so much time talking to this thief? We should first take him down. The time to deal with him can come later." That man slowly took one step forward and the powerful surging aura around him turned out to be billowing demonic qi. This was a Saint realm expert of the Demon Race, also known as a Demonic Saint.

At the same time, the other four people also slowly approached Ye Qingyu.

Their auras were all different and there were experts of the Demon Races and also of other foreign races, but the one thing they had in common was that they were all Saints. At the very least, from the aura that surged out of them, it showed that they had achieved the Saint realm. Their auras welled up and covered the dark clouds in the sky. Their Saintly power was imposing and they activated the laws of the Saints. This destructive force then charged toward Ye Qingyu.

Clearly, these five Saints had joined forces to attack him.

Despite the fact that they were five against one, they still attacked with all their might. After all, during the battle at Falcon City, Ye Qingyu had demonstrated his ability to kill an evil Great Saint. There might have been an element of trickery in it, but this was also a display of might and luck. This ambush was extremely critical and they had to keep the fight short and sweet. They could not afford to waste any time.
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