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Imperial God Emperor 890 - A Visit from the Old Emperor

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"Woof... Master, this tree has a wine aroma, mmm... it smells so good... Pooooh... what's this shit, it's so smelly..." The silly dog was so revolted when it sniffed at a snake-scaled vine that it took three steps back.

Ye Qingyu simply ignored its talk.

He kind of missed the unique environment of the Black Demon Abyss, albeit he had no plans to remain here for long. Because, ever since he left the Heaven Wasteland Domain, time had always been a very precious thing which could not be wasted.

By walking along the periphery of the Black Demon Abyss, he arrived at the edge of the reception square. He intended to proceed by crossing the Domain Gate and heading toward the next giant city.

Just then, an unexpected change occurred.

Several beams of flowing light swept across the Void and rapidly sped toward Ye Qingyu.

"Ye Qingyu! I see you... Hold it! Don't try to hide!" Ringing out from far away was a female voice which was as sharp as the grinding of knives, extremely harsh, and yet a little familiar.

Ye Qingyu paused his footsteps, frowning.

Is it her?!

Ye Qingyu already discerned who the owner of the voice was.

"Woof... who's that! Who called my master's noble name!" The silly dog leaped up forcefully and displayed a ferocious look. However, because it remained in its small form, it appeared adorable and somewhat weird.

Just then, those figures appeared and blocked Ye Qingyu's way.

"Hehe, Lord Ye Qingyu, we finally meet again." As this wickedly-laughing and sinister voice rang out, a familiar yet malicious face appeared in front of Ye Qingyu.

It was none other than the Dragon Human Race's malicious elder, who, together with the Third Princess, had previously found Ye Qingyu and wanted to reseize the [Dragonblood Halberd]. Out of his incomparable greed, he further intended to squeeze other things out of Ye Qingyu.

Aside from this malicious and greedy elder, the other people were also familiar to Ye Qingyu.

The woman standing in front had a head of red hair that hung down to her waist and a body which was covered in fire-red scaled soft armor. She was gorgeous and arrogant, and possessed a domineering vigor. This was none other than the Third Princess of the Dragon Human Race, while behind her were three experts who had appeared in the Green Xuan Hall.

"You people? Hoho, what are you doing here?" Ye Qingyu's eye beams flashed as sharply as swords, while he spoke in a discourteous tone.

"Hmph, this is none of your business... Where's the [Dragonblood Halberd], Mr. Ye Qingyu? Tell me if it's on you right now!" The Third Princess spoke in an aggressive tone.

She was uninformed of Ye Qingyu's increase in strength, and seeing that he brought along only a strange small white dog, and did not have with him the Black Gold Puppets which possessed Saint realm-equivalent battle strength unlike that day in the Green Xuan Hall, her confidence naturally soared.

Ye Qingyu laughed when he heard her words.

"Don't tell me you came to beg for the halberd again? Third Princess, you truly are like a leopard that can't change its spots. I already returned it once, but you failed to gain its approval because of your lack of virtue, so what can I do? You want another try? If I hand it to you now, wouldn't that be betraying the final wish of your ancestors?" Ye Qingyu raised a slight smile on his face which remained frosty.

"You! You lower domain bastard, how long do you think you can keep the divine weapon of my race..." The Third Princess was embarrassed and enraged by the contempt in Ye Qingyu's words. She was about to strike out when she suddenly thought of something which made her restrain her anger and flip her eyes, before she said, "I don't want to talk nonsense with you. Listen carefully, Lord Ye Qingyu. The old emperor of my race has invited you for a meeting. I urge you to come with me obediently for your own sake, otherwise, I'll surely give you a good taste of the [Dragon Flames] personally bestowed by the old emperor!"

"[Dragon Flames]... what's that? Is it tasty?" Little Nine became excited.

"Dog, this is no place for you to talk." The white-browed, sinister-eyed elder berated.

"You're the dog! Your whole family are dogs!" Little Nine immediately bared its fangs and growled, with the fur throughout its body standing on end.

For some reason, despite being a small dog which was only half an arm in size, several of the Dragon Human Race experts standing to the side could not help shuddering when it revealed such a look.

There was a chill in Ye Qingyu's eyes as he said, "Has the old emperor of the Dragon Human Race personally arrived?"

In front of outsiders, he had to give face to this silly dog.

"Hoho, that's right. We were ordered by the old emperor to wait here and invite you for a meeting," the white-browed elder immediately replied, with the smile on his face growing a little more sinister. "I believe that, being a young man with great talent, you wouldn't be afraid, right?"

Has the old emperor of the Dragon Human Race really come?

Ye Qingyu was bewildered.

Wasn't it said that he's waiting for me in Heaven Connect City? Why did he suddenly come to the Black Demon Abyss?

He naturally would not believe this just based on the account of the Third Princess and the elder.

However, when he released his consciousness power toward the depths of the Black Demon Abyss, he could indeed feel vaguely that there was a tinge of an extremely pure and overbearing True Dragon aura over there.

It thus seemed that the old emperor was really here.

Looks like he couldn't wait for me to return to Heaven Connect City, and so gave chase here. But that's good anyway. If he's really here, we can settle the matter of the [Dragonblood Halberd] early and thereby account to the ancestor who perished in the 18th district.

Although he remained doubtful, he considered for a moment before picking up the silly dog and following the Third Princess into the Black Demon Abyss.

Along the way, the Third Princess and her subordinates used mist to conceal their figures and turned into beams of flowing light that darted toward the depths of the Black Demon Abyss.

Scenes from his memory flashed in his mind as he entered the Black Demon Abyss once more. Because of the never-ending attacks, he had to use all his might to enter the 18th district, where he unexpectedly got to know the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race, the fatty Sheng Yan, and [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. He could not help feeling emotional as he recalled these opportunities which he chanced upon in this dark place.

However, why would the old emperor of the Dragon Human Race choose to meet in the Black Demon Abyss...

Although he had his doubts, he did not really have to worry about the Dragon Human Race setting a trap, given his present strength. And if a violent confrontation really transpired, he had a couple of tricks which should be enough for him to get away even if he was not a match for the old emperor.

Moreover, despite being a lawless, orderless, and chaotic place, the Black Demon Abyss was the territory of the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race in any case. Therefore, they were bound to have some misgivings regardless of what they intended to do.

After considering all this, he dropped his worries.

Meanwhile, under the lead of the Third Princess' party, he and the silly dog arrived at the base of a desolate ridge in the 16th district.

Black Demon qi, which was as surging as fearful billows, gathered all around the lofty mountains. Like tens of millions of tentacles, layers upon layers of strange vegetation crept up to the mountain peaks.

As he stood at the foot of the mountain, Ye Qingyu's eyes suddenly froze.

A faint smell of blood came from all around.

Did a massacre just take place in this district?

If a smell of blood like this was filling the air of any other giant city, there would certainly be quite a stir. However, everyone in the Black Demon Abyss had become accustomed to this kind of thing. As such, the inhabitants of this district appeared numb and indifferent even when they saw a massacre.

Ye Qingyu also sensed a strange True Dragon aura at this moment.

Apparently, unlike the delicate aura of the Third Princess, the True Dragon aura in the air was extremely overbearing and pure, and could even be said to be domineering and tyrannical, to the extent that it was indistinctly forcing back the Black Demon qi.

"The old emperor is up on the mountain. He wants to meet you alone." The Third Princess suddenly stopped walking when she reached the foot of the mountain.

"Lord Ye Qingyu, the old emperor instructed us to escort you up to this point. I believe he has something to talk privately with you. We'll be waiting here." The sinister-eyed elder revealed an odd smile.

After sweeping a glance across the Third Princess and her subordinates and without saying a word, Ye Qingyu turned into a beam of faint-silver flowing light and swept across the air.


Moments later.

On the peak of the mountain.

An elder was standing at the absolute summit, facing the other way.

His fire-red long hair was bundled up by a dragon-patterned crown while he was dressed in a golden-locked divine battle armor, every scale of which was covered in vivid dragon patterns that seemed like they could really grow out of the armor, radiant and dazzling like no other. Although the elder's face could not be seen, the vigor of his proud-standing figure was godlike and magnificent to an extreme.

There was probably no one else who could release such vigor and aura.

Almost instantly, Ye Qingyu sensed the surging and overbearing True Dragon aura on the elder's body, and more so detected the latter's unfathomable strength.

As Ye Qingyu gazed at the back-facing figure whose posture did not appear at all inferior to that of the absolute summit, he could not help feeling a sense of admiration for such a pinnacle expert. Straightening his body, he cupped his hands in salute and greeted, "Senior."

However, the old emperor did not turn around.

In fact, he did not say a single word.

A wind sound whistled as black clouds seethed.

A gale blew strongly among the mountain cliffs, lifting the fire-red battle garments while causing the long hair to flutter neatly.

The aura lingering all around the old emperor was vast and powerful, possessing proud heroism and dignity of its own.

After waiting for another moment, Ye Qingyu still did not get a reply.

"Senior, did you ask me to come to discuss the matter of the [Dragonblood Halberd]?" He spoke in a louder voice than previously, albeit his attitude remained sincere.

The figure standing at the edge of the cliff remained motionless, while the yuan qi and aura surging in the Void also remained unchanged.

It was as if he had transcended the confines of this universe and cast aside all worldly cares as he stood alone.

The surroundings became as quiet as a dead realm, leaving only the frictional noises of the Black Demon qi flipping endlessly in mid-air.

"This old man is too pretentious." The silly dog whispered while lying on Ye Qingyu's shoulder.

After waiting for a few more moments, Ye Qingyu could not help frowning.

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