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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 87 The Final Move

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Chapter 87 – The Final Move

Before he had finished his sentence.

A silhouette came from deep within the forest far away. Every step he took he travelled over ten meters. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived at the battlefield. His white robe like jade, a handsome appearance with a confident and at ease manner. This figure was namely the person known as the number one peerless genius of the Azure Phoenix Academy, Xu Ge.

He was the person that had secretly spoken to Lin Nuo and the others, urging them to act.

“Who would have thought I would be discovered by you,” Xu Ge had a serious expression as he spoke. “Your strength compared to what you were like at the start of the grand competition has grown by so much. If my guess is not wrong, you have always been rushing through the desolate wilderness. Could it be that within the wilderness there is some sort of secret hidden inside?”

Ye Qingyu’s left palm slowly stretched out, his palm becoming a fierce claw shape. The crippled long spear stabbed into the ground far off in the distance was grabbed through the air, sailing towards Ye Qingyu.

With both spears in his hands, his aura explosively increased.

“My mood is not good right now. I don’t want to speak useless words. Quickly attack.” Both spears in Ye Qingyu’s hands formed a cross behind him. Step by step, he pressed closer. “If you won’t attack, then I will.”

The spear in his hand shot out.

[Banner of Heaven and Earth] of the golden armoured King.


Nearly at the same instant it left Ye Qingyu’s hand, the spear was nailed beside Ding Liyou.

The large impact, caused the originally heavily injured Azure Phoenix student to be killed in an instant.

This was an extremely peculiar scene. His circumstances were the same as Lin Nuo. Ding Liyou had already fought against Ye Qingyu previously so he was familiar with his battle techniques. He should have long prepared himself to defend against Ye Qingyu’s technique, [Banner of Heaven and Earth]. But the moment the long spear like a war banner descended, he had evidently reacted and evaded but could still not escape death.

“Kill! [Fierce Dragon Pierce]!”

The spear in Ye Qingyu’s hand stabbed out.

This time, Xu Ge was able to clearly see the entire process of Ye Qingyu performing the technique.

As the long spear stabbed towards the spear nailed towards the ground, an energy like that of a law attracted Ye Qingyu’s figure towards it. As if he was a dragon soaring out, he brought with him a force like that of a mountain or tsunami, like light or electricity, holding an irresistible aura that rammed towards you.

The speed was fast.

Fast to the extreme.

The moment the spear in Ye Qingyu’s hands stabbed out, the lightning-like impact had already arrived.

Xu Ge’s mind quickly reacted, using nearly the absolutely fastest reaction and strongest energy to resist and evade. But even he was affected by this lightning-like power, his body could not help but be thrown in the air by this strike. At the moment he was knocked in midair, Xu Ge was able to feel a peculiar sensation— his inner yuan had consolidated, and he had no way to activate it making him unable to effectively resist.

In the corner of Xu Ge’s eyes, he was able to see Zheng Kai and Du Sha, also being struck in the same moment.

“I understand…” Within Xu Ge’s mind, a bolt of lightning struck. “So the secret behind Ye Qingyu’s battle technique is that one doesn’t have to be touched by his body to be sent flying. It hits only if you are within a certain area… this is approximately 20 feet around?”

His mind quickly calculated the range and power of his opponent’s technique.

And at the same instant.

The Du Sha who had been heavily injured previously spurted a jet of blood from his mouth, his body completely breaking apart. Under the impact of this lightning strike, he had fallen in an instant. His spirit transformed into a ray of light and headed towards the headquarters of the Azure Phoenix Academy.

The Zheng Kai famed for his physical prowess only received light injuries and was knocked tens of meters back.

This was because Ye Qingyu’s principal target was not him.

Striking out with the force of thunder, he had slaughtered Du Sha and Ding Liyou in a split second. Ye Qingyu’s aim had already been half achieved: to reduce the number of his opponents as best as he could to prevent them from recovering and surrounding him. Only through doing this, could the scales of victory begin tipping towards White Deer Academy.

“Then let me try out another move… [Protection of Heaven and Earth]!” Ye Qingyu loudly roared.

He suddenly stamped on the Earth, cracking and fracturing the ground. Then a surge of dense golden radiance, bringing with it a divine aura, erupted from his body. Like layers and layers of light with Ye Qingyu’s body at its center, this golden light radiated in all directions.

Xu Ge and Zheng Kai were in a huge daze.

A new battle technique?

In their previous battles, Ye Qingyu had never utilized such a move before.

The dense golden light radiated enveloping his entire body, as if this world had placed a divine protection upon Ye Qingyu.

A viscous power, along with this divine golden light snaked out. In a short amount of time, it had already completely covered everywhere within a hundred feet. The air was as if it had thickened. Both Xu Ge and Zheng Kai could feel an invisible rope tying them down, making their movements becoming more sluggish. It was as if their bodies were being pressed down by an ancient mountain, even taking a step became difficult…

The Zheng Kai next to Xu Ge was the worst off.

He struggled to take even a single step, madly resisting.

Under the immense power of the great Earth, ripple-like patterns twisted. It was as if both his legs were submerged in a viscous substance and around the body of Zheng Kai there was a pale yellow light flickering madly. This was a sign that his inner yuan was being activated to its absolute fullest. He wanted to break free from this sudden constraint.

But Ye Qingyu would not give him this opportunity.


A star in the night sky.

A cold star first arrived, then it was the spear following behind it like a dragon.

The light of the spear pierced through space, a torrential rainstorm pouring down. Zheng Kai screamed crazily, both hands gripping his Spirit weapon the enormous staff, his inner yuan functioning to its fullest capacity. His staff swung out in a blossom of swings, making it seem as if a bronze shield had appeared in front of him.


The metallic clashes that were enough to deafen one’s ear sounded unendingly.

Clusters of sparks exploded, hysterically sputtering.

The shadows of the spear were singing.

The swing of the staff became confused.

Such an apocalyptic clash did not last longer than three breaths of time, before it suddenly stopped.

The light of the sparks disappeared like smoke in thin air.

“Fast… an extremely fast spear! I… admit I’ve lost, I’m not… your match… Pok… Pu!”

Zheng Kai stood at his original position, his hands still gripping onto his staff that was mottled with marks. His fingers quivered slightly. With great difficult after saying such a sentence, his body that seemed unharmed at first glance, suddenly jetted out streams of blood. His entire figure was like a blooming fountain of blood. His body fell to the ground, his spirit shooting out and heading towards the headquarters of the Azure Phoenix Academy.

Even though the rotation of the staff was rapid, but it still could not withstand the light of the spear that covered the sky.

The Zheng Kai that specialized in physical strength, in a short amount of time, his staff techniques were completely broken by Ye Qingyu using an even greater power. This brute strength had disrupted his moves and the spear stabs pierced into his body like that of a torrential storm. In a moment of time, his body had endured hundreds of wounds and the life force within his body had broken.

At this time, the protective golden energy gradually dispersed.

And at the same moment, Xu Ge had finally broken through the restraint of the [Protection of Heaven and Earth]. Without saying a word, he rushed forward like lightning, his speed not less in anyway compared to that of Lin Nuo. His silhouette left mirage after mirage in the air. Within his left and right palm, each had a bright silver crescent blade, cutting through the smoke in the sky to attack.

The power of the [Moon Seal] was mustered to its extreme without any sounds or sign.

Ye Qingyu turned around, his long spear blocking.


A clusters of close impact noises emitted.

Crescent moon after crescent moon struck against each other, forming a strange trajectory within the air. Like a complex silver net, it constantly struck against the [Inexorable spear] and continuously pervaded the air around Ye Qingyu. The crescent blades sliced past without any signals, ripping apart Ye Qingyu’s black robe.

This was the true power of the [Moon Seal].

Every time the moon blade clashed, after a slight vibration, one blade would turn into two. After following an incredible arc in the air, it returned again, constantly striking out. As if it possessed life, in the blink of an eye, Ye Qingyu was already completely surrounded by hundreds of moon blades. Surging back and forth, like a stormy assassination, impossible to defend against effectively.

“This is the true strength of my [Moon Seal]!” Xu Ge’s inner yuan was completely activated, his entire figure being covered in a silver inner yuan light. His voice was like the cold essence of the moon, “Last time I was not familiar with your technique and suffered a heavy loss. This time, I have seen through the mysteries behind your battle technique. Using the same technique on me twice is useless. Ye Qingyu, you’ve lost already.”

Ye Qingyu held his mouth shut without saying anything.

He was examining in detail the moon blades shooting out in strange arcs, but was immediately disappointed.

Because each and every trajectory of each moon blade, was like the curve of an antelope’s horn, with no signs of any flaws or distinct patterns. Especially as they constantly clashed against each other, these trajectories would constantly change. One would turn into two, two into three, three into tens of thousands. Like the full moon, this technique emitted a radiance that would make people feel dizzy and faint when they looked into it. There was a peculiar charm-like power.

“The [Moon Seal] really is a high class battle technique. The mysteries of it are limitless, it’s not something that can be broken apart in a short time… if this continues on, when Xu Ge’s [Moon Seal] has been fully performed, then the momentum of my spear will break for sure. At that time, I will not be able to avoid tens of thousands of these moon blades.”

Ye Qingyu clearly understood.

“This is my true strength. Ye Qingyu, your White Deer Academy will still lose,” Xu Ge loudly roared, the inner yuan in his body vibrating, and an immense pressure slowly emitted, as if he was carrying the aura of the Moon God.

“That might not be.”

Ye Qingyu shouted, the swings of his spears changing.

“If I can’t break apart his technique, then I’ll just crush it using brute force!”

As he screamed, Ye Qingyu’s figure suddenly soared into the sky, as if a dragon gliding through the air. He did not care about defending anymore, allowing the thousands of moon blades to slice apart his body. As the spurts of blood flowed, there were countless wounds on Ye Qingyu in an instant. In this short amount of time, his body was completely torn apart by the moon formation and his body flew hundreds of meters high up in the air.

Such a height completely defied the laws of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

Xu Ge lifted his head to look, shock in his eyes. “What? How is this possible?”

“The fourth move of the golden armoured King — [Heaven Falls and Earth Rends]!”

Within the atmosphere, the sound of Ye Qingyu’s roar reverberated. His silhouette suddenly swooped down accompanied by the rumble of the air. It brought with it the force of thunder and lightning, similar to a star falling from the furthest reaches of heavens. Within the reverberating blaze, there was burst after burst of dragon’s roars. Rapid like lightning and thunder, it was as if it would destroy this entire world.

“What kind of technique is this?” Xu Ge screamed.

The next instant, the Heavens collapsed and the Earth cracked.

Within the huge explosion, the earth shattered and fractured into a huge crater.

Under this indescribable immense force, the ground subsided but the Earth’s crust ascended, striking into each other, forming a surrounding rock fragments that were tens of feet high. Like a newly created mountain range, this chaotic energy revolved all around, causing a strange forcefield to appear. If you were within this area, then your senses and thoughts would become disordered and deranged.

Xu Ge, in this confusion, felt as if the world had really been destroyed.

In a second, such a terrifying impact made him spurt out blood from his mouth and nose, his limbs breaking apart. The inner yuan within his body had gone crazy and chaotic, disordered and messy in his meridians. He could not muster his inner yuan to resist anymore, and the essence of the [Moon Seal] was destroyed. The countless moon blades in the air disappeared like thin smoke in the bright glare of the sun.

“I’ve… lost again!”

In his last glance, he was able to see Ye Qingyu covered in blood, standing amidst the smoke and dust. His figure was like a spear, and Xu Ge’s mind constantly returned to the image of this teenager breaking apart his moon formation through such a decisive act where he abandoned all defense. Xu Ge suddenly felt that this was what a true practitioner should be. Perhaps the two times that he had lost to this student of White Deer Academy was not simply because of the difference in battle techniques. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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