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Imperial God Emperor 882 - Blown off 2

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Smoke and dust filled the air.

Blazes flew in all directions.

Ye Qingyu took a large step forward.

Meanwhile, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] appeared behind him, spinning as it released a mysterious powerful aura. As it suspended in mid-air and hung down a bright-yellow ribbon of light, mysterious rformations circulated and protected Luo Yi, Qin Hui, and her son within, preventing them from being affected by the fight.

The entire palace was in a state of shock.

Nobody had expected that, in what originally looked like a picture of harmony, the two men would come to blows because of a single disagreement upon meeting. Cang Li and the traitors of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect had assumed that the new sect master would have some form of countermeasure and never imagined that things would pan out like this. They more so did not expect that the usually-invincible sect master would be unable to withstand a single strike from Ye Qingyu.

For a while, they dared not intervene at all.

A fight like this was not one they as Immortal Step realm experts could get involved in.


Bits of stone flew out from among the smoke and dust.

Like a cannonball, a figure charged out from within and directly at Ye Qingyu.

"Still not giving up, I see." Giving a loud shout, Ye Qingyu struck a punch forth, shattering a huge section of the Void in front of his fist at once. It became visible that a huge section of the thunderously-crackling air had been turned into a vacuum.

Boom boom boom!

One after another, air energy waves radiated frenziedly within the palace.

Exerting punch after punch, each of which contained sufficient force to collapse a mountain range, Ye Qingyu suppressed the advancing momentum of the sect master, who had just charged out from among the rubble, and caused him to fall backward.

"You... have truly pissed me off, ughhh!" The sect master bellowed as he struggled, desperate to fight back.

His voice did not contain a trace of human feeling. Despite being engulfed in flames, he continued to punch forth frenziedly and showed no sign of giving up as he traded blows with Ye Qingyu, causing slurry orange-colored flames to spray in all directions. The frantic atmosphere in the palace only intensified, while the ground began to burn after becoming besmirched by the orange slur.


Unparalleled in might and vaguely possessing an earthshaking force, Ye Qingyu's final punch shattered the sect master's arms and aimed directly for the latter's heart.


An orange slur burst out and spattered.

This punch caused the sect master to literally explode and turn into a sky full of flares and slurry.

Ye Qingyu withdrew his fist and stood up straight. His black hair danced like streaks of black thunder while his white robes were distinctive among the sky full of flares. As an invisible vigor emanated from his body, the orange slur, which was powerful enough to burn rocks, was no longer able to get within ten meters of him. He appeared as majestic as an armorless War God, and became too dazzling to be looked at from up close.

However, there was dismay rather than joy on his face.

This was because he had detected that, after being blown up by him, the sect master's aura not only did not dissipate but even grew stronger than before. Things were certainly not as simple as they seemed on the surface.

"What are you waiting for? Kill him for me already."

The sect master's voice rang out in the palace.

During this moment, the eyes of Cang Li and his henchmen suddenly gleamed in a changeful blood-red. Subsequently, their bodies stiffened as a red radiance flashed across them, and the flaming armor on their bodies seemingly began to burn. Turning into streaks of lightning with a swishing noise, they swarmed toward and surrounded Ye Qingyu.


Ye Qingyu shockingly discovered that the bodily auras of Cang Li and his henchmen had transformed within an instant. Becoming like scorching suns, their power went beyond the Immortal step realm and reached the Saint realm. As they struck out, a heavenly fire began to circulate and instantly turned the entire palace into a sea of fire.

"Be careful, my lord." Qin Hui could not help herself from crying out.

Ye Qingyu stood on the spot, as unmoving as a mountain.

Just then, snowflakes appeared all around him, dancing and hovering. As an invisible chilly force field sprang up, Saint realm laws began to circulate within ten meters of his body, turning him unassailable and rendering Cang Li and his subordinates completely unable to draw near. No matter how powerful and intense the bombardments, anything that reached within ten meters of Ye Qingyu would instantly disappear and be unable to cause even the slightest of stirs.

"Have they been possessed?"

As Ye Qingyu watched the transformations of Cang Li and the other Ancient Sky Dragon sect elders, he was able to discern what was strange about them. Every one of them was utilizing a technique which did not belong to the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect. Instead, it was a bizarre, seemingly-otherworldly flame power with an ancient chaotic aura, and furthermore comprised of an extremely obscure evil aura which Ye Qingyu felt was vaguely familiar.

Swish swish swish!

An air-breaking whistling noise rang out incessantly.

Becoming near-invisible, the figures of Elder Cang Li and the members of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect rapidly spun around Ye Qingyu and eventually fused into a flaming ocean of orange, apparently intent on enwrapping Ye Qingyu and burning him alive.

Ye Qingyu did not offer an immediate response.

His expression became ever weirder as he observed his surroundings.

He could feel with gradually-increasing clarity that the sect master's aura was growing more and more powerful although he could not be seen in the palace, while the vigor of Cangli and the others was also rising non-stop concurrently and had vaguely already broken through to the Half-Saint realm.
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