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Chapter 882 - Blown Off


The young new sect master abruptly stood up from the Divine Dragon Throne.

Following his movement, the throne's blazes swelled as if kerosene had been poured over them. As they shot several dozen meters into the air like a fiery torrent with a booming noise, a powerful energy burst out and proliferated, with the throne as its center.


The two beams of energy collided.

In a twinkling, the air between the young sect master and Ye Qingyu began to churn like boiling water.

Deafening bouts of booming noises incessantly rang out in the boiling air. For a time, it seemed as if there was a giant dragon, which was born in the Chaotic Age and had traveled through time, raging and howling in the Divine Dragon Palace. In the distance, Elder Cang Li and his subordinates could not help but retreat hurriedly, their faces filled with awe.

Standing behind Ye Qingyu, only Qin Hui, her son, and Luo Yi were not attacked, albeit their faces also revealed shocked expressions.

"Ye Qingyu, how dare you be this impudent in the Divine Dragon Palace?"

As if containing a worldly might, the new sect master's voice came rushing out in bursts of sound waves.

Ye Qingyu smiled and said, "Impudent? You're but a dove in a magpie's nest, yet you dare to put on airs here. Who are you and why did you steal the Ancient Sky Dragon sect master's seat? The Ancient Sky Dragon Domain is already a lost cause. It baffles me that, given your strength, you'd want to seize a domain that is glorious no longer."

"You talk too much." the voice roared among the blazing flames.

It was a very strange tone which did not sound like it was uttered by a living being, but rather sounded like it was made by the trembling of innumerable rocks, replete with an indescribable kind of anger and murderous aura.

Giving a snort, Ye Qingyu's consciousness power suddenly burst out once more.


The boiling air ahead seemed to abruptly evaporate, while the terrifying energy reversed course and was suppressed. A visible burst of air swept at an extremely vicious momentum toward the young sect master on the Divine Dragon Throne, apparently intent on pulverizing him together with the throne.

"Ye Qingyu, it was only because I recognize you as a talent that I didn't take action against you for killing Ming Jue and destroying Yu Leaf City. I treated you courteously and invited you here all so to give you a chance to do me a service, but who knew you would be this audacious and reckless. Do you really think that I won't bear to kill you?" The young sect master's voice sounded throughout the palace like the thunderous roars of the Ninth Heaven.

As if affected by them, the Void began to shake and crack.

At the same time, the young sect master straightened his palm into a sword and swept it outward.

The Void was immediately splintered into two.

Ye Qingyu's offensive brushed across his body but did not cause him any damage.

"You want to kill me?" Ye Qingyu guffawed, "A deceitful fraud like you, really?"

With that, two beams of purple lightning shot forth from his eyes.

The [Eyes of the Void].

This was a Fiendgod skill recorded in the [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. Although Ye Qingyu had executed it before, he had not yet attained the Saint realm at that time and thus could not utilize its capability to the fullest, which was said to be able to see through all illusions. Now that he had attained Saint realm cultivation, the radiance and momentum of his execution were not as terrifying as the first time its might had increased by several times. With his eye beams fixed and his qi locked on to the new sect master, there was absolutely no way for the latter to evade.


The new sect master bellowed repeatedly.

He had been extremely confident when he made up his mind to lead Ye Qingyu to the Divine Dragon Palace, where he would speak a few words and utilize a few measures to bring Ye Qingyu under his control and to his service. He certainly did not expect that Ye Qingyu would strike out before he had revealed his hand, giving him no opportunity to employ the rhetoric he had prepared.

"You're courting your own death... Ahhh!"

As the sect master bellowed, a ball of slurry orange flames spurted from his wide-open mouth.


The eye beams collided with the ball of light with a loud boom.

During this moment, terrifying energy waves burst out layer by layer and diffused in all directions. Dragon-shaped formation beams began to flicker on the walls and structures all around the Divine Dragon Palace, which was able to withstand these kinds of attacks because it continued to have enough energy to keep the Palace-Protecting Formation running. However, Cang Li and his henchmen were all unable to remain standing any longer. Amid cries of alarm, they were sent flying by the onrushing waves. The other dozen or so elders in red-hot armor were no different, losing their balance and being flung heavily against the walls of the palace...

"Haha, you must be dreaming if you think you can seize a Human Race sect with your meager ability!"

Ye Qingyu laughed out loud.

As he continued to channel the [Eyes of the Void], purple-colored lightning beams shot out from his eyes like divine arrows. Possessing the awe of a deity, they completely broke apart the slurry light beam that spurted from the sect master's mouth. At the same time as they sundered the Divine Dragon Throne, they struck heavily on the sect master, sending him flying together with the throne.
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