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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 86 I Have Something More Important to Do

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Chapter 86 – I Have Something More Important to Do

“What kind of power is this?”

“This is impossible? That girl…”

Lin Nuo and the others felt a trepidation, like they were in the midst of a disaster.

In this instant, the red light that was radiating with a thick stench of death and destruction made the four Azure Phoenix students feel the terror of being utterly annihilated. This was a too terrifying, too powerful strength. It fundamentally did not belong on the body of a human. Even if this power had not truly broken out, but even under the pressure of this tiny glimpse was enough to make Lin Nuo and the others feel like they were wheat in the face of a hurricane, able to be destroyed at any second.

In the battlefield of the Northern canyon road, it was as if a God or a Devil had descended.

This terrifying aura extended outwards in all directions. The clouds in the sky were moving, the sunlight dimming at this moment. Even the demon rune soldiers and the rune soldiers without intelligence could also feel unease, stopping their endless battle.

Qin Wushuang was dumbfounded.

The smile on Xia Houwu’s face froze.

Song Xiaojun really did exhibit an exceptional talent within the first year students and her improvement was extremely rapid. Otherwise, she would not have been able to enter into the list of ten nor receive the opportunity to enter the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. But even if the little loli was stronger still, she absolutely should not be this powerful…

Xia Houwu could faintly feel the turn of events was not favourable for him.

As if he had done something wrong, as if he had enraged an existence that should not be incited.

At this time—

“You deserve to die!”

The little loli seemed as if she had turned into a monster. Her voice was an icy metallic friction. It did not contain any hint of human emotion, as if it originated from the depths of hell and was not like that clear and crisp voice she normally possessed. Like the sinister smile of the Death God, there was an indescribable terror.

Along with this voice, a scarlet red light came from within the little loli’s body.

“This is bad!”

Xia Houwu was in a complete panic, doing his utmost to avoid this ray of light.


The scarlet red ray of light rubbed past Xia Houwu’s body, hitting the protector statue of White Deer Academy. A huge explosion. The structure collapsed with rocks falling and dust rising to the air. The protector statue had been destroyed!

At the same time.

The little loli was devoured by this scarlet red light, finally dissolving into dust and smoke.

Such an explosive power was not something she could control. Adding to the heavy injuries she had sustained, the little loli had no way of controlling this power. Her body transformed into dust and smoke with her spirit flying to the skies and soaring towards the resurrection altar.

The dust-covered ashen face of Xia Houwu crawled out from the rubble.

There were many injuries on his body, and his face was deathly pale in fright. But ultimately, he was able to avoid the killing stroke of the red light, and avoid a catastrophe.

Qin Wushuang’s body was also covered in dust, the skin near his eyebrows sliced apart by the rubble. His scarlet red blood slowly dripped down, his expression bewildered. He could faintly sense that on the body of Song Xiaojun, a transformation had occurred that was definitely not simple. What followed after would be a surging wave— an immense wave that was sufficient to plunge the entire Deer mountain range into a perilous situation.

Opposite them.

“Destroying the protector statue with one strike?”

“Only a power of the Bitter Sea stage or above is able to do this…”

“What kind of secret is hidden within this little girl’s body?”

Lin Nuo, Du Sha, Zheng Kai and Ding Liyou all looked at each other. They were all stunned by the abnormal change that they witnessed on Song Xiaojun’s body.

And at this time, a voice spoke into their ears all at once, “What are you hesitating for, the protector statue has already collapsed. Quickly act and kill the two remaining students of White Deer Academy and crush them in one go… this is our last chance.”

Lin Nuo quivered, able to recognize the owner of this voice.


He became a shadow, the first person to strike out.

Du Sha and Ding Liyou quickly followed.

Indeed, such a turn of events was surprising but this was absolutely the opportune moment for the Azure Phoenix Academy. As long as they were able to kill Xia Houwu and Qin Wushuang and charged forward in one go, before the four could resurrect, they could absolutely rush to the headquarters of White Deer Academy. At that time, even if Ye Qingyu appeared, with his power alone, he would not be able to defeat the five people of Azure Phoenix Academy… victory was firmly in their grasp!


Under the collapsed protector statue.

Through just one glance, Qin Wushuang was able to understand the intentions of the Azure Phoenix students. His expression paled greatly.

But before he could react at all, a sudden bolt of black lightning, without any noise or signs struck down from the heavens. Like a falling black star, he could only discern a black light flashing through the air before a black-coloured spear appeared on the ground.


The sharp piercing explosive-like sound was finally heard.

The heart of Lin Nuo leading the charge suddenly madly shuddered.

He had come.

That demon king… the strongest person of White Deer Academy had arrived.

They had already experienced such a technique several times before.

As expected in the next second, as if a mountain from far away had collapsed, or as if a hurricane blew past, or as if a surging river had flooded, a black figure approached from far away. Wrapped in light and electricity, in the time of a spark with speed like that of light, before Lin Nuo’s brain could perform any sort of reaction, he had already neared.

The same technique.

Lin Nuo had already imagined such a technique being performed in his mind countless times. Lin Nuo thought he already deeply understood the essence and secrets behind such a technique. He had been confident that the next time he met Ye Qingyu, he would definitely be able to avoid such a deadly strike. But when the moment finally arrived, this confidence was destroyed in their first contact.

Without a question, Lin Nuo was sent flying again.

Such a terrifying impact, made him feel as if every bone in his body had broken. He felt a sweetness in the back of his throat, and he opened his mouth, blood spurting. His vision grew dark and he lost his consciousness, only able to sense that his body was currently flying backwards…

What was also sent flying… was the Ding Liyou and Du Sha following behind him.

The two, before they reached the ground, also madly vomited blood then landed on the surface. Not able to move in the slightest, they had temporarily lost their ability to do battle.

“Heavens… this… how could it be?” Zheng Kai stood stunned a hundred meters away, terror freezing his footsteps. “It shouldn’t be like this… even Ding Liyou and Du Sha has been hurt… this is outside the previous effective range of that technique, could it be that the strength of this demon king has risen yet again?”

Zheng Kai and his comrades had once theorized about the effective range of Ye Qingyu’s battle technique. After fighting with Ye Qingyu several times previously, they had concluded that the impact of his attack should only be within a meter around the target. But this time, the Ding Liyou and Du Sha that was over a meter away from Lin Nuo had also been sent flying?

He had gotten stronger.

Zheng Kai did not have the courage to continue the attack.

He staggered backwards.

Ye Qingyu also did not keep on pressing forward.

He turned around, walking step by step towards the collapsed protector statue.

“Tell me, what has happened?” The voice of Ye Qingyu was like the metallic clash of swords. There was a killing aura emitting from him that pierced chillingly into the depths of their bones.

Xia Houwu could sense something was wrong. He looked at Qin Wushuang beside him, and a sly light flashed by in his eyes. Slowly retreating, he pretended to be surprised and stammered authentically, “It’s too great that you’ve come… we’ve been ambushed… Xiaojun and Qingluo has both died, we were not their opponents…”

“A trash such as you deserves to die. You deserve to die ten thousand times over.”

Ye Qingyu pressed ever closer in large and furious strides.

His gaze was like a blade, a murderous intent completely covering his body. A rich bloody odour enveloped his body.

“You… just what do you want to do?” Xia Houwu said in panic, his face flushed. “It has nothing to do with me… it’s the people of Azure Phoenix… we weren’t their match, we couldn’t save Song Qingluo or Song Xiaojun… don’t blame me, just what do you want. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not appearing…”

“Shut your mouth!” Ye Qingyu loudly roared, his voice like the fierce clap of thunder.

“A scum like yourself, just exactly what you have done, you should be very clear. Do you think that I don’t know? Fearing for your own death, attacking your own comrades… being despicable to such an extent, you are not fit to be a human… Even if I am breaking the rules of this battlefield, I will definitely kill you.” Ye Qingyu dragged his spear along the ground as he walked towards Xia Houwu, the heavy body of the spear causing sparks to be created from this friction.

His eyebrows were raised and an unsuppressed fire burned within his eyes.

“You…” Xia Houwu was in a state of extreme shock.

How could Ye Qingyu know what had occurred?

“We should priorities on the overall situation first. Such a thing…” Qin Wushuang frowned, opening his mouth to say something.

“You are also not a good person… just go die together.” Ye Qingyu coldly gave him a glance, his voice like it came from the depths of hell. The spear that was originally erected on the ground shot out by itself with a whistle, transforming into a ray of black light and striking towards Qin Wushuang.

“You…” Qin Wushuang was both shocked and angry. The [Great Zhou sword] in his hand activated, blocking the sudden attack of the spear.


The weapons clashed.

The [Great Zhou sword] flew out from his hands, disappearing in a point of light high up in the air.

The skin between Qin Wushuang’s thumb and forefinger had broken apart. He was absolutely not able to block this spear strike; his long sword being sent flying. The [Inexorable spear] stabbed through his body, bringing with it an enormous force. Nearly in an instant, it destroyed his body. His entire figure turning into bones and a bloody mist that dispersed throughout the air. There was nothing he could say before he died.

A spirit transformed into light, flying towards the headquarters.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze was like a blade, regarding at Xia Houwu.


Xia Houwu’s knees instantly softened, kneeling on the floor.

Without knowing why, when he saw Ye Qingyu’s gaze, the triumph in his heart disappeared like smoke in thin air. He was fundamentally not able to speak, the subterfuge and artifice that he had prepared beforehand fading. Even his words of begging were stuck in his throat. He did not even have the courage to speak anymore.

What kind of person Ye Qingyu was, Xia Houwu knew perfectly well.

Demon King Ye was in the midst of rage. There was completely no degree of sentiment or face that he would give to him.

“Dying like this is really too convenient for you!” Ye Qingyu’s wrists moved, the cold light of the spear blossomed. Blood jetted from Xia Houwu’s body, his heart instantly being shattered into pieces. Before his spirit had left his body, he could indistinctly hear Ye Qingyu’s voice, as if he was passing judgement on him, “Such an action will absolutely not end with just this. When we return to the real world, I will make you pay the true price for what you have done.”


His inner yuan exploded.

Xia Houwu’s body cracked and fractured turning into a blood vapour.

Not even fifteen minutes had passed, and the White Deer Academy that originally held the absolute advantage, out of five people, four of them had already returned towards the resurrection altar. There was only Ye Qingyu left.

And at the same time, on the side of the Azure Phoenix Academy, there were still four people present.

Apart from Lin Nuo who had experienced the full power of Ye Qingyu’s [Banner of Heaven and Earth] and [Fierce Dragon Pierce] directly and died straight away, the rest could still battle. Both Ding Liyou and Du Sha had received significant injuries in this skirmish but they could already stand up. They possessed the ability to fight.

But facing the Ye Qingyu who was like a god of slaughter, Zheng Kai and the others did not dare rush forward.

Ye Qingyu’s thick black hair was flying, the long spear behind his body, the point of the spear pointing towards the Heavens.

A black robe and a black spear.

The black hair was like a blazing black flame.

“Xu Ge, come out. I know you’re there.” Ye Qingyu took a deep breath, looking towards a forest far off. “I know you’re there. Right now, every one of you come at once and end this competition as quickly as possible. As of this instant, I have something more important to do.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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