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Chapter 871, Shrink to inches

This change was a shock to everybody that was present.

Qin Hui's face was bathed in tears as if she was thinking of the past, “In the past few years, my late father had secretly brought Ning'er to this place several times. Every time he comes, Guo Xiong and Guo Yi were very happy to see him and treated Ning'er as their son. Every time that Ning'er breaks something the brothers would secretly take the blame for him. I couldn't bear to see him punished by my late husband... It seems that even until death, he was still thinking about Ning'er, worried that he would be in danger and tried to stop the people who were after us...”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

The voice of Ning'er had awakened Guo Xiong's remaining hint of tenacity.

It was only after that he knew that they were safe and well, that the loyal disciples could set their mind at rest.

Immediately, Ye Qingyu took out the thing in Guo Xiong's hand.

“It's... a cloth?”

The cloth, which was around the size of a palm, was originally purple, but because of the bloodstain, had become a bit blackened. At one of the corners there was a small, very strange double diamond-shaped black pattern.

Qin Hui took the ragged cloth and carefully examined the pattern on the cloth, when her eyes suddenly flashed a hint of panic, as though she had thought of something very terrifying, “It's Cang Li! This is the pattern on his enforcement robe. In the entire Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, only he wears this pattern, how could... he personally chased us down to this place!”

Elder Cang Li had already reached the Immortal Step realm hundreds of years ago. The enforcement elder of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect was vicious and ruthless, and always made swift and decisive actions. In the entire Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, his status could be said to be second only to the late Patriarch Tian Huayu. After Tian Huayu died in the Black Demon Abyss, Elder Cang Li immediately rebelled along with many confidants and killed the son of Tian Huayu. Following that the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect also fell apart.

The revolt was headed by Elder Cang Li.

“This station was secretly set up by my father-in-law when he was still alive. In the hundreds of years that he had been secretly training core disciples, there was a total of twenty people, and their respective families also lived here, but now there are only six bodies in the entire building. Where did the other people go...” After the initial panic, Qin Hui suddenly thought of something, then looked to Ye Qingyu with an anxious expression.

After listening to Qin Hui, Ye Qingyu roughly understood everything.

Luo Yi and Little Nine had searched this place before and only found these six bodies in the entire station.

The other disciples, as well as their families, were missing, and it was unknown whether they were alive or dead.

He examined the body of Guo Xiong again, looked in the direction of where his finger was pointing to, and vaguely seemed to understand the meaning that Guo Xiong wanted to express. He turned to look at Qin Hui, saying, “Madam Qin, you should be familiar with the area of the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. Do you know where Guo Xiong's finger is pointing to?”

Qin Hui was taken aback.

Although she did not understand the intention of Ye Qingyu's question, she still carefully thought over his question and then answered, “That... that’s the northwest of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, there are abandoned ancient cities and boundless deserts within thousands of kilometers, but forty thousand kilometers from here in the direction of where Guo Xiong's finger is pointing to is a place called Yu Leaf City. There are still people living there. It is a military base city, which the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect is in charge of...”

“I understand... In that case, let's go to this place called Yu Leaf City first, and maybe we'll have some news about the disciples and their family.” Ye Qingyu made a decision after some contemplation.

Although Qin Hui was a woman, but after so many years of following Tian Yunlong to take care of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, she naturally was thoughtful and cautious. From what Ye Qingyu had said and the clue in Guo Xiong's hand, she also immediately understood that it was some clues that Guo Xiong had left behind before he died.

“Good, let's first go to Yu Leaf City. Whether they are there or not, at least we can find out some information first. It’s just that... Lord Ye Qingyu, can you give me some time to bury the corpses of the disciples. They ended up like this all because of Ning'er and I.” Qin Hui's heart was burning with hatred. She wanted to rush to Yu Leaf City to look for the family of the deceased.

“I understand, the deceased is more important. They should have a place to settle in this vast desert” Ye Qingyu nodded, looked at Luo Yi and said, “Go.”

“Yes, Lord,” Luo Yu received the order.


After the time to drink a cup of tea.

With the help of Luo Yi, Qin Hui had properly buried the six bodies that were found in the back hall of the station.

Qin Hui took Ning'er to respectfully bow to the grave, before she came to the front of the station.

The group of people, under the leadership of Ye Qingyu, headed in the direction of Yu Leaf City.

Sand billowed into the air and the yellow sandy soil formed a haze over the sky.

The environment was incredibly harsh.

It was simply impossible for ordinary people to travel, and even ordinary martial artists, if they had not made any preparation. Each roar of the wind, mixed with sand and stones, was like a blunt knife swiftly swirling past, and could simply cut a person into pieces instantly.

Ye Qingyu looked at the sky that was filled with blowing sand, and a thought came to mind.

A pure space of hundreds of meters appeared next to him, enveloping Luo Yi, Qin Hui and the others.

There were light silver ripples revolving around them, like a crystal light screen had formed from the accumulation of transparent water ripples. And inside of the light shield, the air was fresh and clean, and the temperature was cool and comfortable. It was as if they had come to another time and space. Outside of the shield, the yellow sand and stone were like beasts pouncing over, and the tornado resembled a python sweeping away everything. But no matter how they ravaged, they were completely blocked outside the hundred meters of space.

There seemed to be a power that was slowly releasing from this space that made them retreat.

Even large chunks of flying stones, sharp as knives, could not ripple the light shield in the slightest.

“Wow, Big brother Ye Qingyu is amazing, it is the first time that I could breathe such fresh air here!” Ning'er, who had finally woken up, was sitting up in the arms of Luo Yi, staring at the surroundings with amazement.

“Hey, hey... Kid, you're going to be more surprised later in how amazing Woof's master is. You're only seeing less than one out of one hundred thousand now.” Little Nine wagged his tail proudly.

Ye Qingyu simply ignored the silly dog.

He was walking ahead, his each step looked casual and calm, and there was not the slightest yuan qi of aura emitting from his body. He was like an ordinary person. But there was a faint, almost imperceptible silver halo of light encircled around him, and the qi field that was invisible was becoming incredibly powerful...

In the halo of light, Ye Qingyu's black hair was fluttering in the absence of wind, flowing gracefully.

His white robe was shrouded by the slowly moving halo, making him look graceful, illusory, and like a fairy who had descended into the world of chaos from the Ninth Heaven, without being contaminated by worldly dust in any way.

On the other side, Qin Hui also felt incredibly comfortable.

She had already extremely trusted Ye Qingyu, almost to the point of worship, but the next scene was still a shock to her.

The scenery outside of the light screen was abnormally moving back.

[Shrink] into inches.

Ye Qingyu was actually silently using the remarkable ability of [Shrink] to inches.

With one step he could travel hundreds of kilometers!

Qin Hui, Luo Yi and Little Nine, looked like they were walking, but in fact were actually following behind Ye Qingyu, moving rapidly forward by that strange force. In an instant they had already traveled a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

Luo Yi and Little Nine had obviously already noticed this but their adoration of Ye Qingyu was simply close to worship. Given his strength, no matter what astonishing behaviour or activity he had done, it was still an extraordinarily normal thing for him in the eyes of Luo Yi and Little Nine. Only Qin Hui was amazed. Ever since she had witnessed Ye Qingyu killing the traitor disciples of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect with an ice sword, this was the second time she had personally felt the power of the [Ice Sword Killing God].

As she stared at Ye Qingyu, in her eyes there was puzzlement, and faintly a little excitement.

What she was puzzled about was that she could not imagine how a young man of a new domain would possess such strong powers, which were completely beyond those of experts of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect who had cultivated for thousands of years. What she was excited was that she was now more and more confident that, not only could Ye Qingyu save her and Ning'er, but also that, with his support, put down the rebellion and get rid of those traitors.

Ye Qingyu noticed the expression on Qin Hui's face.

He was understanding the power of the Saint realm.

After becoming a Saint, one can master some of the laws of Heaven and earth, such as the space law, which was one of the number of remarkable abilities after becoming a Saint expert. It was not a particularly brilliant technique to use for traveling but if this space law were used in assassination and intrusion, it would have the most terrifying effect. Ye Qingyu wanted to comprehend the secrets of this law, which was also a way of practicing anytime and anywhere.

In the blink of an eye, one hour had passed.

They had walked at least tens of thousands of kilometers.

Ye Qingyu came to a stop.

In front, there was a desolate ancient city in the vast desert.

Half of this completely weathered ancient city was buried under the yellow sand. More than half of the hundreds of meters of city wall had collapsed, like a dead dragon python hiding in the sand. At this time only about less than one hundred meters of walls was above the sandy soil, and around the walls there were the roofs of a small number of broken buildings and pillars near the palace, as well as what seemed to be the heads of statues.

The wind and sand were merciless, covering up the bustling city of the past.

Even so, Ye Qingyu could tell that the isolated ancient city in the vast desert was incredibly large, covered a very vast area, and stretched across nearly thousands of kilometers. Moreover, from the style of the roofs and statues, it was clear that this ancient city was once very magnificent and grand.

From what he had seen he knew that this ancient city had an incomparably glorious and prosperous period in the past.

Qin Hui was looking in the direction of the ancient city through the light screen——
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