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Chapter 867, Encampment

The news that the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had become a Saint expert spread out at a frantic speed and quickly shocked the entire Heaven Connect City.

Yes, it indeed had shaken the entire Heaven Connect City.

Among the great forces of the world, there were many experts in the Saint realm, and even the Saint experts among those super forces could only be regarded as the middle level. Only when one reached the achievement of the Great Saint realm would one be considered to have embarked onto the peak of martial arts, and regarded as an expert with decisive importance. In particular, in Heaven Connect City, where there were as many Saint experts as oxen. Therefore, to a certain extent, the emergence of a new Saint expert was not a shocking matter.

However, it seemed that from the news of all sides, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon was just a Heaven Ascension demon not long ago, an entire realm away from the Saint realm. What was even more bizarre was that it was rumoured that he was seriously wounded during the battle of the Chaotic Storm, had exhausted his origin source and would inevitably die. In the end, all of a sudden not only had he survived, but he also miraculously became a Saint realm expert.

This contrast had simply blinded everyone's eyes.

Was there a mistake in the information before?

Or had the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps been misleading the outside world all along? But there was no reason for them to do so. The Great Dragon Turtle Demon was not the focus of the outside world, thus there was no need to deliberately release the news that he was soon going to die.

For a while, many forces were puzzled.

In any case, they didn't believe that the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had defied the heavenly law and become a Saint when he was on the verge of death.

It was simply impossible.

But it was clear that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps absolutely didn't think so.

Because they knew of the true strength and condition of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon, and they were completely certain that it was an incredible miracle that the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had defied the heavenly laws and became a Saint. Vaguely, some of the members of Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had already guessed that the miracle was related to Ye Qingyu. After all, it was Ye Qingyu who was always in charge of his treatment, and it was that day when Ye Qingyu was treating the Great Dragon Turtle Demon that the abnormalities occurred.

But everyone cooperatively buried such a speculation in their heart.

After all, such a news was too shocking, too heaven-defying, and if it were to really spread out, it was not particularly a good thing for Ye Qingyu or the Great Dragon Turtle Demon.

It was just that everyone's awe and adoration of Ye Qingyu was much crazier than before.

Who else would be able to turn a dying person into a Saint realm expert, besides a fiendgod?


Two days later.

The ripples created by the news of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon reaching the Saint realm was still moving in the city, though not as huge as before.

Although it was a bizarre matter, he was still just a Saint expert, thus the impact was ultimately limited. Two days later, the attention of the majority of people in Heaven Connect City was no longer concerned about this matter. Only the higher ups, who really held the power of speech, would care about the information that leaked out. As a result, via all kinds of hidden channels, a hidden command was passed down to find out the mystery of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon becoming a Saint.

Of course, these had no relationship to the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.

On the third day, Empress Yu Xiaoxing left Heaven Connect City.

The team made up of the diplomatic corps and merchants, more than four thousand beings, which was much more spectacular that when they came, under the escort of forty white-robed divine guards, left Heaven Connect City in a mighty manner. It was also regarded as a glorious return to their hometown.

But Ye Qingyu did not leave.

He still needed to solve the matters of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect.

There were twenty masters of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, as well as the Great Dragon Turtle Demon who remained behind with Ye Qingyu.

Because they had received an encampment in Heaven Connect City, they must leave some people stationed here, and those to stay behind must be the best based on strength and experience. In the view of both Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing, the ideal candidate was Yan Buhui.

As a former great commander of the northern demon clan, he was well experienced and had shown that he could endure humiliation as part of an important mission before. Whether it was strength, martial arts or intelligence, he was the best candidate. Between Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui, one was a violent noodle-eating madman and the other a crazy pervert, both were not reliable. But then the Great Dragon Turtle Demon became a Saint expert in one leap, giving Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing another choice.

Considering the fact that Yan Buhui had to return to oversee the northern demon clan, they eventually asked the Great Dragon Turtle Demon to stay behind as the representative of Heaven Wasteland Domain in the encampment of Heaven Connect City.

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon had lived a long life, was experienced and knowledgeable, and most importantly, Ye Qingyu saw an incomparably terrifying potential in him. That Great Dragon Turtle Demon had a life yuan of tens of thousands of years. Adding to this, after this tribulation, his mentality had reached a state of open-mindedness like that of a Great Saint. The others may not know, but Ye Qingyu was certain that after this tribulation, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had transcended the limits, in the same way as Ye Qingyu had. He was reborn, and his origin source of demon yuan was reconstructed. Like a carp leaping through the dragon's gate, he had soared to the sky and a limitless future awaited him.

Leaving him in Heaven Connect City could train and cultivate him into a top expert for Heaven Wasteland Domain.

After seeing off the envoy mission, Ye Qingyu and the remaining others temporarily stayed in the Green Xuan Hall.

Silly dog Little Nine also stayed at Ye Qingyu's side.

Old Fish and Yu Xiaoxing left together with the other people.

At this time, in the Green Xuan Hall there was only Ye Qingyu, Little Nine, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and Luo Yi, as well as more than twenty Heaven Wasteland experts who Ye Qingyu had personally selected. There were also Mother Qin and her son who had been resting in the East Court residence.

Originally, Little Nine had to return with the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps according to the list of the first batch of return agreed by Yu Xiaoxing and the other leaders.

But when he learned that he had to go back, he rolled about and made an unreasonable scene in the meeting hall, putting on a melodramatic act and cried that no one could separate him from his master.

Ye Qingyu of course knew that the silly dog certainly was not staying behind because he did not want to part with him, and it must be because he missed the food and wine of Heaven Connect City. Then on second thought, perhaps the silly dog would be useful in what he was about to do next, so he nodded and agreed after a moment of hesitation.

The morning of the second day.

Ye Qingyu was in the meeting hall with the Great Dragon Turtle Demon in discussion on a number of matters regarding the encampment of Heaven Connect City, when Luo Yi suddenly came in to report that an airship of the Domain Alliance had come.

When the group of people arrived at the square, the airship also just landed in front of everybody.

A white-robed divine guard came out of the airship and respectfully bowed, saying, “Lord Ye, I am Tang Chong, early this morning the chosen encampment sites for Heaven Wasteland Domain had been examined and approved. Lord Ren Puyang sent me here to take you to choose.”

As the nominal main city and center of power of the great world, Heaven Connect City could be said to be the sea that can hold the water from thousands of rivers.

In the Vast Thousand Domains, the forces, sects and merchant companies that had passed the rating assessment to become an independent domain could set up an encampment site in the city.

However, the location and area of the encampment were generally selected and approved by the Domain Alliance on the basis of the strength displayed by the various domains and forces.

Ye Qingyu nodded, saying, “Thank you Divine Guard Tang Chong.”

Divine Guard Tang Chong, like Divine Guard Xiao Lin, was one of the personal attendants of Ren Puyang. Previously, it was he who led several other subordinates to escort Ye Qingyu and the others back when the domain grading ended.

Then, Ye Qingyu, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and Luo Yi followed Divine Guard Tang Chong onto the airship.

After approximately one hour.

The airship did not fly too far and began to descend slowly towards a stone building complex.

“There is a total of two prepared encampment sites...” Divine Guard Tang Chong directed the descent of the airship, and turned toward Ye Qingyu and the others to explain, “Now we're going to the first encampment site, which is not far from the Domain Alliance parliamentary temple. It is only a distance of ten meters away and is relatively lively. The transportation is also very convenient there...”

After a few moments.

The airship was firmly parked on a stop next to a main street.

The crowd walked down the airship and followed Divine Guard Tang Chong to a stone building at the end of an intersecting parallel road.

The stone building was beautiful and situated in an excellent location, where the Domain Alliance temple could be seen. The building was less than thirty meters high, with a total of five floors, and was constructed from relatively ordinary-looking stone materials that faintly exuded spiritual aura. In addition to the hexagonal pavilion roof, the shape and appearance of the whole building looked very simple and unadorned, with no decorative engraving. Although it was five floors high, the area it covered was very small. The first floor of the main hall only covered one square kilometer, and each succeeding floor was smaller from there.

“This... wouldn't it be a little too small...” The Great Dragon Turtle Demon looked at the stone tower carefully with some puzzlement.

Ye Qingyu rested his eyes on the fifth floor of the stone tower, and did not say a word. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“There's nothing I can do... this is the final decision of the Domain Parliament.” Divine Guard Tang Chong sighed slightly, looking helpless.

“Is the location of the encampment of domains who just passed the domain grading generally this small?” Ye Qingyu captured the key point from Divine Guard Tang Chong's words and tone.

“This... this is not the case, even if some new domains performed very ordinary in the assessment process, once passed, the encampment site is also at least hundreds of kilometers.” Divine Guard Tang Chong did not hide anything.

“What?! Hundreds of kilometers! So how come our Heaven Wasteland Domain has such a little area?” Luo Yi couldn't help but ask.

Tang Chong just helplessly shook his head.

But Ye Qingyu did not question further, after all, the Domain Alliance had made such a decision.

“Can Divine Guard Tang Chong take us to see the second encampment site.” The Great Dragon Turtle Demon controlled the complaints of the other experts with an eye signal and turned to look at Divine Guard Tang Chong with a smile.

Although he did not know why the Domain Alliance had made such a decision, but he was an experienced ancestor of the Water Demon Race, and seeing that Ye Qingu did not ask further, he knew that any dissatisfaction and complaint would not be helpful at this moment.

The airship flew around two hours south of Heaven Connect City before they arrived at the second prepared encampment site——

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