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Imperial God Emperor 866- Two Saints

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Becoming a Saint was the first step toward becoming transcendental.

Standing in the quiet room, Ye Qingyu carefully took in the feeling of attaining the Saint realm.

To manipulate the [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] to absorb the fading power of the Immortal Step realm at the final juncture was a risk he took on the spur of the moment. Though he did not know whether others had done this before, he could see that the effect was highly remarkable.

Upon careful comprehension, he discovered that the wisp of Phoenix Race nirvanic aura in his body had completely disappeared.

Being not of the Phoenix Race and thus not possessing Phoenix blood, it was only because the Celestial Phoenix Maiden had granted him a drop of her blood in order to save him that this kind of opportunity arose. During his attainment of the Saint realm this time, he first gave the Great Dragon Turtle Demon a wisp of nirvanic power, then experienced the reincarnation mystery during the process of knocking on the Immortal Gate. As part of the nirvana process, he went from life to death and back, becoming reborn. The wisp of nirvanic power was eventually depleted, while he used an unusual method to complete the true "knocking on the Immortal Gate".

He had finally become a true Saint.

There was an endless supply of inner yuan qi in his body, and the laws and Great Dao of the universe all seemed to be within his grasp.

This powerful feeling was hard to describe in words.

He was confident that, if he ran into those Saints of the Black Moon Immortal Palace again, he would be able to kill them all without the help of external forces such as the [Cloud Top Cauldron] or the [Red Lotus Hellfire]. Even if he was facing experts of the Great Saint realm like Zhong Yuan, he would not be disadvantaged.

Turning to look back at the road he came from, he became extremely emotional.

The martial bottleneck this time had made him reflect and gain some enlightenment.

All along, his martial cultivation had grown at an otherworldly rate which way exceeded that of anyone else of his generation and also many historical records. In particular, his battle strength was moreso terrifying. However, despite the rapid growth, there was some foundational instability caused by certain defects and mistakes, such that when he sought to attain the Saint realm, he ran into huge obstacles and nearly became possessed by the devil on several occasions.

This was a lesson.

As he opened and closed his eyes, the thunder and lightning and the cold light in his them gradually receded.

His entire being gradually became restrained and gentle.

If the Ye Qingyu of old was a showy figure, like a supreme divine sword which appearance deterred others from competing with it, then the current Ye Qingyu was someone whose murderous spirit and cruel qi were restrained, looking no different from an ordinary person, as if he had returned to his most basic self.

The first stage of the Saint realm!

"Whew, I've finally gotten past this stage. The yuan qi in my body is surging and seems to have energy to spare. I might have a chance to go for the Minor-Success Saint realm, but... Hmmm, it's probably best to consolidate for a while before I go for it... Hehe, I can go anywhere in this vast universe from now onwards... Mr. Ren Puyang had put me in charge of handling the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect's matter, which I'm afraid would culminate in a fight. Then again, this would be a good opportunity to consolidate this realm before going for the Minor-Success Saint realm after returning from the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect.

Ye Qingyu came up with a plan.

Currently, he was completely reborn.

However, because of his success in getting past this stage, he finally departed from the state of a half-primordial foundation.

He did not immediately leave the quiet room.

Because there still was something important to do.

With a jolt of his thoughts, he took out a few top-grade divine jade pieces from the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and used his yuan qi to cut them into palm-sized blank jade slips.

He wanted to engrave every one of the thousand martial secrets he had memorized from the [Infinite Arsenal] on these jade slips before handing them to Yu Xiaoxing to bring back. They would become the foundation and greatest safeguard of the Heaven Wasteland Domain's rise among the Vast Thousand Domains, and moreover, some of the top-level techniques among them were prepared specifically for Wen Wan, Yan Buhui, Ximen Yeshui, and the others.


Time flew by.

In a twinkling, yet another day and night had passed.

All of the Heaven Wasteland envoys in the Green Xuan Hall had been busy during this period of time.

It was no secret, and in fact had been long spread, that the empress wanted to bring the majority of the envoys back to the Heaven Wasteland Domain. This was known to not only the mission itself but also many forces in Heaven Connect City. As the day of setting off drew nearer, the number of visits from representatives of various forces increased. Everyone understood that this was probably the last chance to have a face-to-face meeting with the sovereign of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, and that it would be a lot harder to discuss things after she left.

To express their sincerity, various forces also sent gifts.

According to the decided-upon agenda and preliminarily-agreed partnerships of several days back, there would be representatives from at least thirty chambers of commerce and consortiums following the mission back to the Heaven Wasteland Domain. More than half of them were Human Race chambers of commerce, and thus the Green Xuan Hall was many times more boisterous than before, possessing a lively atmosphere.

Although busy, many envoys would still spare the little time they had to look in the direction of the quiet room in the backyard of the Green Xuan Hall while carrying expectation and tension in their eyes.

Many of the outsiders could understand when they saw this scene.

Because, right there was none other than the self-isolation abode of the [Ice Sword Killing God] Lunatic Ye, whose name had shocked the Road of Chaos during this period of time.

That was a truly miraculous person who had lifted up the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

At this time, under the golden morning glory, a thin and perfectly straight figure was standing at the door of the quiet room.

As a rule, Ye Qingyu's personal attendants would wait outside the quiet room every morning. This was the thing that Luo Yi did most. On this day, he had been waiting here for nearly an hour. According to prior experience, if the Lord did not appear by nine o'clock, then that would mean that he would not be coming out for the entire day, and so there would be no need to wait any longer.

As Luo Yi thought to himself, the door of the quiet room opened with a squeak just then.

Dressed in white clothes, Ye Qingyu walked out from within. He was spotlessly clean and was wearing a smile on his face.

"My Lord, you..." Luo Yi instinctively went forth to greet him but was taken aback by the figure he saw. He somehow felt that his Lord had changed, yet was unable to tell exactly where and what the changes were.

Ye Qingyu took no notice of Luo Yi's expression.

As he stood at the doorway of the quiet room, he thought about something, and removed the protective formation he had silently set up around the quiet room he had isolated himself within.

"How's the situation in the west courtyard?" He asked about the Great Dragon Turtle Demon's condition with his first sentence.

Luo Yi hurriedly replied, "The Great Dragon Turtle Demon is regaining his vitality seemingly from an ocean. It's just very strange that he remains unconscious, and might have..."

Before he finished speaking.


A dull thud was abruptly heard from the west courtyard of the Green Xuan Hall.

Following which, a powerful qi explosion swept in all directions with the quiet room of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon as its center.

Ye Qingyu's initial surprise became doubt and then shock.

"Let's go take a look."

Sensing something, Ye Qingyu's figure flashed.

By the next moment, he had already teleported together with Luo Yi up to the door of the quiet room in the west courtyard.

Shortly after, many footsteps could be heard coming from the main entrance of the west courtyard.

"What's going on?"

"What happened?"

"The Great Dragon Turtle Demon..."

"Weird, I felt a terrifying power..."

Amid the hubbub of voices, many figures dashed one by one in the courtyard. First up were Wen Wan and the other envoys, followed by a few outsiders who had come to watch the commotion. Evidently, the happenings in the Great Dragon Turtle Demon's quiet room had attracted the attention of everyone in the Green Xuan Hall.

Without turning his head back, Ye Qingyu simply made a slight hand gesture.

The voices instantly came to an abrupt halt.

It was only at this time that others noticed that Ye Qingyu was already in the west courtyard.

When those onlooking outsiders saw that the killing god Ye Qingyu was here, they no longer dared to say a word, for fear of annoying him. After all, it was he who had killed the elder of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, and if he could kill a Saint as easily as killing a chicken, then he could certainly do a whole lot worse to them.

However, everyone's eyes contained some uncertainty.

What exactly happened?

Ye Qingyu did not walk up to push open the door of the quiet room.

He quietly stood in the doorway, as if waiting for something.

Time passed by the minute and second.

The expressions of the figures standing in the courtyard gradually became grim.

This was because everyone could vividly perceive that a magnificent and uncontrollable pressure was diffusing out from the quiet room. Fragrant and flowy, it radiated in all directions. Under this pressure, the entire west courtyard seemed to become mired, and everyone felt as if an ancient divine mountain was gradually pressing down and causing them a little breathing difficulty.

Even Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui felt this pressure.

In the distant entrance of the western courtyard, Old Fish's figure flashed as he took a glimpse inside the courtyard together with the silly dog. A dumbstruck expression emerged on his face as he said bewilderedly, "Huh? This old turtle actually managed to live... and even... This is truly scary indeed. Little Ye Qingyu has managed to create a huge buzz this time..."

The legs of his trousers were then bitten off by the silly dog.

The west courtyard remained quiet.

Nobody dared to say anything without Ye Qingyu saying anything first.

However, some people gradually became unable to withstand the pressure emanating from the quiet room, and so they quietly exited the courtyard and gasped a few mouthfuls of breath...

After thirty minutes or so.

The door of the quiet room was gradually opened from inside.

Countless pairs of eyes looked over.

A burly and sturdy middle-aged man walked out from inside, with a faint azure splendor mist wreathing his body and a strange yet immense power radiating from him. After he emerged, the overbearing pressure in the west courtyard became even more distinct and heavy. He had chestnut-colored long hair, a square face, a resolute expression, and eyes which were clear and calm. He was wearing a long black robe which appeared rather thin and obviously did not fit him. It tightly wrapped around his body, as if his beefy and strong muscles could burst out of it at any time...

The Little Dragon Turtle Zhong Xuan was holding the hand of this middle-aged man and following beside him.

Who is he?

The crowd was stunned for some time.

Ye Qingyu began to laugh.

Gaining a saintly pressure, returning to his prime years, and acquiring dramatically-changed appearance and posture... The Great Dragon Turtle Demon had obtained fortune from misfortune indeed. After being held in the arms of the death god for some time, a miracle happened during the desperate situation, not only bringing him renewed vitality but also remodeling his core demonic qi such that his strength soared past his previous ceiling and entered the Saint realm.

The luck of this old turtle was uncommonly good.

Although they both had the luck of entering the Saint realm, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had not been building himself up steadily like Ye Qingyu, be it in terms of power, battle strength, or comprehension of the Saint realm. In the end, he also became a genuine Saint realm expert, which promised endless possibilities. In bizarre fashion, the Heaven Wasteland Domain had gained another Saint realm expert.
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