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Imperial God Emperor 863 - Timely Assistance

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In the [Infinite Arsenal]—

Ye Qingyu awakened once more from his meditative state after replenishing his spirit. His consciousness power, which had been exhausted after catching stars and reading those techniques, was now back to its peak condition. He seemed full of energy and his spirit was as full as it could be.

"Eight hundred thirty-one."

This figure came to mind after some thought. This was the total number of secret technique manuals that he had committed to memory after spending nine days in the [Infinite Arsenal]. His luck had held up, for the Human Race technique manuals had made up more than half of the manuals he read, at five hundred ten, and the remaining three hundred twenty-one were techniques of the foreign races.

These foreign race techniques were also incredibly useful to him since it was not only the Human Race that lived in the Heaven Wasteland Domain, but there were also the Demon Race, Brute Race, and other minority races.

The techniques that were stored within the [Infinite Arsenal] were all extraordinary techniques. The weakest technique that he came across was known as the [Gentle Water Cleansing Formula] and at its peak it could unleash a water-type divine ability comparable to a pinnacle Immortal Step realm martial artist. This ability within the Heaven Wasteland Domain would be considered by all sects as an outstanding divine technique.

Ye Qingyu had never lacked combat skills because of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] from the bronze book. Nonetheless, there was still a slight difference between combat skills and techniques. Combat skills were techniques that could be employed in battles to kill, while techniques were secret skills that could be used to increase one's cultivation and refine one's yuan qi. Ye Qingyu was still lacking in the area of techniques, so these eight hundred and thirty-one techniques would be more than sufficient for him to plug the gap in the martial way of the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

These techniques were not meaningful to Ye Qingyu, so he merely memorized them but did not plan on cultivating any of them.

The reason was simple.

First, the nameless breathing technique he cultivated was a manifestation of the law of the Great Dao. Second, the highest level amongst those techniques he read could only be cultivated to a maximum of the Peak Great Saint realm and his goal stretched far beyond that realm.

"I've only got one more day left here."

He concluded after calculating the time.

He did not know when he would next have the opportunity to be in the [Infinite Arsenal], so he would have to make full use of his time here. He took a deep breath and continued to catch and read the techniques in the Void.

Time flew by.

Another four hours went by swiftly.

He memorized an additional sixty-nine techniques.

Despite his astounding photographic memory, he felt as though his temples were starting to throb by this stage. He knew that he had probably reached his memory's limit. After all, he was committing to memory the contents of these scriptures and techniques of the martial way. These were no ordinary materials, so the difficulty level was extremely high.

In fact, when Ren Puyang had fought for the chance for Ye Qingyu to enter the [Infinite Arsenal], he thought that it would be amazing if Ye Qingyu could memorize and comprehend thirty to forty technique manuals. If anyone found out what he had achieved in a short span of ten days, they would probably be scared out of their minds.

Ye Qingyu sensed a faint repellent force slowly spreading across the [Infinite Arsenal], as though it was trying to squeeze him out of the area.

He knew that his time was almost up.

He slowly rose to his feet and looked at the pitch-black Void, which was as vast as the universe. He could not help but be overcome with admiration for the nameless Martial Emperor who had established this place.

Such a man would be on the level of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors back in those days, but for some reason, he did not even leave his name or honorific title behind.

Ye Qingyu thought, then he casually caught a “star” from the Void.

This would be his final technique.

His time would probably be up by the time he finished this technique.

His divine sense entered the jade slip and a strange look flashed across his face as he browsed through its contents. He could not hold back an exclamation of surprise.

[The Great Dao Induction to Rebirth Scripture]?

After he saw its name, he did not even need to read further to sense that this was a technique that completely differed from the nine hundred techniques he read earlier. Any manual that contained the words ”Great Dao” in the [Infinite Arsenal] could be considered to be the ultimate treasure.

"The Great Dao is as vast as the blue sky. Yet, I find myself unable to leave!"

These were the first words of the general principle's introductory paragraph and those words shook Ye Qingyu to the core. He stood dazedly rooted to the spot as though those words contained a magical spell. As he contemplated those words, all that he had experienced so far flashed past his mind like lightning, and it was just like his body was slowly cleansed of something that resembled wind or dust.

He was extremely smart and immediately understood that the word “leave” changed the significance of the rest of the sentence. It meant that although one was not able to leave, one had to find a way out.

He calmed himself down and continued to read the manual.

"...Comprehend the foundation of the universe and observe the mysterious beauty of the Great Dao. Observe the past, present, and future. One's destiny is in the hands of heaven, one's path is trodden on the ground, and one's heart lies within oneself. The foundation is beyond the universe. The reincarnation of every life and the future life of every life is based on the heart. The way of the heart lies within its will. One's will could send everything into oblivion or it could also make the achievement of a thousand years...”

As he continued to read, he found the technique extremely profound and much harder to comprehend than the manuals he had read before. Yet, it seemed to give off a mysterious aura that bewitched him and he completely immersed himself in its contents. He mulled over each word and each sentence he read...

He was not even sure when the faint repellent force in the [Infinite Arsenal] had grown stronger and he was unable to maintain his balance, as though he was a fish that had been swept away by strong currents.

"Therefore, to be inducted into the Great Dao, the foundation lies in one's heart ."

This was the conclusion of the [Great Dao Induction to Rebirth Scripture].

Ye Qingyu was still lost in deep thought after he finished reading the manual.

Before he could react, a magnificent and controllable large force rolled over him, and the jade slip in his hand transformed into flowing light that made its way back into the Void of the [Infinite Arsenal]. He was then swallowed into the black Void and disappeared within it.


The leader of the white-robed divine guards, Xiao Lin, had been standing guard outside the entire time.

Ten days had flown by in the blink of an eye.

In front of the entrance to the [Infinite Arsenal]—

There was a sudden faint glow in front of the large black main gate.

Then, Ye Qingyu walked out through the door as though he had walked through a water curtain. There was a strange expression on his face, but he was otherwise in good spirits.

"Divine Guard Xiao Lin, thanks for waiting so long for me." Ye Qingyu immediately spotted the white-robed Divine Guard Xiao Lin, who still stood in the same spot, the moment he stepped out of the [Infinite Arsenal].

"You're welcome, Lord Ye Qingyu. This was only my duty. Please follow me. Lord Ren Puyang had given me orders to bring you to him after you left the [Infinite Arsenal]." Divine Guard Xiao Lin had stood outside the [Infinite Arsenal] for ten days, but there were no signs of fatigue on his face and he still smiled warmly at Ye Qingyu.

"That's great. I would like to seek Lord Ren Puyang's permission for something as well." Ye Qingyu nodded in assent.

Then, they headed toward the slowly circulating light-silver space formation.


Another six hours later—

It was already dusk by the time Ye Qingyu returned to the Green Xuan Hall from the Alliance of Domains divine temple.

In the meeting hall of Green Xuan Hall—

Upon his return from the congress divine temple, Ye Qingyu listened to Luo Yi's report of the events that took place over the past few days and felt reassured to know that nothing eventful had happened. He thought for a moment, then asked Luo Yi to invite Empress Yu Xiaoxing, Wen Wan, Ximen Yeshui, Yan Buhui, and Old Fish, who were from the higher echelon of the envoy mission, to the meeting hall.

Everyone was excited to see that Ye Qingyu had returned.

"Haha. Little Ye Qingyu, you must have struck it big in there. I heard that there are countless divine techniques and secret manuals within the [Infinite Arsenal], including Quasi-emperor-level mental techniques. How did you fare this time? Did you manage to obtain a Quasi-emperor-level mental technique?" Old Fish asked gleefully.

Ye Qingyu glanced at him and shook his head, "How could I have been so lucky? The number of manuals within the [Infinite Arsenal] is as vast as the sea with no end in sight. Everything came down to luck and over the past ten days, I read close to one thousand manuals and the best ones were merely Peak Great Saint level techniques."

Gasps of astonishment could be heard throughout the meeting hall.

“Peak Great Saint level techniques... My god, this is a peerless treasure.”

They were all envious of him and looked at him hopefully. To a martial artist, a martial way technique was even more attractive and alluring than a peerless beauty.

Ye Qingyu could not hold back his laughter and said, "Don't worry. I've already prepared techniques for the few of you. You may come to me to collect these techniques tomorrow."

Everyone's eyes shone with excitement.

As they walked down the Road of Chaos, no one else was more aware of the importance of strength than them, and no one else was as keen to increase their cultivation as they were. Unfortunately, they lacked a great master to provide proper guidance, but if they obtained techniques to aid them, it would be the equivalent of a great master by their side.

Ye Qingyu looked at Yu Xiaoxing and said, "Your Highness, are you ready to return to the Heaven Wasteland Domain?"

Yu Xiaoxing nodded and replied, "Yes, I'll need to head back now that the grading has been announced. A large majority of the envoy mission will return along with me. We also received word from the Alliance of Domains a few days ago that they will allocate a plot of land for the Heaven Wasteland Domain to establish a representative station within Heaven Connect City. Therefore, we will also need a few people to be stationed here."

Ye QIngyu nodded, "A representative station? Yes, this is indeed good news… Oh yes, I have something to announce as well. I met Master Ren Puyang before I returned and he agreed to give these fifty Black Gold Puppets to the Heaven Wasteland Domain. These are the tokens to control the puppets and Master Ren Puyang had already divided them into four parts. I'll hand them over right now and you may bring these puppets back with you."

As he spoke, he handed the four tokens to Yu Xiaoxing, Wen Wan, Ximen Yeshui, Yan Buhui, and Old Fish.

"Master Ren Puyang's gift is truly too precious." Yu Xiaoxing was elated as she held the token in her hands.

The Heaven Wasteland Domain was an independent domain but its defensive abilities were still very poor. Their defensive capabilities would definitely be strengthened now that they had these Black Gold Puppets, which were comparable to Saint realm experts.

Master Ren Puyang had indeed provided them with timely assistance.

The Empress was naturally a lot more relaxed ever since they passed the grading assessment, and after a few days of rest, she looked a lot better.

"Hehe… I can't believe he gave these puppets to you. Ren Puyang must really have high hopes for you." Old Fish's face broke into a smile and his eyes twinkled mischievously.
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