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After an hour of continuous customs clearing at the portals, Ye Qingyu had completely lost all sense of direction.

Even somebody with a photographic memory like him was already reeling.

The design of the path he had taken was obviously done by a master. It was special, causing anyone who went through the ordeal of teleportation to lose all memory of the path he or she had traveled. The only thing was that it caused so much torment, and in terms of comfort level, it was no match for traveling on flat, spacious ground.

Ye Qingyu stepped out of the formation and took a look around him. He then mentally mimicked the action of breathing in a breath of cold air.

The place they were in now was a very strange space. It was like a huge void beneath the belly of a hidden mountain, and there were various mysterious formations that were engraved on the stone tablets beneath their feet. The tablets themselves were hovering above the ground and seemed to be suspended by an invisible force.

Also, towering in front of them was a huge black and majestic door that stood tens of thousands of meters high.

Wh… what a huge door.

This is truly unbelievable, Ye Qingyu thought.

His entire self was violently shook.

The city gates of the Snow capital in the Heaven Wasteland Domain and that of the nineteen cities of chaos, which he had passed through on his travels, were already immensely huge and could be considered as great gates, especially the main great gate of Heaven Connect City. It was exactly thousands of meters high and already very awe inspiring. When Ye Qingyu had first laid his eyes on it, he could not help feeling that humans were as tiny as ants in the vastness of the world. The gate that stood before him now, however, was far too huge—it nearly occupied the entire span and height of his vision.

As he stood before the huge black gate, Ye Qingyu felt as minute as a dust particle floating in the Void.

The gigantic charcoal-colored gate looked like the Gate of Origin, which led to the vast galaxy.

Now that he stood below the gate, he felt as if he was an unremarkable ant standing under a giant's foot.

I've been bumping into gates everywhere these past few days, Ye Qingyu thought.

He recalled how he had been unable to get the Immortal Gate of the dantian world to budge even after trying so hard for the past two days, and could not help lamenting as he looked at the huge gate of the [Infinite Arsenal] before him; his fate seemed to have been closely linked to gates for these few days.

He stared carefully at the gigantic gate and vaguely felt that the huge gate of the [Infinite Arsenal] was a little similar to that Immortal Gate of his own dantian world. He then tried to figure this out.

For a moment, Ye Qingyu stood rooted to the spot as he stared quietly at the huge gate of the [Infinite Arsenal].

There was a strange, faint light blinking in his mind, as if trying to illuminate something for him to see. But unfortunately, it was a fleeting moment and he could not grasp all of it.

It gave him the same feeling as if he had reached out to grab something close by but ended up missing by a few inches.

Ye Qingyu tightly furrowed his brows unconsciously.

His expression gradually turned malevolent and he seemed to be extremely impatient. At first, rivulets of sweat rolled down from his forehead and temples, but soon his sweat had turned dark red, looking like drops of blood; it was a very strange sight.

The white-robed divine guard, Xiao Lin, had also raised his head to look at the huge black gate of the [Infinite Arsenal].

It was not the first time that he had been here. In the past, he had earned the right to enter the arsenal after achieving great merit. Besides that, he had also escorted pre-eminent talents of the Human Race here dozens of times before. Each time he stood before this gigantic black gate, however, he could not help but feel deeply moved. This was a place that countless living souls wanted to come to, and even people of ambition or royalty, who already reigned above others, hoped to be able to enter the gates to see the arsenal for themselves. He felt that the anonymous Martial Emperor who had built the [Infinite Arsenal] in the past was truly a terrifying character.

That said, when Xiao Lin turned his gaze back on Ye Qingyu, he immediately got a shock.

"Lord Ye Qingyu... You, what happened to you?"

The commander of the white-robed divine guards immediately knew that something was not quite right as he saw Ye Qingyu's blood-red eyes and noticed droplets of blood seeping out of the spot between his brows and his temples. How did this happen? These are obvious symptoms of a martial arts expert about to go into a state of energy deviation from forcefully trying to achieve breakthrough in his or her skills, he thought.

Why would Ye Qingyu encounter energy deviation at this point in time?

He began to feel anxious.

The journey in took at least an hour's time, and it was heavily guarded; even Xiao Lin himself could not send out any call for help, This will be the end of me. What should I do? he thought. If he allowed things to take their natural course, and Ye Qingyu really experienced energy deviation as a result, he would be in deep trouble. There was a possibility that this human martial arts genius, whom Master Ren Puyang thought highly of, would meet a premature end.

Cold blood began to flow from the forehead of the white-robed divine guard.

Others could not help in matters such as energy deviation. In fact, external forces might even intensify Ye Qingyu's negative thoughts and worsen the extent of the deviation.

Thousands of ideas flashed through his mind.

I can't be worrying about so many factors now... Xiao Lin thought, finally deciding to try something out. He gritted his teeth and reached his hand out in the direction of Ye Qingyu's shoulder, wanting to hit it to wake him up.



A surge of magnificent and uncontrollable feedback force immediately rebounded back into Xiao Lin's arm; the vibration causing his shoulders to feel numb. It also caused him to stagger back a few steps.

How did this happen? he thought in shock.

How could the power in Ye Qingyu's body be so strong?

The magnitude of his power was already that of the Saint realm, and not the normal Saint realm level.

He's an animal; this is not logical. How could he reach the Saint realm without even becoming a Saint?

Xiao Lin looked youthful, but in reality he was already more than one hundred years old and had entered the Saint realm a century ago. He started off as a reputable genius of the Human Race as well, and now, after more than a century of tough practice sessions, he had solidified his cultivation of his Saint realm skills. Even though he was still far away from the Great Saint realm, he could already be considered as one of the best experts of the Saint realm. He could not have become Ren Puyang's confidant and commander of the white-robed divine guards without his once-in-a-generation level of foresight, knowledge, and experience, as well as his extremely strong fighting capability.

When he first met Ye Qingyu at noon just now, he could see that the youth's cultivation was still not at the Saint realm yet.

This was because the saintly pressure on Ye Qingyu's body was extremely faint.

But how could an expert who had not become a Saint knock Xiao Lin backward?

At this moment, he truly understood why Ren Puyang thought so highly of Ye Qingyu, and he also knew how Ye Qingyu's huge reputation came about.

That said, it was still useless to know all these things.

While the divine guard commander was still in shock, how could he actually save Ye Qingyu?

The stronger Ye Qingyu's actual capability in fighting was, the worse the situation would become.

Xiao Lin tried a few more times but was knocked back every time; there was no way he could get close to him. He even tried to use techniques such as the [Heavenly Dragon's Roar] to get Ye Qingyu back to his senses, but failed as well. As such, the commander could not help feeling extremely anxious.

Just at this moment, Xiao Lin did not know if it was due to his blurry vision or not, but he could vaguely see the huge black gate in the Void giving off a strange splendor from what was left of his eyesight. It blinked faintly.

Then, a light breeze came blowing from an unknown direction all around him.

This strange gust of wind made Ye Qingyu's long hair move, along with the hem of his shirt.

The commander of the white-robed divine guards did not notice how, but Ye Qingyu could instantly feel something odd.

A faint, bright presence seemed to have floated into his mind with the aid of the wind's movement.

The presence instantly cleared the impatience and chaos in his thoughts, and the view before him became clear again.

"This... What happened?" Ye Qingyu asked as he regained consciousness and was instantly stunned.

Unexpectedly, he did not have a shred of memory as to what happened just now; he could only feel his entire person being disoriented. It was as if he had met with something terribly frightening. He could still feel a little trepidation at this moment, but he did not know about what exactly.

Xiao Lin, who was at his side, was instantly overjoyed to see this.

"Lord Ye Qingyu... are you OK?" he tried to ask.

Ye Qingyu felt around his forehead and felt his temples ache. He spread his palm open and saw that there were traces of blood on it. It caused him to be a little shocked, and he finally understood a little about what had happened to himself after noticing Xiao Lin's concerned look and making connections with his initial thoughts when he had just seen the huge gate of the [Infinite Arsenal]. He thought that he had left the incident of knocking on the Immortal Gate aside, but who knew that he still had lingering thoughts about it in his subconscious; he was drawn by the huge gate of the [Infinite Arsenal] and nearly fell into energy deviation.

Ye Qingyu could not help but break into a cold sweat after getting the main gist of it.

It was so dangerous.

Ye Qingyu gave Xiao Lin his thanks and channeled the nameless breathing technique. He guarded his Lingtai acupuncture point with firm resolution.

A look of surprise and slight happiness appeared on Ye Qingyu's face as he used divine sense to observe his body internally.

What's this? he thought.

He realized that there had been a slight change to the huge “Immortal Gate”, which was tens of thousands of meters high in the air, within his dantian world—a gap had appeared between the two gates that had previously been tightly shut. It was a hairline crack that was nearly invisible to the naked eye, and Ye Qingyu could not have noticed such a slight change if he did not possess a firm grasp of the layout of the Immortal Gate after so many repeated attempts to open it.

A faint, strange aura was slowly diffusing out of the hairline crack.

Has the ‘Immortal Gate' finally been pried loose? Ye Qingyu thought.

He was somewhat in disbelief.

He focused his thoughts on his dantian world, and his True-Self Doppelganger tried to nudge the Immortal Gate again, but Ye Qingyu could only declare it a failure after repeated attempts.

Even if there was a crack between the two gates now, it was still extremely stable and immovable.

He gave up trying again.

He recalled everything about what happened before, and it all began when he saw the huge gate of the [Infinite Arsenal]. Somehow, it connected with the lingering thought in his mind about the Immortal Gate, and all those things happened after... "Could it be that the opportunity to knock on the Immortal Gate lies on the huge gates of the [Infinite Arsenal]?"

Ye Qingyu thought as he looked at the gigantic gates of the [Infinite Arsenal] in front of him.

He had personally seen and felt the Martial Emperor's style, which was nearly akin to the creation of life, whether at those few places in the Heaven Wasteland Domain that looked like temporary imperial residences, or the huge cities along the Road of Chaos. But the [Infinite Arsenal] standing before him still made him feel emotional and in awe. After close examination, Ye Qingyu realized that the huge black gate was constructed out of an extremely foreign material that was unknown to him. Its grain was coarse and its lines simple and unadorned, as if it had been made in a bold and decisive fashion. It was full of the flavor of the passage of time, but other that, there were no unique patterns or drawings carved on it.

There were not even any formations or markings on it.

This was the only time he had seen a gate like this; never before had something like this occurred.

Ye Qingyu himself did not fall into a state of energy deviation again.

He knew that some opportunities only came knocking once in a lifetime, and that it would be impossible in reality to revert to the original state of things.

"Let’s enter the [Infinite Arsenal] first. My destiny with this huge gate has already ended."
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