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Standing to the side, Yu Xiaoxing naturally understood that Qin Hui was already heavily confused, judging from her expression. Sighing softly, Yu Xiaoxing looked at Ye Qingyu and said, "Before I rushed back here, there were some people causing trouble outside. I heard that there are a few divine temple guards, together with some other people, blocking the doorway. They seem to have come for elder sister Qin and her son."

Because he had an excellent impression of Qin Hui and sympathized greatly with her misfortunes, Ye Qingyu had by now started to call her an elder sister.

He nodded.

"It's... those rebels from the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect." Qin Hui finally calmed her nerves, albeit her tone remained somewhat alarmed. Filled with a strong hatred, she gnashed her teeth and explained, "That scoundrel, Elder Mingjue, must've somehow found out that we were here and bribed a few divine temple guards to allow his pursuit. He's one of my husband's murderers, and is intent on killing our whole family!"

So that's the case.

After he finished listening, Ye Qingyu roughly understood.

Speak of the devil indeed.

To think that these people from the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect are actually this impatient and have arrived so fast. However, because this place is protected by divine guards, nobody without a nameplate is able to barge their way in, and so Elder Mingjue and the rest can only stay put outside.

Their tentacles have yet to reach into the side hall.

Still, this kind of environment cannot be any more dangerous for Qin Hui and her son.

Making eye contact with Qin Hui's fear-filled eyes, he said laughingly, "Mr. Ren Puyang has put me in charge of this matter. Don't worry, with me around, nobody from the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect will be able to lay a finger on you or your son."

These words were cocky indeed.

However, they were not just hot air. The master of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, Tian Huayu, was initially able to control the sect despite only having the cultivation of the Pinnacle of the Immortal Step realm. When he was alive, those rebels did not cause any disturbance, showing that their strength was, at most, also at the pinnacle of the Immortal Step realm, which Ye Qingyu had little regard for even though his strength had not yet fully recovered.

Moreover, he had the colossus that was Ren Puyang backing him up.

In his current state of mind, he was completely unafraid of the coming of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect rebels, and was instead more worried of them giving up, which would deny him a reason to take action.

Qin Hui's eyes lit up and stared fixedly at Ye Qingyu after she heard those words.

"Wonderful! Mama, big brother says he'll protect us!" Despite his young age, Tian Ning understood what Ye Qingyu meant and jumped up excitedly at once.

Since some time ago, this young child had begun to have complete trust in Ye Qingyu and believe that he could fulfill all of his promises.

However, Qin Hui certainly did not think the same way. As the matriarch of an ancient sect with such a long and rich history as the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, she naturally understood the implications and stakes involved. Although Ye Qingyu appeared to be of high status and could even associate with Mr. Ren Puyang, he was after all just a young human whose strength and status were not on Mr. Ren Puyang's level, and thus it was not guaranteed that he would be able to protect them and deal with those rebel elders and disciples.

Nevertheless, as much as she had her worries, she had little choice.

Among the myriad domains, there was probably no one but Ye Qingyu who was willing to protect the two of them.

"Don't worry, just follow us out. I'd like to see which wretched thing would dare to touch you while I'm around." Ye Qingyu had absolutely no misgivings, having been advised by Ren Puyang.

"That's right, you don't have to worry. Since elder brother Ye Qingyu has promised to help you, both of you will be safe." Yu Xiaoxing smiled tenderly, also looking rather confident.

Although the Heaven Wasteland empress did not know what Mr. Ren Puyang said to Ye Qingyu after she left, or why the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect's matter would suddenly be given to Ye Qingyu to handle, she believed that Ye Qingyu definitely had his ideas and plans for him to have taken responsibility.

Seeing the situation, the white-robed divine guard Xiao Lin pondered before saying, "If that's the case, why don't I escort the few of you out? I also want to see what these people who dare to cause trouble outside an Alliance of Domains divine temple side hall look like."

By following them out, he could not only help but also remind Ye Qingyu not to create too much of a fuss, for this would be in violation of the Alliance's laws, it being within the area of an Alliance divine temple after all.

"Thank you so much." Ye Qingyu nodded.

The party of five quickly arrived at the doorway of the divine temple.

As soon as Ye Qingyu stepped out of the divine temple while leading Qin Hui and her son, a long swishing sound was heard before several dozen flickering figures charged up to the party from oblique directions and surrounded them without allowing any explanation.

Their leader was a lanky, long-bearded old man with an aquiline nose, a gloomy face, and malicious eyes. Giving off a radiance while huffing and puffing, he was clearly a cruel and malevolent man. The extremely powerful aura from his body also indicated that he had attained the pinnacle of the Immortal Step realm and was just short of the Half-Saint realm.

Aside from him, there were three black-armored divine guards and six middle-aged experts wearing standardized long robes. Their auras were not too weak either, being at the Immortal Step realm, and their faces looked extremely fierce. Inconspicuously, they had blocked off the party's route of retreat back to the side hall.

Sweeping a glance across these people, Ye Qingyu simply sneered without saying anything.

Instead, it was that lanky aquiline-nosed old man who spoke in a chilly voice after casting his sharp gaze across Qin Hui and her son with a strong killing intent, "Bitch, how dare you act so unwomanly and betray your sect. You must've gone mad to run to this kind of place. Unfortunately for you, justice has long arms. Looks like you finally cannot bear it any longer and have decided to come out of hiding. Now, be good and return with me to be disciplined..."

Qin Hui became so angry that she convulsed all over.

Elder Mingjue is truly deceitful and distortive of the truth. To think he would lay the blame on and slander me when he's clearly the one who has betrayed his sect and hunted down the master's descendants.

"Mingjue you scumbag, don't you dare slander me like this, you..." Although Qin Hui possessed martial cultivation, yet being a woman after all, she had lived a comfortable life for too long and was thus unable to say anything too heated. Plus, because her hate was too deep, she could not complete her sentence.

Elder Mingjue did not even take a second look at her.

She was already dead in his eyes, and so he felt there was no need to say anything further.

His gaze fell upon Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing, who he studied for some time. Seeing that they were young, did not bring any guards with them, and did not look like important personages, he paid them scant respect and sneered, "My two young friends, do you happen to know this bitch and want to intervene? Hoho, this is a family matter of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect. I would urge you not to butt in and instead to leave quickly for your own sake."

Ye Qingyu looked at this smug fellow and smiled without saying a word.

Seeing that they were not budging, the elder's face darkened, "You two little children, the adults in your families should've reminded you before that there are some things you shouldn't get involved in just because you're feeling energetic and impulsive. I shall give you another chance to leave on your accord."

Ye Qingyu smiled once more.

It was a smile that contained pity and contempt.

As he looked at the elder, he casually raised a finger and counted the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect's men, saying, "One, two, three... six. Hmm, six people in total. Your luck is not bad, I'm in a pretty good mood today and don't want to kill anyone, or otherwise this scumbag's pretentious show of might would've resulted in seven dead bodies... Get lost."

Elder Mingjue's countenance changed at once.

Upon hearing these words, one of the experts behind the elder stepped forth without any hesitation and pointed at Ye Qingyu's nose, scolding, "Little bastard, who do you think you are to say this kind of thing in front of Elder Mingjue of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect? You must be tired of living, you..."

Before he finished speaking.


A beam of cold light flashed across the air.

The expert's body stiffened abruptly. His raised finger remained in mid-air while the other hand was covering his neck, where a sword mark had appeared. His throat made weird coughing noises while his expression was that of astonishment and terror, with his entire being seemingly petrified. The latter half of his admonition would never be uttered.

Standing opposite him.

Ye Qingyu's hand had been clutching a one meter plainly-crafted longsword since some time ago.

A trail of fresh blood bounced up and down like mercury at the fuller part of the sword tip and moved along with the sword tip.

Holding the silver-colored sword horizontally across his white-robe-covered chest, Ye Qingyu moved with a natural yet indescribable elegance, before he blew a mouthful of air at the sword.


The trail of blood fell to the ground along the sword tip.

The liquid blood had turned into icy jade beads in mid-air and thus made pattering noises when they landed on the ground. Although they then fragmented, there was absolutely no smell of blood, and instead there was a kind of melodious noise.

Before anyone could react, they saw a silver layer of cold air burst out from the expert's body, which turned into a sparkling and crystal-clear ice statue in a flash. Everything, be it the robes, weapon, flesh, bones, or viscera, became jade-like ice before fragmenting with a bam and turning into bright silver-colored ice bits that scattered on the ground...

The entire place was silent for some time.

The whole world quietened.

Elder Mingjue stared with wide-open eyes which were filled with incredulity. For some time, his mind was blank, unable to believe anything he was seeing. From the beginning, he did not believe for a minute that anyone would dare to use force in front of a divine temple side hall of the Alliance of Domains, and would even kill so brazenly.

This... young man, where is he from?

The other experts of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect were also completely stunned, a few of them with teeth shivering uncontrollably. By following Elder Mingjue these days, their status within the sect had risen greatly, affording them a taste of power and causing their egos to swell to the extreme. Therefore, when they came to Heaven Connect City and the Alliance's divine temple, they behaved extremely arrogantly and conceitedly.

However, even if they had been even more arrogant or crazier, they knew full well the consequences of using force to kill in this kind of place.

As such, since the beginning, their intention was only to take Qin Hui and her son away by force, and was never to kill the two of them here.

But now, one of their own had been killed here.

That electric flash of sword light was like a mysterious spirit and could be called a divine technique. Despite also being known for their swordcraft, the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect was completely floored by that stroke which was as chilly as an ice cave.

White clothes, black hair, and ice sword.

Who exactly is this young man?

How can he dare to kill here?
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