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Chapter 851 A Roc Inevitably Rises

"Never mind." As he thought to this point, Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that he was deceiving himself a little. To resolve the enmity between two large races was something which even [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], or the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and Song Xiaojun themselves, might not be able to do, and given Ye Qingyu's current cultivation and status, this was akin to fantasy.

He was teleported back to Ren Puyang's room.

There was still only the latter in there.

When he saw Ye Qingyu reappear, Ren Puyang looked at him with very mischievous eyes and revealed a faint smile, "Good times don't last, you're back so soon? What a baller, child, you're the first human I've seen in several thousand years who can obtain special treatment from the Phoenix Race. Hahaha, do you now know why I kept you alone in this room? Honestly speaking, I was a little worried when I sent you over. After all, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's heart was broken when she saw you holding hands with the Heaven Wasteland empress and stepping onto the Saint Hearing Platform together... Sigh, you young people certainly don't choose the time and place for love. Don't you know, there were some among the Phoenix Race who were enraged by that. I'd thought you would at least be given a bloodied nose and a swollen face in that room, but seeing that you've come back completely intact, well, my old heart can finally return to its place."

"This doesn't sound like anything an important person like you should say." Ye Qingyu was a little speechless.

When they first met on the reception square outside Heaven Connect City, Mr. Ren Puyang's bearing was as admirable and noble as that of an otherworldly Immortal, and he possessed the charm of a sect master. Yet, this being only the second meeting, he had suddenly become similar to the likes of Old Fish, all ridiculing and teasing, transforming from a lofty sect master into a drinking buddy in an earthly tavern. The Immortal-like bearing was completely gone, leaving behind only some crude and tasteless tea and wine, and some soy sauce and vinegar.

"Don't you know, it's very tiring to constantly maintain the demeanor and seriousness of an important person," Ren Puyang said as he leaned back on his chair and grinned. "I can only do as I please when nobody's around... It was for the sake of the Human Race that I sent you there, for our situation will improve a lot if we can acquire stronger support from the Phoenix Race. What's more, the Heaven Wasteland Domain will also benefit from this association. Your ancestors had shed blood and sweat to propagate the race, haha, little child, what's sacrificing a bit of your charming male body?"

Ye Qingyu had absolutely nothing to say.

This old man certainly doesn't know how to respect himself.

"By the way, about Qin Hui and her son..." He hurriedly changed the subject to prevent this self-disrespecting old man from continuing his mockery.

But, to tell the truth, Ren Puyang's casually-ridiculing attitude made him feel warm. If Ren Puyang had been a lofty and respectful elder in his earlier estimation, then the former was currently like a long-lost friend. The distance between them had shrunk significantly, and Ye Qingyu's trust in Ren Puyang had grown in leaps and bounds.

"Oh, about the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect." A hint of anger flashed across Ren Puyang's eyes when this matter was brought up, "I already know what happened. I'd never thought that old friend of mine would already have died in the Black Demon Abyss. For sixty years, I've not left Heaven Connect City because of all the things I have to attend to. By the time I heard news about him, the object remains but the man is no longer, and I'll never see him again. What's more, it's truly shameful that I wasn't able to take good care of his descendants either... The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors rose from insignificance to attain the honor of martial emperors, and engaged in bloody battles for the sake of the Human Race's living space in the Vast Thousand Domains. It's a pity that today's humans have forgotten the hardships of former years, and there are some short-sighted cretins among us who not only fight for power and money, but also have no scruples about slaughtering their own race for a wee bit of profit. Whenever I hear of such news, I so wish I can kill all these cretins with my three-foot longsword."

As he spoke inflamedly, a fleeting bout of immense power from his body caused the entire room to tremor.

Ye Qingyu could sense the indignation, anger, and deep abhorrence in Ren Puyang's words.

He knew this feeling all too well.

Previously, this was his attitude toward some sects in the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

After leaving the Heaven Wasteland Domain, the sinister and shameless Black Moon Immortal Palace and the despicable and ruthless Four Stars Sect also enabled him to experience this kind of anger. He had imagined many times before that if there were fewer degenerate Human Race sects like the Black Moon Immortal Palace, and if all Human Race sects could truly unite, then perhaps the Human Race's status and deterring force in the Vast Thousand Domains would be much higher and greater.

"How about this, you can go resolve the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect's matter on my behalf," Ren Puyang spoke unhurriedly and smiled restrainedly at Ye Qingyu.

"Huh?" Ye Qingyu did not expect to be put in charge of this matter.

Ren Puyang nodded with his expression gradually becoming serious, "Yes, that's settled then. At present, the domain grading of the Heaven Wasteland Domain will require at least a month's time to complete every aspect of the handover. You cannot remain idle during this time, and must do more things and gain more experience in order to attain greater recognition from both outside and inside the Human Race."

Ye Qingyu looked at Ren Puyang.

He noticed from the latter's serious expression that this was not a joke.

He suddenly felt a little puzzled. Why does this Human Race spokesperson sound like he's training a successor?

"Are you sure?" he inquired. "But, in the Heaven Wasteland Domain..."

"Let the empress handle the internal affairs of the Heaven Wasteland Domain." Ren Puyang cut him short, "It's such a small domain anyway. If you have to handle everything yourself, it can never truly become powerful. There once was someone just like you but was proven to be wrong, and so you have to change your way of thinking. In my opinion, you're already the greatest human of your generation, and so you ought to have a plan, vision, and way of doing things befitting of the greatest human, and mustn't limit yourself to the Heaven Wasteland Domain any longer."


These words truly caused Ye Qingyu to feel a little warm-blooded.


"Mr. Ren Puyang, why do I get the feeling that you're just too lazy to deal with the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect's troubles yourself, and that's why you're sweet-talking me into running an errand on your behalf?" Though unconvinced, Ye Qingyu eventually nodded his head. "Alright, I shouldn't have any problem handling this, but what should I do with those traitors of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect..."

"Kill them all."

Ren Puyang answered without waiting for Ye Qingyu to finish speaking.

These simple words completely determined the fate of those treacherous elders of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect, and gave Ye Qingyu a cold sweat on his back. He suddenly realized that the grinning and self-disrespecting middle-aged man in front of him was an authority who held power over life and death within the Human Race, and whose one word could decide many matters. Perhaps, the fate of countless Human Race forces also rested on a single thought of this man.

However, Ye Qingyu could understand and agree with this decision.

The internal situation of the Human Race was simply too chaotic at present. Perhaps, the ostensible peaceful state of the various races among the Vast Thousand Domains for thousands of years had caused many humans to forget the tragedy of humans becoming the slaves and sacrifices of foreign races during ancient times. Conflicts and battles had begun among many human forces, such as the Four Stars Sect, the Black Moon Immortal Palace, and the Greater One Sect. The Ancient Sky Dragon Sect's matter was a highly typical example. Saddened and feeling remorseful because of Tian Huayu's death, Ren Puyang, in a fit of anger, wanted strong-handed methods to be used so as to serve as a warning to others and send shockwaves through the other human sects and forces.

Moreover, it was only such a complete delegation of power which would allow Ye Qingyu to have little scruple while carrying out the task. He could thereby make swift and ruthless decisions, and exert the greatest amount of deterring force in the shortest time.

After some more careful deliberation, Ye Qingyu even wanted to thank Ren Puyang.

By assigning this task to him, Ren Puyang was indeed hoping that he could quickly become famous. After all, fame was an extremely important aspect to a martial expert. As the saying went, one's fame follows one everywhere one goes. Only with fame could one attain power, and only with power could one rise up. What Ren Puyang was trying to do was to use the fastest and most effective means of getting him to rise up with the winds.

This was, indeed, very attentively helping Ye Qingyu to grow.

After Ren Puyang said a few more words, the white-robed divine guard called Xiao Lin came in to report that Yu Xiaoxing had settled a few procedures in the congress divine temple, and that she was already in the side hall waiting together with Qin Hui and her son.

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu stood up and took his leave.

During the instant when the guard entered, Ye Qingyu realized that Ren Puyang, who was so busy that he had not left Heaven Connect City for sixty years, did not have the free time to chit-chat for any longer, and so it was time to leave.

Apart from repeating some advice, Ren Puyang did not say much else, allowing Xiao Lin to bring Ye Qingyu back to the side hall.

After watching Ye Qingyu's figure disappear into the corridor, Ren Puyang closed the door and heaved a long sigh of relief, with a strange bright luster forming in his eyes.

"A roc inevitably rises, borrowing the strength of the wind to soar ninety thousand kilometers high... My dearest Ye Qingyu, the Human Race has been short on talent for too long, and so you'd better not let me down."

This juggernaut of Heaven Connect City sighed lightly.


In the corridor.

"His Excellency smiled more times today than he did for the past half a year. He hasn't been in such a good mood for a really long time." After bringing Ye Qingyu to the portal formation which led back to the side hall, Xiao Lin suddenly said while activating the formation.
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