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Chapter 837, The real purpose (1)

“Right, let's go.”

“Not only do they not trust us, but also insulted us. We're not doing it no matter how much more resources you give us.”

The other famous doctors also had a change of expression and were about to leave.

Ye Qingyu smiled.

He did not stop them and only said indifferently, “Ten days ago, when I was in Falcon Sheep City, there were some people who did not listen to my advice and insisted on leaving the designated area. As a result they were all turned into corpses. Among them, there were five Great Saint experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, and a monster called the Blood Demon, sigh, and a few other great demons. I heard that they were all Saint level experts, but not even their ashes could be found...” Ye Qingyu glanced at them with a smile before he continued, “So, you really want to be like those guys, not listen to my orders and insist on leaving? Well?”

Their expression changed wildly.

They stood rooted to the spot, and could not move a single step.

“You... you are the [Ice Sword Killing God] Ye Qingyu?”

“You are the legendary Demon King Ye?”

The famous doctors of Heaven Connect City were all shivering in fear.

It was not until this moment that they realized what sort of terrifying existence this youngster was.

Regarding the deeds of Demon King Ye, they have heard too much these few days. Needless to say, it would be as easy as pinching a few chicks for the person who dared to kill the Great Saint experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace to kill a few of them. To tell the truth, they had the courage to use this opportunity to cheat the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps because they had a lot of confidence in their method. The art of healing was not the same as a fight between martial artists, and paid particular attention to skill, technique and the essence. Moreover they had deceived many newcomers to the city using this method before, especially the diplomatic corps from other domains.

Over the past long period of time, as professional doctors with a perfect relationship with thousands of other doctors from different races, with carefully crafted tricks and lies, and with the most perfect method, they had succeeded countless times before. Despite knowing that Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps should not be provoked, they finally decided to take the risk and recommended themselves. They received the trust of the officials sent by Empress Yu Xiaoxing, and eventually, after passing a very small test, became doctors hired by the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps and the famous doctors of Heaven Connect City in the eyes of all people.

However, they had never thought that Demon King Ye could see through their deception. Could it be that he was also a Master skilled in the art of medicine?

At this moment, they realized that they might have kicked an iron plate.

No matter whom it was, in the face of Demon King Ye, who rose to fame on the Road of Chaos, they wouldn't have the slightest bit of luck.

“Sir... Sir, we... didn't... didn't mean to offend you.” The doctor who was the most arrogant and domineering at the start, was shivering like a frightened lamb, “We didn't know that you... you are also a master in medicine. Please forgive us, we are willing to return all of the money and resources...”

“Yes, yes, we were wrong, we admit our mistake.”

After all, they were not martial artists who would fight to death. There were people from all trades in Heaven Connect City, and they belonged to those who would never risk their lives. At this moment, they were terrified by Ye Qingyu’s power and prestige, trembling all over. They admitted their mistakes right away, which was one thing that they have learnt from the experiences in the past. Once found, immediately accept punishment. This would be better than losing your life.

Moreover, as residents of Heaven Connect City, their life was very precious and the average person would not dare to kill them.

“Admit mistake?” Ye Qingyu smiled. “You delayed the healing of my brothers, but also stimulated their origin source and vitality using the roots of the irritant herb Spirit Xuan Yuan Grass. If I let you get out of here alive, then I will let my many brothers down.”

As Ye Qingyu was speaking, a dense and seemingly solid blood fiend aura spread out from his body.

This was the murderous qi that he had accumulated throughout his countless bloody massacres and his escapes from the edge of a mountain of blades and sea of flames. Ordinary experts would lose their courage and will to fight if they were attacked by such murderous qi.

The famous doctors were so terrified that they went weak and fell on their knees.

“No, no, no, Lord, forgive us.”

“You can't kill us, we're residents of Heaven Connect City, we're registered citizens.”

“Yes Yes, Lord, forgive us, we are willing to pay any price.”

They frantically begged for mercy.

Ye Qingyu swept his gaze across, and asked in an indifferent tone of voice, “Really? Are you willing to pay any price?”


After one hour.

Ye Qingyu walked out of the main consultation hall.

The famous doctors, who were scared out of their wits, had now become slaves to the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps——at least until the wounded people had fully recovered. They had to follow Wang Zhen around without complaint to treat the injured. At this time they had completely put away their arrogance, trembling in fear, worried that they would anger Ye Qingyu, while Wang Zhen had become their direct commander.

From the beginning Ye Qingyu did not have the intention to kill them.

Ye Qingyu already knew that there was a problem with them from the moment he saw them a few days ago.

But at that time he did not expose them. That day he took the medicine that the famous doctors sold to the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps at a high price to the [Cloud Top Cauldron] for investigation. After a careful analysis, Ye Qingyu understood everything. What he had done today was to frighten the famous doctors of Heaven Connect City, making them voluntarily work for the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.

Although they were scammers, they were still doctors after all, and since they were registered in the Heaven Connect City, then they must have some skills and should be much better than the young apprentices. Moreover they were familiar with many medical scriptures in the world, and had the knowledge of the medicinal properties of various herbs. They should be able to help Wang Zhen.
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