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Chapter 833, Dragon-Human Clan

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon was a venerable elder of the southern territory Water Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain, who in the process of the rating assessment had made a lot of efforts and performed meritorious service. Adding to this he was old, experienced and had outstanding morality and conduct. He was a highly respected elder of Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. In the battle of the Chaos Storm, he did not hesitate to support the formations at the expense of his life yuan, in order to protect the rest of the diplomatic corps. This self-sacrifice had made everybody of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps feel incomparable admiration and respect for the Great Demon of the Water Demon Race.

And because his injury was special, in the sense that his life origin had been burned, it could not be cured with the common herbs and pill medicines, and so he was placed separately in another room and was specially looked after.

When Ye Qingyu came to the quiet room, the door suddenly opened.

A middle-aged person in silk robes walked out with a gloomy look on his face. The man's yuan qi was not considered particularly strong, but Ye Qingyu could tell with one glance that his cultivation level was around the seventh stage of the Immortal Step boundary. From the way he was dressed, he should be one of the famous doctors that Empress Yu Xiaoxing had invited over.

“Medical God Zhao, Medical God Zhao, please wait a minute, please don't go. Besides the thousand-year-old Violet-Gold Dragon King Ginseng and the Sky Reversing Pill, is there no other way...” A young demon girl rushed out of the room, anxiously urging the middle-aged man in a black robe to not go. “Please, Doctor Zhao, please think again, I'm willing to pay any price.”

Ye Qingyu recognized that the demon girl was the great, great granddaughter of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon. Her name was Zhong Xuan.

Zhong Xuan, a member of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, was one of the little geniuses of the Dragon Turtle Race of the Water Demon Race, and also the most beloved heir of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon. She was naive, lively and kind-hearted, and thus loved by everyone.

Zhong Xuan was arranged to take care of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon, and because of familial love, she became incredibly worried about her great grandfather. Due to the fact that the Great Dragon Turtle Demon had exhausted his source origin, there was little that the doctors of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps could do to treat him, and they predicted that he would not live past ten days, making Zhong Xuan incredibly upset. What she did not expect was that a famous doctor from Heaven Connect City, Doctor Zhao, had said that her great grandfather could be saved and prescribed a medicine for him.

This was supposed to be a joyous occasion in a hopeless situation.

But upon a closer look at the prescription, Zhong Xuan was dumbstruck.

Because the items listed on the prescription, although she had never heard before, she could tell were all rare treasures. Then, when she inquired about the price, the number that came out of Doctor Zhao's mouth almost made Zhong Xuan collapse.

As a little genius of a prominent family in the southern territory Water Race, she also had a certain status and wealth in Heaven Wasteland Domain; however, this price was one that she would never be able to afford. There was most likely nobody in Heaven Wasteland Domain who would be able to afford it.

She rushed out, hoping to ask Doctor Zhao to think of another way. Who would have known that she would run into Ye Qingyu.

“I pay my respects to Palace Lord.” Zhong Xuan hurriedly bowed.

Ye Qingyu's status and prestige in Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were unrivalled.

Gently waving his hand, Ye Qingyu already knew what was going on.

He took the prescription from the hands of Zhong Xuan, glanced at it, and turned around to ask Doctor Zhao, “Medical God, this item listed here can really save Mister Dragon Turtle?”

Doctor Zhao originally had an arrogant and disdainful expression, and just as he was about to speak, he suddenly realized something and took a careful look at Ye Qingyu. Hi eyes flashed with shock, and he became less arrogant as before.

Now the entire city was talking about Madman Ye. The appearance and deeds of Ye Qingyu were no secret, and from hearing Zhong Xuan addressed him as Palace Lord Ye, as well as his appearance and demeanour, he could already guess Ye Qingyu's identity.

He did not dare to show too much disrespect in front of the Madman.

After all, even the numerous experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace had been slaughtered by this young man.

“The items on the prescription can indeed save the old gentleman, but...” Doctor Zhao hesitated a bit, but in the end bluntly said, “But the items are too valuable, even the great men in the city may not necessarily have them. And to use such things to save a...” Here, he glanced at Zhong Xuan and did not continue, but the meaning was very obvious. To save an old demon, who was not even at the Immortal Step boundary, with such a valuable divine medicine was simply a waste.

Ye Qingyu smiled and said, “It would be great if you can save him. Thank you, Doctor Zhao.”

“I don’t dare to.” The middle-aged man in black gave a cupped fist salute to Ye Qingyu, and then thought of something else, “I have heard of the name War God Ye. As part of the Human Race, I am also very proud. In the future, if required, I can give free treatment to the members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.”

“Oh?” Ye Qingyu couldn't help but take another look at Doctor Zhao, and then nodded. “Then thank you. Luo Yi, see Doctor Zhao off.”

Luo Yi accepted the order and left.

Ye Qingyu stood there deep in thought. He had some thoughts toward this Doctor Zhao.

Then he turned around and entered the quiet room with Zhong Xuan to see the Great Dragon Turtle Demon

He stayed in the quiet room for a full hour before he left.

The scenery in Heaven Connect City was infinitely good, but Ye Qingyu had no intention of taking a stroll outside.

The face of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon was constantly appearing in his mind. He saw the old demon lay on the stone bed like a statue, as old as a fossil, his long life almost completely consumed, and his blood and qi candle would be extinguished at any time. He was at his last gasp. Ye Qingyu felt extremely distressed at the thought of this.

He did not want to let someone who had performed such meritorious service like Great Dragon Turtle Demon to die.

Ye Qingyu stood quietly in the wind for about one hour before he lowered his head and took a look at the prescription in his hands. He then called Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui to arrange a few matters for him, before he returned to the quiet room and began to cultivate. He seized every minute and second to absorb the energy of the divine liquid, restoring his cultivation base.

Time flew by.

Another day passed in the blink of an eye.

In the quiet room.

Ye Qingyu slowly opened his eyes, feeling a smooth sensation swimming around his body, and his blood and qi had increased dramatically. The power of the divine liquid was indeed heaven-defying, and perhaps it was because of the fact that Ye Qingyu had swallowed too much divine liquid during the previous battles, his absorption and acceptance of the divine liquid was astonishing.

Ye Qingyu estimated that he could restore to his previous peak state, if this were to continue for another three or five days.

Suddenly, the voice of bodyguard Luo Yi sounded from the outside.

“Lord, there are people in the reception hall waiting to see you.”


Ye Qingyu was taken aback for a moment, before a smile curved on his lips.

It really was as Mister Ren had predicted - there was a force at the door so soon.

“Have you determined the identity of the guests?” Ye Qingyu asked, as he slowly got up, stretched his body, and walked outside.

Luo Yi nodded, and then the next moment shook his head, a somewhat strange expression on his face as he explained, “Lord, they said that they are the Dragon-Human Clan, and among them there is a woman who claims to be the Third Princess.”

Dragon-Human clan?

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

He had immediately guessed the intentions of these people.

“Let’s go.”

Immediately, he and Luo Yi, one after another, headed towards the reception hall on the east side of the Green Xuan Hall.


Reception Hall.

Ye Qingyu and Luo Yi stood under the eaves in front of the hall, and before they stepped into the hall, they already heard clamouring from inside.

“Why is Ye Qingyu still not here, we have waited for one hour already. He only has little fame yet he is so disrespectful. He really is too arrogant!”

It was a woman's voice, which to Ye Qingyu sounded as sharp as two blades grinding against each other. Moreover, her tone was somewhat aggressive.

“Haha, could it be that your Lord Ye, as the outside world has said, really wants to take forcible possession of the treasure of my Dragon-Human clan?”

The voice was rough and hoarse, like that of an old man, and although there was a smile in his tone, the words made people feel that there was a hidden dagger in that smile and a deep shrewdness.

On the winding corridor.

Ye Qingyu scrunched his brows together.

Luo Yi was even more infuriated.

If Lord Ye had not stopped him he would have retaliated right away.

The pair entered the reception hall.

The racket came to a halt.

In the middle of the hall.

The five figures surging with arrogance turned to the entrance, eyes flashing.

The one in the lead was a pretty young woman, with watery eyes, fair and clear skin, and long red hair that neatly reached her waist. Beneath a fiery red scale armor was her slim and curvaceous figure. On both sides of her forehead, there were two antler-like dragon horns of half a finger length.

Because Ye Qingyu cultivated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], he instantly sensed the aura of the Dragon Race exuding from the Third Princess.

It seemed that she was the Third Princess of the Dragon-Human clan.

Ye Qingyu's eyes flashed, confirming that the identity of the woman in front was indeed the Dragon-Human clan.

But the Third Princess had an arrogant and disdainful look, and seemed to look down on everyone else.

Beside her there were four middle-aged or old-aged Dragon-Human clan experts.

All four were clad in dark blue scaly armour, tall and burly, and with high and thick brows. They all looked incomparably imposing. Although there was not a dragon horn on their foreheads, there were still other dragon-like features on their limbs and hair.

Particularly, one of the old elders, who had all white hair, brows and long hair down to his chest, which almost covered up his eyes. His nose was hooked like an eagle's beak, eyes deep as an abyss, and there was a scheming expression within them. His fingertips were ink-coloured, and sharp as claws. He seemed to be much stronger than the other three Dragon-Human experts, and even than the Third Princess.

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