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Chapter 832, Famous doctor of Heaven Connect City

With such an army, the safety of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps in Heaven Connect City would be assured to a certain extent, and Ye Qingyu could finally relax a little.

But the reminder that Ren Puyang gave before he left still made Ye Qingyu extremely vigilant. Even Ren Puyang had reminded him that Heaven Connect City was not an absolute pure land, and that he must not be careless. Many times, the seemingly safest time may actually turn out to be the most shocking time. The Black Moon Immortal Palace did not only suffer heavy losses this time, once they were found guilty of the crime of attacking the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps they would be in a more difficult predicament. Therefore, they had to guard against that vengeful force, as well as the forces behind them, who may do something crazy in retaliation.

The only good thing was that, while escaping the storm, the supreme elder had left too hastily and did not see that Ye Qingyu had taken the remaining two black moon battleships. Therefore, the Black Moon Immortal Palace still did not know what kind of evidence that Ye Qingyu had in his hands. Otherwise, it would not had been so easy for the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps to come to Heaven Connect City.

As for when Ye Qingyu was exactly going to hand over the evidence, he had yet to make up his mind.

He was waiting for the right time.

The appearance of Ren Puyang today made Ye Qingyu have the impulse to hand over all of the evidence to him, but after some thought, he still decided to wait and observe a little longer. After all, it was his first time in Heaven Connect City and the situation there was not clear. What if Ren Puyang was a member of the so-called [Camp]?

Along the way, although he had only seen the tip of the iceberg, the forces of the [Camp] were still a shock to Ye Qingyu. Therefore, he was extremely cautious, as if walking on thin ice, and dared not to be careless in the slightest.

The next hour, Ye Qingyu explored the Green Xuan Hall.

After familiarizing himself with all of the bronze puppet figures, he also examined every corner of the courtyard, the small lake and the garden. It was only after he had confirmed that there were no other strange formations and surveillance pillars that he finally felt at ease.

However, out of careful consideration, Ye Qingyu still personally decided to take action and set up defensive formations in all of the areas of the Green Xuan Hall. There were at least one hundred formations——Given Ye Qingyu's current knowledge in formations, he was very confident that even Saint experts could not penetrate the formation and enter into Green Xuan Hall without him knowing.

After doing all of this, Ye Qingyu also participated in the meeting that Empress Yu Xiaoxing called together. It was only then did he have a little free time.

He returned to his room.

Just as he was about to enter his room, he suddenly thought of something and turned around, saying to Luo Yi behind him, “I need to close up for cultivation for one day, go add up the losses in the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps so far, and investigate the identity and family background of those who died heroically. No matter what the final rating result is, we must give financial support to the relatives of those who have died or suffered serious injury.”

“Understood,” Luo Yi answered.

As the personal bodyguard of Ye Qingyu, who had promoted and entrusted him with important tasks, Luo Yi's status in the entire Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had risen and continued to ascend along with Ye Qingyu's reputation on the Road of Chaos. He still had the sharpness of the past, but between his brows he looked calmer and more capable.

Ye Qingyu nodded and turned into his room.

He began to cultivate again in seclusion.

Time was running out.

Ye Qingyu needed to grasp every minute to make up for his losses during the previous battles, and completely restore his origin source so that he could resume his peak state in the past.

A day passed by in the blink of the eye.

Ye Qingyu ended his cultivation and came out from the quiet room to see that Luo Yi had already prepared a list of casualties of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.

Carefully flipping through the entire list, he heaven a long sigh.

In addition to Jin Tuodao and Shi Potian, the two brute experts, as well as Qu Hanshan, there was a total of four hundred and sixty-seven people who had died, and hundreds were injuried, some of which were extremely serious to the extent that their cultivation was almost destroyed, including the Great Dragon Turtle Demon. In order to leave a mark on the Wall of Storm during the test in Sunrise City, he had forcefully tried to break through. Following that, in the Chaos Storm, in order to support Old Fish's formation he had almost completely exhausted his origin source and was now at his last breath.

Putting away the list of casualties, Ye Qingyu felt his heart was weighed down.

Along the way, he was called a madman, a killing god, and perhaps in the eyes of many forces, he really was a cold-blooded murderer, but those who knew Ye Qingyu would know that he was the most protective of his friends, and drew a clear distinction between whom or what he hated or loved. He did not like to see his friends or relatives getting injured or killed the most.

“With regard to the heroes who passed away and the financial support to their relatives, Her Majesty must have long thought about it, but in addition to Her Majesty's compensation, my Light Palace will also have to help. This matter, I will leave it to you. Do a good job of it. This time it absolutely must not be ungenerous, understand?” Ye Qingyu ordered as he walked towards the room where the Great Dragon Turtle Demon was recovering in.

Luo Yi hurriedly noted it down.

After passing several pavilions and through the center of a garden, he came to the western courtyard on the west side of the main hall of Green Xuan Hall.

A faint aroma of herbs permeated the air.

Since their arrival in Green Xuan Hall, the wounded people had been settled here, and the Empress had assigned the most outstanding doctors of the diplomatic corps as well as resources to treat the injured people at all cost. From what Luo Yi had told him, a day ago, the Empress had already sent people to Heaven Connect City to inquire about the situation and invited some famous doctors and pill masters at a high price to come.

He had only taken a few steps into the western courtyard when he ran into the doctor of their diplomatic corps, Doctor Wang Zhen.

Wang Zhen was the Patriarch of a Human Race sect of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the Sky Reversing Sect. He was the core person of the Sky Reversing Sect, a sect skilled in the art of healing for hundreds of years. Although he was not particularly strong, his medical skill had been cultivated to the point of perfection. Adding to this, he was also skilled in the art of alchemy and had a good relationship with the Empire's Medical God and Pill God. It was also these two old monsters who recommended Wang Zhen into the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, and his excellent performance along the way had allowed him to gain the trust of Yu Xiaoxing.

“I pay my respects to Palace Lord Ye.” Wang Zhen hurriedly bowed.

His medical skills were excellent and he was incomparably talented, and therefore was naturally proud and arrogant. Otherwise it was impossible for him to be close with the Medical God and Pill God, people of the older generation. But no matter how proud Wang Zhen was, in front of Ye Qingyu, he was extremely respectful. This was not only because Ye Qingyu was the strongest person in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but also because of Ye Qingyu’s attainments in medicine and alchemy. The Lord of the Sky Reversing Sect had long looked up to Ye Qingyu for these reasons.

“No need to be so polite, Sect Leader Wang, how is the condition of the injured?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Wang Zhen roughly described the recovery of the wounded people in the western courtyard, and then added, “Her Majesty sent people to invite famous doctors from the city yesterday. They treated them a little, but most importantly they took out some divine grass and pill medicines that Heaven Wasteland Domain do not have. The effect was very significant, and the situation is much better than the previous days. The people who were only lightly injured have basically recovered, it's just that...”

“Just what?” Ye Qingyu asked.

“The pill medicines that the famous doctors of Heaven Connect City took out are really expensive. The resources that Her Majesty had allocated are almost exhausted, and the subsequent use will be very shocking. I have sent people to inquire in the city. Under normal conditions, if we were to go and purchase some from other pharmacies, we should be able save a lot, but the time...”

Wang Zhen's words appeared to be cautious.

But Ye Qingyu already understood when he had only heard half of it.

The so-called famous doctors in the Heaven Connect City seemed to have treated the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps as rich people and cheated them. However, the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were unfamiliar with the city, and what they needed the most was time. If they did no receive timely treatment, some of the injured people may not recover for the rest of their life. In such a situation, even if they knew well that the other side was scamming them, they still had to harden their neck and accept it.

Ye Qingyu said without the slightest hesitation, “This matter, you do not have to ask Her Majesty. No matter how high the price is, as long we confirm that it is effective, then we have to buy the herbs and medicines. Buy what you need, just take the expenses from the Light Palace, you just need to let Luo Yi know.”

Wang Zhen was overjoyed when he heard this.

“Thank you Lord.” He bowed again.

The Light Palace had a special place in the empire, not only was it moderated by the Empress, also had its own resources and arsenal of weapons. Since the Lord of the Light Palace had said so, then he did not have to worry about the cost. Everyone knew how astonishing was Palace Lord Ye Qingyu's wealth.

As he was speaking, Ye Qingyu again looked at the injured people.

His blood and qi had not fully recovered, and thus his strength was not up to their previous peak levels; however, general examination and observation were not a problem for him. He did not at all find it troublesome to examine the injuries of the wounded one by one, and looked at the prescription and treatment given by the so-called famous doctors of Heaven Connect City. He slightly nodded, the approach was right, but was not particularly brilliant, especially since a number of the herbs and pills prescribed were extremely expensive divine grass and rare medicines. They were all precious herbs used to make up for the inadequacy of their medical skills...

These famous doctors were all very arrogant and simply did not attach any importance to Ye Qingyu. Sometimes they would only reluctantly answer Ye Qingyu with an indifferent look.

Everyone else looked at them with glaring eyes.

What status and prestige did Ye Qingyu have in the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps? Not to mention within the diplomatic corps, even on the entire Road of Chaos, he was also a well-known figure. These so-called famous doctors were just middle and lower class people in Heaven Connect City, yet they were acting like that?

Some people wanted to retort, but Ye Qingyu shook his head and signaled them to stop with his eyes.

In the end, Ye Qingyu also did not say anything, and with an amiable manner, he instead bought the divine pills at a high price from these so-called famous doctors. He very carefully put them away, whispered a few word in Wang Zhen's ear, and then left with Luo Yi.

The famous doctors of Heaven Connect City cast sidelong glances at Ye Qingyu, sneering inwardly.

After leaving the room, he headed straight to the quiet room of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon——
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