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Chapter 831, Bronze puppet figures

Did this mean that the Human Race forces in the great world had officially recognized Heaven Wasteland Domain?

Along the journey, the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had experienced ups and downs, and dangers, and although there had been foreign races and super forces coming to their aid, such as the Phoenix Race and the Black Demon Race, this was only because of Ye Qingyu, who had obtained the friendship of these great forces. It could be said that, although the Heaven Wasteland Empire was majorly ruled by the Human Race, since embarking on the Road of Chaos, the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had never officially received the protection of Human Race forces from the other domains.

Not only were they not protected, they were repeatedly attacked by an ancient sect of the Human Race, the Black Moon Immortal Palace, and were almost wiped out.

And now Ren Puyang's words could be regarded as a statement of declaring his position.

Ren Puyang was a spokesperson for the Human Race of Heaven Connect City. Although it was not the same as an Emperor's words, but given his status here, to say such a thing, it represented the ultimate decision of the mainstream forces of the Human Race in the great world. This was enough to show that he and the human representatives behind him greatly valued the Heaven Wasteland Domain——no, more accurately, they valued Ye Qingyu.

And such a change was fought by Ye Qingyu, his every sword and every blade, as well as the blood of every expert and being of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.

In the boundless universe, the law of the jungle was the survival of the fittest.

Ye Qingyu had always been disappointed and resentful about the disunity within the Human Race, and that even the scheming and conflicts between the Human Race were more terrifying than that of the foreign races. In the great world, the Human Race was also known as the race of internal strife, but he had to admit that many things were inherent and decided by the heavens. In such a world, to obtain approval and protection——even the approval and protection from your own race, it was better to show strength and value in the first place than to expect good luck and compassion.

“So... have we finally gained the recognition of the mainstream of the Human Race?” Ye Qingyu smiled, still couldn't help but mutter to himself. “This... really is not easy.”

Given Ren Puyang's identity and experience, how would he not understand the meaning behind Ye Qingyu's words. He smiled, “Little fellow, do not complain, the survival of the fittest is the law of this world. My people, ever since the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, are the same. After all, the world's resources are limited, and not everyone can be cared for by those at the top. We must give the best cultivation manuals, secrets, cultivation resources and opportunities to those who are worth cultivating. And you have now proved yourself. The matter that happened at Black Moon Immortal Palace will not happen again in the future, and if you are not satisfied with the current situation of the Human Race, then use your efforts and energy to change it all.”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

Half an hour later.

In the square in front of the Green Xuan main hall.

After Ren Puyang left, the already extremely tired Empress Yu Xiaoxing combed through the various documents, before she went back to her room to rest under Ye Qingyu's persuasion.

It was unknown whether it was Ye Qingyu's imagination or not, but ever since they had escaped from the Chaos Storm, the Empress Yu Xiaoxing had always had a tired look and a lethargic air around her. It was very strange, though it was probably because she had been incredibly tensed these days, too overworked, and exhausted herself too much.

Everybody was settled down.

Ye Qingyu came to the square.

Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui followed behind.

“Hey, hey... brother, let me see what the mysterious defensive force is!” Ximen Yeshui said impatiently.

“Yes, yes, I have been so curious after Mister Ren said that. Since everybody is asleep let's try it out first,” Wen Wan added, echoing what Ximen Yeshui said.

Ye Qingyu nodded and took the so-called key out of his arms.

After sending Ren Puyang off, Ye Qingyu carefully examined the contents of the formation token. As for how to use it and how to control it exactly, he already had a certain amount of confidence in himself.

He injected a trace of yuan qi into the token.

The next moment.

The formation markings, which covered the token, emitted a glimmer of light. The light cut through the Void, flew towards a distant black bronze statue in the corner, and instantly penetrated into the body of a humanoid statue.

Ka Ka Ka!

A series of subtle sounds of formations being activated could be heard.

There were faint golden markings flashing on the black bronze statue, which was the size of a real person, before fading away immediately. Under the statue’s face armour, its originally dark and dim eye sockets were lit up with a golden flame of light, which shot out, and then the seemingly stiff limbs slowly began to move about, rustling off the dust and dirt on its body.

The token in Ye Qingyu's hand had conveyed the order.


A loud bang resounded.

Within the black bronze statue, there seemed to be flames of qi surging like the roar of a demonic beast.

An incomparably piercing cold killing intent had erupted above the square of Green Xuan Hall.

Ye Qingyu continued to inject yuan qi into the token key.

Rays of golden glow were gushing out of the token key, like flickers of spiritual light, and constantly pierced the Void, reaching the other black bronze humanoid statues that were still in the corner around the main hall square.

Ka Ka Ka!

Ka Ka!

Crunch Crunch!

The bizarre figures, with faces similar to humans, were incomparable huge, burly as apes, and at least thirty or forty meters high. The humanoid statutes that were engraved with a black gold armour began to move all of a sudden, as though they had suddenly received mysterious guidance. The joints began to crack and made strange noises. At the beginning their movements were still a bit stiff, but soon they became as flexible as though they were a living person, moving and gathering towards the square in huge strides.

“Impossible... The power of the defensive force... it's them...” Xiemn Yeshui said, looking at the distant, upright statues that seemed to be waiting for orders with an incomparably shocked face.

On the other side, Wen Wan's eyes were similarly flashing with amazement.

They thought that the statues were sacred objects used for sacrifice and worship. They did not expect them to be the defensive force that Ren Puyang spoke of.

“According to the writings on the token, these black bronze statues, which there is a total of fifty , are some very ancient metal formation humanoid puppets powered by origin crystal, and can be turned into very powerful combat machines under the operation of that key.” Ye Qingyu stared in amazement at the puppets that were armed with giant weapons.

Although these puppets had been activated, they were still in a state of readiness. There was an absent look in their eyes and a somewhat dull expression on their faces, as if they lacked intelligence and consciousness.

But in that instant, the four most powerful experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain who were present still felt the incomparable ruthlessness and murderous anger emitting from the body of the fifty puppets. It was as though they only needed a command and that murderous intent would rage out from their bodies, shattering the world.

They were like killing machines of wonderful workmanship.

Such a tremendous body, such terrifying aura and such imposing manner, had utterly shocked the four people standing on the square, unconsciously surging with yuan qi and battle intent all over.

“I'll try!”

Wen Wan was interested in testing out the power of the so-called defensive force.

After all, they were the most loyal guards that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps could rely on in Heaven Connect City for the following period of time, and were in charge of the safety of everyone in the Green Xuan Hall. They should at least find out what the real power of these seemingly flashy bronze figures was.

He stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion in the air, making two blood-coloured battle axes appeared out of thin air.

Ye Qingyu also agreed with Wen Wan's suggestion.

He controlled the token key and selected one of the several bronze humanoid puppets - also a puppet wielding a battle-axe - and issued an order.


An explosion of invisible imposing manner gushed out from the bronze battle puppet the moment that Ye Qingyu issued the order. Under the black squamous face armour, there were two frightening beams of light that shot out. At this very moment, everyone felt that this bronze figure was alive, releasing out a strong killing intent.


Almost at the same moment, Wen Wan leapt into mid-air, striking the blood axe.

The black bronze battle puppet was already clasping the giant axe, waving it about at lightning speed and charged fiercely in the direction of Wen Wan.


The sound of collision shook the whole square of Green Xuan Hall.

The bronze-coloured formation light screen overhead was wildly flashing.

If it were not for the powerful protection formation, just that earthquake-like force and collision would have reduced half the square into ruins.

In mid-air.

Wen Wan was directly sent flying out, somersaulting several times in the air before he stumbled and landed on the ground. He staggered back several steps before he could finally steady himself.

“Damn... this guy's power is very strong!” Wen Wan was completely shaken by the power that the puppet had erupted out.

On the square.

Ye Qingyu and Ximen Yeshui were equally incomparably shocked.

Wen Wan was a martial artist known for his strength, which was unfathomable, yet the impact had unexpectedly sent him flying.

From this it was clear how terrifying the power contained in that black bronze puppet was.

“Although the strength is strong, but it's so huge and must be incredibly clumsy!” Ximen Yeshui’s eyes were glowing with a strange light.

When Ye Qingyu heard what he said, he couldn't help smiling, “Well, why don't you compare your speed with it.”

“Hahaha, go ahead! Hehe, what I'm least afraid of is to compare speed with others!” Ximen Yeshui waved his hand arrogantly, as if victory was already in his grasp. He walked to the middle of the square and said, “I am not a loser like that Wen Wan... who lost to a pile of scrap iron. Speak, how do we compete!”

“Let's see which one of you can reach the main entrance of Green Xuan Hall first.” Ye Qingyu looked into the distance, at the green-coloured gate thousands of meters away, a smile hidden in the bottom of his eyes.

In the middle of the square.

The figure of Ximen Yeshui was completely obscured by another puppet that Ye Qingyu had summoned, but his imposing manner was not the slightest inferior to the colossal object next to him.

“Good idea!” Ximen Yeshui was full of confidence.

“Start.” Ye Qingyu announced.

Almost instantly, Ximen Yeshui activated his yuan qi to its peak state, transforming into a stream of ocean blue flowing light. As if he had teleported, in the blink of an eye he was already standing at the main gate of Green Xuan Hall.

“Haha, dare to compete in speed with Master Ximen, I... what the! No way, you're here, too!” Ximen Yeshui was standing at the end of the main road in front of the gate, and before he could feel proud of himself, he saw a huge ape-like figure beside him. It was the black bronze battle puppet that had arrived at the same time as him.

But the black bronze battle puppet did not respond to him, still standing upright in front of the gate, with no expression on his face, as if waiting for Ye Qingyu's next order.

On the square.

“The speed... is actually comparable to that pervert Ximen...” Wen Wan was shocked once again.

“A puppet can also achieve such terrifying power and speed...” Ye Qingyu also did not hide his astonishment. “Speed, power, defense... these bronze figures have reached the extreme level, and I have not activated them to their full power just now... Yes, strong, indeed, very strong, at least at the combat strength of the Saint realm.”

Ye Qingyu couldn't help smiling at the thought of this.

There were a total of fifty such bronze puppets in the whole of the Green Xuan Hall and all had different weapons and skills to each other and can also form formations and attack together. They were equivalent to fifty Saint experts with Immortal bodies. This force was indeed extremely frightening that even in Heaven Connect City, it was enough for the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps to have the power to protect themselves.

Ren Puyang had given them such a valuable gift.

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